At the Riverside Park Ballroom
in Phoenix, Arizona, 1960.
Photo by Johnny Franklin.

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I have no comments to offer at this time.
Karen Richards <>
Brighton, Mi USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 04:25:13 (MET DST)
Hey Hosses. Wade, about that "Live Broadcast". I have it and it is a "budget" cd. (My opinion) Save your money for "Discoveries" or "Birth of a Star". Bill Cox, check the dates on these two and you'll see some different dates. I like your summary of the two versions. It's cool that a DJ gets so involved in this page. Do you mention the page on the radio? Julie, like most others here I like the orginals. My favorite is "That's How a Heartache...." Love it. S.O.W. Patsy is sassy on "In Care of the Blues". Catch ya in a couple days. Always Jimmy 6-15-97. ps Wade, email a fellow KY.
Jim Walker <>
- Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 03:55:04 (MET DST)
I have just a couple of questions, then I will hush for another 24 or 48 hours... Where can I find a video of Patsy and Cowboy Copas singing "Hogtied over You"? I'd really like to see that one (year?). Also--does a stereo version of "Gotta Lot of Rhythm", "You're Stronger than me" (1962 vsersion), and "Imagine That" exist? I'd like that information if anyone knows.
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 02:16:02 (MET DST)
Comment: Starting at the Jan 8, 1959 session, all songs were recorded in both mono and stereo, and since those three you mention are all recorded after Jan 8, 1959, I guess there gotta be stereo versions of them. Prior to that date, only mono recordings were made, BUT, those songs also appear as "electronically reproduced for stereo". Off hand I can tell you that "Imagine that" is in stereo on the CD release of "The Patsy Cline Story" from 1988 (MCAD-4038). I know that because I got that CD as a gift from Donna Maggerise! Thanks, Donna!!! /Per
Hi, y'all. I've just ordered my copy of "Crazy Dreams: Four Star Years" and "Live Broadcasts". To my understanding, the broadcasts is new, but I may be wrong. Somebody fill me in. I also plan to get the "Always" (1981) album very soon. I'm happy to say that I will soon have every song recorded by the Cline. She's a class act all the way!
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 01:20:11 (MET DST)
I thought it was a nice home page for Patsy Cline. Keep up the good work!
elizabeth stone
Shadyside, Ohio - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 01:02:43 (MET DST)
Cath! Great idea for the guestbook, hoss!! I will gladly share how I became interested in her music, and so forth :-) About the covers of the albums: I think MCA should have kept "Patsy Cline story" with her in the gold dress, am not too fond of the new cover of her in the black dress with that big grin :) I do like the cover for "12 greatest hits" though, like that pic of her in her cowgirl outfit. If you guys haven't seen the full black and white pic of her from that cover, you should. Great picture! That picture is from some book that I checked out of the library one time, I think it was called "Country..something or other" and it was done by the Country Music Foundation. Anyway! "Portrait" has the same pic on it as the LP... I like the cover to MCA's "Heartaches". I love that red background, and Patsy in her little red outfit with the gold booties. Very cool! I agree, they should release "That's how a heartache begins" as a CD. I love the album cover, plus, what a nice addition to your Patsy CD collection, huh? :) "Patsy Cline" from MCA, still has the original pic that was on there... The one of her in that red, green and yellow sweater... Well, I don't want to talk all night, folks! Well, I could, but I won't. Talk to everyone later! *Amber*
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 00:44:07 (MET DST)
Still the greatest voice in music...
Bob Bailey <>
Harrison, ME USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 00:28:01 (MET DST)
Cath in the UK has an idea for a new page at this site! Read about it on the news page! Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Saturday, June 14, 1997 at 19:35:17 (MET DST)

Just reading over the guestbook again. About the difference between the "Discovery" and "Birth of a Star" CD's. The songs are the same on both, but the "Birth of a Star" uses more, and sometimes different dialogue. Such is the case with the intro on "Walkin' After Midnight". The "Birth" CD includes Mrs. Hensley's comments while the "Discovery" uses Arthur Godfrey's dialogue from another of Patsy's appearances. The "Discovery" CD is edited like a live concert album, with the songs and dialogue separated by bursts of applause. The "Birth" CD is edited like a traditional album, with complete breaks between each track. The running order is different on each. And as far as sound, to me the "Discovery" CD has better quality sound than "Birth of a Star". Could be the way they were remastered or mixed, I'm not sure. Hope this answers any questions you may have.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN - Saturday, June 14, 1997 at 18:13:42 (MET DST)
No one can sing like Patsy Cline! I was a young child when I first heard "She's Got You" in the early 60's. She was my favorite singer then and still is.
Sue Benedetto <>
New York, NY USA - Saturday, June 14, 1997 at 07:12:04 (MET DST)
This one is for Julie. I was on a CD shoppers page (CD Now), and was looking at all available Patsy Cline stuff, and there was a CD called "Live Broadcasts" put out by Capital Special Products. Can you give me any information as to what is on the CD, and maybe some dates that the material was recorded? I've never seen or heard of that album before and I was wondering what it might be. Also, I saw about three different versions of the "Crazy Dreams: Four Star Years" and I want to know what is the difference in any of them? My final question is what is the difference between the "Discovery" CD and the Razor and Tie issue "Birth of a Star"? If you can answer these questions, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Saturday, June 14, 1997 at 04:15:58 (MET DST)
Hey everyone, Well I'm leaving for the national History Day competition tomorrow, with my project on Patsy Cline. I will compete June 15-19. The actual competing part is on June 17th, wish me luck! I will be displaying my project in Camden, TN along with Jimmy Walker on June 27 & 28. Yes Jimmy, I am coming, talked to Amy the other day. Hope to see you all there! Always... Kristy :)
Kristy Barnes <>
Bernie, M - Saturday, June 14, 1997 at 01:15:09 (MET DST)
Comment: Good luck and a big hug from me, Kristy! Speaking of June 27... On that exact day this site celebrates it's one-year-anniversary! /Per
Julie, I personally like the original album covers better. Although I wasn't alive when they were originally released (I'm only 24), I have seen pictures of them. I personally think the current "Greatest Hits" cover is not nearly as awesome as the picture of Patsy standing sideways in a gold-colored dress with arms folded. About the song of the week: I love "In Care of the Blues". It is actually one of the few original LP's I own. I can remember as a kid I would play that song over and over to hear that amazing voice. Bye for now...
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA 22314 - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 21:36:16 (MET DST)
Hey Gang... Love hearing from all of you and I am working on getting a "home" on the net. When I have an address I will put it here in the guestbook. My Dad, Charlie, usually gives me his "e-mail" to send because I have better access to a computer than he does. I will tell him you would like to hear from him again, and see if I can get him to say Hi! Thanks for responding to the questions about the covers. I will answer more of the questions as I get more time. I like to try to answer several at once, since I only get to stop by once in a while. Take care and I'll be back as soon as I can.
Julie Fudge
Joelton, - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 19:27:33 (MET DST)

Howdy everybody! It's Friday, time for Song o' the Week. May I have a drumroll please?... Aha! It's "In Care of the Blues"! What a coincidence, ha! Just love the guitar intro on this song, would love to see PC perform this one. Now, don't y'all jump the gun on me next week, because I have a surprise for Song o' the Week next time :-) Believe it or not, my choices are truly random, otherwise I'd get too dang selfish & choose my favorites first! PS to Jules: I vote for original artwork, forever and ever, amen!
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 18:43:30 (MET DST)
Howdy folks. I'm glad to see Julie's comments. I agree that only original art work should be used on album covers. I'm too young to have owned the first issues and would relish the opportunity to have that original album cover. Besides with all the books out, especially the new photo book, there are plenty of photos to go around. Keep those original covers please. And Julie, could you please leave you email address, if not I understand your wanting to keep your privacy, I would just like to have you as a penpal. Let me know either way, and please ask your dad to sign in, it would be so cool to hear from him again. Thanks everybody. Mark
Mark Willix <>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 16:17:19 (MET DST)
It's me again! I'd like to pass on this word of information about the song "Blue". There is a version that exists on a Starday LP (about 1967) entitled Country Music Hall of Fame Volume 7. The artist is Kenny Roberts. I think that it's sad that such great females as Patsy, Texas Ruby and Molly O'Day have passed on, but their songs will live forever. Any of you fans out there please email this 21 year-old college guy. I'll answer all. Hi Julie, Randy and Charlie! I admire you folks, and I'd be tickled to death to meet you. And to you Per, you're the hoss! Thanks for this awesome webpage. God bless you all!
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 05:42:27 (MET DST)
I am a long time fan and my favorite song is "I fall To Pieces".
Earl Proulx <>
Lindsay, ON Canada - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 02:27:14 (MET DST)
Thanks Bill for the answers. Does anyone know if tapes of the Carnegie Hall or the Vegas shows exist? Live recordings add so much to the dimension of the singer, and they do a great part in keeping Patsy's legacy alive. Per, keep up the great work with this site. It's the best one I've ever seen. You need to be in a hall of fame somewhere.
Wade Settle <wwade@msumusik.mursuky>
Murray, KY - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 01:18:03 (MET DST)
Just reading over the guestbook. About album covers: Julie, with the exception of the "Always" album, I like the original covers better. Fortunately, I've got both the albums and CD's and have both covers. About the "Showcase" album: Yes, Decca did change the cover. The album was originally issued with a white cover with the same small photo of Patsy repeated three times on blue, yellow and orange backgrounds (it's the same picture from CD 2 of the box set, and one which Per uses in this tribute). The cover we're all familiar with of Patsy in white blouse, red shirt and pants, and her famous gold lame boots replaced the original in 1963. It's my understanding that Patsy was unable to do a photo shoot for the cover when it was first released because she was recovering from the car accident. I am fortunate to own copies of the album with both covers. The original issue was given to me by a friend from MN, the second (actually third since mine is the MCA reissue) was one of the first Patsy Cline albums I had that I could call my own. It and the "Story" album were given to me for my 11th birthday in 1981. I had already worn my parent's copies of "Sentimentally Yours" and "Greatest Hits" out, and I wanted something new.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 00:23:02 (MET DST)
I think that the original artwork should be used on all Patsy Cline reissues. The new stuff is ok, but the original artwork is a piece of history that should be kept intact. I also wish that the Decca LP from 1965, "That's How A Heartache Begins" would be reissued because it was one of the original posthumous releases done by the Decca company. I have a question for Julie or Charlie: Was there a reissue of Patsy Cline Showcase in 1962 with a different photo? I've seen 2 copies - one is a white cover with three photos and the other has her sitting against a red background. I've always wondered the reason for the change. And this one is for you, Per -- I was wondering if you would know of a website for Dottie West? I'm a fan of hers, and so far I can't find anything. Since Patsy and her were so close, I think that it would be neat to have a Dottie site. Do you think you might start one? If so, I have some covers that I could loan.
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 21:23:43 (MET DST)
Hi, Julie, saw your question about the covers of the albums. I have mixed feelings. I think it's nice to have a variety of pictures on album covers so we get to see different poses of our favourite singer, but it's also good to keep the original artwork. Sort of for posterity, or something. I think it's interesting to see how your mum's image and composure changed as her musical style evolved and the best way to do that is to use the original covers on the older albums. Question: I often wondered what happened to all her awards. I know some are in museums and such, but do you and your dad and brother own some, too? Do you have the original albums? Sorry about all of the questions, but I've been a fan almost half my life and this is the first opportunity I've really had to contact you!!! I feel very strongly about respecting your privacy and that of your family and I don't want to seem pushy, just interested. Thank you, Cath.
Cath <>
Newcastle, England - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 19:22:03 (MET DST)
Bill, thanks for the little info. The site says it's from the Arthur Godfrey Show, so I believed it. I learn something new everyday. I still hoped you liked it tho. Too bad it wasn't the whole thing. I was so proud of it I showed it to my mother. She said she remembers watching and seeing Patsy sing "Walking After Midnight" on the Arthur Godfrey show. Who my mother was watching it with, I don't know, but she said that they all wanted her to win. Catch ya later. Kathy
Kathy Harrison <>
Sioux City, IA USA - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 07:45:37 (MET DST)
Today a question came up and I would like to ask "What do YOU think?". First, some background... the artwork on the cds, cassettes, and albums have changed over the years. In the last 10 years or so they have changed a lot of the original artwork. For example, the original artwork for "The Patsy Cline Story" was a picture of her in a gold colored dress. (The original album also opened up and had pages of pictures on the inside). The artwork for the original "Greatest Hits" had a full length picture of her in a gold dress, arms folded, standing sideways. If you have seen both the old and new of ANY of the covers, and if you have any comments on these, I would just be interested in knowing what you think. Per, I hope this is okay, to use the guestbook for this question. Seems like one of the best sources of opinion from some of the fans. Thanks guys!
Julie Fudge
Nashville, - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 06:39:05 (MET DST)

Comment: Yes, of course it's okay, Julie! Personally I think that they should keep the original artwork on later releases. /Per
I am the Set Designer for New Stage Theatre's 1997 summer show "Always Patsy Cline". I wanted to let you know that your pages have helped a great deal in my research.
Jeremy D. Gossett <>
Jackson, MS USA - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 04:05:57 (MET DST)
Kathy, just checked out the web site you mentioned. The clip of Patsy is not from the Arthur Godfrey show (unfortuantely, that one has been lost). This clip comes from the television version of Country Style USA for the Armed Forces Network, and was filmed February 9, 1961. Just three weeks after Randy's birth. The scene is described in Ellis Nassour's book "Honky Tonk Angel" on page 136 (1993 edition). Would love to see entire clip. Most of it was featured on the TBS documentary "America's Music: The Roots of Country" that aired June, 1996.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 00:28:05 (MET DST)
OK... I know that I've signed this thing already, but every time I read some of these wonderful comments (especially the one from Skeeter Davis), I am touched and am inCLINEd to write more. My absolutely favorite song is the "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" that was recorded at the Ryman. I've read that that is the Oak Ridge Quartet backing her up. Julie or Charlie, is that true? I like that way she ends the song on a higher note. Sounds like Patsy with a huge chorus of angels around her. I think it would have been cool if Patsy could have recorded "Make the World go Away". About the Patsy and Elvis recordings -- is that a true story? I'm a huge fan of Elvis (the Hoss as Patsy called him), and I think that is very interesting. I will keep an eye out for news on those duet recordings. Please anyone email me. I'd love to hear from ya. See you hosses later!
Wade Settle <>
Murray, ky - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 20:20:45 (MET DST)
I was on here just last night, and I was absolutely blown away that there was such a great website for Patsy Cline. The pics were great as was the rest of the stuff on here. I was glad to find out that some more new stuff is coming out soon. I assume that this is some stuff from when she was in Vegas, right? Who knows, maybe someday another Opry CD will come out or someone will release the Carnegie Hall concert. That would just be awesome. To all fans, lets stick together. I fall to pieces every time I hear Patsy's music.
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 19:47:11 (MET DST)
Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know I found a cool video clip site with a clip of Patsy Cline from the Arthur Godfrey show. If anybody is interested the address is It's not very long but it's worth it with Patsy being on it! Later everyone. Kathy
Kathy Harrison <>
Sioux City, IA USA - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 06:40:38 (MET DST)
I think that Patsy Cline has a legacy that will always be unequalled. She came along at a time when women in the country business were rare. Her headstrong will and determination to be the best has kept her memory alive all these years. Patsy, hoss, you can't be beat!
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 05:30:56 (MET DST)
Bill and others, the other song Patsy does on "Live at Cimmaron..." is "Shake, Rattle, Roll". We can hear a verse on "Remembering PC". The whole version is awesome. S.O.W. Like Bill Cox I prefer "live" performances to commercial ones, this happens to be one w/ "Write me ...." Always, Jimmy 6-10-97. PS. Karra, check w. The E. T. record shop on some a book of Patsy sheet music (a song folio).
Jim Walker <>
Lex, ky - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 04:35:31 (MET DST)
Regarding S.O.W.: (Write Me) In Care of the Blues, is a good one. But, I much prefer Patsy's live performance to the studio recording. Everything on the "Discovery" and "The Birth of A Star" CD's are great. I've got both. Many of her live performances are better than the studio recordings (especially the 4-Star material) because they don't have all the rockabilly influenced arrangements. The live performances of Patsy's later Decca material use almost the same arrangements, and I like them as well as the studio versions. I understand the "Cimarron Ballroom" CD will have two songs Patsy never made a commercial recording of. Jim Walker has identified one as "When My Dreamboat Comes Home". Anyone have an idea about the other one? Would love to know.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 02:16:32 (MET DST)
Hey everyone....Lisa? Is it time for another song of the week? I want to do... "In care of the blues". I love that song, especially the way it starts out with the guitar intro... Very sophisticated, I think!!!!! Patsy sounds commanding in that song with her little growls and her "opera stuff" at the end, as Authur Godfrey put it... :) "Write me in care offfff the BLUESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!.... *Amber*
*Amber Miller* <>
Sterling, VA USA - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 01:42:42 (MET DST)
Message to Julie: I got your e-mail, and I have replied. Please let me know if you got it! I want to make sure that the communication works. Thanks! Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 22:01:56 (MET DST)

Please call me at (212) 853-1634.
Matthew Matlack <>
New York, NY, NY USA - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 21:23:17 (MET DST)
Karra, I saw your entry about a pattern for one of Patsy's cowgirl outfits. For my 12th b-day I asked for a stage outfit made like Patsy's. We had looked all over for one like it until we found a woman that would custom make it. If I were you I would look in your phone book to find someone that can do custom sewing. The woman we found to make the dress did a beautiful job on mine and she just worked from a picture. Good luck!
Laura Panning <>
Napoleon, OH U.S. - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 17:06:27 (MET DST)
This page is a great tribute. I was only introduced to Patsy Cline ten years ago, around the time of my grandmother's death. I wish I had paid more attention before then, because Grandma *loved* her Patsy, but I think of her often when I play my Patsy CDs at work. We're going to have a Patsy Cline interlude at my Firm's Christmas party this year, so I need to know if anyone can steer me toward a source for sheet music and a pattern for Patsy's "cowgirl fringe" outfit (or an already made outfit). It's going to be fun.
Karra Porter <>
Salt Lake City, UT - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 04:23:25 (MET DST)
Hello all... Just dropped by and saw a question I could help with. Kelley Z. ask about footage... Kelley, you need to call the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville at 615-255-7503. You can get an Authorized Video Documentary about Patsy. In fact there are two: "The Real Patsy Cline" and "Remembering Patsy". I think these will be helpful. Good Luck. Will try to be back soon.
Julie Fudge
Joelton, TN 37080 - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 03:19:24 (MET DST)

Hi! I was hoping I could get some information about video footage of Patsy Cline performing. I have the honor of portraying her in "Always...Patsy Cline" this summer and was needing to research her demeanor, posture, ect... so I can give an honest portrayal of her. I've listened to her my whole life but have never seen her perform (she died before I was born). If you could suggest any place where I might be able to rent, buy or check out a video documentary or biography on her life, I would be much obliged!! Thanks... Kelley Zinge
Kelley Zinge <>
Austin, TX - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 20:44:06 (MET DST)
I just bought a CD which includes a recording of "Lonely Street". The instrumentation is different and there is another woman singing with Patsy. Does anyone know the origin of this version? It sounds like Patsy's vocals have been 'lifted' off the original track and re-recorded with another singer. I would be very interested to know the reason for this. I can't decide if I like the song this way, but the original as Patsy knew it is far better!!! Cath
Cath <>
Newcastle, England - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 20:03:15 (MET DST)
Comment: I have already said what I think about that version on the news page somewhere, and I think it has been discussed in the guestbook somewhere, too... That version is on the LaserLight 3 CD set, together with a few songs in which they have added a stinkin' fiddle, and completely ruined the recordings... /Per
Hey, Patsy fans, want to see how Patsy's record company respects her? Visit the Decca and MCA websites. You will find Patsy mentioned on the "Decca County Classics" and "The Nashville Sound... Owen Bradley" listings at Decca, then see "The Patsy Cline Collection" at MCA. Addresses:

You can download excerpts of "Crazy", "Sweet Dreams", and "I Fall to Pieces" at the MCA site. The site also lists the release date of "Live at the Cimarron Ballroom" as July 29. I'm sure to be at the record store on that date.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 05:37:37 (MET DST)

Great pictures too, Per, but why isn't there any pictures of Patsy and her son Randy?
Amber Falls <>
Howard, PA USA - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 04:12:29 (MET DST)
Comment: Simply because I don't have any such pictures good enough to scan. /Per
I am 61 years old now, and I was raised on Country. Patsy is still the Greatest!
The Tennessee Hooker <>
smyrna, tn usa - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 03:56:36 (MET DST)
Been a fan for years, have all your records.
Jeanette Godwin <>
London, ON Canada - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 02:57:24 (MET DST)
What can I say, Per, It's a masterpiece! I've bookmarked this site!
Amber Falls
Howard, PA U.S. - Sunday, June 08, 1997 at 03:55:01 (MET DST)
My moma rocked me to Patsy Cline's music. We love her and she is still very fresh in our minds.
Gina Nielsen \ Janet Hargrove <gina0001>
Huntsville, AL USA - Sunday, June 08, 1997 at 03:03:52 (MET DST)
Does anyone know if the Cimarron Ballroom will be released worldwide or just in the States? I'm dying to get my hands on some new material. I'm SO glad someone had the sense to keep so many of Patsy's live recordings. He or she has done us a HUGE favour!!! I have to agree with the song of the week - her voice just cries on "Heartaches", despite it being such and uptempo song. Takes some talent to manage that. Cath
Cath <>
Newcastle, England - Sunday, June 08, 1997 at 00:39:59 (MET DST)
Really enjoyed all this interesting info. on Patsy, she will always be the greatest in my book, have been a fan for a long time now. Always wondered about her family, and her husband. It was such a tragic loss, and it still makes me very sad when I listen to her music.
D. Dzierzanowski <>
San Antonio, TX - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 23:59:47 (MET DST)
S.O.W. - Amber, I have done the rewinding the tape on "Heartaches" myself. I love it. Lisa, I agree w/ your comments on Patsy being human, aren't we all. Welcome, Laura Panning, keep coming here often. That's it for now. Always... Jimmy
Jim Walker <>
- Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 20:53:33 (MET DST)
Hey Lisa! Where have you been lil' gal?! I can't wait to hear from you again!!!!!!!! Ahhhh yes, I do love the song "Heartaches". That was one of the first Patsy Cline songs I ever heard. My grandmother kept a Patsy Cline tape in her car called "Heartaches" (MCA). I just kept-a rewindin' that tape back to the song "Heartaches." Patsy sounds so good in that song. I love the way her voice kinda *wavers* (is that a word?) when she sings ...Well, you know! LISA, please e-mail me when you see this. I been waitin' to hear from ya darlin'!! *Amber*
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 03:44:05 (MET DST)
Hi dogies! This place is really swingin'! Let me say a quick "Howdy!" to welcome Laura Panning, a *great* PC fan! Cath, regarding Song of the Week, I'm choosing at random from studio sessions, but will eventually get to the live stuff later. How else will I be able to work in 2 of my favs, Stupid Cupid & Loose Talk!? Regarding Patsy's life as seen in books 'n movies, I have a huge surprise for all of you: Patsy was human! Surprise! She had negative traits, she had positive traits (just like you & I have) and I doubt she would want us to pretend she was perfect. Hell, I just love her, the good 'n the not-so-good! Random Song of the Week: "Heartaches". Can you believe it, Amber?! I know you love this one. So do I, it really rolls! PS Everyone needs to remind himself that this site belongs to Per, and it is thanks to him that we can come together like this. We each have the right to sign in because Per provides a place to do so; conversely, he has the right to decide what stays 'n what goes on *his* website!
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 03:02:45 (MET DST)
FYI... "Live from the Cimmaron Ballroom" should be released around July 29th... Am I right?? *Amber*
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 01:48:40 (MET DST)
Hi everybody! I am Laura Panning. I am 13. I have been a Patsy fan since I was 4. I have been in the fan club for about 4 years. I have been to Winchester and Nashville. I have met Patsy's mom, sister, husband, daughter, and grandaughter. In May I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Walker (we know each other from the fan club) and Lisa Flood for supper. They informed me of this website. It sure is great!
Laura Panning <>
Napoleon, OH U.S. - Friday, June 06, 1997 at 03:15:07 (MET DST)
This was the most interesting information on Patsy Cline that I've ever read. I enjoyed reading about her life and seeing the pictures. I personally love to listen to her music I find it very melow and relaxing. There will be in my opinion no one in the music industry with a voice like Patsy's for a long time to come. Laurie
Laurie <>
Canada - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 21:00:50 (MET DST)
This is for the question on whether or not Patsy's mother is still alive. I believe she still is. She still lives in Winchester. The last time I checked she was still alive. I hope this helps you out a little bit?
Kathy Harrison <>
Sioux City, IA usa - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 06:50:42 (MET DST)
Here are what I think would be the top 5 songs of what Patsy would choose now from the other side. 1) You Belong to Me; 2) Sweet Dreams; 3) Just a Closer Walk With Thee; 4) Life is a Railway to Heaven; 5) Today, Tomorrow and Forever. Note to Julie Fudge: Patsy would like to have me talk to you... I got an E-mail from Sue and she said you had some questions. I don't see your E-mail address, so I'll be waiting to hear from you. Marv
Marvin Ziegmann <>
Wall Lake, Ia USA - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 04:21:24 (MET DST)
Is Patsy's mother still living? My bother did a TV show on the life of Patsy back in the the sixty's and contacted Mrs Hensley for information. About a month later, out of the goodness of her heart sent my bother a box full of information and pictures of Patsy's life and they have always keep in touch. The last couple of years he hasn't heard from her and is wondering if everything is ok. She even sent my brother one of the two dollar bills that Patsy received for payment for a performance in Canada when his daughter was born. What a great women with a big heart.
Leslie Hemp <>
Neillsville, WI USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 23:23:46 (MET DST)
Hey folks, Amber Miller wanted to know what Patsy things are in Nashville. I'll try to help as I am sure many others want to know. Pictures of Patsy are at the Music Valley and Broadway locations of E. T. Record shops, Hard Rock Cafe has an autogragh and sheet music framed, Hatch Show print does some Patsy printing from time to time, of course the show at The Texas Trobadour, Willie Nelson Musuem has a show case, (I sent Per a pix and he scanned it for you all), the houses on Marothona, Hillhurst, Nella are still there (Charlie & Julie hope this was ok to mention), The Opry Musuem and Ctry Music Hall fame and those wax museum (not a favorite on my part), the Ryman has small display. You have to visit Tootsie just for the history. I probably left something else, but this will keep you guys busy for at least a day. Anybody got anything else to add. If time permits try to go by Camden, TN. Music Fest is June 27-28. Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker <>
Lexington, KY - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 21:36:28 (MET DST)
Hello everyone, I watched the "Yesterday and Today" show that was featured on TNN. I was a little disappointed in the show too. I thought that there would be more info on Patsy. I thought it was a good show tho, a little disappointed but good. I didn't realize that so many country stars died in automobile and plane crashes. Such tragic stories. The only people I really knew about were Patsy Cline and Buddy Holly. And, I don't believe in all this stuff in sensing one's own death. That's a bunch of hog wash. Kathy
Kathy Harrison <>
Sioux City, IA USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 16:50:56 (MET DST)
Hi, my name is Carmen Maria Zamora. 3 weeks ago I went to see Patsy Cline show, it was very beautiful. Specially the music, my mom likes country music. We are not canadian but we likes everything about Canada and u.s. Thank you for let me write this. Bye, Carmen Zamora
Carmen Zamora <>
London Ont, Canada - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 04:43:06 (MET DST)
Just reading over comments in the guestbook. Someone asked about the scrapbook Patsy gave Dottie West. I believe Charlie has it. When Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase were still doing "Music City Tonight", they had a tribute to Patsy, Hawkshaw, Randy and Cowboy Copas on the 31st anniversary of the plane crash. Charlie brought along some momentos to show, and one of them was the scrapbook because he said it was the one Dottie had. I've got that show on tape.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 04:25:50 (MET DST)
We had a blackout in Knoxville, so I didn't get to see tonight's episode of "Yesterday and Today". From what I heard on a preview, there will be several episodes dealing with the tragedies in country music. Patsy may be featured more on one of those. Remember, there's a lot to cover in a short amount of time (48 minutes without commercials). The story of Patsy's plane crash is familiar to almost everyone as it is. It's just a shame it had to happen. Maybe I'll get to see it at some point in the future.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 04:17:01 (MET DST)
Hi again. Well, got done watching the "Yesterday and Today" show, and boy, I was disappointed also!! I waited and waited and waited, and finally at the very end they put a little bit in about Patsy!!!! I waiting a whole hour for 5 minutes or less of Patsy! Ahhh!! Well, that's all I wanted to say... Later G8rs... Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 03:44:05 (MET DST)
Howdy gang. I just watched the TNN "Tragedies" special. I have to say that I am slightly dissapointed with it. All though the stars featured are all worthy of notice, but it seems that they covered lesser known, less accomplished artists with more detail than they did Patsy. I am not sure you all will agree, but I feel Patsy should have gotten more coverage. They almost seemed to portray her as bizarre, focussing on the "preminition" of her own death and comparing that to Johnny Horton's supernatural experiences. It seemed a bit tastless. Well, of course that's just my two sense worth. And these days that's about all I have. But I'll try to be, as Patsy herself said, "...Just as happy as if I had good sense". HA. Thanks again folks and let me know your opinions on tonights show. That's all. Mark
Mark Willix <>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 03:34:28 (MET DST)
I am voting for "I Fall to Pieces" for my favorite Patsy Cline song
Charlie Erardi
Lucama, NC USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 02:35:07 (MET DST)
Just surfing through and found your site. I had been looking for it under the old address. Good to know it's still around. Patsy Cline has been my favorite singer since my parents introduced me to her music when I was four years old (I'm now 26). I've collected all of her recordings, and am looking forward to the "Cimarron Ballroom" release. There aren't words to describe the feeling I get when I listen to her music. In answer to an earlier posting on the guest book, Patsy sang "Stupid Cupid" on one of the armed forces radio shows she did. MCA and the Country Music Foundation released the song on "Patsy Cline LIVE, Volume Two" and "The Patsy Cline Collection". The name of the show itself was Country Style USA for the US Army. Hope to visit this site again real soon.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 01:21:37 (MET DST)
Greetings ya'll! Well, I wanted to sign in and say hello. I do love signing this guestbook, don't you guys? I love seeing everyones entries, and love meeting other Patsy fans through this. I have personally met some GREAT folks that are now some of my close friends, such a Jimmy Walker, Lisa Flood, and others. Per, you've done a great thing with this site here! Well now, I am rambling on here...I love the pics of Patsy and Julie getting the awards on the Acheivments page, it adds a great touch to that page. If you haven't seen them, do check it out. Just wanted to remind everyone about the "Yesterday and Today" program coming on TNN tonight. I am def. going to tape it, I tape everything I can find on Patsy! I have a question for ya'll. I would REALLY like someone to e-mail me or write me and tell me about the Patsy sites and stuff about Patsy that is available in Nashville. I know there is some stuff at the Country Music hall of Fame museum, and Grand Ole Opry museum...I would also love to see some pics. I could lend ya'll some info and pics from Winchester. Am going there for the 2nd time with a friend on the 20th of June to see the Patsy sites. I am her "Patsy tourguide". Well, that's all for now, please feel free to e-mail me, I don't bite! :-) Amber :o)
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 00:28:25 (MET DST)
Hello everyone, I finally got my book "Patsy Cline - Singing Girl from the Shenandoah Valley" in the mail today. The minute I got it I sat down and read it all the way through. It does my heart good to know that finally after all these years Patsy's life is finally set straight and everyone knows the real Patsy! The book tells how she really was from the people who really knew her, no made up way of telling it, no changing the wording to make it sound better, the truth, in black and white, the way it should've been told to begin with! Even in the book it tells how the people who made "Sweet Dreams" made her out to be a devil of a woman who partied and drank and was mean as a snake, but the people in the book cleared that up quick! They flat out told it like it was and how Patsy really was, she had a big heart and was very giving to others and wouldn't do things if it didn't please her first! She was a very strong willed person, yes, but she was not mean like alot of the movies and rumors liked to make her out to be, bottom line, get the book you will experience the true real version of how Patsy and her life really was! From the people who knew her better than anyone else, no producers or directors or anything else putting there 2 cents in, it really is a great book and I feel really glad that it is out there telling her story in the true manner that it should be told in! I really encourage you to read this book, I'm not a salesman, I'm not trying to make you buy this book I just know from my experience reading it what it has done to me and wish that same feeling to more of Patsy's fans. It really will do you in!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USofA - Tuesday, June 03, 1997 at 07:57:51 (MET DST)
Hi all, I wanted to leave a note for you guys to say hello. Thanks for the info, Jimmy. I thought that there might be differences in the "Discovery", and "Birth of a Star" records. I recently dicovered myself that the "Discovery" record was an import which is why I haven't seen it any where but the E.T. Record Shop. I will pick up "Birth" ASAP. I am also anxiously awaiting the TNN show, I thought I had missed it, glad to know I havent. Anyway thats all for now folks. See you again soon.
Mark willix <>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Tuesday, June 03, 1997 at 07:03:45 (MET DST)
Thanks for your info. You know all about Patsy Cline! So, if there are Patsy collectors out there interested in a Pickwick release (England/Germany) two-cassette pack in original box "Queen of Country" - early recordings, let me know. If not, I'll hold on to it. Cindy
Cindy <>
St Petersburg, FL USA - Tuesday, June 03, 1997 at 03:01:20 (MET DST)
Hey gang, just got back from Nashville. While in town I went by the The Texas Trobadour Theatre. Meet w/ Teri Williams ("Patsy"), Lisa Layne (understudy), Danny Pickett (Little Big Man) and some of the band. These are just some of the nicest folks. They all remembered me from April! The theatre has a "Just a Closer Walk..." souvenir program for $2.00 (didn't get p/h, but I guess $.50 would cover it) for one call them at 1-615-885-0028. If in Nashville this year or next check it out. Cath, from UK, there are no videos for shows available. I have requested they sell them. I thinks there is a lot of legallities and publishing things to go through and bunch of other show biz stuff. I wished they would have them, I would buy em all!!! Kathy H and everyone else going to Winchester, give the Chamber of Commerce a call for details on Patsy sites. Judy Sue gives bus tours of these sites. Call em at 1-800-662-1360. Or check out their site and map at Tell them I sent ya. Some info on "Discoveries" & "Birth of a Star": They are slightly different. I know there are about 3 songs that are on each CD, but each one has different dates. I have not heard the differences. Some of the banter is different. Now my opinion "Birth of a Star" is the better. Catch TNN's "Yesterday and Today" PATSY WILL BE FEATURED on the June 3 show. Lisa F I agree w/ your comment on a song being a song, not sounds. Welcome kd lang, hope you have bookmarked this site. Catch ya later... Always Jimmy 6-2-97
Jim Walker <>
Lexington,, KY USA - Tuesday, June 03, 1997 at 01:33:32 (MET DST)
I like to sing Patsy Cline's songs. I sound alot like her.
Teri Lyn <>
Norwalk, Oh USA - Monday, June 02, 1997 at 13:44:47 (MET DST)
Hello hosses! I just got the CD "Patsy Cline: The Birth of A Star" and man oh man, does it set my woods on fire! Ha! It is the actual recordings of Patsy's appearances on the Arthur Godfrey shows and it even includes when Patsy won the first time she appeared when she sang "Walking After Midnight" and you could hear it in her voice afterwards when Mr. Godfrey told her that she had won, she was just breathless and overjoyed and I felt like I was right there in the show when it took place that's how real it felt! For those of you who don't have this CD yet, believe me it is a must! I have only had it a week and I tell you I have wore it out already! I love to listen to it because Patsy talks alot in this recording and she laughs that wonderful laugh and jokes and really cuts up but she also shines through with that heart of gold and that voice of velvet. Its simply amazing! You have to hear it first hand to truly believe it!!! But I love it!! Talk to all you hosses later and God Bless!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USofA - Monday, June 02, 1997 at 09:57:24 (MET DST)
Can anybody give me directions to Patsy Cline's gravesite? I know it's in Winchester, but how do you get there once in Winchester?
Kathy Harrison <Kthyhrsn>
Sioux City, IA us - Monday, June 02, 1997 at 06:54:29 (MET DST)
Hi everybody, my name is Molly Andrews. Yes, and I luv Patsy too. What a glorious, marvelous singer! For all you folks around the Louisville, Ky. area, check out Actor's Theatre's production of "Always... Patsy Cline". I believe it's scheduled to run from about July 9 to August 24, l997... It's gonna be a hoot! Luv, Mahleee
Molly Andrews <>
Purcellville, VA USA - Sunday, June 01, 1997 at 01:43:38 (MET DST)
Comment: Good luck with the show, Molly, and make Patsy proud with your singing! /Per
When I hear Patsy's voice, goosebumps happen! Especially when I hear "Sweet Dreams". Does anyone else feel the way I do? Julie, I really love reading your comments. You are the link to Patsy. God bless you and your family.
Butch Peel <>
Paris, Tx USA - Saturday, May 31, 1997 at 18:24:16 (MET DST)
Can anyone tell me if there are any plans for "Always... Patsy Cline" to be released as a video? I'm one of many fans who don't have much chance to see the show. Even if it came to England it would probably not get this far north. I have the "Remembering" and the "Real" videos and have almost worn them out. I'd love to expand my collection! Lisa, do you restrict your Song of the Week to studio recordings, or can live ones count, too? I like her version of "Side By Side" and "Down by the Riverside". Of course, anything she sang was brill anyway, but the live recordings sound better than some studio ones by other artists! It's been nice to see so many entries from Julie Fudge recently. Cheers, mate!!!
Cath <>
Newcastle, England - Saturday, May 31, 1997 at 17:31:25 (MET DST)
Hi all. I am delighted to see all of the entries including such great memories of my favorite person. Patsy came to me through her music when I was 15. I'll be 21 in July and thus have felt her guiding voice for 6 years. It has taken me the entire time to compile every commercial catalogue release, both from Four Star and Decca. I have the entire catalogue in one form or another. I am especially intrigued by the lastest release "Patsy Cline: Discovery". I understand it has also been released under the title "Patsy Cline: Birth of a Star". My favorite cut is "Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray", at the end of the cut you can hear that famous laugh that Patsy was known for. You really could hear her "a block away". Patsy has and always will be the goddess that I pray to. She is the guiding spiritual force in my life, and for that to be someone I never had the opprtunity to meet speaks volumes for the love she must have had for people. I love her as if I've known her all my life. kd, I dont know if you still talk to Patsy, but she is still alive in my heart and the hearts of everyone of her fans. Give her a holler, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you. Julie, all I can say is thanks. Your family's dedication to keeping your mothers dream alive is the greatest gift you can give to a fan who is too young to have known her in life. And please tell ol' Charlie thanks for me, I've spoken to him on the phone a few times and he really is a great guy. I don't care what any Hollywood screen writer says, you can tell he loved your mother as much as she loved entertaining. Thanks again to all the fans, and for the wonderful memories. Keep it alive, and keep it country. Mark.
Mark Willix <>
Atlanta, Ga United States - Saturday, May 31, 1997 at 00:28:54 (MET DST)
I think that all of Patsy's song are beautiful and I'm glad tht somebody like LeAnn Rimes has the ability to sing them in the same manner that Patsy did!
Edward T. Rose <>
Olean, NY USA - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 17:52:47 (MET DST)
First Skeeter Davis and now k.d. lang! WOW! Patsy is still loved by and still inspires the best!
Sue Wilden <>
Columbus, In USA - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 17:28:02 (MET DST)
Hi y'all! No song of the week this time, because what I'm about to describe to you will surely engender mucho conversation by itself. On CNN this week, there was a computer whiz who is putting the finishing touches on a new project that could change music as we know it. He can take every sound a singer has ever made, every word, every note, and piece together a new song. Thus, in theory, we could hear Patsy, Elvis, Buddy et al singing new songs. I heard what he is working on & you wouldn't believe how amazing Elvis sounds. But this begs a question: doesn't a song come from the soul of a singer, not just the sounds? What controversy! I'd love to hear some discussion about this! P.S. Julie you are a hoot in mentioning "Marv". Good old Marv! What happened to him?:-)
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 16:43:58 (MET DST)
Comment: I have always been against manipulating songs into new versions, like those fake duets between Patsy and Jim Reeves, and this gotta be considered even worse... A recording should be a performance of a living person, and that person should be able to decide how to sing a song, and to stand for it. What's the next step? Elvis singing political songs in the next presidential campaign? /Per
Patsy - you will live forever...
kdlang24 <>
West Hollywood, Ca USA - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 06:49:03 (MET DST)
Just found this site will be back to read more. Been a fan a long time.
Everette R Hayward <>
Lincoln Park, MI USA - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 05:49:43 (MET DST)
Some TV news. I have heard Patsy may be on TNN's Yesteryear and Today programs that airs on Tues. This will be June 3. I saw a little bit of a commercial, I missed Patsy being featured. I have heard she is supposed on a program that sounds like this. It is a great program. Northern FL residents and fans I hear that "Always... Patsy Cline" will be in the area for the next few weeks. I am headed to Nashville this weekend, let you all know any Patsy "news" I hear of. Don't forget Camden, TN's Music Fest and BBQ. Amy Barrett is working hard on getting things ready. If you can come please contact one of us. Let's show our support, besides everyone is so friendly in this town! The fan club is working on getting a display ready and a few suprises! Always... Jimmy W. 5-29-97
Jim Walker
Lex, KY - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 05:44:35 (MET DST)
I never knew alot about Patsy Cline until I saw the movie, "Sweet Dreams". Since that time, I've been listening more and reading everything I can find on Patsy Cline. I agree when it is said that Patsy is one of the best!!!
Katrina Cubbins <>
Smithville, TN USA - Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 21:08:23 (MET DST)
I just found this page. It's great! Just wanted to say that Patsy Cline has a powerful effect on me when I hear her voice. I think she's tremendous. She died much too young!
Butch Peel <>
Paris, Tx USA - Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 14:38:26 (MET DST)
I think Patsy was the best singer we ever saw. She truly had the most wonderful voice. There will never be another PATSY CLINE.
Bobby Bollerman <>
SCH. Haven, PA USA - Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 08:55:47 (MET DST)
Mrs. Fudge, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me, if you'd rather not I understand completely. My father died when I was 12 and ever since then some unusual things have happened. I believe it's his way of still communicating with me and watching out for me. I was wondering if you've had any similiar experiences? Thank-you for your time and take care, Meghan
Meghan Segal <>
columbus oh, us - Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 07:49:53 (MET DST)
Hey Per, Here is some news from Nashville...The Nashville Banner, Wed., May 28, 1997, reports that they have selected the actress to portray "Patsy Cline" in the New York off-Broadway production of "Always...Patsy Cline" from Opryland Theatricals. Her name is Tori Lynn Palazola, and she has performed in the production of "Lost Highway" at the Ryman Auditorium here in Nashville. "Lost Highway" is currently playing at the Ryman and is about Hank Williams. Margo Martindale, a well-known character actress, will play the part of Louise. "Always..." will open on June 24 at the Variety Arts Theatre, located on Third Ave. at 13th Street. Just thought you would want to know....also, I am not sure yet if we will make it to Camden this year. Haven't finalized my calendar yet. Mr. Daniel...No harm, I am always learning and hardly come close to knowing everything. There are a lot of wonderful, devoted fans that can teach me a few things, once in a while. Jim, not sure when that photo shoot was, but will see if Dad knows. Oh, and by the way, saw Owen Bradley recently. Ask him about the "Elvis-Patsy" recordings...he said he doesn't have them, but would love to. If that "Marv" would come back to the guestbook maybe he could tell us more. He said that Elvis was still around, so maybe they could still work on something, eh? :-) well, I'll try to come back soon. Certainly is interesting. C-Ya! Julie
Julie Fudge
Nashville, - Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 06:06:55 (MET DST)

Crazy for Patsy Cline Classics - No one can ever replace this one of a kind singer. What a blessing her music is even after all these years since her death.
Barry Cameron <>
Hastings, MI USA - Thursday, May 29, 1997 at 02:14:13 (MET DST)
Hi everyone... Noticed the question about "Stupid Cupid" and wanted to try to answer it. Patsy never actually did a studio recording of it, but she did sing it on one of the country music shows she was on... can't think of the name... She also sang it in some of her concerts. Her version is terrific!! :-) Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 23:24:55 (MET DST)
Hi again, If anyone would like to corrospond by email and talk about Patsy Cline or anything else, I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Meghan
Meghan Segal <>
columbus oh, us - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 23:22:21 (MET DST)
Did Patsy sing a song titled "Stupid Cupid", the same one that Connie Frances sang? And Julie, I was also wondering if you were going to be in Camden also? Thanks, Kathy
Kathy Harrison <>
Sioux City, IA usa - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 22:03:43 (MET DST)
I just found this site and what a wonderful tribute!!! I became a fan when I saw "Sweet Dreams" on HBO one day about 10 years ago. Even though I was very young, I just remebered being mesmorized by her voice. Thanks again for such a wonderful site!!! A young fan, Meghan
Meghan Segal <>
Columbus OH, OH US - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 07:42:29 (MET DST)
I am really impressed with your Pasty Cline Wedsite. I will be back to visit again. I have always been a Pasty Cline fan since a child and always will be. There will never be anyone like no matter how hard they try. Thanks again for such and informative history. Nancy Sanders
Nancy Sanders <>
Colona, IL USA - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 05:42:37 (MET DST)
After looking at everything about Patsy, I feel so inferior. I thought I knew alot about her but I didn't, not even half her songs. Now I know there is so much more to listen to. I can't wait to go out and listen to more. Thanks for this site. It is the best thing on the web.
Heidi Lombardi <>
Caldwell, NJ USA - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 05:41:40 (MET DST)
I was also wondering what happened to the scrapbook. The idea of publishing a recreation sounds like a good idea to me. This is for Julie, Kristy and I were wondering if you are coming to Camden this year? Kristy has been asked to display her school project.
Tammy Barnes <>
Bernie, Mo - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 05:16:09 (MET DST)
I have a question that I have wondered about for a while, and I was wondering if anybody here knows the answer. What happened to Patsy's scrapbooks that she gave to Dottie West? I remember Dottie having trouble with the IRS, and alot of her things were auctioned off to pay back taxes, and I have wondered if they were auctioned off or did Dottie give them to Patsy's family or what? I think it would be a great idea for a publisher to publish a "recreation" of the scrapbooks. I bet it would be a million seller. Any info would be apprectiated. Thanks again, Per, for a wonderful sight!!!
Mark Ogletree <>
Atlanta, GA - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 04:25:58 (MET DST)
I have always loved you, Patsy, as a child and now as an adult. You will always be alive in my heart. I have all your songs and I play them alot. Peace and may God keep you and love as I do.
Lucille C. Fite <rcpilot>
Charlotte, Nc Mecklenburg - Wednesday, May 28, 1997 at 03:54:52 (MET DST)
A beautiful site for a beautiful performer! Great job!
Millie <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 23:37:40 (MET DST)
TO MS. JULIE FUDGE: Hi, and thanks for writing. I apologize, Julie. After listening to that record a few times, I realize that it is called "If I Can See The World (Through the Eyes of A Child)". The label is removed as the record is old. My grandson fooled me into thinking that this is a rare recording of some type. I also realize that it is NOT the same as the Louie Armstrong recording. I do apologize for any Patsy fans that read my message. I will not post again unless I am CERTAIN that my info is correct. Also, Per I want to let you know that my grandson has posted some phony messages on a few boards, and using my computer he may have posted some phonies on MY favorite board right here. If so, I am truly sorry. I have changed my password and he can no longer use this computer. I've also told his mother (my daughter) to tan his hide. Well, she doesn't believe in the old paddle we got in my day... BUT, you'll be happy to know that she did ground him for FOUR weeks. He is 14 years old, and I am quite upset with what he has done to my computer. Hopefully, he has not damaged my good name. Bless you for this wonderful site. I am 64, live alone and this Patsy site brings me much happiness. Jesse (also please note my new E-Mail address)
Jesse Daniel <>
- Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 22:35:55 (MET DST)
I Love Patsy Cline! She is the all time greatest country singer.
Megan Wright <>
La Harpe, IL - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 22:09:48 (MET DST)
Patsy has always been a great singer. And her music is great to listen to no matter what kind of mood your in.
Joy Noll
Aurora, Mo USA - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 21:01:29 (MET DST)
Even though there are artists like Jewel and Leann Rimes, Patsy will always be MY favorite female song artist!
Ali Couey <>
Greenville, MS - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 17:42:43 (MET DST)
To Whom It May Concern: Could I be a relative? My family, (Cline), originates from a small farm community, near Hagerstown, MD. Downsville, is that community and it is located near the Potomac River. My grandfather's name was Harry, and my grandmother's was Minnie. Sincerely, Jeff Cline
Jeffrey Alan Cline <>
Williamsport, MD USA - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 16:41:09 (MET DST)
When I hear "I Fall to Pieces" it reminds me of my teen years. It was my favourite song. Great memories. Regards, Noel Hade.
Noel Hade <>
Warwick Q 4370, Australia - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 14:26:42 (MET DST)
I have been a big Patsy fan for a few years now. I was born to late so I never got to see Patsy perform. This summer I'm going to Nashville and I'm stopping at Camden on the way to pay my respects, I want to go to VA but, I don't have enough time. One of these days I'm going to make it out there. Patsy will live forever in my heart. Kathy
Kathy Harrison <>
Sioux City, IA usa - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 04:14:19 (MET DST)
Mr. Daniel....That record you have..(What A Wonderful World) you say you have a copy? Would like to see it...didn't know she recorded that one. I ask Dad about it and he said he didn't remember her recording that song. Would like to know more. Thanks, Julie Fudge
Julie Fudge
Nashville, - Tuesday, May 27, 1997 at 01:27:40 (MET DST)

First I want to say that I am a 48 year old man and I'm not a fan of country music. But I can remember as a young pup hearing "I Fall to Pieces" on the radio and thinking that it was one of the prettiest songs I ever heard. It sort of stayed in the background of my consciousness for many years. I don't think I even knew who recorded that ballad, but I would hear it occasionally and each time I did that voice would dig a little bit deeper under my skin. As I got a bit older I found out that the artist was named Patsy Cline and I was to hear that voice on other equally haunting songs. Of course, I was hearing them long after Patsy's tragic end. What prompts me to write tonight is that I just returned from a weekend of funning and sunning with a lady companion and I was feeling lonely because our weekend was over and she had to go home. I turned on the tv to keep me company while I was eating my dinner and caught most of a movie (I don't even know the title) starring Jessica Lange which was based on the life, career, and death of Patsy Cline. And I guess that for a while tonight my lonliness and Patsy's sort of reached out, shook hands, and had a dance together.
John Bennick <>
Sacramento, CA - Monday, May 26, 1997 at 07:33:59 (MET DST)
Yes, the song "What A Wonderful World" is a very rare recording of Patsy's from 1961. It is the same song that you may have heard Louie Armstrong sing. She is at her best in it. This song was ONLY printed as a 45 record, but never officially released. Some of us lucky folks have it, and all the money in the world would not make me part with it!
Jesse Daniel <>
Silver Springs, MD - Monday, May 26, 1997 at 02:32:41 (MET DST)
What a Wonderful World it would be... "If I could See the World through the Eyes of A Child". "If I could See..." is the title to the song, that is a line of the sign. I thought maybe I was missing something too. SOW that song has lasted into the 90's w/ help from kd lang. But Patsy is the best esp w/ way she ended the song. Always, Jimmy
Jim Walker <>
- Sunday, May 25, 1997 at 17:10:54 (MET DST)
I first encountered Patsy in March of 1980 when I saw "Coal Miner's Daughter" for the first time. I was so taken by Beverly D'Angelo's performance and by the songs she sang that I sat through the movie twice, then went back a week later to see it again. I've listened to her music ever since, and have been collecting her work whereever I find it. Of course, she recorded such a small volume of songs that it's quite rare to find something "new". Once recording I still haven't found is "What a Wonderful World" which is listed in the biography of Patsy written by Ellis Nassour. If anyone knows where to find this recording, or if it's even available, please write to me.
Tim Hatcher <DNAHelix@AOL.COM>
Dallas, TX USA - Sunday, May 25, 1997 at 07:06:33 (MET DST)
Patsy "The Lady with the golden voice" Cline is my favourite singer. "I can't help it" sung by her is my favourite. Anita:)
Anita Daugstad <>
Oslo, Norway - Sunday, May 25, 1997 at 01:07:33 (MET DST)
Hi everyone, just wanted to give you guys my two cents on "Three cig's in an ashtray". That song is one of my favorites, I think it really shows the emotion that Patsy put into her songs. Especially when she sing "Now they are gone... and I sit alone... and watch 1 cigarette burn awayyyyy..." Ahhhh, what a wonderful song! Well, I'm outta here you guys!
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Saturday, May 24, 1997 at 21:25:22 (MET DST)
Hello friends 'n fans! Patsy lovers are never strangers, are we? I do get sad when someone signs in & says he/she is "Patsy's #1 fan", because it attempts to negate the love that each of us feels for her. Surely there is enough of Patsy's big spirit & heart for all of us to love! Song of the Week: "Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray". Hmmm. Not one of my favorites personally, but I would enjoy hearing opinions from others out there. PS A barbecue on June 27th, eh? Hmmm. Sounds good to me!
Lisa Flood <New e-mail address TBA!>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, May 23, 1997 at 18:27:16 (MET DST)
Hello to Julie Fudge, Jimmy Walker, and others, I just wanted to let every one know that this year during the Benton County Music Festival in Camden, TN (where Patsy's memorial is) we are going to be having Jimmy Walker & Bill Culver down again to display their Patsy Memorabilia. We are also going to be having the 1st Annual Patsy Cline Memorial Bar-b-Que Friday June 27th. All fan club members are invited to attend, and also to attend the festival. We are currently in the process of getting directional signs to the crash site and memorial. Hope you all can come. Call (901) 584- 8395. Thanks for all your help Jimmy!!!
Amy Barrett <>
Camden, TN USA - Wednesday, May 21, 1997 at 19:24:15 (MET DST)
Hi, a question for Julie Fudge: What was the year that Loretta did that photo session at the Nella Dr? We meet at Camden and Texas Troub. Theat. Thanks, Jimmy Walker
Jim Walker <>
- Tuesday, May 20, 1997 at 22:28:18 (MET DST)
Hi, Julie. I just wanted to say that it's a real honor to be able to write at the same place that you are signing! I listen to Patsy's music all the time and always wonder what her life must have been like. I hope things are going alright in your life. Any comments on your brother Randy would be greatly appreciated. I was just wondering how he is and if he's married or has children. Love, Jennifer.
Jennifer Landry <>
Port Neches, TX USA - Tuesday, May 20, 1997 at 17:53:30 (MET DST)
Hello again... Just saw the article in the "Country Weekly", and the picture in question. Yes, that was taken at Patsy's home. The room they are in is the room that was re-created for the museum at Opryland. This was the den or rec. room. Loretta did a "photo shoot" at the house. Just wanted to let you know... Julie
Julie Fudge
Nashville, - Tuesday, May 20, 1997 at 03:46:48 (MET DST)

I have admired Patsy Cline for many years. Unfortunately, I did not begin to enjoy her music until after her tragic passing. My wife and I have many recordings of Patsy and in duet with other singers as well. Recently, we attended a concert regarding the music of Patsy Cline which was performed by Sandi Martin. Many of my employees listen to Country music during the work day. We always become a little more attentive when a Patsy Cline song comes along. She will live forever.
Guy E, Ferrone <>
Everett, MA USA - Monday, May 19, 1997 at 15:24:57 (MET DST)
I just watched a movie on Patsy's life and was touched by it. She was increadible... I'm 27 years old and been a metal head most of my life... But her music touched me in a way. Well anyway, that's all I needed to say... See ya..:-)
robert merker <>
clearwater, fl usa - Monday, May 19, 1997 at 15:23:14 (MET DST)
Hello Per, and all...I just had a minute and wanted to address the issue about the "Patsy Cline Wine"... There is a company that would like to use "Patsy Cline" in their packaging. For example, one of their products I have seen is a bottle packaged with a Tammy Wynette CD, and her picture on the front. We did not want to consider endorsing an alcoholic product, and the product being discussed would be *NON-alcoholic*. I would like to "stay and chat" but I have to go for now. I'll try to get back soon. Bye for now. JF
Julie Fudge
Nashville, - Monday, May 19, 1997 at 00:24:16 (MET DST)

I was just looking at the "sessions" page on the site and the list of chart entries doesn't mention that Patsy hit the popcharts in Britain in 1990 with "Crazy" after a showing of the film "Sweet Dreams". She got to number 14 and found a lot of new fans. A little something extra to show that she can still compete with the manufactured sounds of many of today's performers. The single was in the charts for ages, and all!!!
Cath <>
Newcastle, - Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 21:38:33 (MET DST)
Thanks, I had a GREAT time reading and learning about Patsy.
Al Ulrich <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 05:08:50 (MET DST)
I think Patsy is the best. I just went out and bought her collection. I listen to it all the time and I never even get tired of it. Thanks.
Michael <>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 23:58:20 (MET DST)
Hey Donna! The magazine with the Loretta pic is in "Country Weekly", of course... and the date is May 27th 1997. It's in the article about Loretta on page 28 titled, "Living Legend". Like I said, it shows Loretta and Mooney practicing Loretta's music over at Patsy's house. Loretta is holding a guitar and they're sitting on a couch... Do you know anything about this, Jimmy? I've seen this pic before but never knew it was over at Patsy's house. Too cool! Well, that's all... The picture of Loretta in Patsy's "Goldust Bathroom" can be found in Ellis Nassour's book "Honky Tonk Angel", if you guys want to check it out. It's in the revised edition of his book from '91 or '93, can't seem to remember.... :o) See everyone later, Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 21:35:33 (MET DST)
Comment: About the "gold dust" picture: It's easier to check it out by going here! :-) You also have a link to the Loretta Lynn page there. The revised edition of Nassour's book is from 1993. /Per
Here is a page w/ some great stuff on Patsy: Per, love the Mandy pictures. You all check at the Mandy Barnett homepage, it is great. Per has added a link. Jimmy
Jim Walker
- Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 21:12:06 (MET DST)
Comment: The link that Jimmy refers to is on my Mandy Barnett page. /Per
I am back. I have not been able to access this site for a week. Something was wrong w/ AOL. Heard of of others w/ same problem. Wednesday I went to Louisville, KY to meet w/ James Seacat of the Actors Theatre. Brought a "little" bit of my collection for them to see. They made some copies for a display. I will be at the premeire July 10. If anyone is reading from the Louisville area come to premiere and say hi. SOW- Lisa, you picked another favorite. A true country song. Did you all know Patsy liked this better than "Pieces"? She even pushed it more. Patsy Cline wine?! "A Bottle of Wine and P C" makes sense to me. Keep us informed. Talked w/ MCA this week. The art work for the Cimmarron Ballroom sounds great. Release is July 29, 1997. Camden TN Music Fest is June 27-28. Look forward to meeting some of you all. To Donna M- "Lovesick Blues" is the song from the Honky Tonk Angels. Those gals really roll on this one. It is my favorite from this album. I've some plans for Labor Day in Winchester and they sound swinging again! Catch ya'll later. Always, Jimmy W
Jim Walker <>
- Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 20:57:09 (MET DST)
Sorry, I made a huge mistake, the pic I saw of Loretta Lynn posing in Patsy's bathroom was not at the Loretta Lynn page on her site, but on the Loretta Lynn page on this site, go to overview, and then click on Loretta Lynn and it shows a picture of Loretta and the one below it is the one I'm referring to, sorry about the error, just thought it was a very interesting pic! My mistake letter is below, I caught my error quickly though but I'm still sorry I took up space making the error and then having to come back and correct it, hope no one is too upset with me. The Cline still rules!!!!!!!!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USA - Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 08:15:16 (MET DST)
I forgot to mention it, and was really reminded of it when I saw Amber's letter about the Loretta & Mooney pic in the Country Weekly mag, but when I was on the Loretta Lynn page last night I saw a picture on there of Loretta posing in Patsy's "gold dust" bathroom, that's what it said at the bottom of the picture, I don't know how I forgot to mention something so vital, I guess I'm just getting falty in my old age! HA! Anyway, I accessed the Loretta page from this site on the overview page just click on Loretta Lynn's name and wha-la! You're there! By the way Amber which Country Weekly mag are you referring to (by the date)? I'm a subscriber to this mag and get it every week in the mail and I haven't seen this pic yet, believe me if I had I would sho' know it, I don't miss much when it comes to the Cline! Chat with ya'll later! Sweet Dreams until then!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USA - Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 07:59:12 (MET DST)
Hi everyone... I too have just bought the MCA cassette of "Here's Patsy Cline", and I love it! "Yes I understand" sounds awesome with just one vocal instead of two (is it called 'overdubbing'?). I recommend it, you guys have to check it out! Thanks for the info about it, Per! If you didn't say anything about it, I wouldn't have thought twice about it ;o) Anyways, got some more news. In the latest issue of "Country Weekly", there is a photo of Loretta Lynn and hubby Mooney practicing Loretta's music over at Patsy Cline's house. Does anyone know if this was REALLY over at Patsy's house? I'm not too sure... Well that's all. I'll leave you with a line of Patsy's music that I'm listening to right now... 'If I could see the world through the eyes of a child, what wonderfullllll world, this would be-e-e-e-e-e-eeee'... Always, Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 05:11:45 (MET DST)
Years ago, I purchased two photos Ms. Cline had signed. One is the Decca publicity photo and the other is where Ms. Cline is dressed in the "Cowgirl Fringe" outfit. Patsy, God rest your soul. By the way, I asked Willie where he was and what he remembered about when he first heard that you were going to record "Crazy"? He told me "he was up stairs in Tootsies in Nashville, and that Charlie, your husband told him the news. Willie got quiet and then said "that was some exciting times for me". That's all from me. Patsy, I signed in. Godspeed...............
A. Friend <>
- Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 03:27:08 (MET DST)
That was a really good biography of such a nice person in country music, I watched the movie about her life. Do you feel it was very accurate about her life? Do they have a musuem about her life at all? And is Charlie Dick still alive?
Debbie Danner <>
Lakewood, Ca USA - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 19:42:37 (MET DST)
Comment: Charlie is still alive and kickin'! He has even signed this guestbook once, and so has his and Patsy's daughter Julie a few times! You can find their entries on the previous pages in this guestbook. I have marked their entries with a different color, so they are fairly easy to find. /Per
I love to listen to Patsy Cline
Chris Crawford <>
Alliance, Ne USA - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 16:51:40 (MET DST)
I'm back! Been sick for a solid week & I'm *never* sick! Thanks to all who wrote. Met Jimmy Walker & other PC fans in Toledo; Jimmy has *everything* about PC & is a great guy to boot! Happy b'day to Sue Wilden, and thanks for expressing why I like "Shoes" so dadgum much, that bass/drum line is really swingin'! Pat Willette, thank you for the PC stories, you made it feel like we were there with you! And Patsy Cline wine, huh? Bet it has a helluva kick to it! But I think that Patsy Cline Beer would make more sense myself. To Don in Alaska, contact In Your Ear Music for "The Real PC" video (see main page). Song of the Week: "Lovin' in Vain". Aha! Really should call it "Lovin' in Vay-hayn", like she sings it. I love it, especially how those high notes ring clear as a bell -- "I'd rather be alone, dear, if you don't want to change". And I happen to love it when she growls in her music. What a woman!
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 16:30:02 (MET DST)
I was just on the Loretta Lynn site and I found out that on a album from the Honky Tonk Angels - Loretta, Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette that there is a song on this album that included Patsy! It's an original 1959 recording of Patsy singing "Lovesick Blues" and Loretta, Dolly and Tammy are dubbed in along with Patsy, does anyone have any information on this? I just found out about this myself but if there is anyone out there who knows more, please fill me in! I will go to the music store and find this album and check it out to see how great it sounds! I'll let you know as soon as I know just how great it really is! Long live the Cline!!!!!!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USA - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 09:37:37 (MET DST)
I am a big fan of Patsy Cline and her music, she is one of the best, if not the best, of all time.
Rick Rios <>
West Covina, CA 91790 - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 06:59:28 (MET DST)
I was in Winchester in 1997, l saw where Patsy lived, worked, saw her grave stone and the studio where she made her first record. Some day l hope to take my daughter who is 18 and my best friend to see what l had a chance to see. Patsy was the greatest. I have been to see three of her impersonators. I would like to find a Patsy Cline fan club in Canada. I don't have Internet in my home, l am doing this from my daughters school. If anyone knows of a club in Canada could you please write me. My address is Kathy Turner RR # 1 Gananoque, Ontario Canada K7G 2V3.
Kathy Turner
Gananoque Ont., Canada - Thursday, May 15, 1997 at 17:19:00 (MET DST)
I think Patsy Cline is an excellent singer and I love to do some of her songs on my karaoke machine.
Marilynn Bell <>
London, On Canada - Thursday, May 15, 1997 at 15:29:25 (MET DST)
I am a big Patsy fan. I adore her. If only I could find a copy of "Sweet Dreams!". Mine was loaned and never came back and now the film is out of print... If anyone can help, please email me ( Always....
Jeffrey Link <>
Chicago, IL USA - Thursday, May 15, 1997 at 13:39:05 (MET DST)
Hey everbody! Got a tough one here... I went to a '50's retro restaurant the other evening and punched in "I Fall to Pieces" on the juke box. It was Patsy, but is was a version I sure never heard before. The version which we are most familiar is the one with the instrumental intro, followed by "I Fall to pieces..." with the electric guitar fill before "each time...." This version had no intro, started with Patsy singing immediatly and with background singers. The lead guitar was replaced by a steel guitar and strings really gunked up the score. Is this an alternate take or a jazzed up re-mix? It wasn't that bad, but it was sure different. I hated the steel, but tolerated the background singers. Any infomation on this is greatly appreciated! Sue
sue wilden <>
Columbus, In USA - Wednesday, May 14, 1997 at 23:26:55 (MET DST)
Most famous song to us was "Crazy".
Maureen Lisle <>
London, England - Wednesday, May 14, 1997 at 20:57:50 (MET DST)
I have various programmes on a local radio station and have done a tribute to Patsy Cline under the 'umbrella' of one of my segments called 'Giants Of Country Music' - for that she surely was. John
John Gregg <>
Johannesburg, South Africa - Wednesday, May 14, 1997 at 20:35:28 (MET DST)
My friend heard on National Public Radio yesterday evening that a vineyard out in California is going to bottling a Patsy Cline wine. I was wondering if Per or anyone else out there might know anything more about this... or if it's true at all. Thanks! Brian
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA United States - Wednesday, May 14, 1997 at 18:04:00 (MET DST)
Very nice information. I enjoyed it very much. Have a great day. Becky
Becky Carpenter <>
Port orchard, WA USA - Wednesday, May 14, 1997 at 05:34:46 (MET DST)
Actors Theatre of Louisville (Ky), an award-winning non-profit professional regional theatre company, will produce a new production of "Always. . . Patsy Cline", July 9 - August 10. Call 1-800-4ATL-TIX. Check us out at Pass the word! Tell your friends!
James Seacat <>
Louisville, KY USA - Wednesday, May 14, 1997 at 00:20:13 (MET DST)
I'm seventeen and Pasty Cline is my most favorite female vocalist. I think she is so great and once I saw her story "Sweet Dreams" I loved her even more. If you have any great info please send it to me.
Kelly Pinyard <>
Johnson City, TN United States - Tuesday, May 13, 1997 at 01:12:44 (MET DST)
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