Patsy at Winchester's VFW in May 1957.
From BMI Incorporated Archives.
From the book "Honky Tonk Angel"
by Ellis Nassour.

The Request Line

If Patsy were so inClined

Have you ever thought, "What if Patsy had sung that song, how would it have sounded?" Do you have any songs that you wish Patsy could have sung? If you have, please e-mail me the titles of those songs, and also the name of the artist that performs the best version you have heard. And don't narrow your thoughts. Think all kinds of music, and both "male" and "female" songs!

And please, don't look at the list of songs until after you have e-mailed me your song(s)! But if you can't keep yourself from looking at the list before that, and you see a title in the list that you were thinking of sending, please send it anyway, because then we can make a toplist of the most requested songs! Please remember to state your full name! I don't want any anonymous entries. And enter "The request line" as the subject of your mail! Each person that has submitted songs to the list, will have one entry showing all requested songs.

We have Lisa Flood to thank for this page, because she came up with the idea! Thanks, Lisa!

Number of entries so far: 105

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