At the Riverside Park Ballroom
in Phoenix, Arizona, 1960.
Photo by Johnny Franklin.

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Hey everybody! Haven't posted in here for a while!! Lots going on........ I was down in Nashville last week and was on our way to dinner on Weds. night......I turned on WSM and heard Charlie Dick talking live in the studio regarding the plane crash anniversary........they also had Jean Shepherd, Kathy Hughes, and Johnny Wright, Kitty Wells) was very interesting hearing first hand the details surrounding the time of the accident. What a loss........ Anyway, when I walked up to the studio window.....I waved to Charlie and he recognized me from my performances at last years Patsy Festival in Winchester. So we got to talk with him in between his interviews. We heard Julie call in live on the air.........the next day, I called for messages, we received word that we had been contacted by one of the national productions of one of the Patsy shows.....that they are interested in me playing the role of Patsy....... (TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!.........what a thrill that would be...........dream come true!!) so anyway, it was a great week for me. I had hoped to get over to the Camden site......but it was cold and rainy.......just as it was back then......and we had too many meetings that took up all my I didn't get to go.......NEXT TIME FOR SURE! I probably would have gotten toooooooo emotional there...... well, anyway, Hi! to Julie and Charlie....... Julie, if you could email me a mailing address, I'd like to contact you about some things.........I'd appreciate it and look forward to talking with you! My best to you all! ~ :o)
Logan Wells <>
Cleveland, OH USA - Wednesday, March 11, 1998 at 18:02:19 (MET)
Thanks for clearing that up for me, Shane. I wasn't sure whether it was March 5th or 6th. I just knew that they found her on March 6th, according to the newspapter/fold-out section of the booklet in my boxed set. And thanks for the "Crazy" video information on CMT. That's going to be wonderful for me to see to help prepare for my role! I checked out the CMT site and the video airs again, Wednesday, March 11th, between 5pm - 5:30pm EST. So get those VCR's programmed, y'all!
Monica Heuser <>
Petersburg, KY USA - Wednesday, March 11, 1998 at 06:19:47 (MET)
CMT has been airing the "Crazy" video since last Thursday, at least twice a day. I was able to record it Friday night. If you haven't seen this, or only a portion, you've absolutely got to catch it. The video opens with footage from the episode of the "Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry" TV show on which Patsy performed "Crazy" in the Spring of 1962. It leads off with Grandpa Jones, then cuts to interaction between Patsy and announcer T. Tommy Cutrer. Patsy (referring to Grandpa) says "I hope I have that much energy when I get to be 83." The song begins, various pictures of Patsy, Charlie, Julie and Randy are shown, interspersed with the TV performance of "Crazy" (mated to the tempo of the studio recording), ending with the Nashville Banner headline from March 6, 1963.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 23:36:25 (MET)
I have long wished MCA would release a video compilation of Patsy Cline, and sent them an e-mail on it last summer. If you wish to send them a message in support of this, visit the MCA Nashville website at for their e-mail address. While there, you can visit their Patsy Cline pages. You can also visit the Decca Records site at for info. about "The Nashville Sound: Owen Bradley", and the 3 CD box set "From The Vaults: Decca Country Classics, 1934-1973", both of which feature Patsy Cline.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 23:27:13 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans!! Don't forget tonight is Patsy Cline's video release of Crazy on CMT. The first one was aired at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. And the second is tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. So get your VCRs ready. For any of you that are interested in getting the times this video will air, you can get there via your computer at, WWW.Country.COM. They give a complete listing of videos for each day. When you get to the site click on CMT, then CMT listings I believe it is. I've got my VCR pegged for tonight, so don't miss out. However if for some reason you do, the video will be airing till sometime in June. So you all have plenty of time. Monica, Patsy was killed on March 5, 1963. Not March 6. Just to clear up any confusion. I would also like for everyone to know that I will be writing a brief letter to MCA Records concering TV performances of Patsy Cline. I have planned a somewhat formal letter. Anyone interested in adding to my writings, or any fan comments. Please let me know either here, or by dropping a note to me at...

Shane C. Collins
RR 1 Box 851
Cogan Station, PA 17728

I would like some support with this. So please!! anyone seriously interested on this topic, please let me know.. I will not be releasing this letter till sometime in April. So you all have plenty of time to write. HINT, HINT.. SEE YA All...
Thank you.. Sincerley..
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 22:58:06 (MET)

CIN, OHIO, - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 21:54:42 (MET)
Hi! It's me again! I just read through some of the postings/comments and was thrilled to read that Patsy's daughter Julie frequents here as well! I would be forever thrilled if I could email/write Julie and receive a response from her as well. So Julie, if you read this, I would love to make contact with you. I'm quite a method actor and I'm doing intense research on Patsy for my upcoming title role in "A CLOSER WALK WITH PATSY CLINE", a tour based out of Minneapolis. Please feel free to visit my web page to prove to you that I am indeed an actor and indeed, playing this role. It would be an honor and would deepen my performance all the more to make contact with you! Thank you in advance for considering my request, Julie. Hope to meet your dad on my opening night!
Monica Heuser <>
Petersburg, KY USA - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 06:49:01 (MET)
Hello everyone! I start rehearsals Monday, March 16th, 1998 to play the title role of Patsy Cline in the musical concert tribute, "A CLOSER WALK WITH PATSY CLINE". This is a tour put out by Troupe America, Inc. based out of Minneapolis and I will be touring the Minneapolis/Wisconsin area. I'm ecstatic beyond belief! I've been auditioning/pursuing this role for the past two years and I got it! I'm doing lots of research on Patsy and I stumbled upon this wonderful web site! I've so enjoyed reading your comments and learning about Patsy's huge fan base. Did you all know that March 6th was the 35th Anniversary of her death? On that day, I watched SWEET DREAMS (the movie) for the first time. My producer tells me that Charlie Dick usually attends the openings of this particular show. I will be meeting him soon! Thanks for allowing me to share my news with you! P.S. If you've never listened to the CD: "Patsy Cline live at the Cimmaron Ballroom" in Tulsa, check it out! It's wonderful!
Monica Heuser <n4yxmonica>
Petersburg, KY USA - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 06:34:46 (MET)
Hello. I am a huge Patsy Cline fan and have been since I was about eight years old. I guess it was my mom who got me hooked. She gave me an old Eight track player and an eight track of Patsy Cline. It was love at first listen. I have been collecting tapes and info on her ever since. I even have my children hooked on Patsy's music. I guess they will be the next Patsy generation. Well, thanks for listening. By for now. Janice.
P.S. Rene from Belgium, if you read this I received your Email but was unable to send a message to the address you gave me. Please write me again and we'll try again.
Janice Brittain <>
Bowden, Ab Canada - Monday, March 09, 1998 at 18:42:37 (MET)
The person pictured with Patsy on the "Essential Patsy Cline" on RCA is none other than "Whispering Bill Anderson" also of Decca records at the time. Yes, the photo was taken just prior to her death. The picture I think is fuuny is the one where Ernest Tubb is giving her a really weird look. A penny for his thoughts at the time. My favorite is the one where she is setting the table, and that wig is PATSY ALL THE WAY!!!!
Annie May <>
Canada - Sunday, March 08, 1998 at 04:32:55 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans!! Julie, thanks again for answering the question I asked you in a letter. It does indeed make sense why it would be difficult to make a complete compilation. But I will however use your idea about contacting MCA Records. Also Julie, the poem is absolutely beautiful. George Hewitt, I have a copy of "The Essentail" Patsy Cline. It's in my opinion good and bad. What's good!! The music selections, and the restoration. What's bad!! The pictures. RCA advertises them as being of rare form, and neatto so to speak. However, I found the pictures to be more of a backdrop than anything else. What's that mean? More or less they look transparent than of good quality. As a matter of fact you can hardly even see them. There is however a picture of Patsy and someelse (Transparent again) that I have not seen. I'm not sure who it is, but it seems to be someone who worked at Decca. It seems to be a picture taken shortly before she died. If anyone can back me on this, I would certaintly appreicate it. So overall, if you're into collecting anything on Patsy Cline as I am, it's worth the buy. Jimmy, I have written you another letter that I will mail when my photos come back from being processed. Hey Everyone!! How about C&W's page on Patsy. Wasn't it great !! See ya all later.. Sincerely..
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 22:01:32 (MET)
Hi all you other Patsy fans! Gee, it's been a while since I have written in here. I have a question to ask: Does anyone have that Patsy Cline CD entitled, "Essential" released by RCA?? Just wondering if it is good and if there is anything special about it. Well, keep on Cline-ing and I guess I should come here more often than not!! :-)
George Hewitt <>
Sherwood Park, AB Canada - Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 20:12:03 (MET)
Hello everyone! I have a question for Julie Fudge: Is your adress still good to send letters to? I write to some places and end up getting it back! And one more: How come the fan club takes so long to respond? If you could answer these two questions I would apperciate it! Always, Patsy Walen
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford, MN, - Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 18:33:34 (MET)
I love Patsy Cline. I have cd's & tapes of hers. She has a beautiful voice. My favorite song is called "You belong to me". I love to listen to her tapes & cd's, just about all the time. I have alot of her songs that I have not even heard of.
Eunice Hughes <>
Columbia, TN USA - Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 06:59:33 (MET)
Hi all. It's thursday, March 5, and I'm listening to Patsy as any good fan would be doing today. This site is great! I just want to mention a trip I took about 9 years ago. I drove from Vancouver, BC to Winchester in the hope of getting closer to Patsy. I happened to arrive on Patsy's birthday. The people in town were very friendly, and I eventually wound up on Hilda Hensley's doorstep with flowers in hand. Not knowing what to expect, I was thrilled when she invited me into her home and shared many treasures and memories with me. I wanted to say 'thanks' and let people know what a wonderful woman Hilda is. I hope that if Julie reads this that she will pass on a 'hello' to her grandma from me. We exchanged Christmas cards for a few years, then lost touch. Thanks. Thinking of Patsy... Charla
Charla Beaulieu <>
Salmo, BC Canada - Friday, March 06, 1998 at 05:10:18 (MET)
Hi everyone! Well, I have some exciting news for ya'll! I'm entering the history fair at school (it's required for my history class) and I'm hoping you Patsy fans can help me out. I know, I know. You're probably getting tired of people beggin' for Patsy materials for their english projects, or their reports, etc. Well, now it's MY turn to beg! Ha Ha! I have to make a really swingin' poster (the 3 sided display kind) and a report, etc etc etc. I'm ok on the report part, I have tons of research material on Patsy. If you would and could help me out, I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me. Or if you have some good idea's on how I should do this project, please e-mail me. It's due on April 15th, but I'd like to get started as soon as I can. Thanks! BTW Lisa, I love your page!!! I have it bookmarked already! (Is it okay that I mention it here?) -*Amber*
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA US of A - Friday, March 06, 1998 at 03:51:54 (MET)
Thinkin' about you, Hoss!
Sue Wilden <>
Columbus, In USA - Friday, March 06, 1998 at 02:55:51 (MET)
Hello everyone! I decided to stop by again. That poem was beautiful, I have heard it somewhere, but can't remember. And Lisa, your new website was swingin'. I can't wait to go back again! Well, talk to 'yall later. Patsy Virginia
Patsy Walen
Ponsford , MN, - Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 20:52:28 (MET)
Whoa, Jules! Your version of that poem moved me so much, with the mother & child references ~ I'd love to know who wrote it. The version at my site is one that was read at my beloved grandma's funeral on a cold Texas afternoon in 1994, and it is one that always moves me in all of its incarnations. I find it extremely comforting myself. Thank you for sharing with us as you do.
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 19:40:13 (MET)
Morning to all...Julie again...had a minute and just checking in. I have to take more time and check out all these web sites! I just get to jump around and can't see everything. (My kids basketball season ends this weekend, so maybe in a week or so I will be recovered and return to the living.) What I have seen is pretty neat. You guys amaze me. I think you know more than I do! About some past things... Shane, you wrote (I did get it) and ask about why there isn't a compilation video of all the video clips. The video clips that are available are not all owned by the same people. It is very hard to put together a compilation when you have to work with so many different people and companys. It is a great idea, and I'm sure you could forward the idea to someone...maybe MCA...I really don't know. But it would be nice. I would like to have everything in one myself. You guys were talking of the new cd... it really doesn't seem like a new release to me, but yes, it would be another release. It will have previously released material, of course. Yes, the box set would contain eveything, with the exception of the "Godfrey" stuff. FYI: there will be a music video back on the music channels soon. I think Dad said the date would be the 10th of March. It is a video that has played before, and I think they have revamped it just a little. This is a "music video" meaning "short form" as in CMT type. The long forms are the documentary type, such as "The Real PC". Lisa, I hopped over to your new site this morning...Wow! The time and effort you guys put forth is truly amazing. I noticed the ironic...that poem (well, one very similar) is the poem I had placed in the school yearbook when they did a special page for my daughter, Virginia, the year she passed away. I would like to include it here, with the slight differences included. (You guys should check out all the other sites when you can.) I enjoy check out the fan forum as often as I can. If there is anything I can answer, I will try. And of course, can pass along things to Dad. Thanks again for all the support...You guys are great. And Thank You Per! Julie

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the fragrant flowers of spring.
I am music's sweet refrain.
I am the gentle hands of a child.
I am the joy in my mother's smile.
I am the loving touch of friends
Who longs your grieving heart to mend.
I am the warmth of summer sun.
I am the sounds of playful fun.
I am the smile on a baby's face.
I am memories of ruffles and lace.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there. I did not die.
I live with God in Paradise.

Julie Fudge
Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 19:18:40 (MET)

Please make note: The Homesick Texan's website is officially open. Come up 'n see me sometime at Shoes are optional. Hell, so is clothing. BYOB. Come one, come all ~ Cline lovers only!
Homesick Texan, - Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 06:03:13 (MET)
I think it's great that Julie Fudge drops by this web-site! It makes me feel like a true Patsy Cline fan. I wish I could get my radio to tune into WSM. But, no such luck! Well Julie, if you ever read this you are doing a very nice job of supporting your mother. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Patsy Walen <>
- Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 03:42:53 (MET)
Hey, thanks Julie, for the info! Sheesh! Now, if I can only get that radio station in! I have my fingers crossed! Guys! Pray for me. Talk to ya all later. Always, Kathy
Kathy Harrison <>
- Wednesday, March 04, 1998 at 22:07:35 (MET)
Hello to Per and all...Julie Fudge here...Just wanted to stop by for a moment and say hello and fill you in with a bit of news for today. There will be a radio show tonight (Wednesday, March 4), on WSM radio (that's WSM-AM 650. ..650 on the AM dial). It will be from 7:00 pm until Midnight (Central Time). Scheduled to be on are Charlie Dick, Jean Shephard (Opry Star, and widow of Hawkshaw Hawkins), Kathy Copas Hughes (widow of Randy Hughes and daughter of Cowboy Copas), Mike Copas (son of Cowboy Copas, and brother of Kathy), and Johnny Wright (half of the Opry duo Johnny & Jack; Jack Anglin was killed on the way to services for the others). If you can pick up WSM-AM in your area, you might want to listen in. I will be back and try to spend some time here at the Fan Forum soon. Thanks for all your devotion. Always, Julie & family
Julie Fudge
Nashville, TN USA - Wednesday, March 04, 1998 at 18:22:17 (MET)

Shane, sorry about the typo. Hopefully I go it t right this time. I called the Country Music Hall Fame to see when those letters will be on display. Soon is actual 18 months or so! Yes, I did like the Country Weekly article! We all need to write or email them thanking them and letting them know about the Patsy interest. Always, Jimmy 3-3-98. 35 yrs hard to believe!
Jim Walker <>
Lexington, - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 23:46:52 (MET)
Well, consider my day MADE! Now if I can just get my mitts on it!:)
Lisa, Still Ain't Got Over It Yet
Homesick Texan, - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 11:55:06 (MET)
I just checked on the album info. at Music Boulevard, and the "Vol. 2 - Live" CD that will be released on March 10 is a reissue of the "Live, Vol. 2" CD that came out in 1989 (same catalog no.). I believe you said that you have a copy of this already. For those of you who might have missed it the first time around, make sure you don't miss it now. Tracks on the CD are: "Strange", "When Your House Is Not A Home", "Turn The Cards Slowly", "Yes, I Know Why", "Side By Side", "Come On In", "Stupid Cupid", "The Wayward Wind", "For Rent", "Shoes", "Stop, Look and Listen" and "Just A Closer Walk With Thee". These are performances taken from Radio Transcriptions recorded between Summer 1956 and Spring 1962. Some of these were also included in "The Patsy Cline Collection" box set from MCA.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 03:30:44 (MET)
Oh! 1 more thing before I leave tonight. The URL for Music Boulevard is..
Shane C. Collins
- Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 02:06:48 (MET)
Thank you bill for the URL. Patsy Cline fans, I believe there is a new CD to be released. While browsing the site "Music Boulevard", their top of the list new releases on Patsy was "Volume 2-Live, Patsy Cline" from MCA Special Products. Release date March 10, 1998. I'm not sure if this will be good or not. They didn't give a list a songs or any content of the release. I believe I notice this at other sites as well, but didn't catch the title. We will find out SEE YA
WILLIAMSPORT, PA - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 02:03:58 (MET)
Shane, the correct URL for the Ernest Tubb Record Shop is SOW: I've always liked this song from the first time I heard it in 1981. Patsy's love for Western Swing really comes through on this one. I like all the available versions: Cimarron performance, '61 studio cut, '61 radio performance, '63 TV performance and '85 overdub. I was just visiting the internet auction at, and they are listing a 45 rpm box set by the Owen Bradley Quintet, issued on the Coral label in 1950, very reasonably. Might be an interesting addition to someone's music collection.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 01:06:49 (MET)
Thanks again to Jimmy Walker, and Bill Cox for the info on "Discovery" CD. I will check out the information given. However Jimmy, upon clicking your name I somehow got a website for East Tennesse Roofing Supply, Inc. I clicked on there icons but no webpage for Ernest Tub Record Shop was found. I'm thinking it was a typo error. Next time I need insulation I'll remember there webpage HA! Jimmy, I think your idea of checking my local record store will probally be the first step. Then if all else fails, I'll will try writing them. Either way I think I should be able to track them down. Well fans, this week is never an easy week for me. The date and year Patsy Cline was killed is nearing fastly. I'm always in a rather depressed state when early March rolls over. I have been checking into Jimmy Walkers idea he gave me in letter about contacting my local radiostation, to see if they will play a tribute to Patsy March 5. The local country station I listen to is usually coopertive when it comes to asking favors. So I will try soon. Good luck to anyone else that may try the same. Well till next time. Sincerely..
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 00:30:36 (MET)
Well, I must comment on the wonderful job CW did on the Patsy letters. Dating from 1955-1958, we get a good glimpse of early Patsy through letters, and there is another photo of her in the red cowgirl outfit. Those outfits were so stunning. Some of these gals today should dress that country. About the eyebrow issue that was brought up a few days ago: that was something I never really payed attention to. I listen to that awesome voice and look at that gorgeous face, but the eyebrows were somethng I never paid alot of attention to just because the voice is the number one thing. Well, enuff BS from me. Wade
Wade Settle <>
- Sunday, March 01, 1998 at 06:16:32 (MET)
Shane, once again I have to recommend the Ernest Tubb Rec shop for The Discoveries cd. Click on my name for their web page to get the 1-800 ##. I haven't seen it there in some time. You could also check with your local record store under import. Or you could write them at Prism Leisure Crop, Unit 1, Baird Rd, Enfield, UK EN1 1SJ. Was watching the Opry tonight and Jan Howard said she would be the Grand Marshall at The Apple Blossum parade in Winchester first of May. They also had some audio of Jan's demo for "I Fall to Pieces". SOW-the version from "Remembering" video is my favorite. Awesome perfomance. Always, Jimmy 2-28-97
Jim Walker
- Sunday, March 01, 1998 at 03:42:07 (MET)
I just checked the Collector's Choice Music site, and they no longer list the "Discovery" CD. Sorry for any inconvenience that might cause. Prism Leisure/Lost Gold issued the CD in 1994, and I have been told that only a few stores in the UK handle it, if it's still in print.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 23:52:11 (MET)
I obtained my copy of the "Discovery" CD with the assistance of APC member Barry Gardner of Corringham, Essex, England. You can, however, order it, and all other Patsy Cline CD's, from Collector's Choice Music here in the states. The URL for their site is It contains all ordering instructions in case you choose not to order anything over the internet. The "Discovery" CD is similar to the "The Birth of a Star" CD from Razor & Tie. The only differences is that the "Discovery" CD is edited like a live concert album, and some of the performances are different, even though both versions contain the exact same songs.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 23:37:01 (MET)
I thought before I would blast out of here I would ask Bill Cox, or anyone that can answer my question. How do you get a copy of the CD "Discovery" from British Label Prism Leisure, Lost Gold Records????? I am very interested in a copy. So if anyone knows and address or phone number I would certaintly appreicated it.. THANK YOU !!!! Sincerley
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 22:05:22 (MET)
Howdy everyone, that I would stop by quickly and let everyone know that the March 5-8 showing of "Always Patsy Cline", has been changed to October 10, 11. I called the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA yesterday. And they told me the show was changed. Why I don't know. Well I guess tonight I will finish reading "The Life and Times of Patsy Cline" book, which I borrowed from my local library. Till next time, sincerley
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 21:28:53 (MET)
I agree with you all, "San Antonio Rose" is one of the many greats and one of my favs by the Cline. I am sitting here now listening to "The Birth of A Star" CD as I type and "Come on In" is playing. I could listen to 100 different versions of all Patsy's songs and I would still love them all. She could sing them all great, no matter how she chose to do them! I was 12 when I first saw "Sweet Dreams" and I love how they start the movie with the Cline singing "San Antonio Rose" and it sounded awesome! Jessica Lange gave a wonderful performance as the Cline! Now I am 25 and I still watch "Sweet Dreams" like it is the first time I ever saw it before! That's the magic about Patsy, no matter how many times you hear or see her she just magnatizes you. She draws so many people young and old, far and close to home. She can take anybody's song and make it her own. When I first started collecting songs and movies I thought they were all her own. I didn't realize the majority of her songs were recorded by other people, I thought they were hers and if you want to know my opinion they were hers! She sang the heck out of them and made them her own. So I give two thumbs up for the song of the week, "San Antonio Rose" and a special "You go Girl!" to the Cline, we love you!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USofA - Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 06:29:41 (MET)
Re: SOW - "San Antonio Rose" -- a country classic that Patsy has taken to new heights. All the versions are fabulous, but to me, she really seems to soar in the video version. Patsy sure looked and sounded like she was having a ball! Simply divine! I believe that footage was taken shortly before her death.
- Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 01:33:38 (MET)
Per, I have a quick question to ask you. Where did you get the last photo of Patsy Cline taken on March 3, 1963. The big color photo? I recently got a copy of the last picture of Patsy from Mildred in Kansas City, MO. It's a nice photo indeed, but I was really looking for the photo to be like the one pictured in the Picture Gallery. The one I recieved from Mildred is a closer shot. It doesn't show the ruffles in her dress like your copy here does. Thank you
Shane C. Collins
- Friday, February 27, 1998 at 23:45:54 (MET)
Comment: Well, as it says at the bottom of the page, it's from the book "Singing girl from the Shenandoah Valley" by Stuart E. Brown Jr. and Lorraine F. Myers. It's the front cover, actually. /Per
Hello Patsy Cline fans!! I would like to say to Rachel Fenton that I am glad you ruffled your feathers this week. Stories like thoses about Patsy's eyebrows is what makes this forum so interesting to me, and others. I think it's neat to read about what others are thinking at this forum. Any true to the heart comments given by other Patsy Cline fans is a healthy way to interact with each other. So thumbs up to Rachel this week !! Keep the fun stories comin'. HA!! I would also like to thank Bill Cox for clarifying the year, "The Life and Times of Brenda Lee" was made. I had no idea the show was almost 2 yrs old. I've never seen the show before, so that might explain why I thought it was new. But it is great to here that Brenda was inducted into the Hall of Fame. How about the song of the week, "San Antonio Rose". I have to agree with Lisa it's a great song no matter how it's sung. Although I tend to like the studio version best. I do like the others as well. Hopefully this year the gentleman in Florida will release Patsy Cline on video. This way we would all get to see "San Antonio Rose" sung by Patsy in person. I also wish someone would just release all of Patsy's TV performances on VHS. This is one of my biggest dreams that I have had for sometime now. Does anyone else wish for this????? Well, till next time. Sincerely..
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Friday, February 27, 1998 at 23:15:56 (MET)
Well, I sure do hope everyone's tummies are butterfly-free on this fine mornin! Today, the Swingin SOW Database finally spit out one of my favs: 08-17-61, "San Antonio Rose"! I like every single damn version that Patsy sings, video or audio. She kicks it with this one, baby. The movie version is damn nice, too. The original studio version has a fantastic drive to it, especially after the musical interlude when she comes back at the end, they really get after it then! It just makes this old Homesick Texan even more homesick. One of my best vacations was a week in San Antone, drinkin margaritas and a-hangin off the balcony of our hotel. Wistful sigh.
Homesick Texan, - Friday, February 27, 1998 at 16:51:28 (MET)
Miland, yes there were some religious songs recorded like Bill said. 4 songs were released on an EP on 6-10-63 (refer to your booklet from the box collection). An EP is a 7 inch 45 rpm with 4-6 songs instead of 2. Most come with a hard cover. They are sorta like mini lp's. Donna, thanks for the advanced info!! I will pick it up Monday when it is on the newstand. I agree, Country Weekly does a great job with Patsy's article. She is mentioned several times a year. It doesn't hurt for us fans to thank them for the articles. Hopefully they will keep them coming. I guess you and me are headed to the Hall Of Fame when we go to Nashville. Lord, I hope they will display them and not put them away. Like they so many things. Always, Jimmy 2-26-98
Jim Walker <>
- Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 17:24:42 (MET)
Hello Everybody! I thought I'd put my 2 cents in on the "There He Goes" SOW, before it changes. Until I heard Patsy perform this song on "Live at the Opry", I didn't have strong feelings about it one way or the other. I always thought Patsy sang it fine, I just didn't care for the song itself. However, after hearing the "Opry" version I really started to like it. Patsy apparently liked it too, and it shows when she sings it, particularly on her live versions. I prefer the "Opry" version because she stays down on the ending. Also, on VH-1 this coming Sunday evening, there's a Willie Nelson special. The previews mention "Crazy" and show clips of PC singing it. I'm not sure of the time it's on, but it's either on at 8 or 9 p.m. EST.
Sue Bee <>
NY - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 16:05:43 (MET)
Howdy All! Hey, you guys need to pick up an issue of Country Weekly magazine if it is available in your area. Why you ask? Well, the Cline has a huge article in there where some people have found some old letters she wrote to a fan and the people who collected them decided to share them with the rest of the world. It is a very good article, it shows 2 pictures of Patsy and several cutouts of the actual letters she wrote, they were to Treva Miller of Tulford, Tenn. The magazine is the new one for this week dated March 10, 1998. I get them early because I am a subscriber. I tell you Country Weekly magazine is the best magazine to read, they always have alot of info pertaining to the Cline, like they also have a breakdown of the Month of March, and Cline and the rest of the victims are remembered for the crash that took their lives on March 5, 1963. So if you don't get this mag in your area drop me a line and I will mail you one! This is a very good article, I save all of my magazines from Country Weekly, I have a box full of them and I can go back to everyone and find Patsy's name in each mag, she is always mentioned as a mentor, friend, legend, and so much more, she is mentioned alot in this magazine, it may be only her name sometimes but this is the second or third time they have had a big article about Patsy, they had a big article when the Cimarron CD was released and now this, I give two thumbs way up for Country Weekly, and I encourage you to read this magazine and become a subscriber, it's well worth it! The article also mentions the fact that Patsy's 35th anniversary of her death is this year and 11 of these letters will be placed at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville on Music Row. I visited the Hall of Fame when I was in Nashville 2 weeks ago, and it to was a sight to see. I like all kinds of Country music singers old and new, so I fit right in at the Hall of Fame, but my all time fav is the Cline! Ya'll take a trip to Nashville as soon as you can and visit all the sites, it truly is a magical trip the minute you even get near Nashville its magic is that strong. Go and feel it for yourself!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USofA - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 04:29:01 (MET)
Joey: The address for the one and only fan club, "Always Patsy Cline," can be found on the main page of this site. Dues are $12 per year. Mr. Joshi: Patsy Cline recorded only six religious/religious themed songs; "Come On In", "Dear God", "He Will Do For You", "That Wonderful Someone", "Life's Railway To Heaven" and "Just A Closer Walk With Thee". These tracks were recorded in the 1055-59 period, and can be found on the 2 CD set "Crazy Dreams: The Four Star Years" which was issued by the British label Sundown. In addition, there is a live performance of "The Man Upstairs" (culled from Patsy's appearances on the Arthur Godfrey TV and Radio shows) available on the CD "Discovery" from the British label Prism Leisure/Lost Gold Records. Hope you're able to find these gems and add them to your collection.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 03:09:15 (MET)
I would like to know how to join a Patsy Cline fan club. I have admired Patsy for years, although I was not even born before she died. I sing at a restaurant on Saturday nights, and often times I will sing Patsy songs all night. Please e-mail the info about how to join the fan club if possible. Thanks so much!
Joey Mechelle Dawes <>
Tulsa, OK USA - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 00:21:49 (MET)
I have a question for Patsy Cline fans. Are there any albums of religious songs by her, as there are by Jim Reeves?
Miland Joshi (Mr.) <>
Leicester, UK - Wednesday, February 25, 1998 at 22:43:48 (MET)
Hey all wanted to let you know that Lisa Layne will take the lead roll in "A Closer Walk..." in Nashville TN's Texas Troubadour Theat. Lisa was the understudy with the show last year and has toured with the show national. She was once with Vince Vance and Valiants and sang lead on their big Christmas hit--"All I want for Christmas is you". SOW -- well, Hank Garland makes you feel like your walking away with that twangy guitar. Always, Jimmy 2-25-98
Jim Walker
Lexington, ky - Wednesday, February 25, 1998 at 21:51:40 (MET)
Hi everyone! I am an active member of the Patsy Cline fan club, and have listened to Patsy almost 9 years. Although some people come close, I think nobody has as strong and powerful of a voice, that Patsy had. If you are not a member of the fan club, you should be. We have alot of fun, and are planning a trip to Nashville in April, that I am sure will be a blast! We plan on seeing the opening night of "A Closer Walk".......not to be missed!! I think Patsy's fans are very important in keeping Patsy's memory alive.
USA, - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 18:32:29 (MET)
I love your page. I am a relative of Patsy Cline. Not a close relative but I know I am. My grandfather was her cousin. I have always listened to her music and I love the spirit of her voice. Thank you for such a wonderful tribute to a legend. If you have any additional information please send it to me. Jennifer Cline
Jennifer Cline <>
Grand Junction, CO USA - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 16:47:00 (MET)
Rachel, I agree with your comments about Patsy's eyebrows. She drew them in a little too thick... Didn't they have eyebrow classes back then? Ha Ha. At the same time, I understand the circumstances such as a) it was the 60's and b) she had just been in a car accident that ripped off her eyebrows (ouch)!! And Shane, I love that "Life and Times of Brenda Lee" episode that comes on TNN! I don't care how old it is! She is also one of my favorite singers :-) That's all for now... Amber
Amber Miller <>
- Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 14:20:23 (MET)
Shane, that TNN special on Brenda Lee was done in 1996 so it is a little out of date already. Brenda was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame last year, along with Harlan Howard (who wrote many songs for Patsy during 1960-63). SOW: I've always liked "There He Goes". The song has a bluesy feel to it. Patsy really enjoyed this song, as she sang it many times.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 07:29:15 (MET)
Hi folks. I am sorry if I offended anyone with the eyebrow comment the other day. I did consider the fact that Patsy didn't have any eyebrows after the car accident. I am also quite familiar with makeup styles of the sixties, and I still have to say that Patsy's brows were still a bit much for the time period. Yes, everyone drew them on back then, but not quite so thick and dark. I agree that her makeup improved dramatically after "Sentimentally Yours". I didn't realize it would be such a controversy. The truth is, I would love Patsy no matter what her eyebrows looked like, and I wouldn't even have brought it up if Amber hadn't said something about her makeup. Anyway, I would love to know about your thesis on makeup styles of different cultures, Lisa. Email me about the Egyptians sometime.

As for Shane, I would totally agree that Patsy is far more than a Country singer. I have to admit, I am not a big Country fan myself, but I LOVE Patsy Cline! I think that is one of the reasons she is so dearly cherished. She appeals to everyone. She is very versatile. I think if Patsy was around today, she might be a bit disappointed with "New Country". There are still some great country artists, but no one that comes close to Patsy's versatility and talent. (This is not meant to offend any LeAnn Rimes fans. She is good, but be honest... she IS NOT Patsy!) I guess I have probably ruffled enough feathers for this week. I will catch y'all later.
Rachel Fenton <>
Kansas City, MO USA - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 01:24:42 (MET)

Hello Patsy fans and friends..... Enjoying reading over everyone's comments, it is quite a thrill to realize how many lives she touched, and continues to touch with her magic. I've been a serious fan for only about 3 years, so have plenty to learn... I would like to converse with any and all Patsy fans... e-mail me at
Steve <>
Fort Wayne, In - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 00:27:08 (MET)
Well fans, it's Monday evening, and I thought I would drop by and say hi. No activity since I last signed on Sunday afternoon. I suppose thats normal from time to time. This forum seems to me to be busy Sunday's and after Wednesday. Not that there is anything wrong with that. People are usually busy early in the week, rather than later in the week. There are times when I am not able to sign on, so I know what that is like.

Did anyone watch the Brenda Lee special on TNN a few days back. They included alittle about Patsy Cline on the show. They told of Brenda's meeting with Patsy, and how Patsy came to her rescue after a concert in the early 60's. They also sayed that if Brenda Lee would have gone down in the 1963 plane crash instead of Patsy, she would have been considered a goddist like Patsy. I don't know if I agree with that or not. I think Patsy Cline would still have been on top, had she of lived longer. They were going on about how Brenda has never been given the recogintion like Patsy. I think Brenda Lee as a singer has certaintly showed the world what she can do. And yes it is true that she was never added to the Hall of Fame in Nashville. But I certaintly don't see a reason why she shouldn't be. Patsy Cline after all was the first solo female act to be inducted in 1973. And I couldn't agree more with that.

You certaintly can't replace Patsy as being number #1. Well, today I found out that my boss's favorite singer is Patsy. We talked briefly about her. And he told me that he really does not like country music, but with Patsy's music he doesn't think of country when he plays her CD's. I would have to agree with him somewhat. Other than a few early four star materials, she doesn't really sound all that country. Two reasons why. Her beautiful, non twangy voice, and the instruments behind her. Does anyone agree with that?????? Sincerely, Shane..
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 00:13:44 (MET)

Hello Patsy Cline fans, it's good to be back today. Seems alot of you have been questioning Patsy's eyebrows. Well, one thing to keep in mind is Patsy really didn't have eyebrows left after her car accident in June 1961. If you watch the video "Remembering Patsy", you will notice in her homemovies that she indeed had no eyebrows left. Only alittle above each eye to the side. So that I believe is why she darken them the way she did. She really had no choice in the matter but to do so. That seems sad, but true. To be quite honest with you all, I think Patsy learned later on after her accident how to use her makeup, and eyebrow pencil.

I read somewhere in a book that Patsy Cline recieved some makeup technos during the photo shot for "Sentimentally Yours". The company that gave her this help and style was max factors in New York. That would explain why she looks rather sexy on the cover of "Sentimentally Yours" album. I think it was that landmark that set her the standards she needed to apply makeup correctly. I think one of the worst makeup jobs I ever saw Patsy do was during the tv performance of "Crazy" from the VHS tape "Remembering Patsy". Her eyebrows are the only thing that stand out, not that it was her fault, but she certaintly could have used some help that day. You can also notice her headband she used for her severe headaches she was getting after her car accident. But overall I strongly believe she began to use her makeup correct style after her photo shooting in New York. She certaintly was beautiful March 3, 1963, in Kansas City, Mo.

How about the song of the week. "There He Goes". This song has always been one of my favorites. I liked the song the first time I heard it many years ago. And still do today. The bluesy feel Patsy gives the song is "Pure Patsyism", no one then could have given that song that kind of treatment like Patsy Cline. In fact, my exgirlfriend favored the song, which more of a reason to like it. HA! Ha! Well, till next time, take care Patsy fans. Sincerely, Shane...
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Sunday, February 22, 1998 at 20:41:41 (MET)

As I sit here tonight I just wanted to say hello. About the eyebrows... She was hot stuff back then. I have pictures of my grandmother who also drew them in that way. It was the sixies... So has anyone been to the Ryman to see "Always Patsy Cline"? I've been a few times, if you have any questions let me know... A cliner, a recline, sweet dreams.
sean <>
Music city, - Sunday, February 22, 1998 at 04:52:01 (MET)
Hi to all. I love the song week, and for a bit of history, it was a big hit for Carl Smith on Columbia in 1956. He, along with Webb Pierce and Faron Young, was one of the biggest stars of that decade. I listened to Disc 3 while I was at work last nite, and almost forgot that I had to do my job. Her voice is so real that it tells me to stop whatever I am doing and listen. Well, enuff for now.
Wade Settle <>
Hosstown, KY - Sunday, February 22, 1998 at 03:50:18 (MET)
Hi Rachel, welcome back! I am forced to defend Patsy's eyebrows, although there are times when I think they could kick butt their very own selves. When I was an acting major, I did a thesis on makeup styles in every culture and era you can imagine (remind me someday to tell you what Egyptian women used to do). I promise you that Patsy's eyebrows for that era were completely chic, very glamorous. In the 70s, we all plucked them down to nothing. Then in the 80s we were all expected to sprout heavy brows like Brooke Shields and Margaux Hemingway. I just love studying makeup/hair trends, and the 50s & 60s were a ball! I'm sure that if Patsy saw a gal's eyebrows today, she'd say, "Gal, you don't have no eyebrows, what's wrong with you?" Each of us is a product of our own time period!
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Saturday, February 21, 1998 at 16:30:40 (MET)
Howdy! I was just reading over the forum and thought I would drop in and say hi. Lisa, I can't believe that "There He Goes" puts you to sleep. I have to agree about last week's SOW. "Lonely Street" is certainly not one of my favorites. However, I really like "There He Goes". I like the bluesey guitar line and the way Patsy sings it. I remember it from the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter", and I liked it when I heard Sissy Spacek sing it like Loretta Lynn. This was before I heard Patsy's version. Like I said, I like the guitar on her recorded version, but I think I prefer Patsy's live version on "Live at the Cimmarron Ballroom". Patsy sure liked to hit those high notes at the ends of her songs when she sang them live. I think it is a nice touch. Anyway, I have to go work on my speech for my public speeking class. It is an informative speech. Of course, I am doing mine about the greatest singer of all time, Patsy Cline. Before I go, I would like to say something to Amber. It is about Pasty's make-up. I love her to death, but Patsy, honey... THOSE EYEBROWS NEEDED HELP!!! The rest of her make-up was fine. I really liked her in red lipstick, but she just got a little to carried away with the eyebrow pencil. I have very dark eyebrows like Patsy did, but when I do my impersonation show, I still have to add quite a bit of eyebrow pencil to look like Patsy. That is my only comment about Patsy's make-up. She was still beautiful.
Rachel Fenton <>
Kansas City , MO USA - Saturday, February 21, 1998 at 16:00:39 (MET)
HOWDEEE!! Does anyone know if Patsy Cline's second husband (Charles Dick) has e-mail? If he does we would like to know it. Also, does anyone know where her sister (Sylvia Mae Hensley), and brother (Sam Jr. Hensley) live. Thanks, Alexander and Sarah
A.Linton & Sarah Miller <>
Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA - Saturday, February 21, 1998 at 01:13:04 (MET)
I have a photograph of Patsy Cline with Grandpa Jones at Carnegie Hall in 1961. I was reading that Patsy and Grandpa Jones were friends. Well, I have some sad news. The Lord called Grandpa Jones home last night at 7p.m. I found an article about him in todays newspaper. The article says:

"Grandpa Jones, whose banjo playing, brightly colored suspenders and mischievous grin made him a country music favorite and a Hee Haw regular for more than two decades, died the other evening. He was 84. Jones died about 7p.m. at McKendree Village Home Health center in Hermitage, TN. of complications from a series of strokes, said Grand Ole Opry spokesman Jerry Stroble. Jones suffered his first stroke in 1991 but came back to perform on the Opry. He was debilitated by a series of strokes after an Opry performance in January."
A.L <>
Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA - Saturday, February 21, 1998 at 00:36:27 (MET)

HI Y'ALL! Virginia Patterson Hensley (Patsy Cline) is the BEST country and pop singer of all times!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to get in touch with her mother (Hilda Hensley). I know she lives in Winchester, VA, but I dont know her address. Does any of you hosses out there know Mrs. Hensleys address? Thanks
Sarah Miller <>
Cuyahoga Falls, OH United States - Friday, February 20, 1998 at 21:59:15 (MET)
As I sit here today... I can't tell you how happy I was to go see the crash site for the first time yesterday. Thanks Donna and Lisa for the notes. As my family and I drove there we were saddend because we realized that Miss Patsy was so close to home. It took us about an hour and a half to get there... It was very cold and wet, yet we seemed not to notice as we reached closer to the famous '63 site. It only took me fifteen years to get there, yet feels like just yesterday that I discovered "HER". We turned off the old 70 state road. Then we saw the sign pointing where to turn. On Old Carmel Rd. We drove for a few minutes and then saw the last sign to pull in. It was a grand site to finally get there, yet a sad quiet feeling came over us. I took pictures and the cam, also my digital camera. We walked to all the sites and I left the rose at the large boulder. It's a site that is hard to explain... It is a must see for any real Patsy fan. We are glad we went and will return on the 5th of next month. So now I have one more dream that has come true. It was the best! If anyone has questions or wants pictures let me know... The recliner:>
Sean <>
Nashville, TN, Music City - Friday, February 20, 1998 at 20:04:43 (MET)
Song o' the Week is from the session of 1-27-60, "There He Goes". I had to give the SOW Database a kick with my steel-toed boot just now because it continues to pop up with my least favs this month. Can someone help me to hear this song in a new way so that I could enjoy it? Apart from the obvious Golden Throat vocals. It is a great soporific (sleep inducer) for me, but some of you cats must love it.
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, February 20, 1998 at 16:08:48 (MET)
Hi there! I am Patsy Clines #1 fan! I am doing this big report on Patsy. If anyone has any information, photographs, etc, on Patsy, please send it to me. I need to start collecting this stuff as soon as possible. If any family members or relatives of Patsy would like a copy of the report let me know and I will make copies. Thank you, A.Linton --- My address is: 2031 Ohio Ave. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, USA.
Cuyahoga Fls, OH 44223 - Friday, February 20, 1998 at 04:54:10 (MET)
Hey Hosses! Well Sean, I know the feeling brother, I had the same butterflies in my tummy when I drove out to the crash site and you will feel the same happiness and sadness at the same time. It's hard to explain but I think you will understand when you get there. I took gobs of pictures of everything in site, so do try to do the same this is a most treasured experience for me as I am sure it will be for you also! Once you get off the Camden exit never fear just keep on driving, it's a long way off the interstate but keep going straight then when you come into the town of Camden you will see the green signs guiding you in the right direction, you go through a four way stop and either one or two lights, I am not sure how many, but right after the light you make a left turn, you will see the green sign and the road you take then is a long and very curvy road, so do be careful! It was raining and very cold when I went, and the road is very winding so take it easy, I went a little fast and just about came back around in the road and met myself, if you know what I mean! Anyway, you will enjoy the trip, let us know your reaction and I will see if it was the same as mine! I won't forget it for as long as I live and I hope more people can get out to see it also!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 - Friday, February 20, 1998 at 04:28:54 (MET)
Charlie Dick is alive and well. Charlie, as well as Randy, Julie and her family live in Nashville. Both he and Julie have signed in here on occasion. Charlie is a frequent guest on some of the TNN shows.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN - Friday, February 20, 1998 at 02:59:48 (MET)
Y'ALL havin a good time out there tonight! We had written here a litte while ago but there was an important question we forgot to mention. Well, here the question. Does anybody know if Patsy Cline's 2nd husband (Charlie Dick) is still alive? If he is still alive where does he live? Thank ya'
Alexander Linton & Sarah Miller <>
Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA - Friday, February 20, 1998 at 01:35:44 (MET)
Howdy! Sarah and I are 14 years old. We both think that Patsy Cline is the BEST country/pop singer ever. We have every one of her cd's, tapes, etc. Our favorite one is he live performance at the Cimarron Ballroom. Sarah is pregnant and we have decided to name the baby Patsy or Virginia after Patsy Cline's real name. WE ALL MISS YA, PATSY!!!!!!
Alexander Linton & Sarah Miller <>
Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA - Friday, February 20, 1998 at 01:22:04 (MET)
Hi, guys!! This is a great site and a wonderful way to keep Patsy's memory alive. She was a beautiful singer, with the voice of an angel. I'm probobly the only fan of hers in israel!! I'm a singer and I would love to sing "Blue moon of Kentucky" only I don't have the lyrics+guitar chords. If anyone can help me out, or if you just want to talk about great country music, please write to:
lucky <>
Israel - Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 09:49:43 (MET)
Wow, Sean, you must really be into the Camden crash of '63, with a handle like pappa7000. Sounds like you're the type of fella who's gonna have a ball in Camden! Hope the butterflies go away when you visit!
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 05:27:14 (MET)
As i sit here tonight the Cline playing...... I have butter flies in my tummy. This is because I go to the crash site tomorrow. I can't wait!!! It will be my first time. Hope and wish to make friends so please e-mail me to talk about Patsy. When do you all get on the Patsy chat line... I'm still real new to this computer thing, let me know, I'll let you all know about my trip..... a recline.
Sean Sako <>
Nashville, TN 37217 - Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 02:03:22 (MET)
Hello and Howdeee... Shane, you answered good enough for me. Good luck with things. Patsy always cheers me up when I am blue. Amber, I always noticed the bead like necklaces and wristlets (hope that is correct). I think they are kinda cool. I have also noticed she wore that same ring. Then who could miss those tirras. I was watching the "Real Patsy Cline" the other day and noticed some onstage photos of Patsy wearing the tirrias. OK, next time we talk make up. Guys are we in for something here or what? Always, Jimmy 2-18-98
Jim Walker
- Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 01:07:21 (MET)
Hello everyone, well Jimmy a poster collection would be cool, and certaintly with the collection of large photos I will have, You could almost say it was similiar to a poster collection. I hope I answered that question correctly Jimmy, Ha! If not let me know. How about the song of the week, "Lonely Street". Well for me it holds some bad memories. Recently my girlfriend and I said our goodbyes. And for me this song takes me back to the good days, and the relationship with her. We listen to Patsy Cline anytime we took a car ride. We dated for almost 2 yrs. And I grew pretty close to her. So anytime I play Patsy's tunes like "Lonely Street" I get pretty teary eyed. I'm sure in time I will get over this problem. But for now it's still a memory when I play Patsy. One thing I can say is Patsy's music has in some ways brought me through the tough times. Thats one thing know one can take from me. I'm a Patsy Cliner and will be for life. Well, till next time. Sincerely
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Wednesday, February 18, 1998 at 23:04:43 (MET)
Hey, Everyone! Hope all of you had an excellent Valentine's day. I spent the day with my niece and nephew. SOW: I like this one. I've always wondered why Bill McCall didn't offer it to Patsy when she was still under contract to 4 Star (the song was a 4 Star copyright, and a big hit for Andy Williams in 1959). Shows how smart a businessman he was. The harmonica and the Jordanaires combine to set the mood of the piece, with their expressions of loneliness.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Wednesday, February 18, 1998 at 04:34:01 (MET)
Well, HOWDEE everyone! Just thought I'd sign in and say howdy. How is everyone? I'm just as happy as if I had good sense! :) Jimmy, please e-mail me, I have some questions about that magazine with the Owen B. article in it. Thanks! Well, I thought I'd bring up an interesting subject that I've been closely examining. What is it? Patsy Cline's jewelry. She sure did have a lot, didn't she? I read that she collected earrings of all types (salt 'n' pepper shakers too!). I think she looked the best in the plain gold hoops she wears on the Faded Love album. Another jewelry item she adored had to be those rhinestone tiaras!!! Dig those crazy pics of her in the white feathered dress with that tiara resting snuggly on her reddish-brown wig! :) I don't know if she favored rings, she seemed to always wear the same two. On the Showcase album (red one) and on the Sentimentally Yours album, she is wearing this diamond shaped gold ring. Does anyone else notice it? Oh yes, you can also see it faintly on the Faded Love album. Was this her wedding ring or just a treasure? She also had another she wore often that was just a gold band with diamonds going around it. Has anyone else noticed this one? And of course, she always wore that same watch, the skinny black one. Very elegant indeed. Anyway, just thought I'd share this topic with you. Any comments? Next weeks topic? Patsy Cline's makeup! Ha! :) Well, I'm goin' to scoot on outta here! Please e-mail me everyone! *Amber*
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Wednesday, February 18, 1998 at 03:48:10 (MET)
A little magazine news. Music City News has in their recent issue that is on the stands an article about Owen Bradley. There is a somewhat rare picture of Patsy and Randy Hughes with Owen. Rachel, I for one like Wanda Jackson. You are right about song style. I have seen Wanda in western outfits and formal dress. I think are several similiarities between the two. Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker <>
- Tuesday, February 17, 1998 at 21:51:04 (MET)
Hello everyone. It has been a while. I am still looking for vintage Western wear for my Patsy Cline tribute show here in Kansas City. The good stuff is hard to find. I personally preferred Patsy in her fancy gowns. I love the picture of Patsy in Amber's Patsy News Page, where she is wearing that white dress with the feathers at the bottom and a tiara. Unfortunately, most of the impersonator shows I have tried out for think that Patsy is better remembered in her Western wear that her mother made, and they think that is how I should dress. It looks like I will have to have my mom make me an outfit if I want a job. Anyway, I was recently interviewed by a friend for her fanzine "Carry Go, Bring Come". It is primarily a zine dedicated to ska and big band, but she is doing a series on women in music. I was honored to be featured as her female performer for this month's issue. One of the questions she asked me was if I liked any other female rock-a-billy artists. I had never really categorized Patsy as a rock-a-billy singer, but after I thought about it, I realized that many of my favorite Patsy songs are rock-a-billy, and I would probably enjoy other female rock-a-billy singers. But I didn't know about any. When I told my friend this, she told me about Wanda Jackson. I am probably the only one on this fan forum that hasn't heard of her, but if I am wrong, I would recommend you check her out. I think that her music would appeal to a lot of Patsy fans. Her voice is much twangier and almost annoying at times, but the songs she sings are definitely songs I could hear Patsy singing. That is probably because they are from around the same time period. I have always thought of Patsy as a female version of Elvis. Wanda Jackson actually dated Elvis, and his influence is evident in her music. Wanda is not nearly the singer Patsy was, but I still think she should be recognized for her contribution as one of the first women to sing the rock-a-billy style that Patsy is often credited with as well. My personal favorite is "Fujiyama Mama". It is a kind of silly number that I could see Patsy singing. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Someone please send me some mail!
Rachel Fenton <>
Kansas City, MO USA - Tuesday, February 17, 1998 at 18:56:39 (MET)
Hey Everyone! It's been a couple of months since I last signed in, I have truly missed stopping by and reading everyone's entries, but I got a full time job and I have 3 kids, well you know the story, I just don't have time for the finer things in life anymore, so I have put my foot down and decided to start my page back up and to sign in at least once or twice a week! I have been reading entries alot here lately and I am glad to see all the "regulars" and some new "regulars" on board.

OK, got that out of the way, let me tell you about my trip I took this past week. I had to go to Pulaski, TN for the week on business, well I couldn't help but notice how close Nashville!!!! was!!!! So yes you know I went, the first day I got a itching to go to Camden, TN, and Hot Dogies I went!!!! I just want to let everyone know if you have never been it is well worth the trip! It was colder than a well-diggers you know what and raining, but it didn't stop me from going, my husband thought I was absolutely crazy!!!! But when it comes to the Cline I have been known to do crazy things! Anyway, I stood out there in the rain for over and hour crying and wishing that plane crash would have never taken place. I stood by the pile of rocks (where they found Patsy's body) and squalled even harder. It really is a moving experience if you have never been.

I went back to Nashville and visited inside the Ryman and got me some Patsy items to bring back, they have black and white 8 X 10's of Patsy, and I already had two, so I got the one I didn't have. I also found a Patsy hat with her signature embrodiered in it, I know I spelled that wrong, and then I went on to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and as you walk in the door, I sware the feeling of magic just comes over you. There is a huge replica of the Patsy Cline stamp on the ceiling, and then when you walk through the exhibits, the only Patsy things they had was one of her outfits and her lighter and the clock from the plane. I took so many pictures it isn't even real, I paid a fortune to get them developed but it was worth it, I even threatened the lady at Wal-Mart when I took them to get them developed that if something happened to those rolls of film she would be on my butt wooping list!!!! You know what I mean!!! But again like I said if you haven't had a chance to get to Nashville or Camden, please do. It is a dream come true for me, and I will never forget the feeling I had when I visited. She may be gone and been gone for 34 years but I tell you when you visit Nashville you wouldn't know no better!!!!

They have a wonderful way of keeping the ones who have passed on in great memory and they display pictures, items and everything, it is very moving. I plan to take my fourth trip to Nashville in about another month, and I am bound and determined to find her home on Nella Drive, I have seen Jimmy Walker's pictures so I know what it looks like, and Per, if you need to see some of my pics for the page let me know, I have plenty!!! Some of you e-mail me sometime, I got quite friendly with some of you and I do miss you, but until then let's keep Patsy alive forever!!!!!!!!!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USofA - Monday, February 16, 1998 at 04:42:15 (MET)

Hey all! Shane, are you going to have the poster collection with all those large pictures? Have fun. SOW is the saddest song that I have heard, Patsy just makes it that. You feel like you are the only one on that street. This is a fav. of mine. Well, here is some good news for a change! Harold Bradley, Owen's brother in case ya didn't know, is finishing up Mandy Barnett's cd! Mandy is very pleased with his work. Also, hopefully soon I can tell who will be playing Patsy in "Just a Closer Walk" show at the Texas Trobadour. Cross your fingers that she can work this out. She is awesome and even had a hit on the several charts during Christmas a few years back and it remains a seasonal favorite. The second season premeire is April 2, 1998. Danny Picketts returns as "Little Big Man". Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker <>
Lexington, ky - Monday, February 16, 1998 at 01:24:45 (MET)
Hi everyone - Re: SOW - one of my favorites & perfectly suited for Patsy's voice - the mournful harmonica adds a nice touch -- Per, I like the way you've integrated Amber's pages into your website - you now have the site that has it all! Those of you who haven't checked out the new pages yet, please do so. Always, Guy
Guy Cesario <>
Burbank, IL USA - Sunday, February 15, 1998 at 23:14:59 (MET)
Comment: Thanks very much, Guy! /Per
Hello! I had forgotten to mention that I've recently received my official membership package from the Patsy Cline Fan Club. Needless to say, I am delighted. Re: SOW - "Lonely Street" - I think this song sounds mournful from the opening note. Although I'm not very fond of this song, I think Patsy did a nice job with it. Happy Valentine's Day/President's Day Weekend .
SueBee <>
NY - Sunday, February 15, 1998 at 08:32:37 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans, it's great to be here today. Haven't signed on for about a week, I've been kinda busy lately like everyone else in the world. Couple days ago I rounded up some pictures I've collected of Patsy, and took them to a picture shop called "The Mailbox and etc". It's a real neat store that was recently built here in Williamsport. So I decided since they would be able to enlarge my pictures I would take them down. The pictures turned out great. One of the pictures I enlarged was an outtake photo from "Sentimentally Yours". I had it blown up to a 8 by 10. All together I blow up 4 photos. I might go down today and blow up several more. I wish I would have done this years ago. I believe this store is nationwide. So if you have one in your town checkem out. It's pretty cool !!! Also today I will be offically sending out my money to join the Patsy Cline fan club. So I am indeed excited. And also I am sending for a 8 by 10 color photo of Patsy's last concert. I plan to blow up several photos when I receive the copy. Sincererly...
Shane C. Collins
Wiliamsport, PA - Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 21:43:29 (MET)
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 12:59:14 (MET)

Hey cats! Ain't we havin fun? I sure am. I get such a kick reading what some of you hosses post here! Never fails to entertain me. Time for SOW, and again, it is scary that it is almost exactly 36 years to the day that this song was laid down! 2-15-62, "Lonely Street". Not one of my favorites. I do like how Patsy's voice sounds, though, as if she is crying throughout. Anyone have a different feeling about this one?
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, February 13, 1998 at 16:24:10 (MET)
Since Valentine's Day is right around the bend, here is a thought for you. I think it would sound cool to hear Patsy sing "My Heart Cries for You". Her voice would blend so beautifully with the words to that song. Tell me whatcha think. Visit my webpage when you get a chance. I have a short Patsy bio as well as an autobigraphy of myself, a history of Starday Records and some record jackets from my collection, and a guestbook. Hope to see you there. Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Friday, February 13, 1998 at 05:49:14 (MET)
Hi everybody! Happy Valentines Day!!!!! Glad to see that there are still lots of posts coming in on here......... isn't it wonderful how people from all over the world appreciate our dear Patsy!! Well, I do wish that I could help build that Memorial Building (museum) for Patsy Cline in Winchester, VA. I have offered to come and do a tribute concert during apple blossom festival end of April...... (draws over a quarter million people)...... using the proceeds to go towards the building fund........ all I needed was my travel expenses covered....... we have a great outdoor sound system for big shows........ lighting........a super tribute show.......... but seems nobody there wants to sponsor me...... when I was there for the Patsy Cline Festival in Sept., the chamber was so impressed they had invited me back for Apple Blossom Festival in spring with an idea of having me ride on a float singing Patsy songs........ which I suggested would be a great way to promote and get donations for the museum building fund...... but again, nobody will get the ball rolling there... no sponsorship, etc..... it's really a shame........ I can offer my talent and time, name and equipment....... any idea's out there??? If you'd like to visit my site, we website address is and you can hear soundwave samples of some of my Patsy recordings at the concert pictures link. Let me know what you think. Lot's of changes to the web site!! By the way, so sorry to hear about all the great talents passing this year...... so many with a Patsy connection. Well, take care ya'll and KEEP IT COUNTRY...... better yet, KEEP IT PATSY!!! Logan :o)
Logan Wells <>
Cleveland, OH USA - Wednesday, February 11, 1998 at 23:23:56 (MET)
I love this site! I love Patsy Cline! She is pure Americana and I must admit that I'm also attracted to her but it makes me melancholy to know that the music stopped too soon. Because of her I've become fond of country music. Patsy was truly gifted and Owen Bradley, her producer, was a genius, (may he rest in peace) his legendary Countrypolitan sound behind Patsy's voice is unparalleled in production quality. Patsy has one of the most beautiful voices ever in American music. I'm 100% male but I get shivers just listening to it.
Edwin Sanchez <>
Arcadia, Ca USA - Monday, February 09, 1998 at 09:34:59 (MET)
Hey Guys! Thought I'd let ya know that there is a clip of Patsy in John Anderson's video "Taking the Country Back". It is a shot from the end of "Lovesick Blues" where she kinda nods her head and flips her hand in the air. The video has different clips of older stars weaved throughout it. You can catch it on CMT. Although I am not sure of the times it is shown. Wade
Wade Settle <>
- Monday, February 09, 1998 at 07:45:14 (MET)
SOW: This track was among several recorded at Decca's Phythian Temple studio in New York in April, 1957. Although a good performance, it's not one of Patsy's best. It's not Patsy (it's never Patsy), it's the material and the production (the session was reportedly produced by Paul Cohen and Bill McCall). If Owen Bradley had been involved, it might have turned out better. I can see Patsy cutting a jazz album. Owen certainly had the background for it. It is reported that Owen and Patsy were planning to do an album of Broadway showtunes, so she was looking at expanding her horizons. It wasn't to be, but we have an incredible body of work to enjoy.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN 37924 - Monday, February 09, 1998 at 03:34:27 (MET)
Wade Patsy would have nailed a Jazz album! I actually like "Try Again". It has that Jazzy feeling. Did you all see that small clip of Patsy singing "Imagine That" on the Opry backstage program last night? Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker
Lexington, KY - Sunday, February 08, 1998 at 22:51:33 (MET)
About the song of the week: It is one of my favorites because it is so jazzy. I love those songs that really swing. Marty Robbins did a jazz-like album in '62, and I think it would have been awesome if Patsy could have recorded an album like that. She most certainly had the voice to do so. What do y'all think? Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Sunday, February 08, 1998 at 20:03:01 (MET)
Per, I must say I do indeed feel stupid for not reading about Patsy's father dying in 1956. I read your Bio when I found this site for the first time. But that was a while back. So I guess I just plain forgot he died. Than you again for clarifing that...
Shane C. Collins
- Saturday, February 07, 1998 at 22:07:24 (MET)
Hello everyone. I have to agree with Lisa on the SOW "Try Again", it doesn't bring the full clarity and range of Patsy Cline's voice. To be honest with you all, I think the take of this song from the CD "The Birth of a Star" is much better. the studio cut seems rather sly and much slower. The "Birth of a Star" gives the song a more uptempo lets taken home type beat. So all and all I tend to like the live version much better. In fact if I was someone producing a box set of Patsy, I would have used the live performance, vs the studio take. I think this is the case with other Patsy Cline songs. Some are better live. And some are much better in the studio. It usually boils down to a matter of someones taste in music. Till next time, sincerely.....
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Saturday, February 07, 1998 at 21:56:04 (MET)
I am a music teacher and I am doing some research on Patsy Cline so I can teach my students. Any and all comments can be directed to my e-mail:, or write to me at my school:

Eddie Guanajuato
% IPS Crispus Attucks M.S.
1140 Dr. Martin Luther King St.
Indianapolis, In 46202-0221

Please include all the necessary info so I can get back to you. Thank you for your help and prayers. Eddie
Eddie Guanajuato <>
Indy, IN USA - Saturday, February 07, 1998 at 04:49:16 (MET)

Hello Everyone! I happen to think this week's SOW is a pretty good one, although I wish Patsy had ended the song differently. I feel it is one of the better songs from the 4 Star Years.
- Saturday, February 07, 1998 at 02:18:28 (MET)
Hi everyone - S.O.W. -- Here's one on which I have to diagree with you, Lisa. This one happens to be one of my favorites from the 4-star years. Songs like this one and "If I Could Only Stay Asleep" make me imagine Patsy in a small club setting, maybe perched on a stool next to a piano, and singing jazzy, bluesy type numbers. Boy, I would have loved to have heard her in a small, intimate setting, singing things like The Beatles' "Yesterday" or "Send in the Clowns", ahhhhhhh, but then I DO (in my head, anyway). Sweet Dreams everyone, Always, Guy
Guy Cesario <>
Burbank, IL USA - Friday, February 06, 1998 at 20:12:26 (MET)
Hey gang, time for the Song 'o the Week, chosen randomly from the Swingin Patsy Cline Songs Database! Today's selection: from the New York session of 04-25-57, "Try Again". Eeek, I wish the SOW database would try again, as this is not one of my favorites. It doesn't allow Patsy to express the full range of her talent, it's way too laid back for me. But it's okay, I mean, you could certainly enjoy a cocktail while listening to this one. Or mulled wine. Wade, thanks for the tip about the original Patsy album, my copy is on its way to me. What would we fans do without each other, I ask you?!
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, February 06, 1998 at 15:17:19 (MET)
Sorry Wade, I'm not able to E-Mail. Reason, well I don't actually have a PC of my own. I was using a friends computer that we both used together from time to time. But several months ago our internet connection was shut down. Because are PC monitor became outdated. It was not able to run 3.0. I believe it was something like 2.8. Anyways, I've been using computers at a local library in my town. Seems to work fairly well, considering it's close by. And that's the main reason I can't E-Mail anyone. I wish I could. My friend and I haven't decided what to do at this point. But I certaintly hope in the near future to have my own, more updated system. So we don't have this problem again. Till that time comes I'm stuck typing from this library system. However if you would like to write instead. You may reach me at:

Shane C. Collins
RR 1 Box 851
Cogan Station, PA 17728.

Also Wade, the library blocks use of E-Mail and Chat services. And if anyone for that matter would like to write feel free. I realize it's faster using a PC, but sometimes it's nice to gets some personal letters from fans as well. Jimmy Walker and I write back and forth from time to time. And he has been a great help to me answering questions and such. And certaintly look forward to keeping in touch with him in the future.

Well I have to say, the strangest thing happend to me last night. A good friend of mine for almost 3 yrs now, has a sister and a Grandmother who absolutely adore Patsy Cline. It's strange because I've know them for almost 3 yrs now and never know they liked Patsy. So last night I sat down and talked to both of them for about an hour about Patsy. They were very excited to here about the 4 CD Box Set from MCA. And also I told them about the two Bio VHS tapes. I will be loaning them the 2 tapes to view. They both seemed very excited about these tapes, because I told them about the TV performance clips. So it's even more thrilling to know there are more Patsy Cline fans in Williamsport, PA. So I will be doing a duty as a Cline fan. I will continue to inform them about Patsy and more recent releases. They have been listening to a "Greatest Hits" tape for almost 5 yrs now. So it's time to move them into the 90's with refreshing Cline CD quality music. Till next time, Sincerely....
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Friday, February 06, 1998 at 00:43:53 (MET)

I have just recently become a fan of Patsy Cline. I fell in love with her music after seeing the movie "Sweet Dreams: The life and times of Patsy Cline". The song that really brought her to my attention was "Sweet Dreams". That song is my favorite song of all her songs.
Chloe Hankinson <>
Oakmont, PA United States - Thursday, February 05, 1998 at 17:35:34 (MET)
About the Patsy LPs I mentioned in my statement: These are the real deal... They are used, and for the most part in good shape. I would have ordered them if I hadn't spent so much money on CDs already! Let's all remember that the 4th through the 7th is the 35th anniversary of the last Patsy CLine recordings. I plan to dig those songs out today and educate all those that live near me that like to degrade the Cline. They say I listen to too much Cline and too much Elvis. Only one thing I've got to say to that - darn right and I love every bit of it. Have a great day, yall. Shane, send me some e-mail. If you get to read this, Julie, please check out my website when you get a chance. Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Wednesday, February 04, 1998 at 14:46:37 (MET)
Wade! Brighton is practically down the street from my house! Thanks for the tip, I plan to call them this morning! And if they turn out to be fake, I can go plant my boot personally. And congrats on the poster, I'm sure it is beautiful. None of the record stores up here had any posters because they are a bunch of neo-Nazi-fascist music haters, ha!
Lisa F.
Homesick Texan, - Wednesday, February 04, 1998 at 11:25:55 (MET)
It has been a long time since I have signed in here. I have some incredible news... The folks at the CD store in town saved me a Patsy promotional poster. It promotes the Cimarron CD. It is a big poster, and I just love it! That will become the latest addition to my wall archive. I've still yet to send off for the Patsy 45s that I have won. And here is some information that you all may be interested in. Old Homestead Records of Michigan has copies of "Patsy Cline" (the 1st and 2nd pressings), "That's How a Heartache Begins". On LP. Their address is Old Homestead Box 100 Brighton MI 48116. You might want to call and see if they have any left-810-227-1997. Guess I had better go for now. Hi to Julie, Sue, Jim, Shane and all the gang. Great job, Per!
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Wednesday, February 04, 1998 at 09:07:51 (MET)
Hello Patsy fans. Jimmy, I never knew Patsy liked chinese food. But then again I could almost see Patsy cooking that good old country food in her spacious kitchen of the 1960's. Can you all image what thrill it would have been to have been invited to Patsy's house for some Cline cookin'. I don't know if I would have been able to eat. I probally would have passed out from the excitement of just being there. Ha! I think of what a lose it is to have never met her in person. But then again being that I was born in 1974. It would have been hard to do. Never the less, it certaintly would have been nice to have met her. No matter what time zone we were in.

One quick question for ya all. I probally should know the answer to this question, because I've been a fan so long. But here goes. Is Patsy Cline's father still living? And if not, what year did he die? And also. Another quick question. Is Patsy Cline's first husband Gerald Cline still with us? Till next time, Sincerely...
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Wednesday, February 04, 1998 at 00:28:36 (MET)
Comment: Regarding the question about if Patsy's father is still alive: You really haven't read the bio on my main page, have you? :-) He died of lung cancer in 1956. I don't know about Gerald Cline, though. /Per

Howdy All! Jimmy, you are correct about the foods Patsy really enjoyed. Future Recipes of the Week will include some of Patsy's favorites.
- Tuesday, February 03, 1998 at 23:06:17 (MET)
Patsy Cline is my all time favorite singer. Her music has inspired me for many years. I love her music.
Donna Freytag <>
Harrod, Ohio, - Tuesday, February 03, 1998 at 18:57:16 (MET)
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