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  • "My mother, Agnes, was such a huge fan of Patsy's, and I guess I never realized it, but I think that she saw a lot of herself in Patsy, and that is what drew her to Patsy. Mom was brought up in a very strict, Irish Catholic household, and her father, although he lived with her, her mother and her 9 brothers and sisters, he was not 'daddy knows best'. He was an awful, alcoholic, abusive man who did not even slightly acknowledge his daughters.

    When mom was 16, she married one of her father's drinking buddies, a man that was 36 years old. Her father arranged the whole thing, and mom figured that it was her way out. Mom had my sister Kathy 1 1/2 years later, and this man beat her, drank her rent money away, and cheated. By the time my sister was 1 year old, mom had enough and divorced him. Because my mom was treated badly, and always told she was nothing by her father, I guess she believed it.

    About 10 years later, she married my dad. She was 28 and he was 41. I was born 1 year later, and when she was giving birth to me, he was with another woman. He, too, beat her,drank her money away and cheated throughout their relationship. By the time I was 2 months old, he was gone. Throughout the years, I can vividly remember mom sitting and crying to Patsy's albums. By the time I was 4 years old, I knew every word to Patsy's greatest songs. She always told me that Patsy was a very special lady who God chose to fill the heavens with her angelic voice. When she would speak about Patsy, this overwhelming saddness filled her eyes. It was as if she had known her, and the loss was too great to bear. Mom also turned to alcohol and it almost killed her. But she was always there for us, always taking care of us regardless of the drinking.

    She eventually met the man of her dreams and they were married in 1976. Mom had my brother in 1978, and for the first time ever, she was happy! She gave up liquor completely. Mom had finally found true happiness, and someone to share it with that treated her like the wonderful person she was. But she still crooned along to Patsy, dancing widly about the house when she played songs like 'Bill Bailey' renditions. We used to laugh at her clodding around to that music, as it was so funny to see. But unfortunately, just like Patsy, her happiness would be short-lived. In 1987, she was diagnosed with Cancer, it was inoperable. We were devastated by this. My mom was the most alive, vibrant person I have ever met, and this desease just destroyed that. It depleted her totally. In October of 1988, mom passed away. We were all there at her side, and it was the most horrible thing I have ever experienced. This woman had lived through the most horrendous times, but she rose above them to find her happiness, and finally, when she had achieved that, she was taken away, just like her idol, Patsy Cline.

    One of mom's favorites was 'Faded Love', I guess she related to it. This song still sends chills up my spine, and is very hard to listen to. Whenever I hear Patsy on the radio, I can't help but cry, and whenever I start to miss mom, I turn on Patsy in mom's honor. When the movie 'Sweet Dreams' came out, I could not wait to see it. When I did finally see it for the first time, I could not watch the whole thing, it just tore me up inside. You see, Jessica Lange, in that role, looked so tremendouly like my mom, that I could not bear to look at her. I just could not believe it, here was this actress, who lookes so much like my mother, playing my mother's idol. Eventually, I did see the whole thing, and at first, it felt like losing mom all over again. But after a while, I began to watch it all the time, especially in October, the month mom passed away. I know that you must have heard stories like this before, but I had to tell it to you, because I think you will understand why I love Patsy so very much. Mom could relate to her and I can relate to her because it reminds me of Mom. I hope that you will read this and that maybe the next time you hear Patsy's 'Faded love', or watch 'Sweet Dreams', you will think of my mom, Agnes. I know I will!"
    KB, Aug 17, 2002.

  • "My name is Nikki Lynn Gruenberg and I am a fan of the wonderful Patsy Cline. How I became a fan? I saw one of her CDs in my Aunt's CD collection... So I put it in the CD player... I loved it! She has such a wonderful voice. She looks kinda like my grandma. Patsy was so beautiful! My grandma is too... My gram and I are fans! I am only 14, too... But I don't care... I have her CD... I listen to her a lot. The first song I ever heard was 'I fall to pieces'... How I became a fan... Her voice and how she sang about things... It was so beautiful and it still is... I know that she passed on... But she is still in everyone's hearts!"
    Nikki Lynn Gruenberg, Aug 9, 2002.
  • "My name is Neal Shotwell, I am 39 years old, and was born apx. 15 days after Patsy left us. Like many others who have aspired to sing as a profession, I owe a great deal to legends like Patsy Cline. I always tell folks who've asked, that I started singing as a child when I used to hear my Momma singing along with the old Patsy Cline & Hank Sr. 45's; while she would iron 'us kids' clothes for school in the morning. Even at that young age, I could sense the soothing quality of Patsy's heartfelt melodies. I think my Mother would agree, there will never be another female country music artist of Patsy's calibre!!"
    Neal Shotwell, Aug 7, 2002.
  • "My name is Michael. I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. The first time I heard of Patsy Cline was in a nightclub called Johny's. My soal mate Jill sang 'Crazy' to me on Karoake. That particular song has haunted me ever since. Jill is and always will be a special person, and everytime I hear 'Crazy' it brings back the very special memories I have of her."
    Michael Brook, Aug 6, 2002.
  • "This might seem funny to you all. But I had a friend who used to sing for Charlie down in Nashville. She used to sing karoake so I tried it. I ended up singing, doing an impression of her at Casino in Minnesota... The reason I did it was to win money for a freind of mine who ran up a phone bill over $300.00... I won 2nd place, I won $500.00. I sang 'Crazy', I was surprised how well she was received. I ended up taking a trip to Washington as my 'present'. God does work in mysterious ways. As a matter of fact my friend introduced me later to Charlie Dick when they had tryouts for the Patsy show in the Twin Cities. What a privilege! Thanks for being great fans..."
    Tom Hendricks, Jun 22, 2002.
  • "My grandmother was a fan of Patsy's. I can remember when I was younger going over to her house and wanting to listen to the tapes she had of Patsy. We would also listen to Patsy in the car whenever we would go anywhere, which would be almost always because, let me tell you, I was with 'Grannie' alot. Even though she is now passed, I will always have those memories."
    Robyn Jones, Jun 2, 2002.
  • "I first got to love Patsy Cline when I saw the movie with Jessica Lange. I found it funny and sad, but best of all I loved the songs, so much so that I bought the sound track and that, as they say, was that! A FAN WAS BORN! I like the song 'Crazy' (who doesn't?) but my favorites are 'Strange' and 'Leaving on your mind'. Bye for now best wishes to you all."
    Donna Wood, May 14, 2002.
  • "My name is Lori Purser, I live in Olive Branch, Mississippi. I am 32 years old and I have been a Patsy Cline fan since I was eight years old. I worshiped my grandfather immensely and the summer I turned eight I spent the summer with my grandparents. I remember sitting out on the porch with them and hearing Patsy sing for the first time and even at eight I got chills when she sang 'Sweet Dreams'. I still love her today as much as I did then and I will always think Patsy Cline is one of the best there ever was and is in country music."
    Lori Purser, May 9, 2002.
  • "My name is Cabell Anderson, I live in Virginia. I've become a Patsy Cline fan recently because of a school project I'm doing. I'm in the fourth grade, and we have to dress up and be the person we pick for a day (the person would be a famous Virginian) my dad suggested Patsy Cline. I've been listening to her songs and really enjoy them all, although 'Crazy' is a classic. I really like one called 'Strange' and another 'Why Can't He Be You'."
    Cabell Anderson, Apr 27, 2002.
  • "My name is Willemien Schoof and I'm from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I'm 26 years old and the first time I heard of Patsy, I was about 6 years old. My parents do like country music. And they often played records with Slim Withman, Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline. When I was little, I already knew, that I wanted to become a singer. The first song I can remember hearing was 'Crazy'. When I was 12 years old, I started with singing at my Uncle's wedding. The song I sang was 'Crazy'. Now, 12 years later, I still sing, but only in church. My husband is a proffesional singer, but I still play the CDs of Patsy Cline. And I haven't heard a voice like hears. I know that listening to her music makes me happy. I hope all of you will keep enjoying her music!!!! God blesses you all! (I'm sorry for my English writing, it has been a long time since I went to school)."
    Willemien Schoof, Mar 13, 2002.
  • "My name is Cassie W. and I am a big fan of Patsy Cline because of all my memories from her songs. I live in Michigan and I always go up north with my family, and there is a bunch of friends of the family at the lake we're on. They all love Patsy Cline. Well, after a few too many drinks they played the tape and played 'Crazy' over and over again. Well, so we all could dance at the same time then we all just got in a circle and swayed to this song. I said 'WOW! it looks like a bowl of Jello' and so all night we said let's have a little jello dance and from then on for about 5 years everytime we're all up there together we jello dance and listen to Patsy's music over and over. I will always remember that and Patsy Cline's music."
    Cassie W., Jan 31, 2002.
  • "I became a Patsy Cline fan when I heard my horse riding instructor singing at dinner one night. I loved the song that she sang, the song was 'Crazy' and the next day everyone at the horse show was calling her Patsy. Then I got one of Patsy's CDs and listened to it, every song on that CD was awesome and my instructor sounded exactly like her. I love how heartfelt and expressive all of her songs are and I only wish I could sing half as good as she does. My whole family loves her music. Thanks a lot!!"
    Erin Ostby, Jan 24, 2002.

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