At the piano at WINC Radio 1956.
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Stories - A Fan Is Born

How did you get to be a Patsy Cline fan? What made you start loving Patsy the way you do? Which was the first Patsy song you ever heard? Do you have any special memories associated with Patsy's music? This is the place to tell us about it! If you want to do that, please e-mail me your story, and I'll put it up on this page! Please state your full name, and put "A fan is born" in the subject line! We have Catherine Simpson in the UK to thank for this page, because she came up with the idea! Thanks, Cath!

  • "My name is Jaimie Old Coyote. I was born 1988, so therefore I was not born yet when Patsy passed. I grew up on country music and to this day I have four women I listen daily, in the car, while cooking or watching their movies. They are Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and The Judds. I remember the first time hearing Patsy... I was four years old, my grandma and I were listening to the radio and 'Sweet Dreams' came on and there was just something about Patsy Cline's voice that just amazed me. When the song ended I looked at my grandma and said 'Grandma, I want to sign like Patsy' She then put in her tape and told me to go for it :)

    Growing up I listened to Patsy all the time not knowing she had passed away. One day I asked my dad 'how old is Patsy Cline?' and he replied 'she died in a plane crash many years ago'. By now I was heart broken (really... I cried for weeks). My parents kept asking me 'why are you crying, this happened a long time ago' and all I kept saying was 'I love her'.

    At this point I wanted to know everything about Patsy. And at school we were doing a project about one person we enjoyed throughout history, and I chose Patsy Cline. I did a great job for being in the 5th grade. The next time I went up north I gave it to grandma and to this day it is in her home. That same visit she had a 'suprise' for me and it was 'Sweet Dreams (the movie)' recorded on VHS. I had to watch it about 5 times that night.

    Now at the age of 23, I still love listening to Patsy Cline. I have never heard such a wonderful voice such as hers. It's different from many and it's beautiful. When my daughter was born she had a hard time sleeping at night, I made her a CD with a few of Patsy's slower songs and every time it puts her to sleep. I am and always will be a Patsy Cline fan!!

    Thanks for reading."
    Jaimie Eder, January 29, 2011.

  • "My name is Eldon Painter. I was born on March 7, 1958. I live in Kansas City and my mother loved Patsy so much. I have a picture of me at two months old that my dad took the day of the Patsy Cline concert at Memorial Hall in Kansas City. My dad stayed home with me and my sister so my mom could go see Patsy. Years later my mom always said Patsy's voice was like velvet in the Auditorium. My mother always told the story about my baby picture and the date it was taken, April 27, 1958. It was also my dad's birthday, so the brownie camera was busy that day.

    My mom was also at the last concert that Patsy did at the same auditorium in Kansas City. Mom was a piano player and also played at several gigs for the same radio DJ that was killed in the car accident in Kansas City. In the movie, after the plane crash and Patsy's husband is listening to the song 'Crazy', is exactly how my mom did. I heard her playing the song 'Crazy' on the piano late one night. I heard her tell my dad 'that song has more chord changes of any country song she had ever played'. Patsy is one of the first singers I ever heard. She has always and will always be a part of my family of memories. I could go on forever about Patsy, I love her and miss her."
    Eldon Painter, September 6, 2010.

  • "My name is Brittany Carpenter. Right now, I'm only fourteen, but I had heard of Mrs. Patsy Cline when I was 5, 6, or maybe 7. It was around 2002 and, I never even listened to her music, but my nana and papa had a movie, named Sweet Dreams just lying around. So I had asked my nana what the movie was about, being the little curious kid I was, and she told me, 'Well Brittany, that's about this singer named Patsy Cline.'

    At the time, I wanted to become a singer so bad, so I wanted to know more about this Patsy Cline, so I ended up watching the movie with my nana within the next couple of minutes. and I ended up loving that movie to pieces! I watched the movie many times, and eventually, I ended up learning all of her songs.

    When I was about 9 or 10, I sung her song 'Walkin' After Midnight' for the Talent show. I was so proud of myself, but I was so scared. As the years went, I kind of lost my interest, (well forgot) about Patsy Cline. But now, today, I wonder how and why I lost my interest in Patsy's music. I mean, it's just so memorable. How can someone NOT remember her?

    I'm so happy to finally get back up with Patsy Cline. She's just so amazing, so inspiring. It's amazing how she went through all these things just to get to her dream. She never let anything nor anyone get her down. That's why, today, she's my inspiration.

    R.I.P. Mrs. Patsy Cline.

    Thanks for reading."
    Brittany Carpenter, February 2, 2010.

  • "Hello everyone. I was stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia when one Army buddy of mine and I heard on the radio that tragic event on March 5, 1963. So, when he had remarked 'My god, Miss Patsy died', it didn't have any impact on me.

    I went into the Army in 1962, enlisting at my local Queens, NY draft board, and was a real doo-wop fan. Little did I know most of the guys in the service listened to country, I was still (to this day), not fully over Buddy Holly's passing.

    Fast forward about 15 to 20 years and I am a country fanatic when it comes to Waylon, George Jones, Ferlin Husky, and Don Gibson... Well you get the idea.

    Just as a sidebar comment, my daughter was born on Patsy's 10th Anniversary. 'Sweet Dreams', in fact, was written by Don Gibson, and still gives me a lump in my throat every time I hear the cascading beginning of the song. September certainly gave us to extraordinary talents who were taken way too soon, and will not be forgotten anytime soon."
    Vic Gagliano, September 7, 2009.

  • "My name is Julie Kaiser and I was 10 weeks old when Patsy Cline died. Her music was a mainstay in our house while I was growing up. When I was just a little girl, I could recognize that voice and name her songs right off the bat! Today, I am a working singer and actor and starting next week, I am playing Patsy in the play, 'A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline'. To learn her music, sing her songs, and, hopefully, bring her spirit and energy alive has been an experience that is beyond my ability to express... Every female singer owes a debt to Patsy Cline. She broke barriers, overcame obstacles and set the musical bar at a level the rest of us can only hope to attain. I am grateful for the chance to try!"
    Julie Kaiser, May 27, 2009.
  • "I think that I was about 15 years old when 'Sweet Dreams' came out in the movies. (I'm 38 now). That is when I fell in love with Patsy Cline, and all of her songs that I could find. At one time I had 3 discs of her songs, but due to an unfortunate accident, all 3 were lost.

    Saturday May 16th, they showed 'Sweet Dreams' on WGN out of Chicago, and I watched as much of it as I could before I had to leave to go to a friends party. Patsy's voice, to this day, sends shivers down my spine. I absolutely love 'Crazy', 'Walking After Midnight' and 'Sweet Dreams'. When I did a little research on the web earlier, I came across the site for Patsy, and have bookmarked it into my favorites so that I can keep going back and looking at the whole site. Patsy was a very beautiful woman, and I know that she was self-consious about the scarring on her forehead from the auto accident that she was in.

    I didnt know, until I had read the site, that Patsy's mom, Hilda, is now up in heaven with Patsy. I'm sure that the 2 of them are looking down on all of her fans, past and present, and smiling a huge smile!

    Now my dream is to take a trip out to Camden to the crash site, and down to Winchester to see where she died and lived.

    Thank You for all of those who contributed all the wonderful things about Patsy... I just wish that there was a little bit more about her children, because after seeing the movie, I had always wondered if Charlie took care of them, or if he let Hilda have them to raise? Thank You again for a beautiful site, for such a beautiful woman!"
    Jeanine Stennett, May 17, 2009.

  • "My name is Lauren Garrison and I am 25 years old. My mother loved Patsy Cline's music and so that's how I was introduced to it. I continue to be in awe of Patsy to this day. I could hear her strength in her voice and wanted to know more about her, and was delighted to discover what a bad ass she was – a true pioneer! I am incredibly inspired by her and find myself wanting to be the kind of woman she was! Patsy Cline's music is Classic in every sense of the word. I prefer her music to any of the trash released today – no joke. All the other "pop" stars with mediocre talent won't be remembered 100 years from now, but I know Patsy will be remembered forever. And the voice – often imitated never duplicated! I just wish I lived during her time. But just like my mother shared Patsy with me, I will share her with my daughter some day. Today is the anniversary of her death, and I'm paying homage by playing her music all day today. RIP Patsy Cline."
    Lauren Garrison, March 5, 2009.
  • "I was born in August of 1963, shortly after Patsy's death. I had the privelege of having parents that raised me on good ole country and western music that included Loretta Lynn, Slim Whitman, Gentleman Jim Reeves, Hank Williams Sr, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Ray Price, Lynn Anderson, Bobby Bare, Jim Ed Brown, Little Jimmy Dickens, Janie Frickie, Donna Fargo... Well, you get the picture... And of course, in MHO the greatest of them all that was taken from us long before her star should have been put out... Patsy Cline.

    Although there have been references to other singers being 'The new Patsy Cline'... NO one can or will ever come close to the grace and vocalization that Patsy had. She has a way of grabbing ahold of the listener and turning them inside out with her songs.

    I have listened to the rock and roll of the 60's and 70's as well as a lot of other styles of music, but have always come back home to my great ole country and western favorites that I grew up on. Even todays country can't touch what we had back when I was growing up. I am slowly turning all of my Patsy cassettes into CD's as I don't want to loose her great music. I never fail to sing along when one of her songs come on the radio, or when my boyfriend plays her songs on the computer. He will turn her down just so that he can hear me sing along. He says I have a voice that is very similar to Patsy's. Although I am deeply flattered by it, I know that I will never come close to the UNFORGETTABLE lyrics of the one and only Patsy. God Bless her for giving of herself so that we would know what an Angel sounds like here on earth."
    Rebecca Reinwalt, February 7, 2009.

  • "My Name is Erica Roney and I am a huge fan of Patsy Cline's. My Grandpa Pasley introduced me to her music when I was about 5. I remember singing '7 Lonely Days' in the backseat of their Cadillac, while my brothers plugged their ears. I just couldn't get enough of her! I was not lucky enough to have born while she was still alive, so I have had to settle on listening to others try to match the beauty of her voice. At a local casino near my home they have monthly tributes to singers who have past. I was thrilled when I heard they had someone coming to do a Patsy Cline tribute. Unfortunately, something came up and I was unable to attend.

    A month later, I got married. While sitting at my reception, my father got up and made an unexpected speech. He went on to say 'My daughter has a love for a singer unlike most, and it is my honor to bring to her the closest she will ever get to meeting... Mrs. Patsy Cline'. At that moment, a women walked out from behind a door singing 'Sweet Dreams'... and she looked and sounded exactly like Patsy Cline! I couldn't believe it! I burst into tears. She went on to sing 9 songs in two sets (it also included a costume change!) I later found out that my father and aunt were so upset that I missed the casino show, that they asked the impersonator's agent if she would be interested in coming to a wedding. The agent said it had not been done before, but to call him the following week to see if she was available. They did, and she was, and the rest is history!"
    Erica Roney, December 16, 2008.

  • "My name is Ashley Gandy and I'm from Virginia, were Patsy Cline grew up. I grew up listening to Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline. I remember one of my friends playing Patsy's 'I fall to pieces' and 'Crazy'. Today I still listen to Patsy. 'I fall to pieces' was my lullaby song, I can still hear Patsy sing the song in my mind. Patsy, I miss you very much and I love your song 'I fall to pieces' and 'Crazy', you're the best, Patsy."
    Ashley Gandy, November 15, 2008.
  • "I was raised in the fifties between Rock n' Roll and Country. My Dad was Country and My Mom was hinged between Rock and Roll and Country. I believe I experienced, first hand, the best of the best when it comes to Country singing artists. The Grand Ol' Opry was meat and potatoes in our house. The wang and twang of Hank Williams, Ernest Tub, Ray Price, and Web Pierce. The crooning of Jim Reeves, Slim Whitman, and Nat King Cole (not on the Opry) and of those the best definitely, Patsy Cline notched #1.

    I was 12 years old when Patsy was killed, fifteen days before my 13th Birthday. I remember only three incidence of my mother crying when anyone famous passed. Once was for Nat King Cole, another time when Jim Reeves died, but I believe she wept the hardest for Patsy. She truly mourned the loss of Patsy Cline. I remember as the radio station announced the tragedy they were playing 'Sweet Dreams' in the background. Often Mom would sing along with Patsy on the local radio station. She sounded so much like her. My mother was a housewife with faded dreams. At the age of twenty she was the local town's Rodeo Queen and I think she continued to live her life in Patsy's and other women her age's fame. I own a 1953 Ford F100 with a DC player and it plays Patsy when I cruise. The license place reads 'CRAZY'. Think I'm a ‘lil stuck on the girl?"
    John Tackett, March 11, 2008.

  • "My name is Marcos Kruse. I was born in Brazil on oct, 23 1962. My favorite music is rock and roll from the 70s. I never heard about Patsy Cline because fans of good old rock and roll have no time to hear anything else. But, one night I couldn't sleep. I went to see TV and, at last session, there was Patsy singing 'Crazy'. The film was about her life but ended soon. Uau, I became enchanted with her wonderful voice. But, who is she, and what is the name of the music? I started a research about that wonderful voice. The time passed on and finally I had found Patsy Cline, not by her music, but by her voice. I looked for a voice and Patsy come to me much better than I had imagined before. Several songs touched my heart. I hope that the Elvis fans will forgive me, but the voice of Patsy Cline is wonderful. Elvis is good, really a king of rock, but Patsy's voice is an angelic voice standing above the earth. So, this is my story. I didn't look for Patsy; she found me against all gods of good old rock and roll."
    Marcos Kruse, December 21, 2007.
  • "I first heard of Patsy Cline while going thru some albums that my parents had. I was reading her biography inside the album cover and realized that her hometown was Winchester, Virginia. I was 10 years old at the time and seeing this flipped me out!!!! I wasn't too thrilled with country music at the time, but I had been raised to love music. My parents let me listen to her songs and I became an instant fan because I felt her talent transcended any genre. I especially love(d) to sing and had/have a dream to be a well known singer. I didn't think it was possible for that to happen as I was a small town girl from..... Winchester, Va.....

    Patsy has been an inspiration for me, not only in music but in life. She believed in herself and her talent so much that she was able to see her dream come true. My dream has yet to be recognized by the world, but because of her inspiration, I am able to believe in myself and my talents. Gets me up there... on a karaoke stage or at church to sing my heart out."
    Krista M. Trenary, October 11, 2007.

  • "Patsy Cline? We share the same birth date and the love of music. She, in my mind, is still the best female singer – EVER. I have several of her CDs. I sometimes listen to them on the way to work and very often end up crying because I wish she were still here. Most of the time, though, I sing along with her. One of my favorite songs by her is 'Who Can You Count On?' I know it wasn't very popular, but I love it."
    Sandy Criss, May 16, 2007.
  • "I was about twenty three when my ex husband had bought a compilation tape, a song called 'Crazy' came on by Patsy Cline, who I had never heard of. So, the next week I went to the market and asked if they had any other songs by this lady. Anyway, years passed and I used to do my housework to her songs. Then karaoke arrived so I could sing all my favourites, then we moved to New Zealand where I entered large karaoke competition, which turned out to be a stars in their eyes type competition. I went on to win to be Patsy Cline which I was very proud. Years later I went to a show about Patsy's life with my mother, at the end of the show, I knew she had died in an air crash, but not much more, but I was suprised to hear that she had died on the 5th March 1963, which was the day I was born - spooky."
    Mandy Kasher, May 13, 2007.
  • "'I Fall to Pieces' is probably the first Patsy Cline recording I ever heard. Knowing nothing of who Patsy Cline was or the untimely manner in which her life would end, I find it odd that the song (her delivery) reminded me so of the suicide death of my brother-in-law's father (@ 1955 - 57). I was only five or six years old at the time. The event was quite hushed up, so that rather than being presented with the facts of the matter, I was simply left with a child's impression of death -- something that is indescribable and forever. And somehow to this day, Patsy's voice connects me always to what is indescribable and forever.

    As a teenager I became curious about Patsy Cline, but limited my buying of her works to 'I Fall to Pieces'. Bit by bit, however, throughout my life I have stumbled over several of the treasures she left behind -- never quite purposely, but always in a seemingly serendipitous manner. For instance, bicycling home from work one day in the mid eighties I just happened to stop off at a rather obscure used cassette tape shop. For 75 cents I purchased a little pink-colored cassette across which someone had written Patsy/Always. It didn't say Patsy who, but I knew. And as it turned out 'Always' was the beautifully written Irving Berlin song.

    It surprised me to realize how well Patsy could handle music of this genre -- up 'til then I had considered her to be exclusively country. A few more years went by until more of her recordings trickled into my music collection. Each new finding of her music was like the discovery of a small gem. I always hope I haven't collected it all, because it's nice to think that somewhere along the way I will again be taken by surprise to discover something else she has left behind -- seemingly just for me. Little gifts to be gathered along life's sometimes 'long, lonesome highway' (if I may borrow a phrase from Hank Williams).

    Patsy's voice reaches out to me as though something come from the heavens with a yearning to return. And when she does in fact, note by note, send it back home, it is always with just a little something more than even the gods could have ever expected. Patsy Cline never fails to connect with the beyond. And from me this is not hyperbole, but a true expression of how much she has endeared herself to me through her music. And although I am merely a wanna-be singer, I still hope that if there is a 'Hillbilly Heaven' (as in the Tex Ritter song), I'll at least someday get the chance to pay it a visit, and to pay Ms. Cline my deepest respects.

    I think too that Owen Bradley must have had a great influence on Patsy's delivery, this as evidenced in his production of k.d. lang's CD, 'Shadowland'. He has such a knack drawing out true artistry."
    Patrick Ryan, Jan 30, 2007.

  • "Being the baby of seven children growing up was different for me. My father was 51 years old when I was born and my mother, 26 years of age. My father raised me on music from his era and my mother on hers. My Daddy listened to Hank Williams, Sr, Patsy Cline and all of the singers he grew up on.

    I will forever thank him for it because I love the old music. Patsy Cline to me, is a gift to us all. Her voice is a voice that will be listened and enjoyed for eternity. I listen to her music when it is on the radio and I love to sing along with her. I know in my heart, that she is singing in heaven and I hope to meet her one day. I believe that there is a heaven and that God knows what he is doing. He gave us Patsy for a short time, but she still lives in us all."
    Carolyn Hester, Dec 18, 2006.

  • "I have been a fan of Patsy's since I was able to listen to music and was brought up with the sounds of her ringing throughout the home. I started my singing career when I was in my twenties when I sang with country and western bands for fun more than anything else. I loved singing and there was never a day went by when I wasn't shrilling out all the great songs I had learnt over the years.

    In 1997 unbeknown to me my son entered me into a competition on the television as Patsy Cline singing 'Crazy' but a tragic turn of events that killed my son stopped me doing the audition and in turn stopped me singing for eight long years. My wonderful children decided to send my husband and I on holiday to Lanzarote and while there someone informed the owner of a club that I sang and to my horror I was invited to take the stage.

    I had no backing music but for my son I stood on the stage and I sang 'The Rose' by Bette Midler and as the tears flowed from myself and the audience I knew that I was destined to start singing again. Later that evening I was asked to sing again and I stood proud and sang 'Crazy Dreams' and as a result I have never looked back. I now sing in some of the bars and most of my songs are country and dedicated to all those wonderful ladies of country.

    I thank God that I have been given this chance as I am getting on for sixty but the voice is still quite good even though I say it myself. My tip for anyone out there that has a passion for singing is to get on with it, don't wait till it's too late and just sing with your heart and soul. With inspiration like Patsy you can't go wrong and never let anyone tell you otherwise. If you can sing it's a gift and should be shared with everyone who will listen. May I wish you all a very Happy Christmas in advance and a wonderful New Year."
    Valerie Phelps, Dec 5, 2006.

  • "I would have to say I was around the age of 9 or 10, maybe even a little earlier than that when I first started listening to Patsy Cline. I am 25 year old now and I have never tired of listening to or singing her music. Patsy has been one of my biggest idols throughout my life, and so has Shirley Temple (I never knew she was one of Patsy's idols until I read it on here). I don't know exactly how to put into words how she makes me feel, I love everything about her! I hope everyone takes the time to introduce this wonderful woman to their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc. May she stay alive in all of our hearts forever, she already has a place specially reserved in mine.

    One of my favorite things that has ever happened to me is about 5 years ago I went to sing at some star search competition in North Carolina, Well, I sang 'Crazy', and when I was done an older gentleman in the back of the room with the producers and such, motioned for me to come back and told me he had been friends with Patsy and Charlie and complimented me on a job well done. I was so excited about that and I will never forget it. Thank ya'll so much for creating this site, it is just wonderful!"
    Kristen Wright, Nov 20, 2006.

  • "I am 21 years old and I live in Oxnard, CA. I don't actually recall the day or year that I first heard a Patsy Cline song, but I sure did become a fan. I just love the way she sings her songs with such heart-felt and emotions to it. I am the first in my family to be a fan of country music, but I sure won't be the last. I have a 2 year old son that, when I play Patsy's songs, he is there with me to sing along =). I might not have been born then during Patsy's time, but I sure will be a fan for a very long time!! Thank you Patsy for such great songs!!!"
    Patricia Baroza, Nov 3, 2006.
  • "What can I say about Patsy Cline that hasn't already been said. I loved her as a child and I love her today. I'm presently recording my first CD and the song I'm most proud of is 'Calling Patsy Cline'! She has been inspirational, and I wish she was still with us. What an amazing woman she was and that voice that hits you in the deepest part of your soul. Thank you, Patsy! No one did, does or ever will like you."
    Danie Syre, Aug 25, 2006.
  • "I have just visited this Patsy Cline site, and would like to say how much I enjoyed it. I first heard Patsy many years ago, and was smitten by her voice. It was so clear, very emotional. I have been listening to American country music since I was a young man, and Patsy and Hank Williams are the artists I love most. Once again may I say how much I enjoyed the site. Thank you and keep up the good work."
    Duncan Campbell, Jun 18, 2006.
  • "I am just 14 now, but I absolutely love Patsy Cline. I first heard about her when we passed her house on the way to my greatgrandparents house near Winchester, and she had said, 'you see that house right there', I was like, 'uhh yeah'. She said that's where Patsy Cline grew up, and I was like, 'no way'. I hadn't really payed no attention to her music before, and my mom had the CD, so on our way back my mom was playing her CD and I just fell in love with it. I absolutely love listening to Patsy all the time now. I love her voice, it touches my heart. I would have to say the first Patsy Cline song I heard was 'Crazy', and I fell in love with that song and all of her songs."
    Paige Kristen Lovin, Apr 24, 2006.
  • "My Grandfather used to listen to Patsy Cline when we would ride from San Antonio to Corpus Christi to visit my Aunt. I fell in love with her voice. The way she used her voice gave a gut feeling and comfort to everyone who has ever had their hearts broken. I got a tattoo on the back of my right calf of a black scaled picture of Patsy."
    Christina Sheets, Mar 26, 2006.
  • "My name is TeriLynne Miller from Washington State. I was born in 1965. Married 20 years now with a daughter and son of 18 and 15. I became full of passion for Patsy's voice when I saw the movie 'Sweet Dreams'. I had never heard a voice like hers, or imagined one possible! I then began to collect many tapes/CDs of Patsy Cline. My kids have listened to all of these songs that I have played through the years in my home during cooking in the kitchen... driving in the car... cleaning house... or just plain hearing and singing with. I don't know why... I still get emotional at times when I listen to her voice... She can just reach out and grab and pour so much passion and emotion into her love songs. I so cherish her gift that she has shared with all of us. When Patsy sings, I feel her. That, I believe, was her true strength among many... She reaches out and gives deep passion and emotion through her voice that we simply embrace... not just listen, but feel her presence forever.
    Thank you, Catherine Simpson, for this page."

    TeriLynne Miller, Jan 2, 2006.
  • "My grandfather always listened to Patsy in the car and at home when we were kids. Where ever we went he had her on and I used to hate that we had to listen to it, I mean, come on, when you are 9, 10, 11 that is not something you want to listen to. One year we took a family vacation to Lake Powell and he brought Patsy's greatest hits and Elvis' great hits and that was all we listened to for 10 days. All of a sudden I knew all the songs and began to love her. A couple of summers later I had my grandpa record her tapes and I listened to them all summer long. My cousins all thought I was crazy, but I would have to say that we are all Patsy Cline fans. So when ever we get together and have a few drinks, Patsy is put on and we sing our hearts out."
    Rachel Sepulveda, Dec 14, 2005.
  • "Patsy Cline truly is a legend in the Shenandoah Valley. I am a distant relative of Patsy's, and each year at our family reunion she is remembered. My mother's maiden name is Hensley and she and Patsy played together when they were small children. Her voice rings through clear as a bell here in the place where she was born and raised!"
    Amy Dean, Oct 26, 2005.
  • "I had heard about Patsy Cline and knew some of her songs. But it wasn't until 1985 when I saw the movie about her life, 'Sweet Dreams', that I became a big fan. I love Patsy's singing so much. My late father Gabe also loved her. I remember one time about a year before he passed away in 2002. We were driving down the highway and had the CD '12 Greatest Hits', and singing along with Patsy. It is one of my favorite memories. He loved the way I sang 'Crazy'. We went karaokeing a few times and I always sang 'Crazy' for him. I even sang a Patsy song for him when he was dying. Even though he was unconscious, I grabbed his hand and sang 'She's Got You' to him. I hope he heard me."
    Diane Redick, Oct 14, 2005.
  • "I had a sister that truly loved Patsy Cline's music, she played it all day long and she never got tired of it. The last song I was able to play for my sister was one of Patsy's christian songs. My sister died on the same day as Patsy, but the year was 2003. My sister's name is Beverly Behrens. Thank you for letting me share this with you."
    Judy McHolley, Sep 7, 2005.
  • "I have always listened to Patsy Cline. She is my idol. I love singing her songs. I met my husband because he heard I could sing Patsy Cline songs... I now have a friend who is a songwriter, and she has written a song about how we met, for me to sing, and hopefully get it published... In the song it has a part about Patsy Cline. I love the song... I am hoping some day to make my own CD of all Patsy Cline songs... for me... Thanks for your time."
    Sherry Betz-Cloke, May 31, 2005.
  • "My name is Tonya Evans and my 8 month old daughter is Arley Evans; she just may be the youngest Patsy Cline fan out there! She is my first child, and when she was less than two months old I was at the end of my rope with constant feedings and crying, I was about to lose it myself. Out of the blue I just started singing 'Walkin' After Midnight' (I grew up listening to her because of my parents and have a few CD's at home.) It was the only thing that calmed her down. The next day I pulled out those CD's and stuck them in the car. Every time she would cry and get upset; we would turn on Patsy and she would stop. It never fails. Now we never go anywhere without Patsy, she listens to her while she goes to sleep and it seems like she's singing along sometimes. We have tried other music and nothing comes close! We are planning a 'Patsy Cline Birthday Party' for her this summer. I attached a picture; thought someone might get a kick out of it!"
    Tonya Evans, May 18, 2005.
  • "My sister-in-law introduced me to the music of Patsy Cline about twelve years ago when I was thirteen. I didn't know any of Patsy's songs besides 'Crazy', so I bought an album and she's been my favourite singer and one of the people I admire most ever since.

    I have been reading comments made by other fans in this forum and most of them mention Patsy's unique singing style. Instead of repeating what has already been said, I want to agree with all of those people who have been moved by her voice. When I hear one of Patsy's songs I have to stop whatever else I am doing and listen to her telling the story in a way only she could. 'Strange' is probably my favourite song and Patsy's music is the sweetest I have ever heard.

    Patsy had a lot of confidence and led the way, not just for women country singers but for women in music and maybe even women more generally. That is why I admire her so much. Now when I'm older I can begin to appreciate how hard it must have been for Patsy, especially in the 1950s, to have both a family and a career and she never neglected either. Patsy was so ordinary and yet so extraordinary; a housewife and a star. A lot of people writing in this forum are singers and name Patsy as their inspiration. What an amazing woman, to motivate people forty two years after her death.

    Through her heartfelt songs, Patsy expressed the same concerns and worries as the rest of us. She seemed very personable, as though she would be a very good friend. I'm probably not the only fan who feels as though she really is a very good friend. I always feel better after losing myself in Patsy's voice and I gain strength from her. It is a great comfort for me to know that Patsy will always be there, even though loved ones might not.

    I want to thank Per for this excellent website. Without it, fans would not have the opportunity to share their stories. I used to run a website and I know it involves a lot of work, but Patsy is worth it and your efforts are appreciated by us all.

    Thank you for the beautiful music, Patsy. May your influence never end."
    Helen Smith, Apr 19, 2005.

  • "My name is Renee, I am from Sydney, Australia and I'm 24 years old. I have only recently come to know and love Patsy Cline's music through research and interest in the 1950's because my husband and I have 1959 and 1951 chevrolets. We have had our cars for some years now, but I have never really got involved with the culture that comes with an old chevy. I have a young daughter who inspired me to get into the music of the era, it is so much more up beat and pure then the crap that gets produced these days. My daughter is only 2.5 years old and she can sing the words to great songs like 'Bill Bailey', 'Peggy Sue' (Buddy Holly) and 'Pink Shoe Laces' (Dodie Stevens). Music artists were real then, all the music of today is massed produced and only sends subliminal messages into the minds of our children. I'm glad to be a fan of an Oldie but a Goodie!"
    Renee Ward, Feb 22, 2005.
  • "Shalom. I'm Rinat from Israel. I was born at a kibbuts in north Israel on 1967. I never liked country music, sorry that's not my stile. But I decided to search for Patsy cline's history after the last time I heard her name. It was last week. I was searching for deatails about Stuart Adamson (The dead singer of the famous scottish band Big Country). At one of the sites it was written the music that he liked. Patsy was a part of it. Before, I heard her name with a direct connection to k.d. lang. Yesterday, after I heard the song 'Crazy', it reminded that I heard it on the Israeli radio through all these years, but because I didn't like it, so I didn't give a sh*t who sang it. But after I heard it I can say that this woman had a unique voice, 'though my favorite one is Joan Armatrading..."
    Rinat Haimov, Jan 21, 2005.
  • "My name is Jacqui. I was born in 1969 in Peterborough, England. I grew up with Patsy's music due to my mother being a big fan of country music – Patsy seemed to be a favourite though. The song that seems to stick out more for me is 'Crazy' – no one can do this as Patsy did! Patsy has a voice that can not be duplicated by any other, and is instantly recognised by those that love her music. Having seen the movie 'Sweet Dreams' on numerous occasions as well having read the book – I never seem to be able to get bored with it. The story still brings tears to my eyes – I wish I had been around to hear her sing other than on LPs, Tapes and CDs – to have seen her live would've been the highlight of anyone's life. Still, thanks to technology we have the reproductions of her music that can be enjoyed time and again."
    Jacqui Meyer, Jan 7, 2005.
  • "My name is Richenda Harris & I'm 33 years old. I grew up listening to all kinds of music – my mother is responsible for me knowing the music of everyone from Elton John to Jimi Hendrix to Otis Redding & of course... Patsy Cline. I've never known a time that I didn't love Patsy Cline's voice. I hear so much when I listen to Patsy – not just the music but the emotions. She is the only singer that can bring tears to my eyes with the sheer power and beauty of her voice. I'm the mother of 2 children – a 3 year-old boy & 10 month-old girl & they too are growing up listening to Patsy. She's timeless..."
    Richenda Harris, Jan 6, 2005.
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