Stories from 2001

  • "Hello All! What an interesting web-site! My name is Lynn Mari. I am 32 years young and I've always challenged anybody who sais that they're Patsy's biggest fan. Of course... it's all in good fun. I just think that Patsy is higher on the totem pole than Elvis... truth be known. Clearly... she was sent to this world to move millions of Americans and fans, the world over. Her legacy will live on long after we're all gone and I so pray that generations to come will keep it alive. My children love Patsy... My daughter is only 11 years old, and I'll tell ya, she can bellow a Patsy tune that puts chills down my spine. Here's the incredible part... her friends love to listen to the songs she sings and they really don't understand that they're listening to 'Good old fashioned Country Music'. But one day, they'll come to know that Patsy's music is by far the very best. There isn't a singer out there who can hold a candle to Patsy... I'm sure I speak for all when I say that Patsy was and still is... the very best. Thank you for allowing us to express our heart-felt feelings about Patsy (Virgina) Cline. Have a great day, and keep Patsy's music the best out there!"
    Lynn Mari, Dec 26, 2001.
  • "My name is Mandy Murphy. I am 25 years old. I have been a Patsy Cline fan since I was about 10. I first heard of Patsy Cline when I saw the 'Sweet Dreams' movie. I taped her songs from the video and sang them constantly. I always wanted to be just like her. (Unfortunately I can't carry a tune!) I went to the Country Music Hall Of Fame for the first time and cried when I saw some of her belongings actually there. My husband makes fun of me because I have pictures of her hanging all over the house. More than our family. I love your site. I had no idea that so many poeple love her as much as I do. I thought I was the only one!! It's wonderful to see that she really does live on. She lives in all of us."
    Mandy Murphy, Dec 9, 2001.
  • "My name is Courtney Morgan, and I have my grandpa to thank for introducing me to Patsy Cline. He loved her, loved that she could sing right along with an orchestra, by herself, or with a band. I think I was about 6 the first time I heard of Patsy Cline, and my grandpa ordered two tapes from television and gave them to me. I remember thinking 'Grandpa, why would I like this music?' And, because I was so young, I didn't appreciate her for a long time (too bad for me). But by the time I was about 12 and helping out around the house a lot, and listening to music, I realized that Patsy was something else. So, while I don't have my grandpa with me anymore, I have the gift of Patsy that he gave me. I'm all of 25 now, and can recognize a Patsy Cline song in the background of a movie, commercial, or a crowded store--there isn't a voice like hers. I've always said that if I was stranded on a desert island and could take one CD with me, it would be The Patsy Cline Story. Anyway, thanks for letting me share my love of Patsy with ya'all!"
    Courtney Morgan, Nov 16, 2001.
  • "I'm 14 years old, and I live in England. All my life have I known Patsy's music, and I love every last song of hers. Patsy's voice is spectacular, in fact it's undescribable to me, and anybody that has any music sence will say the same. If I'm ever getting ready to go to a club, just chilling in my room, or if I'm upset, I always play Patsy's songs as does my mum, I find her music is the kind of music u can listen to at any time, in fact I'm listening to 'The Patsy Cline Collection' CD 4 track number 2 'Your kinda love' right now, and I have been listening to her music all day. Don't get me wrong, I'm a typical teenager that likes all the upto date music and I probably own every upto date CD/Tape, but I can't resist listening to Patsy considering her music is not like others. When you're at my house there's Patsy's music played in both sections of the house. Upstairs I'm listening to her music and downstairs my mum will be listening to her music also. I know all the words to all her songs and as does my mum."
    Kirsty-Laine Hodgson, Nov 13, 2001.
  • "I was born in the 60's and my parents were from Eagle Lake, Maine, which is still country!! We listened to Roy Clark, He Haw, George Jones and many other greats. Listening to Patsy is a lot like listening to Janice Joplin, their voices are so unique, soul inspiring and riveting that it lives through the ages! Many of her songs still gives me the chills when I hear her music. I still have 8 tracks of her music!!! Keep up the great work with the site."
    JohnnyDee, Oct 24, 2001.
  • "I am from northern Wisconsin, and my name is Leonard Isaksson. I heard Patsy Cline's songs in the 60's but I cannot say which one I first heard. My sister likes her music. I commented on how I liked the song played when Ross Perot had his 'convention' when he ran for President, and he danced with his wife as Patsy's song 'Crazy' played. This stimulated me to listen to more of her when I had the chance. I normally listen to classical music, but I like many other musics, also. For a time I worked with an evangelist who had formerly been working with Red Foley on the Ozark Jubilee. That exposed me more to country music, but it is not the same to hear her songs by another, although some do very well. My favourite voice is a soprano named Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, but I also like much to hear Patsy Cline. There is something haunting about her voice, and the heart which I should think lies behind it. Thanks for the site."
    Leonard Isaksson, Sep 8, 2001.
  • "My name is Caroline Williams and I live in Australia. I first fell for Patsy's music about 5 years ago. I was having trouble sleeping and used to watch a lot of late night television. A sci-fi series called 'Space - Above and Beyond' was my favourite at the time, and one episode featured a Patsy song called 'Never No More'. At the time the song just reached out to me and made me feel better about everything. I have been collecting Patsy's music ever since then, along with many other country artists. Patsy is my favourite, though."
    Caroline Williams, Aug 30, 2001.
  • "I'm Nell Patterson. I'll be 45 all too soon. I am the youngest sibling in a family that loves music. Although I'd heard of Patsy Cline all my life, I could not tie her to her songs, or vice versa, and knew only vaguely about her. A few years ago, as I sat with some family members at my niece's wedding reception, I asked if the record the disc jockey was playing was by Patsy Cline. My eldest sister, very musical as all my siblings are, looking almost hurt, said 'No, that isn't Patsy Cline' and just shook her head with pity. The others seemed to get a look in their eyes, too, not of pity but of thinking of something very good. She named and crooned a little of some Patsy Cline songs and said 'THAT's Patsy Cline.' I decided right then I needed to have a Patsy tape. I bought 'The Legendary Patsy Cline' next time I was in a store because I saw it had 'Walking After Midnight' on it, one of my early-life favorites even though I can't remember how I actually knew it in my childhood. I didn't know any other songs on the tape when I bought it, but I do now! I soon had her greatest hits tape, and stay on the lookout for more. What she could do! Hers is among my most-played music, I stop whatever I'm doing if I see something about her on TV, I laud her to everyone... She was the best ever. I'm thankful God gave her to this earth, and I'm thankful for recordings and pictures!"
    Nell Patterson, Aug 27, 2001.
  • "Hi, my name is Tammy Edwards and I live in Virginia. I grew up in Middleburg, Virginia, about 45 minutes from Winchester. I didn't know much about Patsy growing up, even though Winchester was kind of the hang out when I was young. As the area I grew up in became over populated, all of my family (excluding myself) have moved to Clarke County (Berryville, Virginia, where Patsy met Charlie) or to the Winchester area. I first realized there was a Patsy Cline when the movie 'Sweet Dreams' came out. My father told me stories of when he was younger and they used to frequent the places Patsy often sang. Of course there's no denying that voice is beautiful and there is no voice like hers and probably never will be. I'm planning to be married in Winchester in November at the Valley Wedding Chapel. Just around the block from where Patsy & and her mother lived. Thanks!"
    Tammy Edwards, Aug 24, 2001.
  • "Hi, my name is C. J. Harding and I have been a Patsy fan since I was born. My mother was listening while I was bakin' in the oven. In fact, maybe it was the background music of when I was created. Both my parents loved Patsy and would dance to her long into the night. I never got to meet Patsy, but meeting Elvis when I was eight was pretty tops. After raising my kids, I became involved in the music business and put a female band together to sing country and my originals. People kept telling me I sounded like Patsy and would request more of her songs. So, I decided I would put together a show dedicated to Patsy Cline. I've been doing the show for six years and have performed in many places all over the country. But the best place of all was when I was invited to perform for New Year's Eve in Winchester, VA. That was such an honor! That would have been enough but I was ask back two more times. I met so many wonderful people that knew Patsy. I listened for hours and many of those times were spent in Gaunt's drugstore where Patsy used to work. I love Winchester. It's the only place that I perform that gives me goose bumps. I make my costumes to be replicas of Patsy's. One of them, (the red one) is on display in Memphis at the Rock & Soul Museum along with Cindy Hazen and Mike Freemans' 'Love Always, Patsy' (collection of letters) and will be until the end of the year. The uncanny thing is, that my show is called 'A Tribute to Patsy Cline'. I have a website called with all kinds of info on it. I would love to hear from other ladies who perform Patsy. Keep the spirit alive, y'all! Musically yours,"
    C.J. Harding, Aug 18, 2001.
  • "My name is Paul Caputo. I have been a Patsy Cline fan for decades. I recently heard a wonderful narrative on the song 'Crazy' on the NPR radio show 'All Things Considered'. I encourage all of Patsy's fans to give a listen to this informative discussion of the song 'Crazy'. The site can be found here. The audio narrative provides some great background information on this great number one jukebox single of all time. The song 'Crazy' by Patsy Cline now has a special meaning to me. The day my Mom passed away, the song 'Crazy' was playing on my car radio as I drove home from the hospital where she had just died. I can never hear that song now without thinking about my Mom. I wonder how many of Patsy's fans know that she recorded the vocal part of the song in a single take in the studio? On the NPR radio show, Kathy Mattea talks about Patsy walking into that studio in the summer of 1961 and making magic with the song 'Crazy'."
    Paul Caputo, Aug 4, 2001.
  • "My name is Tiffany Kananowitz and I first discovered Patsy Cline at a dollar theatre when I was young. I snuck in to see a movie called 'Sweet Dreams'. I had no idea it was a true story film. However, I was fascinated by her voice. I have been a fan ever since and will always be one."
    Tiffany Kananowitz, Jul 7, 2001.
  • "Hello, my name is Mary Gravelle, I am 20 years old and I know nowadays it seems as if young kids don't appreciate the legends, but lemme tell u what, I sure do. I can sing exactly like Patsy Cline, so much like her it even scares me sometimes. My mother has walked in the room many of times and told me she thought it was the radio playing or a tape or something, but it's me, my momma says I must have a lil of Patsy's spirit in me cus God gave me the gift to sing like the angel Patsy Cline. That's my story, thank you very much for providing fans like me with this website, I luv it!"
    Mary Gravelle, Jun 26, 2001.
  • "Wow! Was I surprised when my 15 year old son David asked me to come and listen to a CD he was listing to at the local Walmart store in Salem, Misssouri. I listened to this voice that sounded like an old friend that I had lost somewhere in my life. As I listened to this sweet heaven voice I asked my son 'Who is this?' He said someone named 'Patsy Cline'. As I listened to her voice, old feelings of a warm cozy family came rushing inside and I relized this voice was the voice I use to wake up to and go to sleep to at night when I was a child.

    My father, George Beal, was a huge fan of Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells. I remember when I was young I would watch my mother, Mary and Dad, dance to her songs, I could watch them dance for hours to her songs. When my dad was in a good mood he would sing her songs, pick me up and swing me around. Patsy Cline was a part of our family that I had fogotten as I went out on my own into the world to make my own family.

    I stood there in Walmarts for hours going through all them tapes, buying all the Patsy Cline CDs I could find. I wanted to bring a old friend home again. Now Patsy is in my home for my children to listen to. Friends again,"
    Cathy Salts, Jun 23, 2001.

  • "Hello, my name is Minden Sprenger and I am 23 years old. The first memory I have when I think of Patsy Cline, is when I was just a little girl. My father took a record out of its case, leaned over to me as I was sitting on a chair, and said 'Honey, do you want to hear the most beautiful voice you'll ever hear?' I nodded my head, and he put the record on the player. I don't recall the first song I heard, but I do remember sitting in our downstairs basement for hours listening to that record over and over again. I was totally and completely in love with the mystery voice I heard on the record player. Later on, when it was time for dinner, my father came back downstairs, looked at me with a smile, and said, 'Do you know who that is?' I nodded my head 'no' with a little smile on my face. All he said was, 'That's Patsy Cline, sweetie... that's Patsy Cline.'

    From that day on, I have always loved her music, I've been so interested in her life, her music, etc. I had the honor to get in touch with Mr. Charlie Dick, her husband, and speak with him on the phone for quite some time. He was very kind, and very friendly. He made speaking with him so laid-back, like we've known each other for years. We spoke about many things, including my 2 year old little girl who is a HUGE Patsy fan. She sings 'Crazy', 'Sweet Dreams', and her favorite, 'Walkin' After Midnight' WORD FOR WORD. I have it on tape, so she can look back and see what a little singer she was at 2 years. Anyway, I want to thank you for having such wonderful sites and pix to observe about Patsy. I'm sure she's director of God's great choir, and she's looking down on us with her beautiful smile. What a beautiful person, and a beautiful voice, to be taken away so soon... You will forever be in our hearts, and the music will live on forever."
    Minden Sprenger, Jun 19, 2001.

  • "My name is Robbie Jerrell. You can say that I became a fan of Patsy Cline when I was ten years old. All due to an album my mother had given to me too play on my small record player, it was an album that was called 'The Country Hall Of Fame'. Songs of different country greats were on this album; Roy Acuff, Kitty Wells, Buck Owens etc, and one song I played over and over was a small cut of 'I fall to pieces'. The singer was Patsy Cline. I loved the sound of her voice! Later my parents took my sister and me on a trip to the Grand Ole Opry. This was when it was still at The Ryman, the place was sold out, but one of the people who worked the Opry told my parents that my sister and I could sit in the window (remember, the Ryman wasn't air condtioned back in the early '70s), the whole time I was counting on seeing this woman named Patsy Cline. It was then that my dad told me I couldn't, because she had passed away years ago. I was sad, but as time passed I've read Loretta Lynn's book, and seen 'Coal Miner's Daughter', and learned more of Patsy, and still became a larger fan... Beside Patsy and Loretta, the other best female country singer is Dottie West. I find it strange that how she and Patsy were born months apart, and how Patsy was killed going home from a show, and Dottie was going to a show when the car crash happened, and that she [Dottie] was laid to rest around Patsy's birthday!!! Country music's best women!!! And just a quick note on Dottie West... She was the first woman in country music to win a Grammy. I feel that the Hall of Fame has overlooked her in the past ten years, since her death. Dottie should be honored with her best friend Patsy Cline in the new Hall of Fame..."
    Robbie Jerrell, May 29, 2001.
  • "My name is Zola Lee. I had the honor, when I was approximately 8-9 years of age, of seeing Patsy Cline perform one of her last concerts in Louisville, Kentucky at Freedom Hall. She appeared in person with Jimmy Dean and Tex Ritter. They had these dancers back then with the 'can cans' under their dresses. She was the last to perform. She had on a solid white dress, and a full can can underneath it. The lights had colors of blue and pink, and I remember how truly beautiful she looked, and how beautiful she sang. She received a standing ovation. The crowd was wild. I remember approximately two weeks later, my mother and father told me she had been killed in a plane crash. I was so sad. The years have passed and I am 48 years old now. I still have Patsy's music to soothe me. In my mind I can still see her singing 'I Fall To Pieces'. She sang that one on stage beautifully. I watched 'Sweet Dreams' (the movie) tonight, and I was talking with my husband, and thinking about how short of time she had to live the last time I saw her. Thank you, for listening. I hope this letter and the memory of this concert helps her still devoted fans who have never seen her really sing. Sincerely, Mrs. Dale Lee. PS. She also wore real red lipstick that night. Thank you."
    Zola Lee, May 16, 2001.
  • "I was born in Oct. 1958. I didn't attend kindergarten back then, and my mother was a house wife, like all the other mothers back in those days. My mother was doing the daily routine of cooking and washing laundry the day that Patsy died. I was in the living room playing the radio. Back in those days you only had one radio per household, and one black and white TV, with rabbit ears, and everyone used the same household hair brush, and one tooth past tube for the whole family, a very intimate, family situation. I was in the living room floor, of our small two bedroom home, listening to the radio. One of my favorite songs was interrupted, and the DJ came on the air and said, 'The Late Great Patsy Cline is dead, she died in a plane crash this morning, again I repeat, Patsy Cline is dead, the news was just delivered to me.' The DJ immediately started playing a slow Patsy Cline song, and I believe it was either 'Crazy' or 'Sweet Dreams'.

    I immediately jumped up and ran into the kitchen, where my mother was busy with her chores. I ran up to her, and I said, 'Mommy, Patsy Cline is dead, I just heard it on the radio.' My 25 year old mother, in disbelief, was looking at me, and had heard so many tall tales of a 5 year old, responded... 'Honey don't be saying things like that, especially if it isn't true.' I said to my Mom, 'Come on and listen to the radio.' Well, my mother took the radio out of the living room, and put it in the kitchen, and there she continued her chores. She turned the volume up loud enough that I would still be entertained at a short distance, and we could still hear the music over the pots boiling, and the washing machine churning. After the Patsy Cline song finished playing, the DJ came back on the air, and announced again, the Late Great Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash early this morning... My mother looked at me and said, 'Well, you were right.' She had a very surprised, and sad looked on her face, that to this day I will never forget...

    I have the Patsy Cline collection of hits on about six CD's. I still love her music today. I feel, there will never be another Patsy Cline voice, and she is the greatest of all the female singers, pop or country. My second choice would be Dottie West, and I lover her song, 'Here Comes My Baby Back Again'. The two greatest singers in the world, Patsy, and Dottie, both born about one month apart in 1932. What a great year! What a tragic loss of both lives. Thanks for sharing my story."
    Tina, May 10, 2001.

  • "My name is Linda Howard Sharp, I remember walking along the highway in St. Regis, Montana with my pal Chrissy. The big rigs roaring by, with us raising our arms high and pulling down, so they would toot their horns for us. Then from Tilly's Bar down across the road would come the sweet strong voice of Patsy Cline, and we would stop and listen. When we arrived at Chrissy's home, her mother Caroline would be ironing and playing Patsy's records, so we would have a cool drink and listened again. We were eight years old and totally in love with Patsy Cline. Through the years Patsy's been there for me at every turn in the road, always singing the right song for my mood. No star has ever shone brighter than Patsy's. I used to go Walking After Midnight to see if she was. She always was, and I could hear that lonesome tune on the wind."
    Linda Howard Sharp, Apr 12, 2001.
  • "My name is Bridget Lynn Hensley Hoerner, Patsy Cline is a distant cousin of mine through my grandfather's side of the family. His great grandfather's name is Benjamin Hensley, and somehow or another, I cannot remember how my grandfather explained it, but Patsy is related to Benjamin Hensley somehow in a way that makes her our distant cousin. Whether I am related or not, I have to say that Patsy had a remarkable voice, I admire her for that. It is sad that she had to pass on at such a young age. I've always heard Patsy's music growing up and how could I not love her!!"
    Bridget Lynn Hensley Hoerner, Mar 25, 2001.
  • "My name is Lea Newton and I'm 19 years old. It's odd how I became a fan of Patsy Cline. As you see, I am VERY young. Patsy had been passed on 18 years before I was ever born, you see. And also that fact that I am from New York City :-) As a child, my mother LOVED Patsy and listened to her constantly, even tho no one in my family is from the country. I just grew to love her voice and her wholesome songs. And I ended up marrying a good ol' Kentucky boy :-) We both enjoy listening to Patsy's amazing voice."
    Lea Newton, Mar 15, 2001.
  • "My name is Ryan Payne, and I am 31 years old. I am a very late bloomer as far as becoming a fan goes, and I wish I had heard her music a lot sooner! The first time I actually stopped and listened was when a certain TV show was on -- the one where people try to sing and impersonate a singer or band in a contest -- the name escapes me. A woman was impersonating Patsy Cline and sang 'Crazy'. She did so well and looked so much like her it was unreal! That was when I fell in love with that song and with Patsy Cline's music. I wanted more! I heard a co-worker talking about her favorite song of Patsy's called 'Walking After Midnight'. My curiosity was finally piqued and I went to a local music and book store where I purchased an album of hers. The rest is history -- I listen to it all the time! My wife and I like to sing 'Crazy' and 'Walking After Midnight' when it comes on, and even my two-year-old gets in the act and 'sings' along. I wasn't much of a country fan growing up, but now I wish I had been. I sure missed out on the joy of Patsy Cline growing up. But it's never too late to become a fan. What a voice she has! The heavenly choirs above are definitely graced with the voice that has joined theirs!!!"
    Ryan Payne, Mar 8, 2001.
  • "My name is Barbara and I fell in love with Patsy Cline a couple of years ago when I happened to be flipping through the cable stations and came across this movie ('Sweet Dreams', I think), and the actress that was portraying her was lip-singing (though she did a good job) the song 'Crazy'. That was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard come out of a person's mouth. It sounded like something an angel would sing. It was so perfectly balanced, crystal clear. It was mesmerizing. I'm Black and was raised in the country and was exposed to some country music and though I'm not a devoted fan of country music I listen to it from time to time and have a few favorites. But after catching the end of this movie I couldn't wait until it played again. I watched every rerun. No matter what song she sang, it just made me want more and more everytime. And, when she sung 'Crazy' I hung on every note thinking perhaps I missed a note -- trying to find some imperfection. But no, there was no mistake -- that voice was perfect! I even find myself from time to time dropping in on a country bar or bowling alley just to put a dollar in the jukebox to hear that magical voice. What a blessed voice she had!"
    Barbara Burroughs, Mar 5, 2001.
  • "I have been a Patsy Cline fan for 12 years... She is the greatest singer of all times... 'Sweet Dreams' is a great movie about her life and I have enjoyed it hundreds of times... I will be stopping at Camden, TN this year to visit the crash site and I hope to get to Virginia soon to see her hometown and grave... Her legend and music will live forever... She has been an inspiration to so many young singers... She must be smiling down at all of them from up above..."
    Robbie Park, Feb 25, 2001.
  • "I became a fan of Patsy's when I first watched the movie 'Sweet Dreams' years ago. I always thought that I was alot like her, and to my surprise I just recently found out that we were born on the exact same day, September 8th. The site, by the way, is excellent. Thanks for recognizing a spectacular woman."
    Edie Harris Otero, Feb 15, 2001.
  • "I must have been about 8 or 9 years old when I first heard a Patsy Cline song. It was 'Walking After Midnight'. I've loved her ever since then. I'm 51 years old now and I still love her. My family is a musical family and I've always sang. I've always sang Patsy's songs and I've always tried to sing as much like her as possible. Although, no one could ever do that. I can't explain why, but I've always felt a sort of kinship with her. She was then and always will be a very special lady."
    Sherry Wanzer, Feb 15, 2001.
  • "I am a late bloomer Patsy fan. Born in 1958, I missed out on her rise to fame, but have come to completely adore her beautiful, sultry voice. The first time I really listened to a Patsy song was while sitting my lonely fanny on a tavern bar stool. Feeling crummy and alone, depressed and sorry for myself, I was dumbstruck by what was playing on the jukebox. Patsy's clear voice came to me through the smoke-filled room like an arrow piercing my heart. Her magnificent voice and the words she sung dulled everything else around me. I didn't hear the other patrons, the clang of beer mugs, nor the joking laughter--all were muddled as I listened to her sing from her soul. No one will ever match Patsy Cline. She was an angel on earth as she now is in heaven. God bless you, Patsy Cline."
    Christine Gould, Feb 15, 2001.
  • "My name is Saffaa Mohiuddink. I am 24 years old. The first time I heard Patsy Cline's music was when I was 17 years old, when I first came into this country. I am from Bogota, Colombia, South America. I was born Nov 10, 1976. When I moved to America from South America I was living with my mother and my step father. They both were from Argentina, South America, and he loved Patsy Cline, and one day I was looking into his CDs. I ran upon Patsy Cline so I played the CD. The first thing I told myself was 'who is this?' This woman have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. I never liked country music until I heard Patsy Cline's voice. I love all of her music. 'Crazy for you' was my favorite. I still don't like country music, but Patsy Cline. Her music just touch my heart, I love how she sings. No other country singer can touch Patsy Cline. I know she died but still no one can touch my heart like she does. I wish I was born at the time she was with us on earth, before she died in the plane. I'd be the first woman to be at her feet looking at her singing her lights out. Patsy Cline is the best country singer of all times. Since she is no longer living, keep her music a live, like I do. I always listen to her music when I am down or upset about something. I just pop in her CD and just sit there and listen to her most beauitful voice and after the CD is over, I feel so much better about myself. Thank you, Patsy Cline, for making me happy just listening to your music! I wish I could tell you in person, but I can't... That's all I have to say."
    Saffaa Mohiuddink, Feb 3, 2001.
  • "The moment I heard her voice I fell in love with her... My late wife and I danced to her music... My children and grand children sing and play her music. What a great gift the Lord has given us in her voice and memories that are alive today in the hearts of her fans... I'm thankful that my life was enriched by her voice and her memory."
    Miguel Ullom, Jan 8, 2001.
  • "My name is Robert Baxter (Bob). I lived at 400 Halls Lane, now Old Hickory Blvd. in Madison, Tennessee. When I was a nine year old kid, sitting on the front porch of our home, I witnessed the car wreck. It happened just the way it was told on your web page. I remember yelling to my grand mother there was a wreck. My uncle, Calvin Devine, pulled Patsy from the hood of the car and cut his arm doing it. I also remember a little boy in the other car. He was also hurt real bad, I beleive he died. I can remember lawyers and police coming to our house a to get a statement from me, since I was the only eye witness to the accident. My father, Roy Baxter, was the janitor at Madison High School, and we lived in the house beside the school. It happened right in front of our driveway, about 150 feet from where I was sitting. The roads were wet, but it wasn't raining at the time of the accident. I have always been a fan of Patsy Cline and will always have this memory of her being hurt so bad in my mind. I thought I would share this story with you. Thank You."
    Robert Lee Baxter, Jan 8, 2001.
  • "I first heard Patsy Cline in early 1960s in a little bar in Northern California when the bartender asked me to dance and then played 'I Fall to Pieces' on the jukebox. That song became our song and we were married two years later. I will always remember Patsy Cline and love to hear her sing all these many years later. LeAnn Rimes does a wonderful rendition of her songs, but there will never be another Patsy Cline. I have always wondered, too, what ever became of her children and Charlie Dick. Someday I would like to hear a really true story about them."
    Pat Mullanix, Jan 7, 2001.

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