News from 1997

December 1997: This info came from George Hewitt: "I have found alternate takes of 'That Wonderful Someone', and the 1956 version of 'A Poor Man's Roses' on albums NOT released by MCA records. The alternate take of 'A Poor Man's Roses', I have on a cassette (cannot find it on CD) entitled 'The Late And Great -- Patsy Cline & Dottie West'. There are eight Patsy songs on Side A and eight Dottie West songs on Side B. The cassette was released by Highland Music and Deluxe, and the release number is DLX-7913. The second Patsy track on the tape is the 1956 version of 'A Poor Man's Roses', however I have reason to believe that this is an alternate take, although they give no mention. Patsy sings the song in a slightly different, more 'sensual' style, and the musicians are more free, and experiment on this take. It is like the alternate take of 'Stop, Look And Listen': Evidently Owen Bradley wanted to experiment with every take and they recorded the song slightly different every time... Then I guess they pick the best take and discard the rest... But I am more than sure of myself that this is an alternate take because it is the same song; recorded the same day, (November 8, 1956) with the same musicians and arrangments, except recorded in a different style... And as for the alternate take of 'That Wonderful Someone', it is probably being held by the British company, Pickwick, as it is on their Patsy CD entitled, 'Unforgettable Patsy Cline'. Again, same arrangements, different style. This take has a slightly faster tempo than the commercial take. The CD release number is PWK017, and LaserLight has also licensed the songs contained on this CD for their 3-CD set (You know the one where they added the fiddles and wrecked 'Lonely Street' with that broad's singing!) However, they did not alter the alternate take of 'That Wonderful Someone' in any way." Thanks for this interesting info, George! I have compared the LaserLight version of "That wonderful someone" with the version included in MCA's 4 CD collection, and I think that George is correct. The LaserLight version is recorded at a slightly higher pitch, and Patsy is holding the last note of the song a little longer than the Anita Kerr Singers in the LaserLight version, while they stop at exactly the same time in the MCA version, and I also hear differences in the guitar play just before the ending. And I am sure there are more noticeable differences also, if you compare carefully.

December 1997: Due to the unlimited kindness of Jimmy Walker, I have now added a new three-part picture of Mandy Barnett on the Mandy page. Thanks, Jimmy!

December 1997: I have now managed to obtain a copy of the LP "That's how a heartache begins" (Decca DL-74586)!!! I am in heaven! I payed around 60 dollars for it, but it's worth it! And I have also bought several original Decca singles, among them "I fall to pieces", "She's got you" and "Faded love", and also the Everest single "I love you, honey" / "I've loved and lost again" (Everest 2039)! This single does not contain the special Everest version of "I love you, honey", though, but I already have that version on an Everest EP...

November 1997: Apparently there has been a fantastic Patsy tribute in Mandeville, LA, in which a local performer, Mari Viguera, portrayed Patsy. She is a fantastic singer, and they say that her renditions are truly spine tingling! This info came from Tommy Lyons. Thanks, Tommy!

November 1997: In case you haven't noticed, I have shut down the Chat Line, since no one used it.

October 1997: This site was highlighted in the October 24 issue of Chicago Tribune! The info came from Jay Kelly, who is the PR guy for "Always...Patsy Cline" in Chicago, and also from Guy Cesario. Thanks, guys! :-)

September 1997: Why not visit the Logan Wells homepage? Logan is a big Patsy fan and a singer, who made a tribute to Patsy during the fan club gathering in Winchester in August, and she has also signed the guestbook several times.

September 1997: I got an e-mail from Jodie Newell in Australia, saying that a film called "Doin' time for Patsy Cline" will be opening there this month. It features Patsy's music. If you have any more info about this film, please let me know! Jodie will also be opening a used compact disc store on the web soon, and she may have some Patsy items there. Thanks for your info, Jodie!

September 1997: Check out the Official Webcast Site for this year's Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, taking place on Sep 24!

September 1997: Information from Lee Schultss: "The original cast members of the hit musical 'Always... Patsy Cline', Mandy Barnett and Tere Myers, have agreed to reprise their popular roles for a limited 11-run engagement in December 1997 and January 1998. The performances will be Dec. 26-28; Dec. 30-31; and Jan. 8-10, again at the historic Ryman Auditorium, 116 5th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee. Tickets are $22.50, and go on sale September 22 1997. Call Ticketmaster: 615-255-9600 or Opryland Reservations and Ticketing: 615-880-6611. Mandy also says she's getting ready to sign with a new label and cut a new album produced by Owen Bradley, Patsy's producer. They are still working on finding songs, the new CD should be out next spring. It will not be on Asylum Records, but she hasn't said yet which label her new deal will be with. For further developments, keep an eye on the website I keep for her."

August 1997: I have added a picture on the places page, courtesy of Jimmy Walker, showing a big billboard in West End, Nashville. Click here to go directly to that picture. Thanks, Jimmy!

August 1997: Again, check out Linda Cunningham's Patsy Cline page here, for updated info on the extensive Patsy Cline Fan Club event that is taking place in Winchester, Labor Day weekend, Aug 29-31, 1997.

August 1997: Recording info from Jimmy Walker: "Here is what is on those cd's Country Radio Shows by On the Air: Vol 1, 'Country Hoedown'; Songs by Patsy: 'Come on In', 'Turn the Cards Slowly', 'Yes I know Why'. Others featured are Eddy Arnold, Judy Lynn, Faron Young. Most of these songs are on the "Live Vol 2" cd by MCA. Vol 2, 'Take 5'; Songs by Patsy: 'Crazy', 'Walkin' After Midnight', 'San Antonio Rose', 'I Love you So Much', 'I fall to Pieces', 'Lovin' in Vain'. These are not the full songs. They are different recordings than the commercial ones. These have not been released before!! They are available through Collector's Choice Music at 1-800-923-1122. Each cd has a short artist bio and history of recordings. I think everyone will want the 'Take 5' show."

August 1997: This info came from Chuck Savoca: "Just wanted to let all the Patsy fans know about a very talented, and pretty young gal name Logan Wells from Cleveland, OH. She will be one of the featured entertainers at the annual Patsy Cline Festival in Winchester, VA this Labor Day Weekend. She will do a tribute to Patsy Cline on Friday evening, Aug. 29th at the Patsy Cline Tribute and Museum Benefit Dinner in the Ballroom of the Travelodge from 6:30 to 10pm. Then on Saturday evening, Aug. 30, she will also perform at the Kountry Krackers Reunion and Dance from 9pm - 1am. Logan Wells is a singer / entertainer and has performed her country/pop/folk tunes both locally and nationally and also includes her special Tribute to Patsy Cline show when requested. Logan sounds so much like Patsy that she was invited to perform at this years festival. If anyone would like more information on Logan Wells, please contact me on (216) 582-3996, or email me at Thanks, and we'll see ya there!!"

August 1997: I forgot to mention it earlier, but a few days ago I got the soundtrack from "Coalminer's Daughter" as a gift from Lisa Flood! Thanks, Lisa!!! I just love to have this LP, and to hear Sissy Spacek and Beverly D'Angelo sing those fine songs! And in the same shipment as the "Cimarron" CD, I also got LeAnn Rimes' latest CD single, "How do I live", and quite frankly it sounds like a song that Whitney Houston should sing... I hope that LeAnn isn't leaving the country field, because that would make me very disappointed... I have also bought a couple of CDs with Kay Starr, and she is awesome! I hadn't heard her until I heard the song "You've got to see mamma ev'ry night" a few weeks ago, and I just had to get some more! She sings five "Patsy" songs on the "Collectors Series" CD: "You were only fooling", "When my dreamboat comes home", "Side by side", "Foolin' around" and "Crazy"... Her version of "Crazy" is pathetic in comparison with Patsy's, but all the other 24 songs on the CD are great! And her version of "Foolin' around" was recorded in 1961, only about a month before Patsy recorded it! Am I right in believing that Kay Starr was a great influence on Patsy?

August 1997: Today, on the 1st of August, I got my copy of "Live at the Cimarron Ballroom", shipped from the states, and considering that it was released on the 29th, that's pretty fast! But to tell you the truth, the CD was shipped to me on Saturday the 26th by Cliff at In Your Ear Music! :-) Thanks, Cliff! I must start by saying that this is nothing short of a priceless piece of musical history... This CD shows what a typical Patsy Cline performance was like, even though she of course was hindered by her injuries from the car accident at this time. I get emotional on several occations when listening to this fantastic recording, and Patsy sounds so close, as she always does, just like she's in the same room, singing just for me... Leon McAuliff's Cimarron Boys are really swingin', aren't they, even if they are out of synch with Patsy on a few instances... I really love the version of "Bill Bailey..." It sounds like a swingin' jazz version here, and I love the clarinet solo! And it's fantastic to have three songs that Patsy didn't record commercially, even though there is a radio transcription of "Stupid Cupid" available also. "Shake, rattle and roll" really rocks, just like it should, and "Dreamboat" is a very nice number. And I love the version of "Foolin' round", which was requested by someone... Apparently Patsy liked that song, because she recorded it in the studio only three weeks later... And "San Antonio Rose" is always a swingin' number, of course, that she also recorded in the studio only a few days after this concert. It's funny that Patsy mentioned "If I could see the world" as a song she wasn't all that familiar with, since she had recorded it in 1957 and released it as the A-side on a single... I just love this recording, tape glitches and all, and it gets better each time I listen to it! It really makes my heart good to hear how happy Patsy was to be back performing after the car accident... I would like to thank the people who have made this CD possible: Ken Burgess, William Frazee, Charlie Dick, Peck Allen, Lonnie Casas, Billy Dozier, Ramona Ellison, Billy Parker and also those who have worked on the audio restoration of the original tape, Glenn Meadows and Alan Stoker. This is the greatest thing that has happened in a very long time!

July 1997: According to Jimmy Walker, Patsy's new CD will be featured on Prime Time Country on Aug 5.

July 1997: Again, check out Linda Cunningham's Patsy Cline page here, for even more info on the extensive Patsy Cline Fan Club event that is taking place in Winchester, Labor Day weekend, Aug 29-31, 1997.

July 1997: Regarding the Patsy Cline Chat Line: If you connect to it and see me there, but don't get any answer from me, please page me in chat mode instead, by pressing "Users and Controls", clicking on my name and pressing the "PowWow" button! Because if I am in another program at the moment, I don't see you in the conference! But the chat mode call gets my attention!

July 1997: Finally I have managed to get hold of yet another original Decca album, the double album "The Patsy Cline Story" from 1963. I have scanned a new copy of the front cover picture, and from the same album cover I have also made a new three-part picture, that shows photos from an early recording session, ca 1957.

July 1997: I have added pictures of the houses in the Nashville area, in which Patsy lived (including the dream house), on the related places page, and you can also click here to go directly to the new page. The pictures are courtesy of Jimmy Walker. Thanks again, Jimmy!

July 1997: I just got my copy of the soundtrack from the movie "Traveller" (Asylum 62030-2), that I bought just because Mandy Barnett sings three songs on it. If you, like me, want to collect everything that Mandy records, you just gotta have this! She sings "Dream lover", "Searching (for someone like you)" and "Dark moon". And the CD is also packed with other good "country-style" songs, like a wonderful version of "King of the road" with Randy Travis, "Seven lonely days" with k.d. lang and the reclines, "Rockin' Robin" with Bryan White, "I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes" with The Cox Family, and more.

July 1997: If you haven't read MCA's info about the forthcoming live album, "Patsy Cline Live at the Cimarron Ballroom", you can do that here! The album will be released on the 29th. Very soon now...

July 1997: The Mandy Barnett page has yet another picture of Mandy at Caffè Milano in Nashville, and the related places page has two new pictures from Camden, showing the directional sign by the road, and the bulletin board at the crash site. All pictures courtesy of Jimmy Walker. Thanks, Jimmy!

July 1997: It has come to my attention that two Kinescope recordings with Patsy singing two Christmas songs exist. Apparently these recordings are kept at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, but they are not on public display. The songs are both duets, and they are: "Let it snow" (Patsy and Ferlin Huskey), and "Winter Wonderland" (Patsy and Red Foley). These where filmed in December 1960 for "Jubilee USA".

July 1997: I have added a new three-part picture on the Mandy Barnett page, and two new pictures from The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville on the related places page, courtesy of Stephanie Day. Thanks, Stephanie! And I have also added another picture of Mandy Barnett, courtesy of Dustin Anderson. Thanks, Dustin!

July 1997: Check out Linda Cunningham's Patsy Cline page here, for info on the extensive Patsy Cline Fan Club event that is taking place in Winchester, Labor Day weekend, Aug 29-31, 1997.

June 1997: A while ago Lisa Flood came up with a suggestion for a new page, where we can share our thoughts about which songs we would have liked Patsy to sing, had she lived, and that page, called The Request Line, is now up and running! Click on the link, read about it, give it some thought, and e-mail me the songs that you think would have suited Patsy!

June 1997: I have added new pictures, from the Opryland Museum in Nashville, on the related places page. Four of them show Patsy's and Charlie's living room from the Nella Drive dream house, and one of them shows one of Patsy's cowgirl outfits, so those of you who get very emotional when seeing things that belonged to Patsy, please prepare yourselves emotionally before you look at them... I want to thank Donna Maggerise for contributing these pictures! Thanks, Donna!

June 1997: Cut from an American newspaper: "LATEST PATSY CLINE ALBUM 36 YEARS LATE IN ARRIVING. 'Patsy Cline: Live at the Cimarron Ballroom'. Tracks found in the house where Cline once lived. Release date: July 29th, 1997. Recorded in 1961 in Tulsa. It is the first concert she performed after her car accident. Performed with broken wrist, dislocated hip, cuts on face. 'In three months I go back for more plastic surgery and get me a face liftin' to look like new!' The album includes her joking with the audience about women drivers and her recovery. 17 tracks including: 'Walkin after Midnight', 'Lovesick Blues', 'Shake, Rattle and Roll', 'Stupid Cupid', and 'When My Dreamboat Comes Home'".

June 1997: Cath's idea, mentioned below, is now realized! The page is called A fan is born! Go there and read other fans' stories about how they came in contact with Patsy and her music, and e-mail me your own stories! Where there are links at the bottom of the page, the link to that page is called "Stories".

June 1997: Cath in the UK has an idea for a new page: She wants to know how all you devoted fans came to love Patsy the way you do! How were you introduced to Patsy's music? Which was the first song you ever heard? Have you experienced a special moment associated with Patsy's music? Are there any loving couples out there, that consider one of Patsy's songs "their" song? If you feel that you have a story that you want to share with the rest of us, please e-mail it to me! And when I have a few stories, I will introduce the page at the site. Note that I want your name(s) to be displayed. I don't want any anonymous stories.

June 1997: The record/video sales info is updated on the achievements page. Julie Fudge has contributed that information. Thanks, Julie! And pictures from the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, courtesy of Catherine Simpson, are now available on the related places page. Thanks, Cath!

June 1997: Amber Miller suggested that I should put up a couple of award ceremony pictures on the achievements page, and that was a good idea!

June 1997: On June 27-28, 1997, is the second Annual Music Fest in Camden, Tn. They will kick off this year with a Patsy Cline Fan Club barbecue. Contact Amy Barrett at 901-584-8395 for further info.

May 1997: On the related places page there is now an entry for Nashville. Currently there are three pictures from the Willie Nelson Museum, courtesy of Jimmy Walker.

May 1997: I have now added three private photos, courtesy of Jimmy Walker, on my Mandy Barnett page! On the related places page, I have also added two more pictures from the Patsy display at Kurtz Cultural Center, taken by Jimmy, and also a picture of the house in Gore, Va, where Patsy lived when she was a little baby. Thanks, Jimmy!

May 1997: A new statement from Empire, New York: "Tickets for the new Off Broadway production of 'Always... Patsy Cline' go on sale this week -- May 30th. Previews start June 9, the show opens June 24. Check out our home page at for ticket info. Overall, the production is going well. The marquee at the Variety Arts Theatre is up and the show is cast. A new 'Patsy' has been cast after an exhaustive search. Look for a 'pre-announcement' here before it goes public. Thanks for your support. Any ideas on group sales (domestic or international) would be appreciated. We need your help to keep the Patsy flame burning bright. E-mail me at or through the guest book on our web site at the address above."

May 1997: I have now received the SUNDOWN 2 CD set "The Four Star Years", and it contains the non-harmony version of "Crazy dreams", so now I have all three songs in both harmony and non-harmony versions, and you all know how to get them, too: "Yes, I understand" and "How can I face tomorrow" in non-harmony versions are on the CD "Here's Patsy Cline" (MCA MCAD-738) and on the original Vocalion LP (VL-73753), and "Crazy dreams" is on the SUNDOWN 2 CD set "Patsy Cline - Crazy dreams: The Four Star Years" (CDSD 501), and on the Decca LP "That's how a heartache begins", which is a very rare album, since it hasn't been released on CD... Thanks again to Dennis Schenk for all the info!

May 1997: I have now bought the MCA CD release of "Here's Patsy Cline" (MCAD-738), and just like the original Vocalion LP, it contains the non-harmony versions of "Yes, I understand" and "How can I face tomorrow". The third song that is available both with and without harmony vocals by Patsy is "Crazy dreams", and according to Dennis Schenk, the non-harmony version is available on a 2 CD set on the SUNDOWN label, called "Patsy Cline - Crazy dreams: The Four Star years" (CDSD 501). I have ordered that also, but haven't received it yet. I'll let you know. The SUNDOWN CD set is an English release, but it is imported to the states, and I ordered it from there.

May 1997: NEWS FLASH! "On May 7, 1997, at The Ryman Auditorium, Opryland Theatricals in association with The Randy Johnson Company will announce an all new production of 'Always... Patsy Cline'. For the first time, the sensational musical which has won critics raves in Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles will play Off Broadway in New York City. The famed Variety Arts Theater will host the production. The production will once again be directed by the original author, Ted Swindley. A wide range of Patsy promotions around the New York production will kick off in late May/early June including a major co-promotion with MCA Records tied to their release of the new Patsy Cline "Live at the Cimarron Ballroom" release. Attendees at the May 7 press conference are expected to include Gaylord Entertainment President Terry London, Opryland Productions Executive Producer John Haywood, and a host of music industry celebrities including Owen Bradley, legendary producer of most of Patsy's recordings, Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrell and a 'who's who' of country music. The New York production was put together by New York-based Empire/Sunshine Productions in conjunction with Oryland Productions and a successor entity, Opryland Theatricals.The cast will be announced in New York in late May at another press event. Tickets go on sale May 30 at the box office and through telecharge. For more information, visit the all-new web address". This info came via e-mail, apparently from Empire/Sunshine Productions.

Apr 1997: I have received some interesting info about four of Patsy's recordings, "Yes, I understand", "How can I face tomorrow", "Crazy dreams" and "Faded love". In the 4 CD collection, and on most of the other albums and CD:s that are available, the first three songs are featuring overdubbed harmony vocals by Patsy, BUT, on the Vocalion album "Here's Patsy Cline" (VL-73753) and the Decca album "That's how a heartache begins" (DL-74586) there are versions WITHOUT the overdubbed harmony vocals. Regarding "Faded love": This song has been mixed in at least two (maybe three) different ways; one where you hear the violins and the guitar in the left channel, and the piano and drums in the right channel, and one that is the opposite, the violins and guitar in the right channel, and piano and drums in the left channel. And there might also be a version where you hear some of the violin sounds in both channels. Well, just a little trivia information for those who are interested in getting all possible versions of Patsy's songs, like me, for example... This info came from Dennis Schenk in the Netherlands, and he has also sent me a tape with the different versions, and this info is absolutely accurate. Thanks, Dennis!

Apr 1997: I have added a couple of pictures on the pictures page.

Apr 1997: I have now officially opened the calendar page, and also an even newer achievements page. I would like to thank Jimmy Walker for contributing the info and the pictures on that page!

Apr 1997: To order the book "Singing girl from the Shenandoah Valley", go here.

Apr 1997: I am now working on a Patsy Cline Calendar Page, and some of the most devoted Patsy fans are helping me compile the info for this page. The info will be shown one month at a time (the current month), and if you want a sneak preview, you can click here to see the first version of the page for April.

Apr 1997: I would like to thank Ron Williams, a very nice guy, that has sent me the Decca album "Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits" as a gift! This was a very nice surprise! Thank you very much, Ron!

Apr 1997: The site has been impossible to reach during most of Sunday the 6th and part of Monday the 7th, Swedish time, due to problems with our Internet connection. I'm sorry about that, but it's beyond my control...

Apr 1997: I have added some information about Patsy's father under "Patsy's life" on the main page.

Apr 1997: Now and then I get e-mails from people wondering about lyrics to Patsy's songs, and also sound files containing her songs, and I also read such questions in the guestbook from time to time. I want to make perfectly clear, here and now, that I will never put up such things at this site, since lyrics and sound belong to the authors, composers and production companies, and are protected by copyright laws.

Mar 1997: As some of you older visitors at this site may have noticed, I have changed the colors and the layout a little. I am rather pleased with it myself, and I hope that you are too!

Mar 1997: I have installed Internet Explorer v3.0a for Windows 3.1, just to try it out, and I noticed that it hangs when loading the large "older" and "oldest" entries pages in the guestbook if I have the MIDI music files activated. Therefore I have removed the music from the guestbook, at least until I know why IE hangs... I have also corrected some errors in the text colors that showed up in IE but didn't show in Netscape.

Mar 1997: The PowWow conference, "The Patsy Cline Chat Line", hasn't been much of a success, has it? I don't think that any chats at all have taken place yet, and the conf has been online for at least a month now... Shall I shut it down? Is it enough with the guestbook? E-mail me your thoughts on this! Furthermore I recently got a question from someone who asked about who it is that sings duet with Patsy on "Lonely street"... I thought "what?!"... Then I listened to that recording from the 4 CD set. No duet... Then I thought "LaserLight!". Yes, of course... Some woman is singing "duet" with Patsy on the LaserLight version of that song... Not that I am surprised, since they also managed to destroy seven other songs on that CD set by adding a fiddle that is not on the original recordings... Why do they do that?! What's the purpose? I mean, how many fans out there have wrongly taken the LaserLight recordings for the original ones? I have said it before, and I say it again: Thank God for the 4 CD set from MCA! That's the original recordings, and the mixes are excellent!

Mar 1997: I want to say thanks to Steve Dyer, who has sent me the Patsy Cline stamp, and also a program from the "Patsy!" show! Thank you very much, Steve!

Mar 1997: I have now received and watched the two videos "The real Patsy Cline" and "Remembering Patsy". Apart from a short clip in a Loretta Lynn biography program, it was the first time I saw Patsy perform, and it was fantastic... To actually see her move... She was so very much alive, and I must say that a tear came to my eye... I especially remember the early clip when she comes in dressed in one of her pretty cowgirl outfits that her mother made for her, and the boots and hat, and sings "I've loved and lost again". She was so pretty... One remarkable thing about Patsy's recordings is that she feels so close... It's just like she's in the room with you. Not many artists have that impact on the listener... And on top of that, to see her perform at the same time is just overwhelming...

Mar 1997: Sadly enough, Starmail.Com has shut down my official Patsy site, and several other non-paying sites, in their server, apparently due to finacial problems... I don't know if they mean this to be temporary, but frankly I don't care, because I have now deleted the site from their server. So this site in Sweden is now the official (and only) site again. I apologize for any confusion that this may result in, but it's not my fault. Of course it was nice to have that cool URL,, but the main thing is to have a site that works, no matter what the URL is, so therefore I have taken this step. So, bookmark this site if you haven't done that already!

Mar 1997: I have now got an explanation on the pennies that are placed on Patsy's grave: They are probably left there by several people, and they represent a link to a loved one who is far away... A link of the heart between two people while they are apart... The explanation was given to me by Stewart Neill, who learned about this custom from his wife, a southern girl. Thanks, Stewart!

Feb 1997: Monday Feb 24, and Tuesday Feb 25, there is a Patsy tribute at the Beef and Boards in Indianapolis, Indiana, by a lady by the name of Joni Morris. She does quite a few Patsy Cline numbers and a few original ones that she has written herself. This info is coming from Sue Wilden, and she supposes that Joni Morris is touring the Midwest with this show. Thanks, Sue!

Feb 1997: You who want to chat in The Patsy Cline Chat Line, using the PowWow program, you should know that in the near future it will no longer be allowed to use a fake address as the PowWow ID. You will have to use your real e-mail address, so you might just as well begin doing that now, if you haven't already.

Feb 1997: Jeffrey Suboter has contributed some additional info on the Patsy singles that charted. You can see that info at the bottom of the recording sessions page. Thanks, Jeff!

Feb 1997: Yes! Now I have all 102 studio recordings that Patsy made! I just got the 3 CD collection from LaserLight, which contains the song I lacked, the remake of "Come on in". But what have they done to seven of the songs (the first three on CD #1 and the first four on CD #2)?! They have completely ruined the songs by adding a fiddle (or violin, if you like) over the original recordings! What is this?! On some parts Patsy's voice drowns in this f...... fiddle! Fortunately the song "Come on in" is not destroyed in this way. Thank God I have the 4 CD collection from MCA... I have also got the new CD from LeAnn Rimes, which contains songs that she recorded before the songs that are on the "Blue" CD. This new CD is called "Unchained Melody - The Early Years". The title "The Early Years" sounds rather strange coming from a girl that is 14 years old... :-)

Feb 1997: This site has been presented with The Remember When Blast from the Past award! Thank you very much to Matt and Bev at Remember When!

Jan 1997: I have added the picture from the cover of the "Sentimentally yours" album on the "Pictures" page.

Jan 1997: News flash from Jimmy Walker: "MCA records will release an in concert show with Patsy, tentive date 7/29/97. It will be titled 'Live at The Cimarron Ballroom'. Apparently this was the first show she did after the car crash. The show was recorded 7/29/61. Songs included are 'Walkin' after midnight', 'I fall to pieces' and 'When my dreamboat comes home'. There will be 14 songs all together, and some talking." Thanks for the info, Jimmy!

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