At the Riverside Park Ballroom
in Phoenix, Arizona, 1960.
Photo by Johnny Franklin.

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I have always loved Patsy Cline songs for as long as I can remember. I am only 19, probably one of the youngest PC fans! If anyone is interested in corresponding with me to talk about PC or anything related to her, please E-mail me. My e-mail address is with Presbyteerian College in Clinton, SC. My address is 204 Gordon St., Clinton, SC 29325-1936 if you would like to correspond by not sending e-mail. I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!
Billy Creswell <>
Clinton, SC USA - 1997
Congrats to Kristy Barnes! Good Luck in March, Kristy!
Julie Fudge
TN - 1997

I'm a big fan of Patsy Cline. This page is cool!
Teresa Powers <>
Dayton, OH USA - 1997
I have liked Patsy Cline since I was 13 years old - I am only 16 now, and I really love her music. A lot of people wonder how I can like someone that was before my time -- I just tell them to listen to the music and they'll see!!!
Alicia Marie <>
Northumberland, Nh USA - 1997
Long long...........................Fan of Patsy.
Dot Griffin <>
Melbourne, Australia - 1997
Great WEb page and tribute to Patsy Cline!
Bruce <>
Kingman, AZ USA - 1997
I enjoyed the Patsy Cline story very much, thanks. Jack Lawless
Jack Brent Lawless <>
Mt.Vernon, Ky USA - 1997
I have been a Patsy Cline Fan ever since my Mom played her records when I was little---8 yrs' ago, I and my family moved to WV... I am so hoping to visit nearby Winchester, Va, to put some flowers on Patsy's grave. If any of the movie is true of her life--I am also married to a man like Charle Dick.----and I know how and why Patsy loved Charlie. NOOOOOO doubt in my mind--Patsy is singing with the angel choir in the sky!!! You will always be loved by all, Patsy----there will only be one Patsy Cline.
Terri <Wvbb@aol>
Charles Town, WV USA - 1997
An update on my Patsy Cline History Day project: As everyone knows who reads this page often I am competing for a scholarship in a History Day competition. My first round of competition was tonight, Feb. 6th. I am proud to say with everyones help I have won first place. Now I am off to the district History Day on March, 22, to try and win that scholarship. I want to thank Julie Fudge, Charlie Dick, Sue Wilden, and James Walker for all their help. I would also like to thank everyone who answered my poll on Patsy. Always... Kristy Barnes :)
Kristy Barnes <>
Bernie, MO - 1997
Comment: Congrats, Kristy!!! I'm so happy for you! Good luck on the District History Day! /Per
I wrote here before a few weeks back, but thought I'd stop in to tell y'all that I just received the "Remembering PC" video & can't begin to express my joy!! Finally, "The Cline" performed for me in person! There she was, on my TV! I wept! And y'all can bet your britches I'll be over to the PowWow chat place soon, coz I have much to say about this fantastic artist. She was once-in-a-lifetime; people can imitate her, do tributes to her; hell, I'm a singer and can do a dang good version of "Your Cheatin Heart" & "Walkin After Midnight" on a good day. But listen up: NO ONE can be or ever will be Patsy Cline, no matter how hard you/we/I/she may try. Therefore, imitators & tribute singers interest me NOT AT ALL. If the singer ain't Patsy, I ain't interested. Now, there's my 2-cents, I'll save the rest for the PowWow! Love ya, Per! Keep it up!
Lisa Flood <>
Comment: Thanks, Lisa... I love you too! :-) /Per
My daughter loves Patsy's singing... She's only fourteen. My dad and mom knew Patsy. She gave mom a copy of her first single. I'm forty two and she held me when I was a baby. She will never be forgotten. Robert Thomas, Chambersburg, Pa.
Robert Thomas & Kelly Thomas <>
Chambersburg, Pa USA - 1997
One of the best pages I have seen. A great tribute to Patsy. Keep up the good work.
Darrel D.Palk <>
Waverly, Tn USA - 1997
I very much enjoyed all the info you have on Patsy Cline. I have been a fan of Patsy for a long time, and although there are some good female singers out there, no one will ever come close to matching that beautiful voice. As for voting for my favorite songs, they change depending on what kind of mood I'm in.
Terry Petruzzi <tpetruzzi>
Hammonton, NJ USA - 1997
One of the most listenable voices of all time!
Albert LePage <>
Spokane, WA USA - 1997
Hey all you Patsy fans... I just checked up on that Pow Wow chat room and it is GREAT! I can't wait until some more of you join... I would love to talk about Patsy with you... One more thing... if anyone wants to e-mail me about Patsy... maybe you just want to chat about "The Cline", e-mail me. I'd love to hear from ya! Bye!
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - 1997
Terrific site! I love Patsy Cline's music. I enjoy listening to the oldie's but goodie's. Keep up the good work.
Lucille Ellison <>
Omaha, Ne Usa - 1997
I think this is a very nice page, that honors a beautiful singer... Patsy has to be the gretaest female singer ever... I manage a Patsy Cline impersonator, her name is Ruth Lara, she pays great tribute to Patsy, and loves her dearly... So all you great Patsy Cline fans in TX, OK, ARK, LA, MO, NM, MS, TN, and all points between... If you want to see a great tributist to Patsy, write me...


Sewau Productions
5929 Westcrest Drive West
Fort Worth, Texas 76134
Phone (817) 568-8959

Thanks, Ronnie Hurst, Manager
Ronnie Hurst <>
Fort Worth, TX - 1997

"Walking after midnite" is 40 yrs old!!! Patsy was on A. Godfrey Jan 21, 1957 and Decca released it Feb 11, 1957. A great song lives on!!! Also of note: Patsy recorded her last sessions this week 34 yrs ago. "Sweet dreams" was recorded to day 2-5. A note to Brian Norris: I recently met with Harold Bradley (Owens brother). He is president of the musicians union in Nashville. I told him about this page. He said they were getting some new computer equipment, so hopefully he can get Owen online with us. I told I thought a lot of fans would like to hear from him. It may be a while, though. Always Jimmy Walker, charter member of Always Patsy Cline. My email address will be hopefully I will have this week. Feel free to email with questions. 2-5-97
Jimmy Walker
Lex, KY 40505 - 1997
Mia, this is my second try to send a message this morning. I have been having equip problems, so I will start over. A short note from Patsy this morning concering some of your questions. She and Jim Reeves were with me this past weekend for a few hours. As far as Elvis is concerned, she and all the people I talk to over there have not seen him around and say he still resides in his material body.
Marvin Ziegmann <>
Wall Lake, Ia USA - 1997
Marv, Marv... Have you heard from Patsy? We are excited and waiting to hear!
TN - 1997
Have always enjoyed Patsy's music and loved the play at the Ryman Auditorum in 1995. Her music has touched many lives.
V. Hurst <>
Athens, AL USA - 1997
It is really wonderful that Patsy Cline is finally receiving the recognition that she deserves. Everyone can relate to her music... People with all tastes, from all walks of life. Her songs are absolutely packed with emotion, and many of her records sound current. It is so amazing that after 30 years, her recordings are so popular. Is she the Queen of Country Music? Some say so, and some say Kitty Wells is the queen. In my opinion, Patsy Cline was not just a country singer... She was in a category by herself that went FAR beyond the Queen of Country Music. Her record sales certainly speak for her popularity. I wish to thank Patsy for her gifts to all of us... They were many. Thanks also to the people who work so hard on this site, it is wonderful!
Michael Owens <Dairy5 @ AOL.Com>
Smiths, AL USA - 1997
Excellant web site, informative, easy to read.
mike <>
marlton, nj usa - 1997
Never much of a country fan; but, always a Patsy fan. So were many of my friends when I was a teenager. She was real and captivating.
Jacqueline Christoff <>
Mesa, AZ USA - 1997
Patsy Cline has got the best country sound ever! "Faded Love" & "Sweet Dreams". There will never be another like her. (A devoted fan Remembers).
C.R.Tiel <>
Canton,N.Y., USA - 1997
I am a french person, so maybe I won't be able to explain myself like I would like to, but the only thing I want to say is that Pasty was the best female singer and still remains the Best to me. Myself, I am a singer, I should say Country singer, born in July 1963, and I sing lots of Patsy's songs. The public everywhere I sing love her songs and ask me often to sing her songs, even if I am in a new place and people don't know that I could sing her songs. She is the best and I thank you for all the great souvenirs you have about her.
Jocelyne Beland <>
Quebec, - 1997
It's me again. I forgot to mention some interesting CD's last time. Laser Light's "American Legends" (12806) combines both MCA, Four Star, and Godfrey material. Eclipse Music Group (48652) has packaged their very best of PC in a collector's tin. Has every one check out Country Weekly Mag. this week. The book "Singing girl from VA" was reviewed and there was an interview with Julie Fudge. This email address will be effective till 2-28-97. For video documentary check with Ernest Tubb record shop for them 1-800-229-4288. They have "The Real Patsy Cline" and "Remembering Patsy".
Jimmy Walker <>
lex, ky - 1997
Great info on the new record for July 1997. 1997 is going to be a big year for Patsy in New York. Look for more news on a big revival with all the bells and whistles.
Matt Scheckner <>
New York, NY USA - 1997
Per Jonsson, I greatly enjoyed this site! It is filled with everything I wanted to know about my "first love", Patsy Cline. It all started when I bought a CD of her earlier recordings, her voice just captured my heart... But whose heart could remain cold as ice when hearing such a voice? When I played the CD at home, my mother also fell in love with her voice, especially when hearing "A church, a courtroom and then goodbye". Do keep this site running! But now to the voting part, my favourite songs are: "Pick me up on your way down", "Today, Tomorrow and Forever", "In care of the blues", "I fall to pieces", "Back in baby's arms". Although I have to say, when I have to select these five songs tomorrow, they could easily be changed by five totally different songs, depending on the mood I am in.
Eric Pijnenburg <Non Available>
Netherlands - 1997
Tammy, Was reading the guestbook and came across your entry. Yes there is a "Patsy Cline" rose. It is a hybrid tea rose. I am not up on the info about it at this time, it has been a while since I have had any. At one time my husband grew more than two dozen plants at once. They are described as "silvery mauve" and the edges of the petals blush in the sun.It can be found around the country at nuseries and if you contact one in your area now (February) they will be preparing their orders for this year and you can ask them to get you some. I will try to get more info for you. You can ask if they carry "Jackson Perkins" roses. They are the company that supplies them. Enjoy...Julie
Julie Fudge
Nashville - 1997

Sue, I sent you a message tonight and it came back, incorrect address. I followed with a short note with a small change. If it goes thru I will try again friday night. Also Mia, I got your message and will try and get you some info from Patsy this coming weekend.Marv
Marvin Ziegmann <>
Wall Lake, Ia USA - 1997
My daughter is doing research on Patsy Cline for a school project. She came across an article about a rose named for Patsy. It stated it was a pale lavender tea rose with red edges. It also said you could buy them at nurseries or garden centers but I haven't been able to locate one. Has anyone seen these roses? Any information would be appreciated.
Tammy Barnes <BarnesB@Bernie.K12.Mo.US>
Bernie, MO - 1997
I think that Shania Twain is the best female country singer since Patsy Cline. That is SINCE Patsy Cline. Nobody will ever have the vocal range and sweet voice that Patsy had. Every time I play one of her songs, the crowd seems to just stop and enjoy the music even more! They say: "Why, he is playing Patsy Cline! I can't believe it!" My favorite song by her is "Sweet Dreams." It's too bad that modern technology was responsible for the loss of such a great talent! This website truly honors her memory - great work!
Eric W. Penman (DJ Cool LZ) <>
Schenectady, NY USA - 1997
My friends and I have really enjoyed reading the page. We are really interested in Marvin Z. and his conversations with Patsy. Marvin, if you are listening...What does she do there, sing in the angelic choir? Does she speak with Jesus? Has she seen other friends and family that have gone on also? What about her grand-daughter? What was the cause of crash? Does she know what happened? What does she think of her continued popularity? Who does she think are good singers today? Does she see Elvis? Marilyn? Jim Reeves? Sorry so many questions, we are all curious! Please answer on the guestbook so we can all read, since we can't all get email. Thanks...Friends and Fellow Fans
Nashville, - 1997
This is what I call a "content rich" site. :-) I'm just surfing with a fan, and she asked for "Patsy Cline", so maybe you'll stop by and repay the visit. -=DAH=-
Dennette A. Harrod, Jr <>
Concord, MA USA - 1997
Best site that I have been in.
dave phillips <>
hepler, ks usa - 1997
I am a new Patsy Cline fan and am very impressed by this site. Next month I will be going to see the play, "Always... Patsy Cline" in Chicago at the Apollo Theatre starring Hollis Resnick. I've seen Hollis in several theatrical performances and she is an excellent actress/singer and will make an excellent Patsy Cline, I am sure. Thanks for the information at this site.
Arnie Henden <ahbikes>
Northbrook, IL - 1997
I'm a big fan of Patsy Cline, been in the USA last year and recorded several country-stations on tape.
Jeep Voltman <>
Sneek, The Netherlands - 1997
Never was a real big fan of country entertainers. The exception was Patsy Cline. Her music stole my heart and soul. For that, I thank her eternally.
Len Smith <>
Whitinsville, Ma USA - 1997
I enjoy her, she`s the best - superwoman. I`m 25, russian. I would like to receive the lyrics of her songs. Please! I`ll be too much glad to meet new friends who know her.
Nathalie <>
Moscow, Russia - 1997
Hello. I continue to enjoy this wonderful site and check the guestbook regularly for new information on Patsy Cline. Are there any video tapes available with film footage of Patsy singing? I've seen "Sweet Dreams", but I have never viewed any film of the real Patsy performing. I think I once read in Vintage Guitar magazine that A&E did a "Biography" special on Patsy's life. Are there any other documentaries on Patsy that anyone knows about? Thanks for any information that can be provided. Sincerely, Dick Diablo
Dick Diablo <>
Alameda, CA USA - 1997
I am 41 years old and has loved Patsy Cline's music for as long as I can remember. I wish she was still with us so I could see her in person. I Love You Patsy, Michael McKinney
Michael McKinney <>
Folsom, Ca USA - 1997
I have enjoyed reading the guest book. I would like to say hi to Julie Fudge.
Stephanie Fudge <CKJeans101>
This page is great. Patsy is the ultimate female country artist.
Victoria Buemi <>
College Station, TX USA - 1997
Great service. Thanks to Jimmy Walker for the information on the upcoming MCA album. Where can one get even more details?
douglas gomery <>
Washington, D.C., USA - 1997
This is an excellent site!!!! I really enjoyed it.
John Muise <>
Nashville, TN USA - 1997
This is a note for Jimmy Walker....Hi Jimmy! Please e-mail me with your e-mail address..It will be much easier to e-mail than to keep writing back and forth!! Besides..I'm running out of stamps here! Ha! I have a couple of ?'s and things to tell you so....Bye for now - Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - 1997
Jennifer, first of all I wish to make this statement about each of us in this world, we are a soul with a body, so Patsy as we know her just shed her body and went home. The past 5 years when we have spoken, we have talked about many things which concerned problems which I would talk to you about face to face, not here... As far as her in the plane crash, she did not feel any pain and as she told me many times it was meant to be. She did have comm with the other side after the car accident as you know. There is some talent you she has been working with on this at present. She spends her time mostly on this side with her daughter and other people that she feels close to... She is also married in the spirit to the soul of a man who is still in the this and it is not Charlie. She is with me at this time as I requested her to be present when I answer you. Patsy gives you her best wishes and request that your prayer for her and all her fans are very much welcome. She is on level 37 as far as other side is concerned. That is a subject I could spend all day on. Patsy is happy and thanks all her loyal fans for their letters on the web. Marv
Marvin A Ziegmann <>
Wall Lake, Ia USA - 1997
Marvin, I'd like to know what Patsy talks to you about. Also, I was wondering what did she say the other side is like? Is she at peace? I guess she still knows what is going on in this world, right? Please ask her for me if she felt any pain when the plane crashed? Thanks, Jennifer.
Jennifer <>
Port Neches, TX USA - 1997
I am a person who has been able to talk to the other side the past 5 years and have been in touch with Patsy many times. If there is any ???? for her, I will be glad to ask for you.
Marvin A. Ziegmann <>
Wall Lake, IA USA - 1997
I have been a Patsy Cline fan long ever since I can remember. I was a Patsy Cline fan, when being a Patsy Cline fan wasn't cool! I'm only 31 yrs old, so I never had the chance to hear her songs the first time they were released, but I've played her recordings enough times to make up for never having the chance to hear her live. Glad to see there are many Patsy Cline fans out there!
Jeffrey Alan Suboter Hammond <>
El Paso, TX USA - 1997
I have always loved Patsy's music. My only regret is that I never met her. Maybe some other time. Let's share her music and memories.
Lois Menard <>
Lafayette, LA USA - 1997
There are many Patsy fans in Australia - I'm one of them !! Looking forward to seeing LeAnn Rimes when she does her concert tour this year.
Les <>
Australia - 1997
This is my first visit to the site! I have been singing since I was 3 years old (23 years). And have so much fun singing Patsy's music! Yes, she was and still is the greatest! If you need a singer, feel free to call - (817)445-3527
Dublin, TX USA - 1997
What a wonderful tribute to Patsy Cline! I have been a great fan for many years now. Thank you!
Laurie <>
San Jose, CA - 1997
So many great things have happened in 1996 that pertain to Patsy. First off I found this great page!

-Patsy has been featured in some new books, most noteably "Singing Girl from Shenadoh Valley". Also she is mentioned in "Country Music Lover's Guide to the USA" by Janet Byron. See page 315 for a quote from me. Les Leveret's new "Blue Moon of Kentucky" has a great picture of Patsy.
-The productions "Always Patsy Cline" and "Just a Closer Walk..." have toured all over the U.S. to sold out shows. "PATSY" from Branson, MO had an extended stay in Canada. Another huge success for Gail Bliss!
-Patsy's "Greatest Hits" has sold over 7 million units, let's try for 8 mill. in '97.
-Fan club membership is 575 internationally. Want to join and meet some new friends?
-The first annual Benton Co. Music Fest was held in July, which saw a memorial to Patsy, Hawk, Cowboy, and Randy.
-The U.S. release of Patsy's award winning performance of "Walkin' After Midnite" was released on Razor and Tie, titled "The Birth of A Star".

What's in store for '97?
-Patsy is "back" in Nashville. "Just a Closer Walk..." will premiere at the Texas Trobadour Theatre April 3. (#615-885-0028). Fan club members has reserved seats for April 3.
-Camden, Tn hopes to have the second memorial. Contact Amy Barrett at the chamber of comm. 901-584-8395 or email. Hope to see Julie Fudge again.
-Always Patsy Cline fan club meets over Labor Day Weekend. This is a chance to see Patsy's hometown and meet people who knew her.
-Cross our fingers we will open a museum for Patsy in Winchester, VA 1-800-662-1360.
-Also with your help we would like to see Patsy honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Please send the fan club a letter as to why you think Pasty deserves a star. Committee of Hollwood Walk of Fame, Always Patsy Cline, PO Box 2236, Winchester, Va 22604. Mario Munez from Ca will take of care of our star.
-MCA will release "Live at the Cimarron Ballroom" around 7-29-97.
-Look for a new movie from Australia that will feature Patsy in late '97 or '98.

Again if I can be of help please write or contact the fan club. Have a great '97. Always Jimmy Walker, 455 Stonehaven, Lexington, KY 40505-2628.
Jimmy Walker
Lexington, KY 40505 - 1997

Look for a new release by Patsy 7-29-97. It is an in concert show. I have e-mailed Per about the info I know, hopefully it will be on the news page. Always Jimmy Walker.
Jimmy Walker
Lexington, Ky 40505 - 1997
Comment: I have put it up on the news page now. /Per
I just LOVE this site. I put a link to this site on my tiny little Patsy page.
Charmaine <>
NS Canada - 1997
Crazy, I fall to pieces.
dwmac <>
MI - 1997
January 21, 1997. Happy 36th birthday, Randy!!! It would really make my day if you'd write something in this guestbook! Love, Jennifer.
Jennifer <>
Port Neches, Tx USA - 1997
I enjoyed this site very much. I am a huge fan of Patsy Cline. I have only one question. On the cd "Don't Ever Leave Me Again" it says she died on March 3, 1963. Other sources say March 5. Can you clarify? Thank you.
Michelle G. <>
Winterville, NC USA - 1997
Comment: The correct date is March 5, 1963. /Per
It's great!
Tom Winters <>
Supply, NC USA - 1997
At the beginnning of the video "Remembering Patsy", hosted by Michelle Wright, Patsy can be heard in the background, along with other artist(s), singing "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"... I was wondering if anyone knows anything about that performance or recording... Also, I have an original 45 of Decca Label "Walking After Midnight/A Poor Man's Roses", but I'm holding on to it!
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA 22314 - 1997
For me there's only one expression that can discribe Patsy Cline. And that is...."She's One Of A Kind"...! We'll Always Remember You Patsy..."ALWAYS"!
Cesar Romero <>
San Francisco, CA USA - 1997
My wife and I have always enjoyed Patsy Cline's music. We are very pleased that our hometown, the hometown of Patsy Cline, has finally made efforts to honor her memory. While we are fans of Patsy's we do not collect her old 45 records. We have come in possession of two old records of Patsy Cline's. Record #1 is a Decca Record with "Walking After Midnight" and "A Poor Man's Roses." Record #2 is somewhat of a mystery to me. It is a Coral Record with "Honky Tonk Merry Go Round" and "A Church, A Courtroom And Then Goodbye." In Patsy's bio I did not see her recording for Coral Records. Could this be part of Four Star Records? We would like to know if these records have any values and if any collectors would be interested in them. Please let me know if you have any info to help us. E-mail or mail to Harris Stein P.O. Box 114 Stephenson, Va. 22656. Thanks!
Harris Stein <>
Winchester, Va 22601 - 1997
Comment: Record #2, that you mention, is a real beauty if it has the record number 61414, because that is the first single ever released with Patsy! I'm sure a lot of collectors are interested in that one! And record #1 is also nice, because it is Patsy's first hit record. It should have the record number 30221. The Coral - Decca - Four Star stuff is confusing. I guess you'll just have to differ between record labels and production companies. One thing is certain, though, and that is that Patsy's first three singles were released on the Coral label, while all the following records were released on the Decca label. See the recording sessions page for more info on Patsy's recordings. /Per
I think this is a great service and homepage. I am looking forward to being involved with the newest stage production in Nashville, "A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline". Terri Williams is slated to perform Patsy in the show. If anyone is interested in attending please contact me and for discounts and information.
Wayne Chandler <>
Nashville, TN USA - 1997
I think Pasty had a wonderful voice. I'm glad I was able to live during her time to hear HER beautiful music.
Larry Overcast <>
Shelbyville, Tn 37160 - 1997
Still love her music after 30 years.
Stephen Welch <>
San Jose, Ca USA - 1997
Dear Patsy, your wonderful singing voice will be heard a million years from now>>>God bless you!!!
Brian Haskins
Monroeville, PA 15146 - 1997
Sometimes you come across special places on the net and this is certainly one of them and you can bet I will return here often. From the time I first heard Patsy on the Grand Old Opry I loved her. There have been, are, and will be many great singers male and female, in the country music world but Patsy stands above them all. Patsy did not just sing a song, she lived it. It came from the depths of her heart and soul. That is a unique talent only she had. It thrills me to read the wonderful things folks of all ages say about her. She was truly special. Physically she is gone but in our hearts she will live forever. The good Lord grant me the chance to go to heaven and hear her once again.
Ron <>
I really enjoy listening to Patsy Cline and I have to say that she is one of my favorite artists. My 4 favorite Patsy Cline songs are "Sweet Dreams", "Crazy", "Walkin' After Midnight", "I Fall To Pieces".
Kara <>
Oneida, TN USA - 1997
I'm a new PC fan, and have lurked around this site for months, unable to put my feelings into words, but all of the other fans here give me inspiration because of our shared love of The Cline. I listen to her daily, consider whatever song I'm listening to at the moment as my favorite, and am heartbroken that I will never see her perform live. Per, thank you so much for this site. I'd love to see a sub-site where we could chat about specific songs at length. Also, I see I was not the only one this Xmas wishing for a collection of PC Xmas songs!
Lisa Flood <>
Can anyone help me locate Margaret Jones, the author of a recent Patsy Cline biography? I need to contact her for an unrelated research project I'm working on.
Phil Milstein <>
Cambridge, MA USA - 1997
We are fans of Patsy and were fortunate enough to grow up in the fifties and sixties seeing her and hearing her sing. This was a pure pleasure for those who grew up listening to her from the very first time that she sang until the unfortunate accident. We will always love you Patsy and your music will live on forever.
Donna <>
I borrowed a Patsy record off my gram a couple months ago and fell in love with it. I am a Big LeAnn Rimes fan and I think Patsy lives in her,
Mahanoy Plane, PA USA - 1997
Great page!! You can reach both BMG Music Service & Ernest Tubb's Record Shop Via the internet. Good Luck!
Jackie Knupp <>
Fredericktown, MO USA - 1997
Patsy is in a class by herself... The Lord above must be joyful each day to have Patsy's wonderful voice in His choir of angels... LeAnn Rimes, with her song called "Blue", brought back wonderful memories of Patsy for me... Maybe I'm going to start believing in "reincarnation"... Your Home Page is "Super".... Thank's for the memories.... Hank
Hank Korrecta <>
Cocoa, FL USA - 1997
Enjoyed this tribute. Had the pleasure of seeing the Patsy Cline Show in Branson last year. Wish I had paid more attention to her before her death. Thanks for the information. K PS I always wonder about her children. Where are they, what do they do, do they sing too?
Kathy Snavely <>
Shell Knob, MO, M USA - 1997
Comment: You have an entry in this guestbook written by Patsy's daughter Julie on Page 1, and there is also an entry written by Patsy's husband Charlie further down on this page. I have highlighted those entries by giving them blue text. /Per
Would like words in black, not yellow so I could print bio.
Alfreda Whitaker <>
Fresno, CA USA - 1997
Comment: Save the page in a plain textfile and print it from another program, like Windows NotePad, or change to your own colors in the browser. /Per
Now that Charlie Dick and Julie Fudge have signed the guest book, I was just thinking how nice it would be to get a few words from two other people who knew Patsy quite well on a daily basis... Owen Bradley and Loretta Lynn. For those of you Patsy fans who don't know who Owen Bradley is, well, he was her producer at the time she died. He deserves a lot of credit, for he was the one who took Patsy's incredible vocal talent and added the Jordonaires and "lush" instruments to create the extraordinary sound you hear in her big hits like "Crazy" and "I Fall to Pieces" to name just a few... What was considered back then to be called part of if not the leading edge of the "Nashville Sound". Owen helped make Patsy's music borderless and timeless... Meaning it was not pure country, nor pure pop... Just the most beautiful, emotion-filled sound you can imagine that broke limits. So Owen and Loretta, if you are out there and ever stumble upon this page, we'd like to hear from you!!!
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA USA - 1997
Comment: Owen Bradley was Patsy's producer not only at the time when she left us, but throughout her entire recording career. He produced all of Patsy's recordings, except for the 8 songs recorded on April 24 and 25, 1957. /Per
I'm a 17 year old Patsy fanatic... I've been a fan for almost 3 years... I don't know what it is but her voice does something to me. I've got almost every one of her albums. I'm working on getting a full set.
Jessica Jones <>
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 - 1997
Absolutely the best of all time.
Diana Grippo <>
Mycket imponerande utfört arbete. Very good job, I'm impressed over all your facts. Keep it up. Conny.
Conny Thunlund <>
SWEDEN - 1996
I can remember Patsy. The teenagers use to wear her records out on the jukebox. The young girls use to try and sound like her, but failed badly. We all cried when we heard the news about the plane crash. From older people to young children. Three great voices were silenced that day, and four great artist were taken away. Earth's loss is heaven's gain, but we'll never forget the songs that they sang. I will forever miss them all.
Fred Cook <>
Boonville, IN USA - 1996
You have done a fabulous job with this page. I will be back many times in the future. Patsy is a marvelous singer and will live on forever thru the efforts of devoted fans such as yourself. Keep up the GREAT work!
Scott L. Nicodemus <>
Covington, Oh America - 1996
You did a great job with this life story. It made my day. I love her music.
Gene Carls <EC@EPIX.NET>
Ringtown, PA USA - 1996
I only looked quickly but I can't believe no one voted for "He called me baby". My arm was in a cast once and I used to listen to that song over and over again at 7:30 in the morning. (I couldn't work at the time). Lots of people cover that song but Patsy's phrasing gets me every time. Of course it could have been the brandy in my morning coffee but it made me cry again and again. I also want to vote for "Why can't he be you", "Crazy", "Walkin' after midnight", and "Crazy" again for that little growling moan that Willie didn't write!
Irene Herrera
Austin, TX USA - 1996
Dear Sirs, You have a great site on Pasty and I would like to ask why Your fact read (near Camden) and not (At Camden) I lived in Camden at the time of the crash. Please answer at Thank You, Linda Borchert Leet
Linda Borchert Leet <>
Jacksonville, Fl U.S.A. - 1996
Comment: Well, I look upon Camden as a town, and the plane didn't crash in the town, in crashed about three miles from the town in the woods. /Per
I think you are the greatest Country Singer of all.
Richard Lawrence: Sullivan <>
San Mateo, CA USA - 1996
Patsy Cline is the greatest female singer of all time. Her voice mesmerizes you!
Cheryl Di Pietro <>
St. Petersburg, FL 33710 - 1996
I'm looking for a copy of Sweet Dreams for my Dad, who's a big Patsy Cline fan, but I can't find it anywhere - it's out of the market. If anyone knows where I can get a copy, please let me know, and thanks for the help!
Susan Cogswell <>
Burlington, MA - 1996
Great site. Just received Patsy Cline's 4cd boxed for Christmas. Lots of Patsy info. Now I'm in heaven with 4 hours and 25 minutes of Patsy's singing!
Pat Laplante <>
Lively, On Canada - 1996
Great site! Been a big fan since '87 and scour used record shops for Patsy's records. Have been meaning to make the Patsy trek to Winchester and Camden and after seeing the photos here I know I will have to go soon. I'm adding this site to my favorite places! I love you, Patsy.
Jay Rush <JayR37>
Columbus, OH - 1996
Patsy has been an inspiration to us all... Thank you for bringing her to the Internet and telling her story, it is one everyone should know.
Joann Haynes <>
West Monroe, La USA - 1996
Without a doubt, Patsy set the standard for female singers in ANY genre. I have visted Winchester and Patsy's burial site numerous times. It is a MUST for any fan.
Jim Limbach <>
Dale City, VA USA - 1996
Patsy had a great voice, and I love to lisen to her music. I was born in 59, so I missed out, but she left behind all of her wonderful music. Great job on this site. Thanks.
kirk ward <>
Ft Smith, Ar USA - 1996
The Greatest.
Donald J. Mikowski
Traverse City, Mi USA - 1996
There will never be another Patsy Cline! I keep her greatest hits CD in my car and listen to it daily. It is a great way to relax on the way home from work. Keep up the good work.
Marlan Shelton <>
Bedford, Tx USA - 1996
Very good.
Leif Andersen <>
Åbenrå,6200, DK Denmark - 1996
Patsy is such a fine singer & unique individual, I'm reading a book about her right now... Hope to visit Winchester & Camden someday... Any fans please e-mail me anytime, we'll compare notes!
Steve <>
Fort Wayne, In - 1996
What a wonderful singer and unique human being Patsy was/is... I'm currently reading her life story & find it so interesting... would love to talk with any fans, please e-mail me!! Hope to visit Winchester & Camden someday.
Steve <SARR12@AOL.COM>
Fort Wayne, In - 1996
My mom has been a Patsy Cline fan ever since she saw "Sweet Dreams", and I have slowly been transformed. I have just seen "Always, Patsy Cline", and I guess the transformation is complete. Thanks, Patsy.
Eddie Rajczyk <>
Chicago, IL USA - 1996
Isn't it funny the number of people you meet who think she was one of the best ever. Thanks for the great info.
Gordon Skead <>
Fredericton, nb Canada - 1996
We listen to her music all the time. We own almost every song ever released. Joni Morris does a wonderful job. She does a performance in Stocton, Calif. Can't miss it. We've seen her three times now and look forward to see her again. We also want to see Sharon Haynes when she comes to Reno, Nevada. Have not seen her yet. We love you, Patsy Len & Phillip, California. God bless you.
Len Hernandez <L1956D1963>
Pittsburg, Ca USA - 1996
This is a great website for one of (if not THE) greatest singers to ever live.
Anthony Murray <>
Bethany, Ok USA - 1996
Love Patsy. Her voice and her "unique" way of singing will never die. Just listen to "Crazy", you will see that the magic is still there. I was happy to see that the husband and the daughter of Patsy signed this guestbook. Hope I will have the chance to read more of them. Keep up the good work! - Pierre Plante
Pierre Plante <>
Montreal, Canada - 1996
Have all the CD's and tapes of Patsy!! I'm looking for a copy of the movie "Sweet dreams" with Jessica Lange as Patsy. Anyone know where I can get one, it's no longer in distribution.
Sebrina Ringold <>
White House, TN 37188 USA - 1996
Hi, I'm Wales' number one Patsy Cline fan. Great to find this page on the net. I have been a fan for about 15 years. I have a recording of all of Patsy's songs (I think!), studio or live, as well as several books. I would love to hear from any fellow fans prefably USA and female. From Clive Williams,
Clive Williams <>
Chepstow, Wales, UK - 1996
I was born on march 3, 1963... The day Patsy gave her last performance, she was killed 2 days later in a plane crash over Camden, Tn... We only spent 2 days on this earth, but she will live in my heart for ever. The first time I ever heard her music, she reached down in my soul... and she had me.... There never will be another Cline... People can copy her... Impersonate her... And sing her songs... But no one will ever with such perfection as Patsy Cline did. If Patsy had lived, she would have been the biggest... Bigger than Elvis... Bigger than anyone of our time. God knew how special Pasty was... And that's why she is an angel now... Thanks Patsy for the music... I love you!!! Your number one fan ever... Ron Fischer
Ron Fischer <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - 1996
Patsy Cline was a great singer and a great lady. She has inspired many women in my family.
Patricia Heaton <>
Quesnel, BC Canada - 1996
This is a fantastic web site. Good work and thanks for your effort. Patsy Cline made a country music fan of me 30 years after her death. She is absolutely the best female singer I have ever heard.
Patrick Black <>
Atlanta, GA - 1996
The best Patsy Cline song of all time is "Crazy", second is "Faded love" those two songs put me in heaven everytime I hear them....
Sam Bass <>
USA - 1996
We were wondering if Patsy made a Christmas Album. It sure would be great to hear her "belt out" some holiday cheer!
Pat Lawrence <>
Richmond , Va USA - 1996
Comment: No, Patsy never recorded any Christmas songs... /Per
I really love Patsy's music. Wish she was still here.
Brian K. Harris <>
Hot Springs, Ar USA - 1996
A Very Beautiful, and Moving Tribute to this most Beautiful of Voices. Pasty Cline was, and will always be, a true Treasure. Thank You for this Most Excellent Website. Tracy Banks.
Tracy Banks <>
Detroit, MI United States - 1996
I am the #1 Patsy Cline fan in the universe!!:) I'm listening to her on my computer CD player right now. Your site is fabulous!!:) Thank you!:) Pat
Pat Phillips <>
Shreveport, LA USA - 1996
Season's Greetings to all Patsy fans, Charlie, Julie, Randy and the rest of her family! I agree with one of the entries... If Patsy did a Christmas album, it would have been awesome! Patsy forever!!!!
Sue Wilden <>
Columbus, In USA - 1996
I first became familiar with Patsy's music by listening to Emmylou Harris while in high school. I didn't realize a lot of those songs I loved were actually covers that Emmylou had done. I have grown to love and respect the wonderful work Ms. Cline did during her short career. Great page - enjoyed visiting.
Cheri Hughes
Greenville, MS - 1996
Great Page - Keep up the good work - It appears that her well deserved popularity is growing over time!
Rick Altfeter
Naugatuck, CT - 1996
I was listening to 'Live @ The Grand Ole Opry' and wondered if Patsy had made it on the Net. Who's going to build a Bob Wills page? Anybody have any rare Patsy or Bob Wills to trade? I have unreleased Coltrane, 800+ hours of Grateful Dead, and hard to find electric/acoustic blues in return.
Stuart Ian Ake <>
Oakland, CA USA - 1996
Just wanted to say "sorry," for telling ya'll that a new Patsy CD was coming out. I was out shopping and that's what I was told by one of the employees at a store that I was at. Well, Have a great Christmas everyone....
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - 1996
FYI... Reading the guestbook and had to drop in... About the note regarding the "Rainbow Room" and how Patsy and I met. I first met Patsy in 1956 at a dance at a National Guard Armory in Berryville, Virginia. When we moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1959, "Skull's Rainbow Room" was a "girlie bar" (a strip joint) downtown, and Patsy never performed there. In fact she was never in there. Also about the "new" CD from Razor & Tie...sorry, but I am not aware of anything new coming out from Razor & Tie. If you have any questions or would like to get the facts straight, I would be happy to hear from you. Write to:

3807 Dickerson Road, Suite N,
Nashville, TN 37207

Thanks, Charlie Dick
Charlie Dick
Nashville, TN USA - 1996

I`m russian, but I`m fond of Patsy. She`s the best, she`s my favourite. She`s my teacher in singing. I want to find friends. I`m 25, journalist. Write Russia, 117321 Moscow - Profsoiusnaya str. 136-4-194 Cherniavskaya Nathalie
Moscow, Russia, 117321 - 1996
I didn't know there were so many Patsy fans out there. The page is tastefully done. It's great to keep the older generation of country singers going now that most of what you hear are the new country artists.
Robin <>
Cambridge, On Canada - 1996
I have been a fan of Patsy for many years, and have just come on the Internet. It's really beautiful to find a site about Patsy. You have done a wonderful job... Keep up the good work. My Top 3 songs are (in ascending order); (3) When Your House Is Not A Home; (2) I Fall To Pieces; (1) Your Stronger Than Me. Best regards. /Cameron.
Cameron Mackinnon Tyre <no e-mail at moment>
Mauchline, Ay Scotland - 1996
Thanks for the great job you've done on this site... Patsy was one of those artists that combine incredible natural talent with the ability to connect to people in an intense and emotional way... I'm sure she would appreciate the love people still have for her...
Mike Lloyd <>
Brandon, FL USA - 1996
Well done! Maybe add some links so us musician's can find pages with charts to her music. The Olga directory is so unreliable. Often fans' charts are better anyway.
Howldog <>
Decatur, GA USA - 1996
I've been a Patsy Cline fan now for a few years now. This summer me and my mother are going to travel and I want to visit Patsy's grave site.
Kathy Harrison
Sioux City, IA USA - 1996
What a wonderful page! I really appreciate all the work and effort you have put into this page.
Juanita Banks <>
LaPorte, IN - 1996
I'm 18 years old and I have been listening to Patsy since I was 6. Patsy was a very brave woman, one of the first female country singers. Patsy will always be close to my heart through her songs.
Sarah Cole <>
Williamstown, ny U.S - 1996
It's amazing how one person can affect so many peoples' lives. She's always been there for me through her music to help get me through the roughest times, and I'm sure many other people would say the same thing.
Deborah Doxtator <>
Toronto, ON Canada - 1996
I was looking for information for a report I am doing on Patsy Cline, found a tom. This is a great page. GREAT JOB!
Amy Wolke <>
Monterey, CA USA - 1996
Hello to all! Was out shopping for Patsy CD's the other night and found out that a new Patsy CD is to be released soon! It's put out by the same company that did "The birth of a star." (Razor and tie). It's called "Golden Television performances." So, all you Patsy fans, keep your eyes peeled for it! I know I'm going to get my copy when it comes out! Well, take care everyone! - Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - 1996
Patsy is the greatest female country singer of all time!!
Stanley Johnson <UQHV58A@Prodigy>
Juliustown, NJ USA - 1996
This is a really cool website!!!! I love Patsy's music and l'd love to hear from other Patsy fans so e-mail me at
Joann Freeman <>
Saint Charles, VA U.S - 1996
Just a little F.Y.I for y'all....if the play "ALWAYS....PATSY CLINE" ever comes to your town you MUST go see it!!! It is the most amazing event I have ever experienced. If you love Patsy Cline the way I do, you will feel lucky to catch this play. Believe me, keep your eyes peeled. I believe the tour for this season is done as of Dec. 8, but I'm sure it's not over. The women who portrays Patsy is amazing. It really feels like you are watching Patsy. I heard that when the play hit her hometown, people actually walked out of the play out of disapointment because they thought she was lip singing! That's how much she sounds like her! If you have seen the play e-mail me and share with me what you thought of it!!! See ya!!
Deanna Duran <>
Silverlake, CA USA - 1996
I have an assignment (final paper) to write about a singing artist who has had a great influence in their field, and I thought that Patsy Cline would be a great person to do my paper on.
Wendy Lawrence <>
Connersville, In USA - 1996
Wanted to drop a line that the Patsy Cline tribute was excellent. We are country music performers from a small town band called "Texas Style". Patsy is one of our inspirations, there will never be another like her. People try to imitate her but they will never succeed, even though they are good, Patsy stands alone. We had the honor to meet "Skully" the man who owns the Rainbow Club in Nashville, TN, and he is still living. This is were Patsy performed and met Charlie Dick for the first time. We also had the honor to visit with Skully and perform on the original stage where Patsy performed. We are struggling for a record deal at this time, and watching Patsy's movie "Sweet Dreams" inspires us more and more each time we watch it. If anyone wants more info on our visit with Skully or knowledge on the Rainbow club email us at and we will try to answer your questions. Visiting this tribute, watching Sweet Dreams and visiting Skully makes us appreciate Patsy's music and life even more. Thank You. Dec.8 1996
Robin Ogle & Shaunna Crowley <>
Jacksboro, Tx USA - 1996
You are the princess of Country music. Thank you very much.
Koichi Iwasaki <>
Nagoya, Japan - 1996
I am really honored to write down my name on the guest book of Patsy Cline. Thank you very much.
Masayoshi Iguchi <>
Nagoya, Japan - 1996
My vote is going for "I fall to pieces". Thank you for such a great web site.
chantal laroche <>
Laval, PQ Canada - 1996
I am not very familiar with Patsy but I was using this as a resourse and found it to have more info than any place else. I just wanted to congratulate you on a fabo web page!
California, - 1996
Hi, a great tribute to Patsy.
Nils H.-R. Goerke <>
Bonn, Germany - 1996
There will never be another Patsy!!!
Jax, FL USA - 1996
Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop in and say hello! I do hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I wanted to say that the week of Thanksgiving I had the chance to go to a used record shop and I found a copy of the original "Patsy Cline Story"! It's Great! Theres beautiful pictures on the inside! If anyone knows where I might be able to get other Patsy Cline records, please let me know! I am looking for a copy of "Sweet Dreams," so if anyone knows where I can get it, that would be great also! Well I'm gonna go now! If anyone wants to E-mail me about Patsy or just chat about "The Cline," that would be great! Or you can write me!! I love getting letters from other Patsy Cline fans!!

Amber Miller 607 South Birch Street Sterling, VA 20164

Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - 1996

I have always loved Patsy Cline's angelic voice and hope that many more people will enjoy her music like I do!
Angie Gregory
Robeline, LA USA - 1996
Hey everyone! This is Kristy, I want to thank Sue and all of Patsy's fans who have helped me with my History Day Project. I started my project in March, and the competition is not until February 6th 1997. Everyone wish me luck!! I have been trying to correspond with at least 1 Patsy fan from each state and anyone from other countries that would respond. I am still looking for responses from the following states: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Lousiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Michigan, West Virginia, Vermont, New Jersey, Deleware, Conneticut, and Massachusetts. I will keep everyone up to date on my progess and let you know what happens after the competition. I am still looking for pictures and information; many people have been nice enough to donate copies of what they have. Please email me if you can help! Always Kristy Barnes :) P.S. If you haven't ordered your copy of the book "Patsy Cline Singing Girl From The Shenandoah Valley" I urge you to get a copy, it has great photo's.
Kristy Barnes <>
Bernie, MO U.S - 1996
Hey everybody! As a Christmas gift to yourselves, get Patsy's Four-CD box set! It kicks! It is GREAT! PS.... Kristy Barnes, are you out there? Let us know how you did on your Patsy Project!

Sue Wilden <>
Columbus, In USA - 1996

"Crazy" is my Patsy Cline's favorite song.
Manuel becerra
Cuba - 1996
A lot of years have passed since Patsy's demise and in my mind she is still the number one country singer. Her songs have touched many hearts and may Patsy's legend live on.
Barb Saddlemire <>
Williamsburg, On Canada - 1996
I am a fan of Patsy Cline My favorite song is "Walking After midnight". And "Sweet Dreams"? I wish to have a Poster of her. I also love Country & Western music. She is the #1 Queen
James Alan Fowler <>
Austin, Tx - 1996
I'm a relatively new Patsy fan. I saw the movie and recently brought the 4 CD collection. I love it! I think she was great, too bad she had to go so soon. This page is a great tribute to a wonderful CW star. I still feel a need to know more about her. What kind of person was she? Did she enjoy life? Did she like people? All these things seem important when you listen to her. Thank you.
Mike Dawkins <MWD7@AOL.COM>
Hartford, CT - 1996
I have signed this guestbook a couple times before, but I'd just like to remark that this Patsy site just seems to get better and better... And if you ask me, it was hard to improve on originally. Per, you must be a perfectionist just like Patsy! Keep up the great work... And Happy Holidays to all fellow Patsy fans. Speaking of the Holidays... It is so tragic that Patsy wasn't with us long enough to do a Christmas Album... It truly would have been outstanding I'm sure.
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA 22314 - 1996
I am not a big country music fan. However, Patsy's music will always be as great as the day she recorded it. Her voice was so unique. There will never be another to duplicate her sound. And that's as it should be. It's sad she could not have been with us longer.
Russ Sulzer <>
Louisville, KY USA - 1996
I first learned about Patsy from my father when I was about 6. I've loved her music ever since! I've seen movies of and about her and she's just wonderful. I truly wish I could have known her.
Carla Salvatore
Derby, CT USA - 1996
We saw the biography on A&E recently and the movie made in 1985, both were very entertaining and informative as is this page..... Excellent!!!
Russ Boden <>
philadelphia, pa - 1996
The world lost one of the finest singers to ever live. My mother taught me to enjoy her music. I didn't then and still don't like a lot of country and western but her voice was beyond country. "I fall to pieces" was the first song I heard while fishing in a lake in Wis. My mother and father were both with me and my mother became very still when she heard the song. She said that was good music and I agreed. Since that time my mother bought every album she could find and we all enjoyed. If Patsy had lived I think a few other females would not be as popular as they are. She would be and is the queen of country.
Stephen Pippenger <`>
Ellettsville , In Monroe - 1996
Thank you for the wonderful page on Pasty Cline. When I was much much younger I had the honor to see Pasty sing from the rooftop of a Winchester drive-in theater. Her voice was pure as gold. Again thanks for the great page.
Tom Maphis <>
Winchester, Va - 1996
Patsy was the greatest. But she died the same year I was born, so I never got to see her live. Thanks for having this site!
Sue Strommer <>
Winston-Salem, NC USA - 1996
Great home page. Love her music.
j.b. hagerman <>
bishop, va usa - 1996
I was hoping for some wavs? Love her voice.
Sharon Farrow <>
Comment: WAV files containing commercial recordings are illegal to distribute on the net due to copyright laws. /Per
Happy Thanksgiving and May God Bless You This Holiday Season.
Patsy's Family
Nashville, TN USA - 1996

Wonderful site :)
Bill <>
Nashville, TN USA - 1996
To TODD BOUGHAN... The fanclub address is on this guestbook page. Just back up and read some of the info.
USA - 1996
Great Page. Wonderful! I loved every minute of it! I loved Patsy since I was 9 years old, and I'm pushing 50! But... I tried to print all 9 pages of it, and the yellow print is so light, you can't read it! What can I do? Please email me: I have to print this! Thanks.
Barbara Tatro <>
Adams, MA USA - 1996
Comment: The best way to print all text on a web page is to save it in a plain text file using the browser, and then open the text file in another program, for example Windows Notepad or a word processor, and print it from there. Of course, this will not print the pictures, but the text will come out okay. /Per
Indeed, Patsy Cline was one of the greatest country singers of all times. Not only was her voice and music ahead of her time, but her style of living. I first heard of Patsy Cline when the movie Sweet Dreams came out. I was only six then, but I instantly fell in love with her music. Around in the Oklahoma and Kansas area; it is hard to find any music or memorabilia of Patsy, but when I found the four CD collection, I instantly bought it. I love every song on the collection. I know that Patsy loved to collect earrings, salt and pepper shakers, and pictures of herself and famous people. I only wish that I would have been alive to see Patsy Cline live once, but unfortunatly I wasn't even born. I work in a Mexican Restaurant where we love to listen to oldies music, especially Patsy Cline. I go around singing every song as if I were singing it live with Patsy. My boss says that I do a great job singing, especially since I know all the words by heart. If anyone is ever around Okmulgee, Ok, come by Sue's Little Peso and talk to Sue Gleason the owner. If you don't hear any Patsy Cline music, just ask her nicely and she will be more than glad to put it on for you. From all of us at Little Peso we will always love Patsy Cline. By the way, this web site is a wonderful tribute to the Queen of country music!!!
Alberto Gallegos <>
Okmulgee, OK 74447 U.S.A - 1996
Great Page, Hoss!
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - 1996
Hoss! Great page! I am pleased with the progress of this page. Keep up the great work! I love you! Always....Amber Miller
Amber Marie Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - 1996
Mom....this is a great start.
Amber Marie Miller <AMMiller@hotmailcom>
Sterling, VA USA - 1996
I believe that Ms. Cline is the greatest female vocalist recorded, and I think she is the best country singer of all!!! I remember I found out she had died when I was six, which was in 1973. I cried and cried. I am grateful that her talent has been preserved for all of us to enjoy forever, and we must continue to preserve her legacy for others to hear after us. This web site is absolutely gorgeous, and I, a lifelong Patsy Cline fan, am grateful. I do have everything she recorded, and listen often. Thank you again for the time and the love reflected in this shows.
David E. Gebo <>
Houston, TX USA - 1996
I been a fan of patsy for 10 years and now my whole family like her music. Does any one know if there is a Patsy Cline fan club? E-mail me at with info. If any one has Patsy Cline collector items for sale please contact me
Todd Boughan <>
Lima, Oh USA - 1996
Patsy and her music are never far from my heart! I put her singles in my jukebox at home (Walkin' After Midnight right now!) and also in four others that I operate around town to keep her "in the public ear". Your web page does her great justice, thanks for the effort.
Dan Kramer aka DK Enterprises <>
Oakhurst, CA 93644 - 1996
I've been a fan for 3 1/2 years, but it's sometimes hard to find pictures and info here in England. Your excellent site has helped fill in some of the blanks. Keep up the good work!!
Helen Lynn <100416,>
Yiewsley, Middlesex, England - 1996
I really enjoy the Patsy Cline page. It is very interesting and it is put together very well. It was nice to see that Patsy's daughter writes and responds to the Patsy Cline Home page. She sounds very nice and I wish her and her family the best holiday ever! A really wonderful tribute to Patsy Cline!
Louann Arnold <>
Keedysville, M MD--USA - 1996
I am a brand new Patsy Cline fan after seeing the movie "Sweet Dreams" for the first time. Patsy had an incredible voice and was able to contribute so much to the music world in such a short time period. She is an inspiration to many of us.
Joyce Sumner
Miamisburg, OH, OO - 1996
I started listening to Patsy Cline early in her all too short career. I have heard many really good country singers over the years, but none have quite reached her level. Thanks for this page! I am sure it took a lot of work; it shows... but then, you did have quite an inspiration in Patsy Cline (grin).
Emile William Clede III <>
San Antonio , TX USA - 1996
I was glad to find a web site that pays tribute to one of the worlds greatest performers. I have not in the past been a big fan of country music, but after hearing Patsy sing a person can't help but love what they are hearing. I wish Patsy's family well, and I am sure that many generations to follow will love her and her music. It is through this that she is not really gone,but rather will live forever.
Rick Wallace <>
Ferguson, mo USA - 1996
Your website is the best. Thanks for giving the love and beauty of Patsy to the world. She's truly a gem. I am 20 years old and have loved her music since I was 9 years old. My prayers and love also goes out to Patsy's family and hope all are in good help. Thanks again for all the great info and pictures on one of the best female singers ever. Thanks. God Bless.
Sara Perry <>
Barboursville, wv usa - 1996
Hello, I love Patsy Cline!! Does anyone know where I could purchase a Patsy Cline tee-shirt? Thanks a bunch!!
Kelly <>
PA - 1996
I am unable to adequately express my admiration and love for the music of Ms. Cline. Her musicical expressions are truly golden and I am so sorry that she is not with us in this day and time. Yet, in many ways she is--her music covers the whole spectrum of anyone's life. The joy, happiness, anxiety, heartbreak, and unfortunately, the loss of a lover's love. I am so happy my mother turned me on to Ms. Cline's music when I was young and despite the fact that most of music likes are now Classical--I can be moved to the deepest emotions by Ms. Cline's "Faded Love" as I can be a Mozart concerto or a Beethoven symphony.
Paul L. Isner <>
San Diego, CA U.S.A. - 1996
What a great website!!! Glad I found it. I've been a Patsy Cline fan for many, many years. You should also mention the postage stamp that the US issued in her memory (though it didn't really do her justice). There are a couple of great videos out too -- The Real Patsy Cline and Remembering Patsy (also available on laser disc). Remembering Patsy is my favorite -- lots of old televison clips in it. I only wish she could have been with us longer -- What a super, super-star she would have been had she only a few more years. As it is, how many entertainers who died more than thirty years ago still sell the way Patsy does? It's a pity she reap a lot of the rewards herself while she was living. Sweet Dreams, Patsy, and Hello to all Patsy Cline fans over the world -- we are many. We'll never forget her, and never, ever stop listening to that beautiful voice!
Guy J. Cesario, Jr. <>
Chicago, IL - 1996
I am from Germany and like Loretta Lynn very much. Because of the movie Coal Miners Daughter. The music of Patsy Cline got signed ? the music of Loretta Lynn. So I am an Patsy Cline fan.
I love Patsy Cline's music. My favorite song is Back in baby's arms. Age 7.
Caroline Coates
No one else could have sung and made it hurt this way:
When you need a laugh...
Give me a call.
Aketha <>
Rockville, MD - 1996
I have been listening to Patsy's music for about eleven years now and I never get tired of it. I like to listen to it when I'm falling asleep, it always inspires me to have "Sweet Dreams". Although I really don't like country music, Patsy's voice transcends all musical boundries. Your page is fantastic. I just got through watching "Sweet Dreams" and enjoyed it very much. It was nice to learn from your page that Patsy was a sweet woman and not quite the party animal that she was portrayed as in the movie. I was a little surprised that no one from Hawaii had written in the guest book, Patsy's songs are in all of the karaoke clubs here and are sung over and over again. Thanks for the great page Per!!!
Mark Lamoureux <>
Honolulu, HI, - 1996
I have been a huge Patsy Cline fan since I saw the movie "Sweet Dreams". She inspires me and probably everyone that hears her music. I admire her for putting family high on her list of priorities. My favorite song of all time is "Blue Moon of Kentucky". I have found it is very hard to find on a C.D. Thanx for keeping her memory alive.
Jessica Johnson
Garland, UT - 1996
Thank you to my grandfather who introduced me to Patsy. I used to walk around singing Crazy, and never knew who sang it. I was 18 before I found out it was Patsy. Now, I treasure every CD I have. I was front row, centre for a performance of Patsy in Toronto Ontario. It took my breath away.
Virginia Pinnell <>
Cambridge, ON Canada - 1996
Very nice page. It is nice to see how much people still love Patsy.
E. SAmpson <>
Winchester, VA USA - 1996
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