At the Riverside Park Ballroom
in Phoenix, Arizona, 1960.
Photo by Johnny Franklin.

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Hello, At this time I am listening to the C.D. "Patsy Cline All Time Hits". If I could fulfill one wish I wish I could get up and sing just one of Patsy's songs like her. I like everyone of the 12 songs included on this C.D. Just tonight I learned we had the same first name, Virginia. While on the net this evening I was listening to her sing and thought I aut to see if she has a web page and fan club. "Wow", does she ever. I think she had one of the most beautiful singing voices ever. Some of my favorites are, "Crazy", "I Fall To Pieces", "The Wayward Wind", "Back In Baby's Arms", and on & on & on! Patsy was beautiful through and through. What a tragedy to have lost her. I believe her offspring would be about 40 & 37. Would love to here how they are doing and about them but I'm sure they are keeping a low profile. I wish them both love and best wishes where ever they are. Will close for now. Ginny in OKC
Ginny in OKC <>
OKC, OK, U.S.A. - Tuesday, February 03, 1998 at 11:15:11 (MET)
NASHVILLE, TN USA - Tuesday, February 03, 1998 at 09:12:54 (MET)
Shane and everyone, I have always heard Patsy like to eat and cook good old famous country cooking. She enjoyed Chinese too. Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker
Lexington, KY - Tuesday, February 03, 1998 at 03:45:44 (MET)
Hello to everyone, just got through reading Sue Bee's recipe page. (found at this site on the links page). Does anyone know what Patsy's favorite dish was? Or what she liked to cook using recipes? Never wondered about this sort of thing before, but Bee's page got me curious Ha! Ha! The only story I ever heard of mentioning food, was about her last stop in Dyersburg, TNN. It explained about her ordering a shrimp salad from the airport dining room. And Jimmy I clicked on your name and copied down the address for Midwest Today Magazine. Will order when March rolls over. See ya all later. Sincerly...
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA - Tuesday, February 03, 1998 at 01:10:43 (MET)
Hey all! I was talking with a friend at the Winchester VA Chamber of Comm. today. Judy Sue Kemp was telling me that they hope to take the Patsy display at the Kurtz and enlarge it to the second floor. They hope to have this ready by April. This maybe the forerunner to the future Patsy Cline Musuem. For details or if you can donate memorabilia call 1-800-662-1360. Can't remember if I mentioned that Midwest Today Magazine will be doing a story on Patsy in the March issue. This will be a fan based article and will include many rare pictures of Patsy! I have added the url for their home page if you need to order a copy. Saw that Country Weekly Magazine did a brief spot on Patsy this week. They reported that this week in 1963 was Patsy last recording session. Always, Jimmy 2-2-98
Jim Walker
Lexington, KY - Monday, February 02, 1998 at 23:05:03 (MET)
Howdy Everybody! I just love this SOW, "Your Kinda Love". The way PC's uses the voice breaks/flips for which she is famous is clearly demonstrated when she sings "but you're a great a-RAIN-HAYN-ger". I feel this song is perfect for Patsy and she's performed it to perfection! The song is one of my personal favorites.
NY - Friday, January 30, 1998 at 19:03:42 (MET)
Hey, all you cats, what's shakin? I'm just grillin n chillin n diggin the "Song o' the Week!" 09-05-62, "Your Kinda Love". This is SO groovy! The middle part is my fav, I alternate between singin along with PC and singin along with the Jivin J's! I've always thought that "you're a great arranger" was a peculiar yet strangely affecting lyric myself. Yes? Woke up today with no heat in this snowstorm, so I'd better go turn on the CD player and let Patsy heat things up, baby!
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, January 30, 1998 at 12:22:11 (MET)
This site is always a priority stop when I am on the internet. There isn't anything I can add new except to repeat again that Patsy is the greatest Today Tomorrow and Forever.
Marvin Ziegmann <>
Wall Lake, Ia USA - Friday, January 30, 1998 at 06:11:55 (MET)
Hello to all Patsy Cline fans. First off I would like to thank the "Always Patsy Cline Fan Club" for sending out information to join the fan club. I've been waiting for several months but it was worth the wait. I will be joining the Patsy Cline Fan Club very soon. Thanks again !! I actually had a chance to join the orignal fan club in 1988. But somehow I lost the letter and interest in joining. Several years after that I tried to receive info, but after sending my letter they never responded. Later I found out they shut the fan club down. So as you can tell it has been a struggle throughout the years. Although I blame most of that on myself.

A couple of days ago while watching the video "Remembering Patsy", I noticed something. After Charlie Dick (Patsy's 2nd husband) finishes talking about Patsy's car accident, and they start playing the song "Stupid Cupid" with the pictures after her accident. In one of those pictures it looks like Patsy is holding a cigarrette. She is walking forward in the photo, but is looking over her left shoulder and in her left hand it looks like a cigarrette. Can anyone verify this photo. The only reason I ask, other than being curious, is after I read the book "The Life and Times of Patsy Cline". It stated "Patsy started smoking again after the birth of Randy, but come camera time she was always quick to put her cigarrette down". It would seem to me that if the photo in the video I mention above shows her with a cigarrette, then it must have been taken by surprise. Till next time, sincerely...
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Tuesday, January 27, 1998 at 00:51:40 (MET)

Hello everyone (Per, Jimmy, Sue B, Sue W, Bill, Lisa, Mark, Wade, Kathy, etc...) Sorry I haven't written in the guestbook for a while. Anyway, Per, I love the new pages you have created. I still have yet to get rid of my page! Ha! :-) I was saddened to hear of the deaths of Justin Tubb, Carl Perkins, Floyd Cramer, Jumbo Rinker, and especially of Owen Bradley. I consider him a musical genius and he will forever be in my heart. He not only produced the all time great Patsy Cline, but another one of my favorites, Brenda Lee. Wish I could have met him... Well, I'm going to run. I would love to hear from everyone, so please e-mail me! *Amber*
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Monday, January 26, 1998 at 02:15:52 (MET)
Annie May <>
Canada - Monday, January 26, 1998 at 01:59:16 (MET)
The Ernest Tubb record shop now has a web page at They have more details on Justin Tubb. Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker
- Monday, January 26, 1998 at 01:50:30 (MET)
I tell you what. The past month has been heck on the country music community: Floyd Cramer, Owen Bradley, Carl Perkins and now Justin Tubb have passed away, and Grandpa Jones suffered a massive stroke. I'm beginning to think the folks in Nashville must be experiencing the same kinds of emotions they felt 35 years ago. It's so sad. Re. the SOW: I love it. The '61 original, the '80 overdub, the '85 overdub, the live version on the "Cimmaron Ballroom" CD, I love them all. I had, and heard, the '80 overdub before the '61 original. I almost fell out when I heard Patsy talk for the first time at the end of the '61 cut when she says "Hmmm, hmmm. Just for you. Fool around with me baby" (it was 1981, and I was 11 years old). I feel the '80 and '85 overdubs do more justice to the song than the latin flavored arrangment on the '61 cut. BTW, the current issue of Country Weekly contains a list of albums, singles and videos that were certified Gold/Platinum/Multi-Platinum by the RIAA in 1997. Among those, "The Patsy Cline Story" was certified Platinum (over 1,000,000 in sales) and "Remembering Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves" was certified Gold (over 500,000 in sales). "Remembering" contains the duet of "I Fall To Pieces" (one of two created in the studio by Owen Bradley in 1981), five Patsy solos and four Jim Reeves solos. The other duet is "Have You Ever Been Lonely," available on the RCA CD & Cassette "Greatest Hits of Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Sunday, January 25, 1998 at 06:33:35 (MET)
Welcome all. More sad news -- Justin Tubb, writer of "Imagine That" passed away today. Click on my name below and you should go to the IFCO page. More news is there. Well, onto song of the week. The orginal cha cha version is my favorite!! Hey, are you having touble finding Patsy in the record stores? Well, try the Ernest Tubb record shop. They do mail orders and have a great selection. I don't have the 1-800 ## but try information for it. They have a new web. I guess I better get and check it out myself. Always, Jimmy 1-24-98
Jim Walker
Lexington, KY - Sunday, January 25, 1998 at 03:37:13 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans. It's so great to read and hear about younger genrations getting into Patsy Cline. Was reading Hollie Payne's input, I think it's wonderful to see this sort of excitment happen to those younger than myself. Welcome aboard Hollie, and to all the others as well. How about the song of the week, "Foolin' Around". I think on this great tune, my favorite would have to be the studio take 8-24-61 with all the orignal instruments. Even though I agree with Lisa, the "Sweet Dreams" version is by all means a winner, I still prefer the 1961 version. As far as the "Cimmarron" take. It's good considering Patsy didn"t know the song to well. It would be great to see a tv performance of that song. Agree. Till next time, Sincerly
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Saturday, January 24, 1998 at 22:56:37 (MET)
It's me again! Just after I sent the last message I realized that I do in fact have the live version of "Foolin' Round" on the Cimarron Ballroom CD. I am experiencing brain-drain today, sorry. I've been so wrapped up in listening to all the new PC CDs I received in December, that I haven't listened to Cimarron for some time now. I think the "live" version is as good as it can be under the circumstances, considering that Patsy was still recovering from that terrible car accident, and performed it near the very end of that Tulsa concert.
SueBee Again
- Friday, January 23, 1998 at 22:51:21 (MET)
Howdy Everybody! I am really excited that the SOW is "Foolin' Round". I only have the cha-cha and C & W versions, but I really enjoy them both tremendously. I look forward to hearing the live version and I'm sure I'll love that one too!
SueBee <>
NY - Friday, January 23, 1998 at 21:54:07 (MET)
Hey, crazies! Time for the Song of the Week from the way cool Patsy Songs Database: 08-24-61, "Foolin Round". The original was the cha-cha version, and the movie version was C&W. And of course, we also have the live version now! My fav is the C&W, even though I generally *hate* remakes. The song just seems more natural that way to my ears. The live version is a trip to listen to, especially since PC at the time says she didn't know it very well. Ha!
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, January 23, 1998 at 13:07:20 (MET)
MARBLE FALLS, TX AMERICA - Friday, January 23, 1998 at 04:01:29 (MET)
I am 20 years old, and have been a Patsy Cline fan since I was about 9. I am now a Patsy Cline impersonator with my own show in Kansas City. I am alwasys looking for friends who share my interest in this fabulous singer. I would also like to find contacts that could help me further research my career as an impersonator. Any pictures or songs I have not heard would be helpful. I am also looking for a good place to find vintage western wear like Patsy would have worn. And if anyone hears about any auditions for movies, plays, or other shows about Patsy Cline, or if anyone is looking for a Patsy Cline impersonator, I would be very appreciative if someone would contact me. Thanks.
Rachel Fenton <>
Kansas City, MO USA - Thursday, January 22, 1998 at 18:49:05 (MET)
Ellie, I too noticed that "gliche" in the movie. But if you remember "Charlie" was around when she was singing "Blue Moon" and she was mad at him. So in my opinion they altered this for the moment and for effect. This is also done when she is in the recording studio doing "She Got U" and "Charlie" comes. Shane, I have asked around about a picture of Patsy and Loretta and no knows of one. I would love to see one myself. Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker <>
- Thursday, January 22, 1998 at 18:04:20 (MET)
Hello Patsy fans!!! it's good to be here again. Just finished reading through the postings here, and have to agree with Jimmy Walker, let's all thank our host Per for this great site dedicated to the best female singer in the world. So Per, thank you again !!! Jimmy Walker, you were asking if anything was left out at your posting. One thing I can think of is whether there will be a release this year of Patsy's last TV performances. I know a gentleman in Florida was thinking of a release. So I was curious to know what the latest was on that? Does anyone happen to know if there are any pictures of Patsy Cline and Lorretta Lynn together. If they were as good as friends like everyone said they were, you would think there were some pictures taken? Till next time. Sincerly...
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA. - Thursday, January 22, 1998 at 00:18:55 (MET)
In reflection, it was on this day back on January 21, 1957 that Patsy first appeared on "The Author Godfrey Show" in New York singing "Walking After Midnight" accompanied by her mother Hilda. Let us all go back to that time today, and remember Patsy. Give a listen to that great performance on our "Birth Of A Star" CD and the beginning of a legend.
Louis <>
Canada, - Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 20:36:19 (MET)
I have been a fan of Patsy's for years, and I love this site. However, I am a little disappointed when I receive no responses regarding my questions. In my last entry I had my hopes up when I asked if anyone would know where I could locate any Patsy Cline records, and I got no help from a soul. I thought this site was to inform and enlighten everyone. Come on everybody, let's all help one another. Please e-mail me at
Louis <>
Canada, - Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 04:05:44 (MET)
Comment: Patsy Cline CDs can be found in any record shop, I suppose, or ordered thru various CD catalogues, or ordered thru the web sites that are available on the Internet, and I have made a couple of suggestions on my main page. When it comes to used records (vinyl), I have also made a couple of suggestions on the main page. I have bought several CDs from Cliff at In Your Ear Music, and I have bought lots of vinyl (Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn) from Craig Moerer's and from Paula's House of Music, and I am very satisfied with them. /Per
I, too, am saddened to hear of the passing of Carl Perkins. Like Owen and Floyd, so much of music history goes with him. Just reading over the postings from the past few days. Mr. Jefferson, "When I Get Through With You (You'll Love Me Too)" is included in the 4 CD Box Set from MCA. It is Track #26 on CD #3. The song was recorded in September, 1962. SOW: An OK song, but not one of Patsy's best. Again, her distaste for "Walkin' After Midnight" rubbed off on one of the other songs recorded the same day.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, January 20, 1998 at 04:39:10 (MET)
Hey all. Well 1998 has not gotten off to a great start at all. I too was sadden to learn of Carl Perkins death. At this time I would like to reflect a little on 1997. Finally my year in review. I guess the highlight of the year for all us was the July release of "Live at the Cimmaron Ballroom". Patsy does swing. In April Patsy returned to Nashville in the show "Just A Closer Walk..." at the Texas Trobadour. Terri Williams starred in this production. Lisa Layne was her understudy. It was very successful. In June New York went country with "Always Patsy Cline" playing off-broadway. Tori Pazzoli (spelling??) starred in this production. While both productions toured around the U.S. "Always Patsy Cline" had an extended stays in Louisville, KY; and Chicago, IL. At the end of June Camden, TN had the 2nd Annual Music Fest. Patsy and the others ended up being remembered due to the hard work of Patsy fan club. Also signs directing visitors to the crash were put up. A 100+ fan club members meet in Winchester, VA to celebrate Patsy. Singing, eating, bus tours, laughter and remembering were enjoyed by all that attend. The Internet also continued to see new web sites dedicated to Patsy. Thanks to Kathy Harrison and Guy Cesario. Per and Amber continue their great work. Honors for Patsy included being inducted into country music hall fame in N. Carolina. Va remembered Patsy with a Patsy Cline day in Jan. Over 7 millions units of "Greatest Hits" were honored along with "Crazy" continuing to rein as Favorite Jukebox song of all time. "Pieces" is #17. Charlie Dick and Julie Fudge were able to accept the awards on Prime Time Country in Aug. 1998 has gotten off to a sad start with the deaths of Owen Bradly, Jumbo Rinker, Carl Perkins and Floyd Cramer. But I know there is a rainbow. In April the Texas Trobadour will continue with "Just a Closer Walk with Patsy". In Jan "Always Patsy Cline" ended a very sucessful limited run at the Ryman with Mandy Barnett and Tere Myers reprising their rows. Several fan club members were able to see a show along with meeting several Mandy fans. In July Jim Reeves fans will see one of 2 bios. Patsy might be featured in these. Camden, TN is looking at having a fall fest this year instead of the Music Fest. Patsy will be honored somehow. I know I can count on Amy Barnett. Of course fan club members will meet in Patsy hometown of Winchester, VA. Hopefully will here some news of the long awaited musuem to honor Patsy. Well that is all I can think of. So if I have left anything out please let us all know by a message here. I would like to thank all the Guestbook regulars for your friendship via our computers and your support of Patsy through this forum. Milliions of thanks to our host Per. A big welcome to everyone that is new to "our place". I hope you enjoy your stay with us. As Anne Armstrong says, "keep it country and keep it Cline". Always, Jimmy 1-19-98
Jimmy Walker <>
- Tuesday, January 20, 1998 at 03:44:12 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans good to be here again. Well, I went out and did what I said I was gonna do, I bought the Country Weekly magazine featuring a photo of Patsy. I have to agree with Lisa, the photo shot does look simliar to the one on the back of "The Patsy Cline Story". Although I realize this photo on story is black and white, and just a head shot. But the way she is smiling looks actual like the one featured in CW magazine. Maybe our question to this will be answered correctly later. Also I was interested in finding out, (using the tour guide in Country Weekly) about were the "Always Patsy Cline" show would be playing near my hometown of Williamsport, PA. And to my surprise I found out the show would be playing Lancaster, PA. So I am indeed excited. I believe it will be playing March 5-8, 1998. Can anyone tell me how I can purchase tickets for this show? Jimmy Walker, if you happen to know, you have my address. A friend of mine hopes to attend the show with me. This will be my first event about Patsy that I will be going to, which makes it even more exciting. espically since I've been a fan for almost 13 years. Sincerly.
Shane C Collins
Williamsport, PA USA - Tuesday, January 20, 1998 at 01:55:01 (MET)
When I heard the news about Carl Perkins, I burst into tears and immediately put on "So Wrong". I guess Patsy needed a good picker to go with those great pianists. Godspeed, Carl, you will be missed!
Homesick Texan, - Tuesday, January 20, 1998 at 00:16:47 (MET)
We are an Italian family that last summer, during a vacation in the USA, happened to buy at a gas station a few Patsy Cline cassettes and immediately enjoyed it. Patsy followed us throughout our journey along the roads of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado. Now we are back in Italy and still sometimes we listen to her with great pleasure. We didn't know she was dead. When we realized it visiting this site, we felt quite sad. Everytime we'll think about that wonderful journey, we will remember of Patsy being with us. Thank you Patsy! Carolina, Silvana & Luigi
Carolina,Silvana & Luigi <>
Milano, ITALY - Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 18:07:01 (MET)
I just bought a CD from a bargain bin in Disk Jockey. It is a 2-CD set released through Time-Life and it is called "Country Style USA 1957 and 1961". The cover has a photo of Patsy on stage at the Opry in 1961. The set contains 3 songs by Patsy, and songs by Bill Anderson, Faron Young, Leroy VanDyke, Roy Drusky, Webb Pierce, and other classic stars. I hope you fans of true country find this CD. You will not be disappointed! Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 01:23:38 (MET)
Howdy everyone, It's good to be here again, It's also nice to see regular activity on the forum. Seems to be alot of talk about CW's new never seen photo of Patsy Cline, and also the cirumstances of Patsy recording "Crazy". Guess I'll have to run and buy myself a copy today. It's exciting to know there is a photo I haven't seen of Patsy yet. song of w - don't like it. Not a good song for Patsy Cline. Don't shoot me for that. Thank you. Sincerely.
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA - Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 22:23:11 (MET)
Hey Guy and Jimmy, isn't that photo of Patsy in CW the same one that is on the back of the PC Story LP? I'll have to check it more closely, but that's what it looks like to me (except in color, of course). Wow, they sure took lotsa pictures that day! We want more! Can't ever have enough! I wasn't too "Crazy" about the way that article was written, it made Patsy sound like a greedy "star" who threw tantrums and argued alot. I'm not convinced of the accuracy of that little tale, either...? I sure dug that story about Mark Chesnutt! Bill Cox is turning me on to him, that good ole Texas sound!!
Homesick Texan, - Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 14:52:03 (MET)
Hi all. Been a while since I signed in. My quest (and not a very lucky one!) has been to find video footage of Patsy in a complete state. I have both the videos that are out about Patsy, but I would love to track down some complete footage rather than just segments from her TV appearances. If anyone has any info where I may be able to find anything like this, I would appreciate any help I can get. Perhaps, Julie, if you read this you can e-mail me. I just finished watching "Remembering Patsy" and I hadn't watched my copy in over a year and I thought I should pop into the guestbook here and put a bug in your ears! Once again, any info is greatly appreciated. Jimmy-Help!!!! Thanks everyone!!!
Kerry Owens <>
Langley, BC Canada - Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 06:48:56 (MET)
Another great Song of the Week, Lisa - from the same session that gave us "Walkin' After Midnight" and the original version of "A Poor Man's Roses". I like the original "Poor Man's Roses" as much or better than the 1961 remake, and I definitely like the original "Walkin'" better than the remake. See Jimmy's comment below about the article in Country Weekly magazine. As Jimmy says, there's a great picture of our darlin' there, one that I had not seen previously. Always, Guy
Guy Cesario <>
Burbank, , IL USA - Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 05:59:13 (MET)
Hey swingers! As Bob Fosse said, "It's SOWtime!" Well, if he'd been a Patsy fan, he'd have said it. 11-08-56, "The Heart You Break May Be Your Own". This is another song that grew on me. I think the reason why is because Patsy has so many opportunities to go flat, but guess what, she never does! Unlike other gals who spring to mind. Clear as a bell. Perfect enunciation. I like the middle part best. Any other opinions out there? How about it!
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, January 16, 1998 at 15:10:19 (MET)
Just a quick note to say that this Saturday (1-17-98) will be the last show of "Always Patsy Cline" at the Ryman. Also, Mandy Barnett will be on the "Midnight Jamboree" on WSM radio. Tune if you can . Country Weekly has the story of how Patsy came to record "Crazy". Plus a not seen photo of Patsy is included. Always, Jimmy 1-15-97
Jim Walker
- Friday, January 16, 1998 at 03:40:04 (MET)
I love this page and I have been a fan of Patsy`s since I was a little girl. I love her music. My friends and family say I look a lot like her.
Linda Boykin <>
Sumter, SC U.S.A. - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 16:50:31 (MET)
I recently purchased the "LIVE at the Cimarron Ballroom" CD and noticed alot of glitches in the recording. Assuming you have this CD, is yours having the same problem? Thank you for page. It's great. We're one of the few stations who still play Patsy on a regular basis.
Gary Stelly <>
Orange, TX USA - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 07:59:43 (MET)
Comment: All CDs have those glitches, because the glitches are on the original tape. The tape was recorded using the in-house audio equipment at the Cimarron almost 37 years ago. Consider the circumstances... /Per
Hi All - I travel long distances to see Bill Gaither concerts and I got to daydreaming the other day and have come to the rality that there are only two other artists that I would do that for - Barb Streisand and Patsy Cline. Then I got to speculating as to whether Patsy would match Streisand as to having millions of ticket requests turned down. I sincerly believe that if she were still here today and doing concerts that it would be very difficult to get a ticket unless you were some VIP or had connections. Take care - Dick M.
Dick Malchow <>
Waupun, WI USA - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 02:53:19 (MET)
PINCONNINING, MI USA - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 01:58:01 (MET)
I just wanted to let everybody kow that I found a website where you can order CD's containing Patsy Cline's radio shows. The CD's have other artists' radio shows on them also, like Jim Reeves, Faron Young, and Eddy Arnold. The website is You can find the CD's under the Nastalgia category. There are 2 volumes, and they are titled "Country Radio Shows" Volume 1 and 2, and they are put out by the "On The Air" label. They cost $11.65/each plus shipping and handling. I ordered and recieved the first volume, and it's a true treasure. I can't wait to get the second one.
Mark Ogletree <>
Atlanta, GA - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 01:38:58 (MET)
I collect the music of Patsy Cline and would like to find more that I cannot find in stores
william boyd
muldrow, oklahoma 74948 - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 00:03:27 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans it's good to be back to this site. I'm recovery from the flu, so haven't been feeling to well. But I always feel better after being at this site. I have a question for anyone that can answer. I've always wondered what became of Patsy's clothes? Those famous ones you see on album covers like, Showcase, Sentimently Yours, The Patsy Cline Story, and Greatest Hits. This has always puzzled me from time to time. Can anyone answer? And also is the Patsy Cline museum going to be constructed in Winchester, VA? I know they were raising money for one. I know because I talk to a woman at the Kurtz Cultural Center in Winchester on my vacation to Virgnia Beach about the museum. It would be nice to see one constructed. I do remember seeing in the late 1980's on the Nashville Now Show (hosted by Ralph Emery) some items found at the plane crash site where Patsy was killed. And I believe the Gentleman that had the items on that show that night was someone from the Country Music Hall of Fame. One item was a comb that still had her hair in it. And also the white dress she wore to the concert in Kansas City, MO in 1963. The gentleman explained that items found inside her suitcase were not harmed by the accident or by fire. And I think I remember him saying these are being held at the Country Music Hall of Fame. That is the only piece of clothing I know of. Well, till next time. Sincerly......
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA - Wednesday, January 14, 1998 at 23:02:23 (MET)
I haven't viewed everything yet, but what I have viewed so far is excellent. I became a big fan of Patsy after the movie "SWEET DREAMS". I visted Winchester, Va ---- Also Gaunt's Drug store, her Highschool grownds -- her old house where she lived before & after her marriage to Charlie Dick and the roadhouse where she performed, and where the movie "SWEET DREAMS" was filmed. Also her grave site. In drug store, original owner let me in back room to see original soda fountian Patsy worked at. I also knocked on her mother's door, across the street from where Patsy use to live, and talked to her mother briefly.
Walter M. stewart <stew2@prodigy.>
Ephrata, Pa U.S,A. - Wednesday, January 14, 1998 at 17:37:55 (MET)
I am back... Well, onto Sat. We had the first "Fans Of Mandy" meeting as one fan put. There were about 11 for dinner at Shoneys before Sat day. Some people we were just meeting for the first time and others had met. There were 3 Patsy fan clubbers included. We had a nice time sharing stories and pictures. Sat show was just great. The audience loved them from the opening lines and stayed with them the show the whole night. Mandy and Tere were great fabulous. Everyone was rolling in the floors with laughter. And of course they had "Patsy's Music". When the show came to an end the audience wanted more more more. They did not want them to leave! Well, once we again we fans waited til the crowds left to meet with them. I had found the "Dottie West" bio for sale and had Tere sign it. It was the first time she had seen it and did not ' know about it being on video! She rolled. Hosses, if you heard her laugh from the APC soundtrack, she laughs like that in life! Tere was not aware of this site and when she gets back to Dallas she will try to stop in. Mandy was in great spirits! Both were kind enough to pose with the Patsy fan clubbers for a group shot. Oh, by the way, Trisha Yearwood and Robert Reynolds were there. We spotted them as they were leaving. I had 4 rows seats and did not hear about them in the audience. We Patsy fans headed to Printer's Alley to hear a friend of mine sing. After about an hour we said our good byes. Ran out to the "Midnight Jamboree" to chat to a friend. The show was in progress and caught a little of Jim and Jessie. By the way, Mandy will be performing at this show Jan 17 after the last APC show! Mandy will be performing some in MI. Check her web site out for forthcoming details. I have added a link to this message. SOW Lisa I have not noticed the title not matching the song. I just the way she sounds. Well I better go and pop this song on the cd player. Always, Jimmy 1-12-98. PS. Click on my name below to go to Mandy's site.
Jim Walker
- Monday, January 12, 1998 at 18:12:52 (MET)
Hey all. Still tired from my weekend. Went to the APC show Friday. Was on the main floor. Owen's funeral was that afternoon at the Ryman Aud. So it was a little somber. The show was great. Mandy was suffering from lyarngtis a little and of course the stress that is associated with death. She did have some trouble with a couple songs esp. "Always". After the preformances Mandy was headed to the lobby to do a meet and greet, as she passed by me she thanked me for the flowers and by name (yea haw). All the Mandy fans waited for the crowd to clear out and we got to talk with Mandy and Tere. Mandy did say she was in her own world and little out and apologized about her performance. There were about 6 Mandy fans there and I know she appriciated us being there and supporting her. Lee Shutlz, who runs her web page, was there for his first APC show and loved it. Be back for more in a few....Jimmy
Jim Walker
Lexington, ky - Monday, January 12, 1998 at 17:35:59 (MET)
Hello to all Patsy Cline fans. Would like to say to Lisa Flood that the title of the song "Love, Love, Love, me honey Do" is one song title that I've always wondered why they wrote the lyrics the way they did. I always figured they did so because the title maybe sounded better after the song was written in the mid 1950's. I believe W.S Stevenson wrote the song, but I'm not 100% sure. And about the song of the week. Do I like it ? Yes, I think it was one of the best songs from the 4 star recording career for Patsy Cline. The rock'n'roll flavor she gives the song really moves a listener And certainly for anyone listening to her 4 star material for the first time. Thanks again to Jimmy Walker for the address for the photo of Patsy in Kansas City, MO. And the nice letter. I will be writing you soon. Till next time. Sincerly, Shane.
Shane C Collins
Wiliamsport, PA - Saturday, January 10, 1998 at 22:49:19 (MET)
Hey cats! Time for a trip to the past through our Crazy Song o' the Week! Behold, it is 01-08-59's "Love Love Love Me Honey Do". Can someone explain to me why the title of the song doesn't match the lyrics? This has always bugged me! Maybe Patsy rewrote 'em at the last minute, and if that's true, hell, I like hers better. This song is kickin', because Patsy gets to let loose and growl to her heart's content! And the Jordanaires' choices for their vocals crack me up: "Ahhhhh-WOW!" It makes me TINGLE, baby!
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, January 09, 1998 at 17:36:45 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans good to be back. Sad to here about the passing of Owen Bradley. He above all was the biggest influence in Patsy's life, he will be missed. I'm currently typing at the local library with a friend Mike Reeder. Thought we would browse the web on Patsy Cline. Talk later. Sincerly, Shane.
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Friday, January 09, 1998 at 02:18:05 (MET)
Hello all. Wanted to let you know that funeral service for Owen Bradley will be Fri at 1:00 pm at the Ryman Aud. The APC show will continue that night. I have added a link to the Nashville Banner paper if want to read more about Owen. Click on my name below. Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker
Lex, Ky - Friday, January 09, 1998 at 01:22:12 (MET)
I really love Patsy Cline. She's really groovie
Theresa Ann Jones
Cin, OH USA - Thursday, January 08, 1998 at 20:17:01 (MET)
WOW........Seem's like everyone with a Patsy connection is leaving this earth in a short period of time... Imagine That...... Well, maybe they are having a glorious reunion. My thoughts are with all of their family and friends. I had hoped to work with Owen Bradley someday. Well, I hope you all will visit my web site....... I have finally been able to add some sound waves of my recordings..... and if you go to the concert pic's page, you can hear a collection of my rendition of Patsy Cline songs. (Now, don't be too hard on me!! - Even I admit that there will NEVER be another Patsy Cline. She is special to say the least! But I'm glad people enjoy my renditions of her songs. And I enjoy performing them so much as it is great material to work with. And Owen did a fabulous job arranging the music & helping her to find herself and her voice making her into the legend she became). My web site address is, or if you're not an AOL member, you can use Yahoo, Excite, etc. browsers and just type my name in there and it should take you there! Hello, Per, Jimmy, Julie, and the whole gang! Happy New Year! Here's to a great 1998 (if we can keep the rest of us healthy!!)
Logan Wells <>
Cleveland, OH USA - Thursday, January 08, 1998 at 02:05:05 (MET)
OH! My heart is aching over the loss of Owen, but I'm trying to remember that a glorious reunion is occurring at this very moment -- Patsy, Jumbo, Floyd and Owen. I had not heard the news, Bill, but I sure had Owen in my thoughts this morning as I drove to work in the pouring rain in 5mph traffic. I was listening to kd and thinking about Owen's upcoming stuff with Mandy, and thinking about how anyone he works with is given automatic credibility as a Patsy singalike when he works with them, so I was hoping he would be careful with whom he chooses to work in the future. But I guess there won't be a future, not in this incarnation. In spite of our loss, may the 4 of them have a joyous reunion "beyond the silver rainbow."
Lisa <>
- Thursday, January 08, 1998 at 00:27:42 (MET)
Some sad news for Patsy Cline fans, courtesy of Jimmy Walker. Legendary producer Owen Bradley died this morning after a short illness. Charlie Dick called Jimmy this morning to let him know. Please keep the Bradley family in your thoughts and prayers.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 22:30:47 (MET)
Hello fans, thought I would drop by and see whats up. Sad to here about the passing of Sony Bonno, he was in his own way a good singer. Been reading over the most recent entires. Would like to say to Wade Settle that the Essentail collection by RCA on Patsy Cline is fair. What I been by that is, the music clarity is good, however the pictures they advertise on the front cover are somewhat bad. When you open up the CD case and take out the booklet, you'll notice right away what I mean. I'm not bashing RCA. But if their trying too capture good pictures of Patsy Cline they certainly failed this time. And the Laserlight release I would say is one step better than RCA's release. I truefully did not like the remixes on some of the material used on the Laserlight Collection. "Lonely Street" was one of these I did not like. You can never compare an orignal to a remix. Why they do this always puzzles me. The only originals which I was most impressed with were. "Come on in", using horns. Which is orignal. And the alternate take of "That Wonderful Someone". Untouched these two are classics. To this day I believe the best of the best is MCA's 4 CD box Collection from 1991. All orignal, and clarity like you've never heard before.
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport,, PA - Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 21:16:00 (MET)
I thought I'd add my two cents, although I may get shot for some of my comments. I think the SOW is an ok one although there are other songs I prefer. I do, however, like the Anita Kerr Singers. Maybe it's just because I've heard them on Red Foley's great recordings or on some by the late Jim Reeves. I think maybe the arrangements coulda been worked on a little bit especially in "I Don't Wanna". I happen to be listening to "Just Out of Reach" while I type this. On my most recent journey to Nashville, I bought a few old Starday LPs and they are part of a seris called "Country Music Hall of Fame". Every one of these (except the last one in the series) includes a cut (4-star stuff) by Patsy. On one of the LPs there is an original recording made of "Blue". It was recorded by Kenny Roberts in 1966, and I like it. I first heard it a few years ago before Leann's record came along. It is done a little different, and it kinda sounds like an arrangement Patsy would have used if she had recorded it. I now have won 3 old Patsy 45s including "Walking After Midnight". I will try and have them posted on my page when I recieve them. I think I will pick up the Laserlight collection just to hear the alternate take on "That Wonderful Someone", and I think I will get the "Essential Patsy Cline" done by RCA. RCA's Essential series is a good one. They have done several of their past artists and released them on CD and cassette. I need to get going. Please feel free to e-mail me. Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray , KY - Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 19:02:57 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans good to be back again. Last night I received an exciting gift from my father's uncle. An orginal 45 rpm record from the Decca collection. Which contains 2 songs. "Your Cheatin Heart", and "Can't help it (If I'm still in love with you)". I was very excited when I got possession of this rare 45 rpm record. My father's uncle had several juxeboxes many years ago. And after he sold the juxeboxes he decided to keep all the records. He has a collection totally somewhere between 300 to 500 records. Many of these records have not yet been sifted through. So on some spare time I will go through these records to look for more Patsy Cline. The condition of these 45's are mint. Probally so, because they were only ever played inside the juxebox. So naturally I was impressed by the condition of Patsy's 45 rpm. Till next time, sincerely, Shane
shane c collins
Williamsport, pa - Tuesday, January 06, 1998 at 23:48:51 (MET)
WISE, VA 24293 - Monday, January 05, 1998 at 06:28:07 (MET)
Hello Patsy Cline fans, it's good to be here today. Early this morning I was listening to the 4 CD box collection and while listening to "Too Many Secrets", which happens to be one of my favorites. At the end of the song after the band has stopped playing you can hear, what seems to be drum sticks being tapped together. To really be able to hear this you must be listening to it in a quiet room, and be close to a speaker. It is very faint, so you'll have to listen closely. I first notice this when I was a kid while listening to this song on record with headphones on. The best way to hear it, I find is on CD. And the clearest seems to be on the 4 CD box Collection. I think of all the CD's released the 4 CD collection is by far the clearest collection of Patsy Cline avaible. It probally has to do with the way the master copies were mixed while the compilation for the Box Collection was being made. One example of this is "The Greatest Hits" CD. IF you listen to this and then the 4 CD Collection, there is without a question a big difference. So if you haven't checked out "Too Many Secrets", do it. And let everyone know on here if you heard it. Till next time...... Sincerly, Shane C...
Shane C Collins
Williamsport, PA - Sunday, January 04, 1998 at 20:42:14 (MET)
Gidday to to all from Melbourne (well out of town), Australia. I've had "The Patsy Cline Story" cassette in my car (Bronco) radio slot as a permanent fixture for a couple of years now (don't even know where I got it) for whenever the talkback gives me the ****. My wife brought a CD 2 pack called "The Definitive Patsy Cline" to replace the worn out tape and I read in the history about "Sweet Dreams" which I've now seen 3 times in 2 days! (and havn't had the CD's for a week yet). I'm checking out the "net" to see how factural the movie was and pretty stoked to see so much on here. Catch you later, I'm going to check out some more sites. "Sweet Dreams".
Peter Lewis <>
Near MELB., AUSTRALIA - Sunday, January 04, 1998 at 10:45:34 (MET)
We're a few days into 1998, and I hope that the new year is proving to be a great one for everybody. I, too, was saddened to learn of the passings of Jumbo Rinker and Floyd Cramer. Well, at least Patsy has two of her favorite piano players to accompany her up there. I've been looking over the postings, and realized I haven't commented on three of the last four SOW's. Here goes: "Then You'll Know" is a good song, and Patsy gives it her all, but there's something missing. I'm not sure what. Maybe that's why it was one of the misses of the Four Star Years. "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" sounds like a funeral dirge, very uninspiring. Patsy recorded it at the same session as a "little 'ol pop song" she didn't like called "Walkin' After Midnight". Maybe her disdain for that song rubbed off on the others recorded that day (except "A Poor Man's Roses"). Mae Axton wrote this song for Patsy. According to legend, Mae later showed it to an up and coming young songwriter named Harlan Howard, which inspired him to write a similar song with the same title. "I Can See An Angel" is one of my favorites from the Four Star period. This is one time when the Anita Kerr Singers worked well with Patsy. I first heard this song when I was about 13 years old, and was caught up in its rhythm. This one could have been a hit for Patsy if it had been given the correct promotion by Four Star and Decca.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Sunday, January 04, 1998 at 03:31:13 (MET)
Hi all! And a Very Happy New Year. I'm really happy to see "I Can See An Angel" as SOW. When I first started playing Patsy's songs I only taped her most popular songs onto a 90 minute tape to listen to in the car and then I made up another 90 minute tape of her not so big songs and I think this song plus "Just Out Of Reach" are probably my favourites. Although I'm sure everyone will agree it's tough deciding which songs are your favourites. So many of her songs seem to have a story that we can all relate to. I hope everybody had a healthy, happy Christmas and New Year (we've got some pretty nasty bushfires going on in some of our states down here with a few lives lost but people pull together and help to get through it). Best wishes to all but meanwhile "I'm Movin' Along"
lyn edwards <>
- Saturday, January 03, 1998 at 12:57:47 (MET)
Happy new year everyone!!! 1998... Just read about the passing of Jumbo Rinker at this site. Very sad indeed. After all he was an influence in her life. Well I'm sure she greeted him with a great big smile, "Hey Hoss, sure took you long enough to get here". Well, what about the song of the week, "I can see an Angel". Not a particular favorite of mine. The Anita Kerr singers do not do justice for a song of this nature. Minus the Kerr singers, I would say it was a pretty good song!! Has anyone ever wonderered what Patsy Cline would look like today, had she lived. I'd say she would have been a pretty attractive older woman. And with plastic surgery early in her life, those scars on her forehead would never show up. Even with those scars, she was still a pretty woman. And I think she dressed way ahead of her time. One thing I can't believe, is why the WSM Opry in 1960, would not let Patsy were pants made by her mother, on the Opry. (you can find this info in the booklet from the 4 CD box set).

I think if Patsy would have had her way, pants would have become the inthing for women to wear on the Opry. Boy, how standards have changed in 30 plus years. Although I think Patsy Cline was the dress and heels type person. And she could wear'em like know one else could. I think one of the prettiest pictures ever taken of Patsy was her last performance in Kansas City, with the white dress and the sparkle earnings. I always wondered why they never used this picture for the cover of the 4 CD box set. I certaintly would have. Anyone agree???? Well till next time... Sincerly, Shane...
Shane C Collins
Williamsport, PA - Friday, January 02, 1998 at 23:13:10 (MET)

What's shakin' with all you cats? Welcome to all newcomers -- Jeffrey in El Paso, do you have any of Patsy's live radio goodies? Email me for info if you need it. It's that time again: the first Song o' the Week for 1998, as selected by the wicked Patsy Songs Database (patent pending), 02-13-58, "I Can See An Angel". I didn't like this much the first time I heard it, but it has grown on me. However, I continue to feel an urge to slap the Anita Kerr singers each time they chime in with a "walkin ooooh" or a "by his side". (You should see me with "I Don't Wanna", I have to be physically restrained...)
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, January 02, 1998 at 14:52:28 (MET)
I am a great fan of Patsy Cline. My grandpa was a fan and he kinda got me into her music... of course, the movie "Sweet Dreams" helped a lot too. I haven't look over the complete page, but I will right now. Thanks.
Diane Hay <>
Blytheville, AR USA - Friday, January 02, 1998 at 05:14:53 (MET)
Just want to adjoin, since: Being a songwriter and singer myself, I've learned it the hard way. Mrs Dick (or Ms Hensley) just had it. I suppose she didn't know, didn't calculate, maybe didn't even "feel". She insisted on her rights being a human being, exculovely. That ain't bad. On top of that she had that absolutely specific artistic talent, like: This is what I must do, what I must accomplish, maybe, but how do I concentrate and even focus myself? Answer, probably: Just lean on yourself, hope (and pray!) for the support of the good powers of life. But she did it so good. And she made so much out of it. Thankful for her life and work I be. There are but a few. Sincere regards to y'all that'we seem her, Thorstein Bergman
Thorstein Bergman <>
Sweden - Friday, January 02, 1998 at 05:02:40 (MET)
Very sad to hear of the passing of Jumbo Rinker, and also of Floyd Cramer, who played piano on "Crazy" and many of Patsy's other hits. It's a sad time of year to lose friends and loved ones. We've had two close friends pass away within the past two weeks -- it really puts a damper on the holidays. May all of you have a great, healthy and happy year in 1998. Always, Guy
Guy Cesario <>
Burbank, IL USA - Friday, January 02, 1998 at 02:00:48 (MET)
I was all set to give a roaring Happy New Year to all of you, but am so saddened to hear about Jumbo! Do you think he's playing piano for Patsy once again (strictly in the key of C), and maybe she's doing some bluesy number like "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes?" I'm sure she welcomed him by singing "You Made Me Love You" and pointing at him at the end! Well, I've got to go figure out which Patsy song to start 1998 with! Best wishes to all in '98!
Lisa <>
Homesick Texan, - Thursday, January 01, 1998 at 17:58:55 (MET)
I'm glad to see that Patsy Cline's fame has not dimmered, but has gotten brighter. There will never be another Ms. Cline, and I am excited to hear there are more recordings out there to have of hers. I have all her studio recordings and everything MCA has released, but anytime there are more recordings of her (live and retakes) I am ready to get 'em! Take care. Happy New Year to all PC fans! Jeffrey Alan
Jeffrey Alan Suboter H. <>
El Paso, TX US of A - Thursday, January 01, 1998 at 08:26:17 (MET)
Happy 1998 everyone! May the new year be joyful and prosperous for you. I finally got a chance to check my LaserLight set for the alternate take of "That Wonderful Someone". I could tell from the opening notes that it's a different version. There seems to be one additional instrument (that doesn't sound like an overdub), plus Patsy's inflections are different.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Thursday, January 01, 1998 at 04:02:24 (MET)
First Happy New Year to everyone. I do have some sad news to report. One of Patsy's friends and early supporter, Jumbo Rinker, passed away Dec 27. Jumbo played piano for Patsy in the early days and helped her and her family in so many ways. I was very fortunate to have met him over Labor Day '97. He was at my dinner table, but we did not get a chance to really get to know another. Always, Jimmy
Jimmy Walker
- Thursday, January 01, 1998 at 02:25:02 (MET)
Hey all of you Patsy fans!! Just wanted to stop by to wish everyone a wonderful new year, and I hope that for all of you, you have a safe and happy 1998. Sincerely, George :-)
George Hewitt <>
Sherwood Park, AB Canada - Thursday, January 01, 1998 at 01:25:20 (MET)
Hello Patsy fans. It's nice to be back to this sight, it's been almost a week and half since I've browsed this sight. I hope everyone had a nice christmas and that everyone is looking forward to a happy new year. One thing that is nice about a new year, when it comes to talking about Patsy Cline is that there is always a good chance that new material will be released on the market for Patsy consumers to buy. I can remember when "Live at the Cimmarron Ballroom" was released. I kept getting that anxious feeling about buying the CD and listening to it. I can remember laying in bed at night just around the time it was about ready to be released, and thinking how long it seemed until it would be released. And were talking 2 to 3 days before the release date. How about the song of the week, "South of the Border". Do I like it, well not really. It may seem pretty bad to say that about a Patsy Cline song, but I think its the band that does not do her pretty vocals justice. I may be disliked about that, but it's my honest oponion. And you may want to know, that I've been a dedicated Patsy Cline fan since age 11. I'm 23 now. I just think that there is so many other nicer songs by Patsy that I would rather be listening too. Thank you, Jimmy Walker, for answering my question in your letter to me last week. I have written you back. So you should receive my letter shortly. Till next time, sincerely, Shane
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Tuesday, December 30, 1997 at 00:54:03 (MET)
Howdy Everybody! I am so happy to learn that everyone had a blessed and joyous Christmas. I had a wonderful Christmas and am still enjoying the holiday season. I am in Patsy Heaven with the books, videos and CDs I've received. Re: SOW - "South of the Border". I've always liked this one--thought it was fun. Patsy's performance has always enabled me to envision the story that unfolds. I wish each and everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous 1998. Happy New Year!
Sue B
NY - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 05:38:34 (MET)
Hi Everyone - Thank you Julie, for your Christmas greetings and good wishes for all the Patsy fans here. We all wish you and yours a very Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year too. SOW - another good one -- unlike Bill, though, I kinda like Sinatra's swinging version. As for the two Cline versions, I happen to like them both. Sorry I haven't checked in here lately - been really busy with Christmas and family and all - BUT, I can't neglect you guys either, because you're all like family. Take care everyone, and have a great new year! Always, Guy
Guy Cesario <>
Burbank, IL USA - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 02:36:53 (MET)
Logan, thanks for the tip. I had seen this already, but others may have not. Keep the news coming from Cleveland. SOW, like Bill C that one lines does stick and a one to remember. I think I like the 80's overdub version better. I got get those out and compare. Always, Jimmy 12-28-97
Jim Walker
Lexington, KY - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 01:07:01 (MET)
SOW: One of my favs from the "Always" and "Showcase" albums. I heard the '80 overdub before the '61 original, and I'm torn between them. The overdub has a harder edge to it, while the original is softer, yet lush. The song dates back to the '30's when Gene Autry cut it for one of his films. It was covered later by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra (I can't stand Sinatra's version). Patsy sang it much better, and with more emotion (that's a given, of course). Whenever I think of this song, the part that comes to mind is where Patsy sings "Hi yaah, yaah, yaah. Hi yaah, yaah, yaah." Just one of those phrases that sticks in your head (kind of like "Tra Le La La Triangle"). I was reading the latest entry on the news page about the possible alternate takes of "That Wonderful Someone" and the '56 version of "A Poor Man's Roses". I have the Patsy Cline/Dottie West cassette mentioned, and decided to check it out. Indeed, there is a difference in the version of "A Poor Man's Roses" that appears on this tape. I haven't had an opportunity to check my LaserLight set for the different version of "That Wonderful Someone". But, I may not have it because my set is one of the first to come out and DOES NOT contain the version of "Lonely Street" I've heard so much about. When I check it, I'll post my thoughts. I received the book "Singing Girl from the Shenendoah Valley" for Christmas. This is a wonderful book, full of rare photos and facts of Patsy's life. It's kind of like a "Cliff's Notes" on the life of Patsy Cline. If you haven't added it to your collection, I urge you to do so.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Sunday, December 28, 1997 at 05:20:49 (MET)
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Running late with the Swingin' Song o' the Week: 08-25-61, "South of the Border". This one has grown on me over time. It sounds SO fifties! Gotta love it.
Homesick Texan, - Friday, December 26, 1997 at 23:01:58 (MET)
Hi, everyone... Hope your holiday was a blessed and happy one. I just heard thru the grapevine that Julie (Patsy's daughter) was going to be on TNN Saturday nite, on "This Week In Country". I'll be sure to watch!! Take care... and Ken... I'm so glad you're enjoying those tapes of Patsy... what a voice!
Logan Wells <>
Cleveland, OH USA - Friday, December 26, 1997 at 19:00:02 (MET)
To Per & everyone from the site, I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & a Happy NEW YEAR! May you have a wonderful season and may the gift of God's Son bring you Peace and Comfort through the New Year. Everyone of you are a blessing, and I pray blessing for you, also. Always, Julie Fudge and the family
Julie Fudge
Nashville, TN - Friday, December 26, 1997 at 11:42:49 (MET)

Due to the urging of Logan Wells, my good friend (a term I do not use loosely) and very talented country artist in her own right, and the generosity of my wife, I am now the proud owner of "The Patsy Cline Collection". At this writing I've only made it through the first three tapes, but they are destined to be among my most cherished possessions. I've heard songs today that I never knew existed, let alone that Patsy recorded them, and I thought I knew most of her work. What a tribute to the lady who undoubtedly made country music what it is today. Take care...seeya next time.
Ken Whiteside <KWhites634>
Walkersville, MD - Friday, December 26, 1997 at 00:16:02 (MET)
I enjoyed your site!!! Keep up the good work!
Matthew W. <>
Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, December 25, 1997 at 21:06:52 (MET)
I want to wish each and every Patsy Cline fan a very happy and healthy holiday season. Merry Christmas!
NY - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 22:25:11 (MET)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Tuesday, December 23, 1997 at 15:02:45 (MET)

Merry Christmas all -- Dick, the Judds had the "Grandpa" song you are looking for. Lisa, about song of the week and a fav. Momma Mae did write this version that Patsy sang. I saw the handwritten lyrics on the back of the menu. Harlan Howard wrote the famous version that Charlie Walker sings. Mae wrote her's first and from what I read Harlan wrote his after hearing her's. I could not find documention on this, I did read it in a book. In an interview Owen Bradley did for TNN he did say that it was common practice for songwriters to change songs titles, but keep same subject matter. A Dark Moon and a Blue Moon would have same idea just different words. Well, let me tell ya about my weekend in Nashville. I had a family party to attend Sunday (yesterday). We had a ball. A friend from England was in town and came by. Sat. night we went to Printer's Alley to hear a young friend of mine sing. One place we went to was Barbara's. On drums that nite was Owen Bradley's grandson. Did not get a chance to meet him. Liz and Casey Anderson (Lynn Anderson's parents) were there. Liz was a very popular songwriter. I did meet Lightin' Chance though. Being noisy we spoke briefly. Very nice man and hope to meet him in January were it will be quiter. Always--Jimmy 12-21-97
Jimmy Walker <>
Lex, KY - Monday, December 22, 1997 at 17:58:29 (MET)
Hi All, I lent my tapes of "Sweet Dreams" and "Remembering Patsy" to some friends who weren't Patsy fans and they relly enjoyed Patsy. The husband who is known to only enjoy male artists even enjoyed the tapes. I might have corraled some new fans. As long as I'm on - could any one tell me what singer sings "Grandpa tell Me Bout the Good Old Days". I was amused by the lyrics and would like to get a cassett so I can hear the melody - If anyone knows you could add it here next time you sign in - otherwise I might get 100 e-mails Thanks - Dick
Dick Malchow <>
Waupun, WI usa - Monday, December 22, 1997 at 13:41:28 (MET)
Runnin' late with the Song o' the Week today, had a dental appointment (look, Ma, no cavities!). The tune is from the session of 11-8-56, "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down". Hot damn, I love this one! Jimmy Dean sang it for PC on his show one time when she didn't show up. She's the *last* person who needed to be chided with these lyrics! I love how PC sings the word "down". Maybe Jimmy can tell us about the controversy over who really wrote this song, Mama Mae or Harlan??
Homesick Texan, - Friday, December 19, 1997 at 19:12:20 (MET)
Wake-up all you Patsy Cline fans, we have someone who doesn't actual know the real date that Patsy was born. Who could this be, you might ask? well I'm not one hundred % sure, but while I was browsing the net I came across the heading "80% The Nashville Sound". So I clicked on it and to my surprise, after flipping through the story on Jim Reeves. There it was in bold black letters, Patsy Cline (1924-1963). Can you actually believe that? Well, in all do respect, it could for some odd reason be a mistake or lack of knowledge. Since I hate anything printed pertaining to Patsy that is not accurate or not the slight bit true I always bring it to the attention of others. And especially "PATSY CLINE" fans... Agree? Well see ya later. Sincerly, Shane...
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Wednesday, December 17, 1997 at 02:54:57 (MET)
Hello all!! Just wanted to say 'hi' and I am glad there are so many other Patsy Cline fans out there!! You know... when I first heard 'Then You'll Know', I thought that it wasn't a very good song and that it did not fit Patsy well. But, I was about seven years old when I first heard that song. Now, I think that it kinda does fit her, I mean, it's one of the only ballads that she recorded in her four-star career, and ballads certainly fit her. I now realize that it is a good song, and I like the way she sings it. Could be a little faster, tho. :-) Well... just wanted to stop by to say 'hi'. Sincerely, George. P.S. Don't you think that MCA Records should release 'That's How A Heartache Begins' on CD??
George Hewitt <>
Sherwood Pk, AB Canada - Tuesday, December 16, 1997 at 16:00:04 (MET)
This is a fantasic website. Can anyone please let me know where I might be able to buy some Patsy LP's and videos. Would also love to hear from any other Patsy fans out there. You can e-mail me at
Louis <>
Toronto, Canada - Tuesday, December 16, 1997 at 05:08:04 (MET)
Just got done looking at pictures in the Gallery, thought I would drop by and say Hello to everyone. Seems to me there are some mixed emotions about Patsy's recording of "Then You'll Know". Personally, I think she did a superb job on the song. That bluesy cafe sound fits her voice and style to a tee. When I first heard the song several yrs back for the first time, I have to say I thought the band was rather slow. But as I got older, and my views on music changed, I kinda digged that slower bluesy sound that, like I said, fits her perfect. Watched the special last night starring Leann Rimes. I must say her tribute to Patsy on "Crazy" was, well in good gesture. No one sings it like our girl. See ya all later. Sincerly, Shane.
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Monday, December 15, 1997 at 23:01:34 (MET)
Thought I'd join in on the SOW. It is one of my favorites because you can just hear the tone in her voice when she sings "When You've Lost Your One Love, Then You'll know." Also it really fits her style. I've added another photo gallery to my page, I hope that all will be able to take a look at it and sign the book and everything. Catch y'all later. Wade
Wade Settle <>
- Monday, December 15, 1997 at 21:06:17 (MET)
Please go to the news page and read about the new web based chat room that I have created for you Patsy fans! I know there are more such chat rooms out there, but now I have one also! :-) Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Monday, December 15, 1997 at 17:44:57 (MET)

Hey all. Just got through watching "Holiday in your Heart" - the Leann Rimes movie. It was quite good. I wonder how much was autobiographical, though. About "Crazy", I felt it was done in tribute. I thought it was nice that they remembered Patsy. I wasn't to crazy for Bernadette singing "Crazy", Leann was good. One grip they should have used real locations. That was not the backstage or even the stage of the Opry. I been there! I have also heard that there will be a Jim Reeves bio in 1998, possible a 2. Look for one in July. Happy Holidays! Jimmy 12-15-97
Jim Walker
Lex, KY - Monday, December 15, 1997 at 15:57:48 (MET)
Although many people have tried to sing like Patsy, we all know that no one could ever have such a wonderful voice! Having seen several of the Patsy shows, I must say there is someone who comes close, Mandy Barnett. She is my personal favorite. If anyone gets a chance to see her in Nashville, you must go! Although the Closer Walk show is going on in Nashville, I dont think having two differnt shows will hurt anything. There is really no compitition here, folks! Mandy has the voice, all she has to do is sing the song!
Lex, Ky USA - Monday, December 15, 1997 at 02:35:11 (MET)
This morning I just got done rearranging my Patsy Cline shelf. I've had the shelf in the upstairs of my house now for about 6 months. I came up with the idea one night while watching my video "The Real Patsy Cline", it sort of felt like Patsy came in the room and said in her deep tone, "shane, construct a shelf". And construct a shelf I did. On this shelf that I have down, which I've nicknamed "The Cline Shrine", I have laid out all my Patsy cd's on the bottom shelf including the 4 cd set, "cimmarron ballroom", "birth of a star", "sentimentally yours", 3 VHS tapes, and some photos of Patsy Cline that I've collected over the years. Also included on the first shelf is the ultra rare theses days, "Patsy Cline Live Volume 2" cassette. On the second shelf I have displayed all my Patsy Cline albums including the orignal "Patsy Cline Portrait", an orignal album that was made in the 50's, all Patsy Cline songs, called "Patsy Cline" produced by the longiness synette record company, this is the first one I have ever seen and do not know of any others. If anyone does please let me know. I also have "Showcase" featured, "sentimentally yours", "stop, look, and listen" LP made in 1986. And several others. It's a collection that I am very proud of and will cherish for years to come. Till next time, see ya Patsy Cline fans, sincerely Shane
Shane C Collins
Williamsport, Pa - Sunday, December 14, 1997 at 21:06:31 (MET)
Howdy Everybody! Re: SOW "Then You'll Know". It's not one of my personal favorites either. I think I would've liked the song more had it been faster paced. I've been reading over the fan forum entries of this past week, and I must say Lisa and Lyn, that a Saturday night at the park Down Under really sounds appealing. I am really looking forward to the holidays because I will be receiving some long awaited for Patsy items as gifts. For my birthday I received the "Crazy Dreams, The Four Star Years" CDs. I've been listening to them all week!
- Sunday, December 14, 1997 at 06:03:10 (MET)
Me again with a quick news alert: Sunday at 9pm EST on ABC is a show starring LeAnn Rimes in which she will ACT, as well as sing "Crazy" with Bernadette Peters. I am horrified that someone (a Cheez Whiz-brained producer?) would suggest this as an appropriate thing for her to do. The Detroit Free Press critic totally panned this show, and it sounds warranted, but I may have to fire off a nasty-gram to the critic for saying, "(LeAnn) seems to be channeling the vocal soul of Patsy Cline." Eeeek! Those of you who know my opinions about this subject understand that I rolled over several times in my grave and I ain't even dead yet. My $0.02 anyway.
Lisa (again)
Homesick Texan, - Friday, December 12, 1997 at 17:17:45 (MET)
Hey cats! What's shakin? It's time for the Song o' the Week: 4-25-57, "Then You'll Know". I don't have any strong feelings about this song myself. It seems a bit sluggish, and I prefer the more intense songs. Anybody have strong feelings on this one to enlighten me, help me "hear" this song differently?
Homesick Texan, - Friday, December 12, 1997 at 16:01:44 (MET)
I have copied the following two entries from my private guestbook. Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Thursday, December 11, 1997 at 08:53:14 (MET)

I have decided to sign in one more time before I leave this sight. First I would like to say that all the Patsy Cline sights are great, it's nice to know that there are so many fans out there, and so many that really love her music. Like I was saying the first time I signed, I loved Patsy's music since the release of the movie "Sweet Dreams". I was only 11 yrs old at the time. My parents took me to see the movie and I could not believe that anyone could sing with so much style and class. Her music defines the way we feel about ourselfs and others. After seeing the movie I went to a local record shop and purchased "Sweet Dreams" soundtrack, I took it home and listened to it and was very thrilled. Shortly after that I went out and purchased the "Showcase" album, I was very interested in finding out what the real Patsy Cline actually looked like. Once I bought "Showcase" I soon realized I was listening to the real thing instruments and all. It began a collection that I became hooked on, I even hooked my best friend into listening to Patsy. He became an fan overnight. When I finally realized that I had collected all there was on record and cassette, and were talking in the 80's before cd's were popular, I decided to begin updating most of my collection to cd's in the early 1990's. My first was the 4 cd box set I was in seventh heaven after this purchase. I could not believe the clarity of her voice on cd, and how well of a job they did in restoring her sound. I went on to collect others such as "Birth of a Star", "Cimmarron Ballroom", and many others. I also have 3 videos, "The real Patsy Cline", "Remembering Patsy", and a 1988 broadcast from "Nashville Now", many people may not remember this one to well but I have it. Anyone interested in a copy of this, please feel free to send a blank vhs and 2.00 dollars to cover shipping to shane c. collins, RR 1 Box 851, cogan station, PA 17728. I would be happy to make a copy for you. I do have one question for Per or Jimmy Walker. Do either one of you know if there will ever be a release of Patsy Cline from tv clips, another words a vhs with only Patsy Cline ?????? Your response is helpful. If neither one of you know for sure, right now can right me at that address above or answer here. I do not have my own computer for E-mail. Sincerly, Shane.
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, Pa - Thursday, December 11, 1997 at 00:15:57 (MET)
I have been a Patsy Cline fan since 1985, after seeing the movie "Sweet dreams". I have collected alot of material since then and enjoy Patsy's music very much.
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, Pa - Wednesday, December 10, 1997 at 23:47:39 (MET)
Hey yall, I just wanted you all to know that I have bid on two more old 45s and one is of Patsy. The exact title slips my mind, but we all know that it is a treasure nonetheless. I also bid on a 45 of Sammy Masters singing "If I Could See the World". It is on 4-star and he is the one that wrote the song. I can't wait to see what that one sounds like. My Patsy collection is back in my hands now, and I am back to my sweet self because of it. Her music is my only link to sanity! :) See yall later. To Julie Fudge: I hope you get to check out my webpage. Click on my name and a link will be there. Take care!
Wade Settle <>
Hossville, KY - Tuesday, December 09, 1997 at 18:23:34 (MET)
Welcome Julie, and welcome back Lyn! Yes, the wait for the PC video will be well worth it. Right about now I'm thinkin' I wanna join you gals in the park, myself! Sounds swingin! I'll bring Sue Bee along. Me with my pint, her with her "little glass of wine". As for your other inquiry, Lyn, I can only say "Leonard who?" Per, in his infinite wisdom, is a marvelous housekeeper and stays on top of rubbish -- including mine! Thanks, Per, for keeping a clean website! We love ya to pieces!
Homesick Texan, - Tuesday, December 09, 1997 at 16:28:32 (MET)
I am new to the page and thrilled to be here. I have been an active member of Patsy's fan club for almost 3 yrs. I think this page is a wonderful way to keep Patsy's memory alive. Looking forward to talking to all of you.
Lex, Ky USA - Tuesday, December 09, 1997 at 02:48:00 (MET)
Seasons Greetings to all! To Bill & Lisa, I ordered the Patsy Video from Reel Com last month. They say it takes about 10 weeks for international deliveries but it will be well worth the wait. Once again thanks for all your help. I've been going back thru all the old pages in this forum (pages 1-9) and I was thrilled to read the letters from Julie Fudge (a more down to earth sounding lady you couldn't get). Well for our summer holidays I'm going away with my family and 2 other families to a beautiful spot 3 hours drive north of my home (Northhaven). Lots of trees and beautiful beaches and us 3 wives all love Patsy so the Caravan Park had better prepare themselves for a festival of PC music for 2 weeks straight with lots of accompaniment from 3 women who after a few drinks think they can sing (but can't!). By the way, out of curiosity, although I hate to reopen old wounds, what were the comments made by the Gent "leonard"? They were obviously derogatory but I couldn't find his entry anywhere (Has Per deleted them?). Best wishes to all, but right now I'm "Movin Along".
lyn edwards <>
- Tuesday, December 09, 1997 at 00:43:36 (MET)
I am new to the page and also a member of the PC fan club. I am very excited about being here. Patsy was a wonderful singer. I am glad she is remembered in this way, we need to keep her memory alive. I am looking forward to learning new things. Hi, pcfan1
Lex, Ky USA - Monday, December 08, 1997 at 16:17:07 (MET)
Hi friends. Lisa, your SOW comes up with a winner again! but, as I "Always" say, how can it do otherwise, considering what's in the database? "Always" is one of my all-time favorite Patsy songs. I have NEVER heard ANYONE sing it better, period. I even like the version Bradley created in the studio with new tracks as much as her original version from '63 (which is not something I can say about all of overdub stuff). As those of you who know me already know, I "Always" sign off my e-mails and notes to my Patsy friends with "Always". :o) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE! - I'm sending you a special greeting by e-mail (your pal Lisa suggested it!) Always, Guy
Guy Cesario <>
Burbank, IL USA - Saturday, December 06, 1997 at 05:24:12 (MET)
Hello Everyone! Re: SOW, "Always". Patsy took this wonderful Irving Berlin classic and made it even more beautiful. This song has been playing in my head constantly for the last three weeks! I am honored it was chosen for my birthday week. I agree with you Lisa about Patsy leaving "Always" as a legacy for her precious babies. Thank you for the birthday wishes. "Always", Sue Bee
Sue Bee
- Saturday, December 06, 1997 at 04:15:43 (MET)
Hi to my darlin' buddies, with a special congrats to Per for his dreamy new vinyl acquisition! You lucky dog! That's a tricky one to obtain. And Wade, if you are like me, you can't get enough Patsy 45s. I plan to create a Patsy room in my basement when we remodel, and put all the 45s up as wallpaper, ha! Or perhaps hang them in an enormous mobile. Now it is SOWtime, my friends. A very special SOW, 2-5-63, "Always". No one will ever convince me that Patsy didn't specifically choose this song as a legacy to her little ones, as if she sensed that time was running out and she needed to leave this for them. What a perfect song for Patsy to display her immense vocal control -- she hypnotizes you, draws you in, and the song possesses an eternal and lingering quality...always. Ah, the notes, the notes. PS Happy birthday Saturday, Sue Bee!
Homesick Texan, - Friday, December 05, 1997 at 15:07:19 (MET)
Hey Fans!, Just thought I'd drop on in for a spell since I haven't been here in a while. I hope all of you are doing well. I have some great news for all of you. I recently bid on an original 45 of "Walkin' After Midnight" b/w "A Poor Mans Roses" and I won that 45. I also won a 45 with "True Love" and "Love me Honey Do" on it. Ain't that the truth! I will soon have a Starday gallery on my webpage. It will consist of Starday LP covers from my collection. I need to go for now. See yall later. Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Friday, December 05, 1997 at 14:33:29 (MET)
Hi everyone. Wanted to let you all know the Lynns will be on the Opry this Sat (on tv). They are Loretta Lynn's twins. They are great. They have a top 5 video on Cmt. Also, I have created a pie in honor of Patsy so if you would like the reciepe email me. It is called "Tra La La Le Pieangle--That's my Desire". I am working another. Always, Jimmy 12-04-97
Jim Walker <>
- Thursday, December 04, 1997 at 17:13:58 (MET)
Hello Per and all. Lisa, RE: Song of the Week - "Aint no Wheels on This Ship", a real lively one! I like almost all of the Four Star stuff, and this one is no exception. Yes, we did all overdose on food yesterday and are still trying to get over that "full" feeling! Played Patsy songs all day yesterday, but didn't overdose on that!
Guy Cesario <>
Burbank, IL USA - Saturday, November 29, 1997 at 01:51:03 (MET)
Wow, not much activity this week. Everyone must be overdosing on turkey 'n Christmas preparations. But it is FRIDAY, so it's time once again for our Swingin' Song o' the Week: 5-23-57, "Ain't No Wheels". I am probably one of the few PC fans who actively enjoys this song, especially "now there ain't no dough no mo!" This is a real hot mama song, and Patsy tells it, baby. I like the Godfrey live version even better. Am I the only one who likes this one??
Homesick Texan - Friday, November 28, 1997 at 19:12:12 (MET)
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