From the cover of the MCA/Universal
CD "The Very Best Of Patsy Cline".

Recording sessions

Session date/songs

Record no.  

Release date

4 Star Records / Coral label:
June 1, 1955
"Hidin' Out"61523ANov 5, 1955
"Turn the Cards Slowly"61523B- " -
"A Church, a Courtroom and Then Goodbye"61464AJul 20, 1955
"Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round"61464B- " -

January 5, 1956
"I Love You, Honey"61583AFeb 5, 1956 *
"Come On In"61583B- " -
"I Cried All the Way to the Altar"LP 
"I Don't Wanta"unissuedRP

4 Star Records / Decca label:
April 22, 1956
"Stop, Look and Listen"29963BJul 8, 1956 **
"I've Loved and Lost Again"29963A- " -
"Dear God"30794ADec 15, 1958
"He Will Do for You"30794B- " -

November 8, 1956
"Walkin' After Midnight"30221AFeb 11, 1957
"The Heart You Break May Be Your Own"LP 
"Pick Me Up on Your Way Down"LPRP
"A Poor Man's Roses"30221BFeb 11, 1957

April 24, 1957 (New York; Paul Cohen)
"Today, Tomorrow and Forever"30339AMay 27, 1957
"Fingerprints"ED-2542 (EP)Aug 5, 1957
"A Stranger in My Arms"30406BAug 12, 1957
"Don't Ever Leave Me Again"LP 

April 25, 1957 (New York; Paul Cohen)
"Try Again"30339BMay 27, 1957
"Too Many Secrets"LPRP
"Then You'll Know"30504BNov 18, 1957
"Three Cigarettes (in an Ashtray)"30406AAug 12, 1957

May 23, 1957
"That Wonderful Someone"ED-2542 (EP)Aug 5, 1957
"In Care of the Blues"Ev 2045RP
"Hungry for Love"ED-2542 (EP)Aug 5, 1957
"I Can't Forget"Ev 20005RP
"I Don't Wanta" (Remake)30504ANov 18, 1957
"Ain't No Wheels on This Ship"LP 

December 13, 1957
"Stop the World (and Let Me Off)"30542AJan 13, 1958
"Walking Dream"30542B- " -
"Cry Not for Me"30846AFeb 23, 1959
"If I Could See the World"30746ASep 9, 1958

February 13, 1958
"Just Out of Reach"30746BSep 9, 1958
"I Can See an Angel"30706AAug 18, 1958
"Come on in" (remake)30659AJun 1, 1958
"Let the Teardrops Fall"30659B- " -
"Never No More"30706BAug 18, 1958
"If I Could Only Stay Asleep"LP 

January 8, 1959
"I'm Moving Along"ED-2768 (EP)RP
"I'm Blue Again"30929BJul 20, 1959
"Love, Love, Love Me, Honey, Do"ED-2768 (EP)RP

January 9, 1959
"Yes, I Understand"30846BFeb 23, 1959 +
"Gotta Lot of Rhythm in My Soul"30929AJul 20, 1959

July 3, 1959
"Life's Railway to Heaven"ED-2759 (EP)RP
"Just a Closer Walk with Thee"ED-2759 (EP)RP

January 27, 1960
"Lovesick Blues"31061AMar 7, 1960
"How Can I Face Tomorrow?"31061B- " - +
"There He Goes"31128BAug 1, 1960
"Crazy Dreams"31128A- " - +

Decca Records:
November 16, 1960
"I Fall to Pieces"31205AJan30, 1961
"Lovin'in Vain"31205BJan30, 1961

August 17, 1961
"True Love"LP 
"San Antonio Rose"LPRP
"The Wayward Wind"ED-2719 (EP)Apr 20, 1962
"A Poor Man's Roses" (remake)LP 

August 21, 1961
"Crazy"31317AOct 16, 1961

August 24, 1961
"Who Can I Count On?"31317BOct 16, 1961
"Seven Lonely Days"LPRP
"I Love You So Much, It Hurts"ED-2719 (EP)Apr 20, 1962
"Foolin' 'Round"ED-2707 (EP)Jan29, 1962
"Have You Ever Been Lonely"LP 

August 25, 1961
"South of the Border"ED-2707 (EP)Jan29, 1962
"Walkin' After Midnight" (remake)LP 
"Strange"31354BJan 10, 1962
"You're Stronger Than Me"LP 

December 17, 1961
"She's Got You"31354AJan 10, 1962

February 12, 1962
"You Made Me Love You"LP 
"You Belong to Me"LP 
"Heartaches"31429AOct 8, 1962
"Your Cheatin' Heart"31754BRP

February 13, 1962
"That's My Desire"LPRP
"Half as Much"ED-2757 (EP)RP

February 15, 1962
"Lonely Street"ED-2757 (EP)RP
"You Were Only Fooling"LP 
"I Can't Help It"31754ARP

February 28, 1962
"You're Stronger Than Me" (remake)31406BJul 16, 1962
"When I Get Thru With You"31377AMay 7, 1962
"Imagine That"31377B- " -
"So Wrong"31406AJul 16, 1962

September 5, 1962
"Why Can't He Be You?"31429BOct 8, 1962
"Your Kinda Love"31588ARP
"When You Need a Laugh"31552ARP
"Leavin' on Your Mind"31455AJan 7, 1963

September 10, 1962
"Back in Baby's Arms"31483BRP
"Tra Le La Le La Triangle"31455BJan 7, 1963
"That's How a Heartache Begins"31616ARP

February 4, 1963
"Faded Love"31522ARP
"Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)"31588BRP
"Love Letters in the Sand"31616BRP

February 5, 1963
"Blue Moon of Kentucky"31522BRP
"Sweet Dreams (of You)"31483ARP
"Always"ED-2794 (EP)RP

February6, 1963
"Does Your Heart Beat for Me?"ED-2794 (EP)RP
"Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home?"31671BRP

February 7, 1963
"He Called Me Baby"31671ARP
"Crazy Arms"ED-2794 (EP)RP
"You Took Him Off My Hands"ED-2794 (EP)RP
"I'll Sail My Ship Alone"31552BRP

EP = 45 rpm 7" record with two tracks on each side.
LP = Only released on LP.
RP = Released Posthumously.

All sessions (except April 24 and 25, 1957) were held in Nashville, and the producer was Owen Bradley.

* There is a special Everest version of "I Love You, Honey" that begins with a guitar intro and has only a guitar solo in the middle, while the Coral version begins with a fiddle solo, and has both a fiddle solo and a guitar solo in the middle.

** On the 4 CD collection from MCA, produced by The Country Music Foundation, there is an alternate take of "Stop, Look and Listen", previously unreleased.

+ These songs are available both with and without Patsy's overdubbed harmony vocals. On most albums they are featured with harmony vocals, but on the Vocalion album "Here's Patsy Cline" and the Decca album "That's how a heartache begins" there are versions without the harmony vocals.

So, counting the Everest version of "I Love You, Honey" and the alternate take of "Stop, Look and Listen", plus those three songs without harmony vocals, there are 107 different studio recordings available on records, even though the official number of Patsy Cline studio recordings is 102.

Note: There are also Kinescopes (a kind of video) showing Patsy singing duets with Ferlin Huskey in "Let it snow, let it snow" and Red Foley in "Winter wonderland", but those are not available to the public. As far as I know, they are kept at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The original studio recordings missing from the 4 CD collection from MCA are:

  • Hidin' out (June 1, 1955)
  • I cried all the way to the altar (Jan 5, 1956)
  • Dear God (April 22, 1956)
  • He will do for you (April 22, 1956)
  • Fingerprints (April 24, 1957, New York session)
  • A stranger in my arms (April 24, 1957, New York session)
  • I don't wanta (May 23, 1957, remake)
  • Ain't no wheels on this ship (May 23, 1957)
  • Stop the world (Dec 13, 1957)
  • Walking dream (Dec 13, 1957)
  • Cry not for me (Dec 13, 1957)
  • Come on in (Feb 13, 1958, remake)

Singles that charted, 1957-1964:

Released  SingleCountry  Pop

02/11/57Walkin' after midnight/A poor man's roses2/1412/-
01/30/61I fall to pieces/Lovin' in vain1/-12/-
10/16/61Crazy/Who can I count on2/-9/99
01/10/62She's got you/Strange1/-14/97
05/07/62When I get thru with you/Imagine that10/2153/90
07/16/62So wrong/You're stronger than me14/85/-
10/08/62Heartaches/Why can't he be you-/-73/-
01/07/63Leavin' on your mind/Tra le la le la triangle8/-83/-
04/15/63Sweet dreams/Back in baby's arms5/-44/-
08/05/63Faded love/Blue moon of Kentucky7/-96/-
10/28/63When you need a laugh/I'll sail my ship alone  47/--/-
09/14/64He called me baby/Bill Bailey, won't you...23/--/-

The numbers in the "country" and "pop" columns represent the highest position on the chart, A/B side.

Apparently Patsy's single "Cry not for me"/"Yes, I understand" made it to the Cashbox Top 100 Country. "Cry not for me" made it to #59 in 1959. Also, Cashbox lists "Crazy" as #1 Country in 1962.

A country only top ten chart existed for about seven months during 1963 in Australia. It began on April 6, and disappeared on November 9. In the chart for August 3, Patsy was at #2 with "Back in baby's arms"!