At the Riverside Park Ballroom
in Phoenix, Arizona, 1960.
Photo by Johnny Franklin.

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Shane: In the home video "The Real Patsy Cline", there is a photo of Patsy performing with Ray Price (and others) that is shown. However, it is a still photograph. Not a video clip.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Saturday, May 09, 1998 at 23:23:19 (MET DST)
Regarding Alternate Takes: Here's some info. you might be interested in. Before CBS Records was purchased by Sony in 1989, the company sold a treasure trove of recordings made at (or in the possession of) Columbia Studio B in Nashville to a company called Clark Entertainment Group. From 1955-1962, Columbia Studio B was known as the Bradley Film and Recording Studios, owned by Owen and Harold Bradley. In the early '90's, Sony Music sued CEG to regain control of the tapes. Clark won the court battle, and held a series of press conferences to celebrate its victory, to showcase the recordings, and to announce it was negotiating with the major labels to release the tapes. Artists whose recordings they own include Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline. Johnny Cash himself said the tapes were "work tapes" (showing the development of a song), demos and alternate takes. To my knowledge, none of these tapes have yet been released. Would be interesting to hear.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Saturday, May 09, 1998 at 23:15:39 (MET DST)
Hello Patsy Cline fans!! I was also wondering about those alternate takes from Patsy's sessions. I would assume that they still exist. Although if they did, one would think they would have been used on the 1991 Box Collection. But maybe they had in mind to use them later. I think this might be one of the reasons MCA doesn't release material all at once. Think about that, Patsy is no longer with us, therefore in order to release new, never heard material, you would have to release it over time. This idea would also keep interest for new upcoming releases of her material. To me it sounds logical. What do ya all think????? Here's a question for ya all. Several years ago I saw a brief clip of Patsy performing with I think Ray Price. She seemed to be singing to him. Does anyone recall this clip???? Sincerley....
Shane C. Collins <PC..>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Saturday, May 09, 1998 at 22:39:53 (MET DST)
Donna, I read in the paper today that Eddie died of lung cancer and he was 56 yrs old. I had heard he had cancer but I thought things were going good for him. I heard he did record another album a few months back. Donna, you will find your rainbow.:) Always, Jimmy 5-9-98. Ps Happy mother day to all you moms out there and congrates to the upcoming graduates of 1998!
Jimmy Walker
- Saturday, May 09, 1998 at 16:40:56 (MET DST)
Hello everyone! Long time no talk, I have been depressed here lately, my husband and I just went through a divorce. I am living with my sister and her husband and they just had a new baby a week ago. So I have been through alot, but no matter what I have been through, Patsy and her voice and her life story seems to always lift my spirits. Even though she is not on this earth with us I know she is "with" us in another way, and that helps me get through the tough times life has to dish out. Anyway, I heard another tragedy today, Eddie Rabbitt died today. I don't know how old he was but I do know he was very young, he had some type of cancer. It certainly is a tragedy but I know he is in heaven with Patsy and the rest of the ones we have lost this year. Its only 5 months into 1998 and country has lost alot of greats! I can't believe in a few months it will be a year since Diana was killed. Funny how time flies! But hopefully the tragedies will soon come to an end, and life can go on for the ones who were left behind. My heart goes out to all the families that have lost their loved ones, we not only lost greats in the country world but their loved ones at home lost something much greater than country music did. I have really come to grips with my feelings here lately and I don't take as much for granted as I used to. Life should be more precious to us all with each passing day, no matter how hard life can be we all need to be thankful that we still at least have our lives, some are not that fortunate. Oh well, I have vented enough and lets all keep our hearts set on the ones who really matter to us most and our eyes on God and we'll all do just fine. The Cline is just about got her row full in heaven and I know the angel chorus should sound real good about now. Keep the faith and forever Patsy and stay real until next time, God Bless All.
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USofA - Saturday, May 09, 1998 at 06:27:33 (MET DST)
Hello all, just returned from Nashville. Went down to see Mandy Barnett and knowing many of us are big fans of her, I have a little news. Mandy will be releasing a cd in Aug. This will be mostly covers with about 3-4 new songs. Owen Bradly started this project. They did 4 songs and he used strings with them. Owen's brother Harold is finishing the project. I have meet with Harold and Mandy and this should be a great album. This will be from her heart and soul! Until know she is does some great backing to Don Walser new project! Erica, I am just guessing but you may have a reproduction poster. Usually repos will have the year on them. I have some of these and some of the information can be somewhat real, but way off. I have one that list these people doing a benefit show in 1962 for Jack Call. Maybe you could send Per a picture and then he could scan it for me. I would be happy to give my opinion. Just hope it is correct. George, good to see you back. You raise a good question. Maybe Julie can shead some light on this. I know I have wondered about alt. I know the box set has some alt. takes. We all have heard from the Jordaniares about the alt. takes to "Pieces". Wade, I heard about Rose Maddox. I know it was great loss for you. I checked your page for news. Sorry I have not emailed lately. Always, Jimmy 5-8-98
Jim Walker
Lexington, KY - Friday, May 08, 1998 at 04:13:33 (MET DST)
Howdy to all the other Patsy fans out there... gosh it's been a long time since I have written in here. Anyways, I was wondering about something... and I doubt if anyone else knows this, but I was wondering; if perhaps, when Patsy Cline recorded her sessions, if they kept all the takes they didn't use of her recordings on the masters, or if they just kept recording over the take. I think it would be real cool if MCA or some other record company found alternate/incomplete OR practise/demo takes of her recordings. This was probably a stupid rhetorical question, but I would like a thought from someone :-). Thanks. Sincerely, George.
George Hewitt <>
Sherwood Park, AB Canada - Thursday, May 07, 1998 at 04:56:26 (MET DST)
This is really old news by now, but some of you may not know this. Rose Maddox, a country singer from the 40s-60s died the 15th of April. My favorite song she did in 1962 was "Sing a Little Song of Heartache". Country music has been dealt alot of blows this year. I just wanted to pass this information along to you. Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY Mars - Thursday, May 07, 1998 at 01:33:08 (MET DST)
Friends, Since I don't have an E-mail address of my own, I can give you the postal address where you can reach me, my Dad, my Grandmother, or anyone else in the family that I could forward a letter to. We are always glad to hear from everyone.

Legacy, Inc.
3807 Dickerson Road
Suite N
Nashville, TN 37207


P O Box 462
Joelton, TN 37080

And then of course, there is the Fan organization:

Always Patsy Cline
P O Box 2236
Winchester, VA 22604

I hope this helps, and please feel free to write. As for my grandmother, she does communicate when she can, but since she is getting older, her eyes are not as good as they used to be and she has a harder time writing, even to us. I call her when I can. I like speaking with her more, anyway.
Julie Fudge
Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, May 07, 1998 at 01:05:10 (MET DST)

Hello everyone! I'll try to make this short and sweet. I made a typing mistake on my last entry. The REAL words on Patsy's grave is "Death can not kill what never dies". Very sorry for the mistake. I was typing too fast! For anyone who is looking for a good size Patsy Cline pic. Write to Sterling-Macfadden, 35 Wilbur Street, Lynbrook, New York 11563-2358. You get a glossy pic of Patsy in a cowgirl outfit. Plus a fact sheet. It is an 8/10 pic. Good-Luck! Forever and Always, Patsy Walen
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford,MN, - Thursday, May 07, 1998 at 00:50:52 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline fan. I would love to say I love and enjoy her music very much. I would love to have a picture of Patsy Cline, if you please. Thank you very much sincerly, T. Jones
Theresa Ann Jones
Cin, Ohio, United States - Wednesday, May 06, 1998 at 23:17:43 (MET DST)
Dear Julie Fudge, Would it be possible for you to e-mail me? I would love to tell you all about me singing your mom's songs. And I realize that you might not want a lot of people to write you but I would really love it if I could talk to you :o) I recently wrote your Grandmother but I still haven't recieved a reponse. I also realize that she does not like to talk about Patsy, it hurts too much. But, I would love to hear from you. Please write back. And thanks again!!! Sincerely Yours, Erica Dawn
Erica Dawn Synowsky <>
Butler, PA US - Wednesday, May 06, 1998 at 21:08:13 (MET DST)
Hi all, thought I would drop a line to the forum. Sat up and watched the biography special. FANTASTIC. That is the first time I have seen all the "later" T.V. clips of Patsy. Of course I had seen "Crazy" on the set of the Friday nite "PetMilk Show"; with that horrible set and those stiens. So many things were ugly in the sixties!! But I had only seen the snipets of the tapes were she sings "I Fall...", "So Wrong", and "Leavin On Your Mind"! That was a real treat. She really was a true performer. And just a note, if some of you don't know in the "Crazy" clip you will notice the head band that she wears. She did this not because she had a premenition about the 80's styles but because after the car accident she would get terrific headaches. The headband helped ease the tension. But you certainly don't see a pain on her face what so ever. She really lived by the motto "The Show Must Go On!!" I know that Patsy was concerned alot about remembering the words to her songs (she was along time before teleprompters). I wonder if her head injury had any effect on her memory. My wife and I were involved in an accident 2 years ago and she had similiar injuries to Patsy's and she still has difficulty with short and long term memory!! I wonder if Julie knows anything about that. Or if they even thought about occasional memorylapses as a symptom back then! Question: Has anyone seen or know if it exists... Patsy's appearance on Dick Clark's show when she sang "She's got You"? I have never heard or seen anything on it!! Have a great day!
Glenn Rinsky <>
Cinti, OH U.S.A. - Wednesday, May 06, 1998 at 03:45:09 (MET DST)
Hello everyone! I am working on a class project that is a book filled with poems. And I wanted to do it in loving memory of eveyone that was killed in that horrible plane crash in 1963. Does anyone have a poem they would contribute to me? Any ideas? I will make a big book filled with pix and poems. I will use some of Lisa's poems that she has on the "wall" page. The title of is "Death Cannot Kill Whatever Dies". As you all may know that is what Patsy's grave is marked with. Those words have always been inspiring to me. I just hope others in my class won't make fun of me because I am doing it on Patsy. But I won't care what they say or do. Wish me luck! And if any of you can try to e-mail me it before Friday because that is when it's due! Get back to you all! Forever and Always, Patsy Walen
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford, MN, - Wednesday, May 06, 1998 at 00:38:54 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline I'm a Patsy Cline admiria, I really enjoy her music and I really enjoy her cowgirl outfits, I really dig them. I would love to know how could I get a really nice big picture of her in one of them. If you please let me know as soon as possable. Sign Theresa Jones.
Theresa Ann Jones
Cin, Ohio, United States - Monday, May 04, 1998 at 21:05:16 (MET DST)
Just wanted to let ya'll know that Singer/Songwriter Logan Wells' new CD "A Tribute to Patsy Cline" is out..... check out her website at There are some samples of her singing, (especially on the Concert Listings Page......there are samples of her Patsy recordings........) If you are a Patsy fan, this would be a wonderful addition to your music collection as Logan does a fabulous job on this spectacular selection of Patsy Cline favorites. Logan pays tribute to the Queen of Country Music.......a truly remarkable talent that has influenced country music singers everywhere........ Logan will be performing her own "Tribute to Patsy Cline" at a local church school fundraiser this month.......her reputation for her vocal impressions of Patsy have won her rave reviews.......this particular fundraiser show sold over 350 seats in less than a week. Check it out! & KEEP IT COUNTRY!
Chuck <>
Cleveland, OH USA - Monday, May 04, 1998 at 16:13:28 (MET DST)
Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know we couldn't use different names. Anyway, I made a mistake, It was Billy Walker. Got the names messed up. Well, could somebody tell in if they want it?
Erica and Jess (I use different names) <>
- Monday, May 04, 1998 at 13:23:31 (MET DST)
Hey guys? I have a question. I have recently found an old Patsy Cline poster at a garage sale. And I was wondering if it was worth anything. It's the poster of her last show in Kansas. It says: In person Patsy Cline, Sunday, March 3, 1963, Memorial Building, Kansas City, Kansas. Benifit for Jack Call, all seats $2.50. Special guests include Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Dottie West, Jim Walker,.... Please tell me how much, I am interested in getting rid of it. Any buyers?
Jess <>
- Monday, May 04, 1998 at 02:30:34 (MET DST)
Comment: First of all, could you make up your mind whether your name is "Jess" or "Erica"? Secondly, you mention the name "Jim Walker"... Are you putting us on, or do you mean Billy Walker? /Per
Ya all!! Does anyone happen to know a telephone number to Tower Productions. My copy of "Jubilee USA" has not come in yet, and I'm getting rather concerned. I mailed a check the second week of March, 1998. Check came back first week of April, signed from source. It would seem rather late to arrive at this point. And I know for a fact that a VHS tape does not run up a long shipping time. I tryed a number that I was given, but would not ring through. So then I tryed info line 5551212. And they had no listing in Iowa for Tower Productions. I know the place is for real, because others have recieved a copy. But at this point I'm rather fustrated. I'm not one for waiting. Thanks Guys. The biography special last night was good. Even though I have that VHS.. Sincerely...
Shane C. Collins <PC>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Saturday, May 02, 1998 at 19:57:24 (MET DST)
I just got through watching Patsy Cline on Biography. It was even better than I imagined it could be, it may be a rerun but I haven't seen it before. It was so good to see her singing and the songs we all have fallen in love with. Thanks for the great site. I believe she would be proud to know she has such an impact on so many people. My thanks to everyone for their comments on Patsy, and for shareing information with us. Alvin Owens
Alvin Owens <>
Texas, USA - Saturday, May 02, 1998 at 07:13:46 (MET DST)
Hello Everyone! I watched the Ralph Emry show last night on TNN and he interviewed Lorretta Lynn. It is an old one, though, dated 1997, but I never watched it before. She talked about Patsy and how inseperable they were. It really got to me. I was watching it just crying and I'm usually not like that! I think Patsy made Loretta Lynn who she is today. I know Patsy was such an inspiration to Loretta and a good friend too. If only she was still with us. How many times did Patsy sing "Walkin' After Midnight" on the talent scouts? I know as soon as I get the "Birth Of A Star", then I'll know. By the way, my computer is just being a pain. Sorry if any of you sent messages and I haven't read them or replyed. Almost everything was erased on it. My E-mail doesn't work so I'm kinda stuck! And Lisa since I can't E-mail you right now, THANKS A WHOLE BUNCH FOR THE CANDY!!!!!!! Get back to you all! Forever and Always, Patsy Walen
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford, MN, - Thursday, April 30, 1998 at 20:32:00 (MET DST)
Very Trivial: Recently, there was a dark comedy called "The Craft" about some young witches. There is a scene where Helen Shaver says see always wanted a jukebox with nothing but Patsy Cline records in it. What is the name of the song they play and and is it truly Patsy Cline singing?
victor <>
- Thursday, April 30, 1998 at 06:49:48 (MET DST)
I have another thought for you. That Carnegie Hall concert from 1961 must have been one heck of a show. Now look at it, that concert is happening all over, but at somewhere else. I wish I could have been around in those days to hear these wonderful people sing. It's a shame that alot of the older stars like Carl Smith and Johnny Horton are being forgotten. Does anyone know of any new Patsy stuff coming out this year? Tell me if you find out.
Wade Settle <>
KY, - Thursday, April 30, 1998 at 01:25:35 (MET DST)
Wade, thank you for the nice comment!! Feel free to write anytime. I will, of course, do the same. I keep a busy shedule through the summer, but I always find time to write to other Patsy Cline buffs. Jimmy Walker and I write from time to time. And it's always nice to hear from others. Ricky, from the date of your 8mm film it sounds like it must have been recorded somewhere in the southeast. If memory serves me right, she performed mainly in that area. Just before Kansas City, MO, she was in Alabama. I think I'm right when I say that all of us Patsy Cline fans understand the death of your father, and would never push to see those pictures. Best of luck in the healing process. Sincerely...
Shane C. Collins <PC>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Thursday, April 30, 1998 at 00:26:57 (MET DST)
Patsy's last address is listed on the main page of this site: 815 Nella Drive in Goodlettsville. Pictures of the house can be found on the related places page.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Wednesday, April 29, 1998 at 05:52:01 (MET DST)
Hi, I have a Patsy question. Can anyone tell me where Patsy was living when she was killed in 1963? I have a friendly bet going with my cousin. I say it was Goodletsville. She says Nashville. Which one is right? Or are we both wrong? I'll look back on here for any answers.. Thanks!
Ronala <>
Birmingham, Al - Wednesday, April 29, 1998 at 05:12:55 (MET DST)
Here is an idea, yall tell me what you think. I notice that with Elvis releases for instance, they are loaded with previously unreleased alternate takes and outtakes. I think it would be really cool if there were a CD or several of Patsy outtakes and alternate takes. I have always wanted to hear how she did "I Fall to Pieces" before the final product was recorded. Yall give me some feedback on this one, please. Wade
Wade Settle <>
KY - Tuesday, April 28, 1998 at 00:16:09 (MET DST)
Comment: Great idea! In fact, I have thought about that myself. For example, if you listen to the alternate take of "Stop, look and listen" on the 4 CD collection, you hear that they say something like "Take four" before the music starts, so they must have made at least four takes of that song... How many takes are there of the other songs? One can only wonder... /Per
Hi! Thanks Julie, for your insight...........and I just wanted to clarify again.....that when I said Patsy's family was profiting from her works......I didn't mean that in a negative way at all.........There is no reason why Patsy's family shouldn't get royalties, etc. from Patsy's recordings, life stories, etc that they decide to share......Patsy would have wanted that for her family as well as any person does.....It's no different from someone who works and saves to leave something of value behind for their loved ones to have after our passing.......whether it be a savings account, or stocks, get my drift. Thank you for sharing your stories, and information, and time with all of us who admire your Mom so much! You deserve to be very proud of her as I'm sure she is of you. "There are holes in the floor of heaven..........." :o)
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 22:25:42 (MET DST)
Hello Everybody! A little while ago my husband was channel surfing, when suddenly I heard the glorious voice of Patsy singing "Never No More", on the Science-Fiction Channel! Imagine That! Patsy could be heard singing the song in its entirety at the very end of an episode of a show I believe is called, "Earth and Beyond". And the singing wasn't in the distance, it was loud, clear, and wonderful! Did anyone else see this show? I only caught the very end. I am curious if Patsy's songs were featured through out this particular episode. I'll tell you, it was quite a thrill!
SueBee <>
NY - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 03:59:15 (MET DST)
Well, as I sit here listening to Trisha Yearwood, I can hear the strong influences of the Cline. It is plain that that hoss was listening to Patsy alot. Did y'all see the performance of Jan Howard on the Opry last night? She sang "I fall to Pieces" and she went to mention that she will be in the Apple Blossom Parade in Winchester next weekend. She did a great job on the song. Of course the audience gave her their approval as well. Let's see if we could get MCA to reissue the only Decca album that hasn't been reissued of the Cline. "That's how a Heartache Begins" was released on Decca in 1964, and it has never been reissued to this day, and I think it would be great to see this one out on the market. Shane, I am gonna hafta write ya, you sound like an interesting person. Well, all you hosses take care. Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Sunday, April 26, 1998 at 21:37:29 (MET DST)
Thanks to all who have responded to my previous post. The passing of my father is very recent, and as I'm sure you all can understand my mother is still very emotional about it. I will have a talk with her about your requests as soon as I feel the time is right. I am in the process of going through his things. This is not an easy task with him being a pack rat. Amongst his belongings I have discovered a SUPER 8MM color film with no sound of Patsy Cline. Some areas of the footage has gliches and slight fading. The date labeled is in early 1963. Can anyone help me regarding her schedule from around this time?
Ricky Edwards <>
Memphis, TN, USA - Sunday, April 26, 1998 at 01:23:28 (MET DST)
Hello Patsy Cline fans!! Was just reading some of the entries here from the beginning. Wow, how things have changed since then. There were no dates under the entries, and people didn't write as long. Just seems funny to read those now archival files here. And many of the regulars who write here, like myself, weren't even present in the beginning. Maybe it just seems strange to me, but try it sometime. Go back to page 1, and read the entries. See what you all think. Also it seems like some of our regulars have not been posting as much. I wonder if it's from bordom, which for any Patsy Cline fan would be hard, or if they simply are to busy to write. Also being that I don't have E-Mail, things may go on that I may not know about. Who well. Sincerley..
Shane C. collins <PC>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 22:38:50 (MET DST)
Thanks Julie. I will watch the video again and check very closely. I have seen the black lacey dress. Your grandmother had one on display last Labor Day at her baquet. I think dad mention the different colors of these also last year. Always, Jimmy 4-25-98
Jim Walker
- Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 20:51:04 (MET DST)
Jimmy, I checked the pictures page and the "Last Sessions" LP and I think this dress may have been red to begin with. The reason you have seen it in purple is because they tinted it that color. No, there was not more than one of this dress. The dress that fits like a skirt and blouse, with a belt at the waist, and looks like it has lace all over is the one that I mentioned. There were several of these "lace" suits in several colors, including purple and red. My Grandmother made them. The lace is a layer over a white material. They also covered the belts with the lace. I particularly like these "Lace" dress, myself.
Julie Fudge
Nashville, USA - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 16:55:39 (MET DST)

Hello all, Julie first off thanks for you insight into the letter issue. It is nice to see your point of view. Secondly, in regards to the dress. The dress is the similiar to the one on the back of "The Last Session" LP. The one on Jones show was red. Since this is a black and white shot maybe it is the same one, but I have seen this dress in purple. I know I have tinted copy. Did she have this same dress in different colors? Always, Jimmy 4-25-98
Jimmy Walker
Lex, KY - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 16:18:28 (MET DST)
Hi everyone...Julie Fudge here, just stopping by to check out the page. Hello to your letter. I'll write back soon... Jimmy, is the picture you saw on the "Jones" show a picture of her with George and another guy? Is it one of the "lace" dresses? (I missed the show...) .... and I am sorry I missed all the action last week about the letters. I just wanted to say that I understand the way things happen and that is just the way it goes. I don't expect to be given everything just because she was my mom. I do appreciate all the kinds thoughts, and I understand. Lynn, you said it pretty well. Yes, when someone dies and there are people left behind, it is kind of awkward. You don't want to profit from them, and yet if I were to keep eveything under wraps, everyone would wonder why we would do that, too. Kind of being selfish with her. Also, we don't always have a say. Can you imagine the reaction of the public, not to mention the record companies, if, for instance, the "Presley" family didn't want anything done with Elvis' music? Sometimes there is not an easy answer that pleases everyone. This kind of thing is one of the reasons we are very careful how we allow things to be done. And Lynn, all I can say is "Amen"... Jesus died for all of us, and as much as Patsy Cline is loved and idolized, there is no greater love than the love He showed for us. May God Bless You All... Julie
Julie Fudge
Nashville, USA - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 05:11:46 (MET DST)

This is for the person asking about the Patsy Cline picture used on the George Jones show. My father saw her before and after a concert and took a whole roll of color pics of her. These were just discovered in our attic. My dad has passed away, and had forgotten all about them. Sorry I could not give you more information as far as it being the same as the one you mentioned or not. Hope I've been of some help.
Ricky Edwards <>
Memphis, TN. - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 02:15:33 (MET DST)
Lynn from Pittsburg, PA. I couldn't agree more on your insight. Way to go!! You've summed up what we've been trying to do for a week. Thanks for the input..
Shane C. Collins <PC>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Friday, April 24, 1998 at 00:01:29 (MET DST)
This is a great site! Do you know where I can find the movie "Sweet Dreams: The Patsy Cline story"?? If you're listening, Patsy, WE ALL LOVE YOU!
Nicole S <>
TRF, Minnesota, USA - Thursday, April 23, 1998 at 04:05:58 (MET DST)
Here's my two cents for what it's worth........ I think Per has a fabulous site here and I hope he keeps up the good work....... it's so nice to hear and see people sharing their memories and reviews of Patsy and her recordings...... I think Patsy would be proud as would anyone by the love and support she is still receiving 30 plus years after her death...... she left a legacy of songs, and talent that will never be matched. Part of being an entertainer, or any public figure, is people wanting to know a lot about you......... it's human nature when you love something or someone, to want to know everything you can.........and things such as letters, etc......... once they left Patsy's hands.....they were no longer hers.......the person who they were sent to has the right to do what they want with them...... Patsy didn't write them with the intent that her own family should own them someday.......When you send a letter or you expect people to save every one of them and then return them all to your kin when you pass on......I don't think so......but because she was an entertainer, a special person, a person in the public eye.....these letters are of interest to others as they tell a story of what was happening in Patsy's life....her real life......not the one that the public gets to see on the stage......all glittery and perfect and wonderful.......but about the trials and tribulations and struggles, and joys and triumphs, and love and heartbreak that we all deal with on a daily basis......and people somehow find comfort knowing that everyone, famous or not, deals with the same kind of life struggles that everyone of us has to deal with. Letting the public read them is not necessarily wrong.... it's no different than letters that were written by presidents, or any other interesting public figures. As far as making money off can't fault people for that either..... even Patsy's own family has done that by continued merchandising of Patsy......her things, sharing information, personal information to tell her story.....her life stories........they are making money from the rights to the movies, etc that have been made..........the theatrical productions that are being done every day........ they don't seem to have a problem sharing and making money off of all their knowledge of Patsy..... that's life and the world of business..........i don't think it's immoral...... and as for the part of Mark's letter where he says this is a moral issue..........and then goes on to say that the woman is dead, for Christ's sake.......I don't think it's very moral or nice to use the Lord's name in vain. She didn't die for HIS sake.........He died for ours...........
Pittsburgh, PA - Wednesday, April 22, 1998 at 18:57:12 (MET DST)
Hello everyone! That's great that Patsy's biography is going to run again. It has almost been a year since they broadcast her biography. I have been waiting forever to see it. Now that I know a whole lot more about Patsy it will make more sense to me when I see it. Anyone know where I can get the video "Remembering Patsy"? I'm just looking for a fair price on it. Is it worth buying it? Well, gotta go, and I'll get back to you all. Forever and Always, Patsy Walen
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford,MN, - Wednesday, April 22, 1998 at 01:02:05 (MET DST)
The Patsy Cline "Biography" to be shown on A&E is an edited version of the home video "Remembering Patsy". If you don't have the video, this showing will be a good opportunity to get it on tape.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, April 21, 1998 at 23:16:53 (MET DST)
Hey all... Did you see the George Jones Show with Loretta Lynn on it last week? When Loretta sang "She's Got You", they had a picture of Patsy from Jones' collection I had not seen. It was a red dress similiar to the purple one used on the pictures pages of this site. The wig appeared to be the one she had on at the KS City show. Could this be one from that day? Can anybody provide some insight? Got an email from another fan and she said Patsy would be on A&E May 1. Saw Mandy in MI over the weekend. She was great. She was telling me about her new cd. It would be done more the old fashion way. None of this computers putting the best lines together from different tracks! Welcome Joey! Hey, many of us are about your age range. Hope to see you back again and again. Let us know what is happen in TX. Amber hoss, we always listen to you! Always, Jimmy 4-21-98
Jim Walker <>
Lexington, ky - Tuesday, April 21, 1998 at 23:01:56 (MET DST)
I just checked A & E's website at They have a monthly schedule for Biography's, and according to there schedule Monday starts with Hank Williams. They list every Bio only up to Thursday. Friday is May 1. I'm thinking this is when Patsy's Bio will played. Hopefully this is right. Well we'll wait and see, I guess. So long!!
Shane C. Collins
- Tuesday, April 21, 1998 at 19:12:12 (MET DST)
Just to let everyone know that the A & E Channel next week will be doing Biographys of Country Singers. And yes Patsy Cline is one of them. The Biography Show starts at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Mon-Fri. They didn't indicate what night Patsy's Biography would air, so just check in everynight with your VHS tape ready. I'm thinking it's the program they showed last year on A & E Channel. It's one I missed, so hopefully it's a good one. Can't wait !! Well that's all for now. See Ya Later!! Sincerley..
Shane C. Collins <PC>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Tuesday, April 21, 1998 at 18:59:46 (MET DST)
Trivia of the Week: The title of Patsy's first EP was "Songs By Patsy Cline", released on Coral Records in 1957.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, April 21, 1998 at 04:10:05 (MET DST)
Hi everyone!!!! I have some AWESOME news for ya'll!!! Remember I rambled on and on about the Patsy Cline History Fair project I was working on? Well, I was picked to go on to the next level of judging!!!! If you would like some more info or maybe you could help me out with materials (pictures, informations, etc.), please e-mail me. Ok, on to ***TRIVIA OF THE WEEK*** What was the name of the first Patsy Cline EP ever released? Does anyone actually pay attention to ***TRIVIA OF THE WEEK?***
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Monday, April 20, 1998 at 22:44:32 (MET DST)
Wow!!! I thought I was passionate about Patsy, but as I look, I see that there are quite a few people who are more passionate about this lovely lady as I am. I am only 25 years of age and often get teased about my love for Patsy, and I have told my friends, more than once that the reason I haven't 'settled down' is because my husband must love Patsy Cline. teeheehee... well, it is true... he must. I really am not fond of much of the country music out today, actually, I prefer alternative and indy label rock, but I will always be loyal to Patsy Cline. She is in my soul. Thank you for having such a wonderful site, one that enlightens me on many topics and facts I never knew about P.C. Keep up the good work!!
Joey Mechelle <>
Tulsa, OK USA - Monday, April 20, 1998 at 19:57:48 (MET DST)
For those who are curious about the letters that are being discussed, here's the background. Several weeks ago, there was an article published in Country Weekly magazine about a group in Nashville who had purchased a series of letters and postcards that Patsy Cline had written to Treva Miller of Telford, TN, who organized the very first Patsy Cline Fan Club. The letters give a glimpse into Patsy's life and career during the period 1955-1958(?). There were several plans for these letters, including a book based on their contents as well as their outright sale. We now know that a book is being written, and that the letters are for sale. Singer Trisha Yearwood and her husband, Robert Reynolds (of The Mavericks) have purchased at least five of the letters, one is reportedly being given to Patsy's daughter, Julie Fudge, and a couple may end up at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The remaining letters are available to whoever wants them at the prices I mentioned below.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Monday, April 20, 1998 at 05:16:25 (MET DST)
Could you guys please inform me on these letters? I have no clue what you are talking about?
Erica <>
- Monday, April 20, 1998 at 03:57:25 (MET DST)
ATTENTION PATSY FANS!!! Collector's Choice Music has 100 CD's left of the "Discovery" CD, a spin off of "Birth of A Star". How do I know this? When I received my copy of "Country Radio Shows" Vol 2. They mailed along with that CD there complete catalog. Actually they mailed me 3 catalogs. They have a catalog that is only avaible to regular customers. You must first place an order from there regular line up, then they will in turn send this private, going out of stock items. I haven't placed an order yet, but will do so sometime this week. The price for the CD plus shipping is rather salty, I was quoted on the phone somewhere around 27.90. Because of the nature of this catolog, and certain reserved rights of printing. I am not able to give you all the item number. So if someone is interested in a copy do so soon. Like I said there is somewhere around a 100 prints still in stock, after there gone thats it!!! Sincerley..
Shane C. Collins...
- Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 22:54:50 (MET DST)
Per, and Bill, I guess I was alittle confused about the letter issue. I had no idea that there was talk of selling these letters. I'm sorry to Mark for the comments I made against his true standing as a fan of Patsy Cline's. I just assumed that he was against the letters all together. Next time an issue arises I will read the contents carefully. Sorry Guys. Sincerley..
Shane C. Collins <PC>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 21:44:13 (MET DST)
I just want to clarify the letter issue: As Bill Cox pointed out below, it is NOT whether the letters should be released to the public or not that is the issue here. What Mark reacted against was the fact that I planned to display a list of the letters, containing prices and an address and fax number to the guys who are selling them, and thereby using this site commercially for the letter owners' financial gain. And of course Mark is right. This site should be non-commercial and not used for financial gain, so therefore I decided against publishing the list. I would love to publish the contents of the letters here at the site, though, if I had the right to do so, but that's a totally different issue. Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 10:07:39 (MET DST)

Hello everyone! Thanks alot Bill Cox for the info. of which cd's of Patsy that you recommended. I will be sure to look for them. I was off the internet for so long! I just about died! But, now I'm back and I'm so happy to be too! As you noticed I have gotta new e-mail address. The things Mark said to you Per were very hurtful I'm sure! Some people have differnent views, I really liked seeing the letters, I don't know how Patsy would feel today if she was alive. And Amber, the site you listed was swingin'! It has soo much stuff in there! Thanks alot for listing it on the fourm! Well everyone, I'll get back to you all. And take care! Forever and Always, Patsy Walen
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford, MN, - Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 05:12:32 (MET DST)
Shane, I think you misunderstand the feelings behind the letters issue. It's not that the letters are being made public. I'm sure that everyone who has participated in this forum would love to read them. In fact, we'll be able to. Per sent several of us an e-mail today that contained information from the group currently holding the letters. They are in the process of writing a book based on their contents, and it is sure to be an interesting read. The problem that many people have with the sale of the letters is that, with the possible exception of one letter, Patsy's family has to stand in line with everyone else and pay the prices being asked if they want them. The prices that have been mentioned to us start at around $500, and go up to as much as $3,000 per letter/postcard. Unfortunately, these prices are dictated by the value of such items on the open market. Personally, if Patsy's family doesn't get them, I would like to see the letters donated to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, or the proposed Patsy Cline Museum the family wants to build in Winchester. Per has an excellent site, with all the information about Patsy Cline you could ever hope to find. Through the forum, I have made several friends, who I hope to meet in person one day. The other Patsy sites on the web don't compete with Per's site, they complement it. Each is done differently, there is little to no overlapping segments, some have great fan interaction pages. But, the focus of all of them is Patsy Cline, and helping her memory and her music live on.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 03:18:57 (MET DST)
Hello Patsy Cline fans!! WOW!! Reading this forum today was like reading a death warrant. Since I haven't posted here for a couple of days, I really am lost. Mark, I realize your point concering those letters. But I do not see your point about releasing them to the public. Yes, your probally right about handing them over to the family. But look at it this way, she is dead, therefore any material that is found and brought to the attention of the public is not wrong. As most of you know who sign this guestbook, I have been pushing the issue of her television performance not being released. In fact, I will be mailing that letter I've been telling everyone about next week. I think it's wrong to hold those performances in an archive somewhere were knowone gets to hear them. Why the interest? Well because I've listened to Patsy Cline for 14 yrs now, and would like to see her sing the songs for a change. That is the reason I wrote the letter, and will be sending it to the top ATTENTION BRUCE HINTON. Those letters have a right to be released to the public. Making money off of them is wrong, but nothing else is. Mark, if you are a true fan, anything dealing with Patsy would and should excite you!! And Per, I stand to say, keep up the good work, your site will always remain my favorite. I will never shy away, and be afraid to say whats right. Sincerley..
Shane C. Collins <PC>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 22:05:09 (MET DST)
Well, I must share this with you. I was at a desk working last night and heard Patsy singing "Just a Closer Walk With Thee". I listened to that song with tears in my eyes because it was sung with so much feeling and love. Here's a question for yall..what do you think Patsy would look like if she were with us today? Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 20:58:38 (MET DST)
Well to be honest..... I feel that Patsy would love these letters read. She always loved taking pictures and signing her name for fans. Patsy was a people person, always saying I love you, and that's for coming out to hear me sing. She loved it, well so all the books say. As for guessing..? Well maybe she wouldn't like the letters out, but we will never know? Can't we all just listen to what she left and be happy with that? I don't care if they are the best letters.... She will always be missed and we all remain the fans she loved. These are my ideas on this, I may never write in here but I do visit everyday and love the great site it is and will remain!
NASHVILLE, TN USA - Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 04:41:41 (MET DST)
Comment: Thanks for your kind words... /Per
Last week's ***TRIVIA OF THE WEEK*** question was: What year and model of car were Patsy and her brother driving in when they were in the near-fatal car crash on July 14, 1961? ANSWER: 1958 Oldsmobile. By the way, does anyone happen to have a copy of the following magazines, "LIFE: The Century's Most Unforgettable Faces" and "PEOPLE: The Most Intriguing People Of The Century?" Both of these magazines feature Patsy, unfortunately I do not have a copy of either. Anyone be willing to share? :) I was watching Ralph Emery's "On the Record with Olivia Newton John" the other night and noticed that he has a beautiful painting/portrait of Patsy up on the wall of his studio. Has anyone else noticed this? Well, that's all for now. If any of you Patsy fans are looking for some cheap Patsy Cline CD's and cassettes, I am going to be auctioning a bunch off at Check it out when you have the chance. Thanks - Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 04:15:19 (MET DST)
Ok, it looks like I will have to break my silence for the last time. This is the last thing I will say. I do appologize to Jimmy if comments stepped on his toes. The entries that were deleted were not at all in agreeance with me. We all know who that was and he's the reason I left in the first place. Per, I simply wanted to remind you that you always used to say that you wouldn't use this site for gain. You always said that you would never sell anything here. It wasn't supposed to be a commercial site. I know it's your site and you have every right to do whatever you want to do here. I just wanted to let you know that this issue transcends my fanatacism for Patsy Cline. This is a moral issue. The woman is dead for Christ's sake. Give her the dignity at your site that she isn't getting from those who are profiting from her name. Those letters did belong to Patsy, she wrote them. Yes they were mailed to a friend, however PATSY OWNED the emotion, the love, the fear, the disgust, the humor, and any other emotion she expressed in those letters. And thank goodness those can never be taken. It is a sad day in my book. This is about moral courage, not my love Patsy Cline, I would love her anyway. I just think that someone is missing the point here. Don't worry however, this is the last post I will ever make in your book. I haven't visited this site in months because Patsy's is represented so clinically here. I would rather be at sites like Patsified, or the nice sites that Guy, and Sue B have put together, with love, soul, and the spirit that would have made Patsy proud. These kind folks who I am glad to call friends had nothing to do with the way I feel about this issue. Nor do I mean to drag them into this by mentioning there sites, I just feel that there homes for Patsy are so much better in there content and personality. I know these are not very nice comments, but sometimes the truth regurgetates itself and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Mark
Mark Willix
Atlanta, GA USA - Friday, April 17, 1998 at 17:37:54 (MET DST)
Comment: You are right, these are not very nice comments. However, I am not totally insensitive to criticism, and I must admit that you have a point here, and you are right about that this should be a non-commercial site, and as you pointed out, I have probably said that before, more than once. I am only human, I make mistakes, and apparently it was a mistake to even consider presenting the letters at the site. Therefore I will not do that. Furthermore, I am not totally insensitive to criticism about my person and my site either, and what you have written in your last two entries has hurt me deeply. /Per
I said once before that I would never sign in this book again. I just couldn't remain silent anymore. I am aware by way of Per's email that he is going to post a list of letters that once belonged to Patsy. He is doing this at the request of the people who own these letters. Obviously this site is seen to be an unauthorized official page for Patsy Cline. I use the term official very loosely. I think it is a great travesty for anyone to make money off of these letters when Patsy's mother and children are still alive. It seems like anyone with any moral courage would do the right thing and GIVE these letters to the family. I think Patsy would be extremely upset with the fact that these letters are not in the possesion of her family. I thought at first to remain silent about this issue was the greatest form of protest. But, I reconsidered. The thought of anyone making money off of Patsy Cline's personal belongings is enough to induce vomiting. The woman is dead, let her family have what few rare personal items haven't been grabbed up by some money hungry leeches. If Per does post these letters I don't think I could ever see this man or his site in the same way again. A true fan would know that Patsy would not approve of this. It's wrong to aid the financial gain of someone attempting to make money from a dead persons memory. I have said my peace and I am sure this entry will be deleted, but I felt I had to say something for Patsy's sake. Patsy's memory seems to be the most forgotten thing at this site. I will resume my boycott of this site. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind on this one. Love Always, Mark.
Mark Willix
Atlanta, GA USA - Thursday, April 16, 1998 at 17:52:26 (MET DST)
Comment: You say that these letters belonged to Patsy. That is not true. Patsy wrote them to Treva Miller, so they belonged to Treva, and instead of giving the letters to Hilda, Julie, Charlie or someone else in Patsy's family (which should have been done, I agree), Treva's family apparently sold them to Steve Shutts and his company, and now he is making them available to the public. You also say that "Patsy's memory seems to be the most forgotten thing at this site". That is not a very nice thing to say... /Per
Hey Everybody!! My name is Erica Dawn and I'm a singer (yep, you guessed it, I sing Patsy Cline!!) I started singing when I was nine and have been singing ever since (I'm 16 now). About two years ago I went to a talent contest and won first place!!! I sang "Foolin' Around" & "Back In Baby's Arms". I won a $1,200 recording session in Nashville, TN. Well, I went down there and cut a demo tape that had about 12 Patsy songs on it. I decided to name the album "Remembering Patsy - A Tribute". So far I've made two demos and I have a standing record contract offer. When LeAnn Rimes came out with that song "Blue" I could have died. Here was this girl, my age, singing a Patsy song! She was doing what I had been offered to do. And everyone in the country kept raving about how much she sounded like Patsy (Excuse me??? she sounds nothing like Patsy, no one EVER will!!!!) So anyway, I recently wrote her mother Hilda and I'm still waiting for a response. But, I realize she doesn't enjoy talking about her daughter, oh well. I just want everyone to know how much I adore Patsy and how much her music has inspired me. I hope that my dreams of becoming a singer comes true and I wish anyone out there the same. So in the words of Patsy, "I don't want to get rich, just live good". I'll say goodnight. Love Always, Erica Dawn (keep a look out for this name :o) ) P.s. Please, I would love to here from fellow Patsy fans, please e-mail me. Thanks a bunch
Erica Dawn <>
Butler, PA U.S.A - Thursday, April 16, 1998 at 04:22:43 (MET DST)
Patsy has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl and read about her death in my gramma's fan magazine. It wasn't until I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville that I became aware of the special attatchment I felt to Patsy. We have the same birthday - mine is also Sept 8. My best friend who is a singer sounds just like Patsy and does sing many of her songs, My favorites are "Sweet Dreams", " Crazy", and "I Fall To Pieces". I feel she had one of the best voices in country music - past and present.
Karen Grafenauer <>
Waukesha, Wi USA - Tuesday, April 14, 1998 at 03:10:25 (MET DST)
TRIVIA OF THE WEEK***What model and year of car were Patsy and her brother driving in when they were in the near-fatal car crash on June 14, 1961?***
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Tuesday, April 14, 1998 at 02:30:55 (MET DST)
Hi, I've been a Patsy Cline fan all my life and was wondering if anyone out there had a copy of the offical accident report that came out when Patsy was killed. I have one from the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly and it is interesting. I think the National Transportation Safety Board puts these out, although this copy was given to me. If anyone out there has a copy that they would send me, let me know. I have read about the plane crash but wondered about the "official report". Thanks.. email:
Chantel <>
Jasper, AL USA - Sunday, April 12, 1998 at 21:42:26 (MET DST)
Hey all. Like so many of you I am shocked at the sudden passing of Tammy Wynette. I would love to have seen in her concert. I guess we need to make that extra effort to get to these shows of the greats. I have been lucky to see many great artists in performance--Loretta, Kitty, Johnny Wright, Little Jim Dickens, Jean Shepard and countless others at the Opry. These people really know how to entertain a crowd without all the extras! About the EP's, there were several released by 4 Star as promotional records to the radio stations. These did not have covers on them and were label PC-EPF##. I have 6 of these and there are a few more out there. I am sure that Amber was looking for the one's with covers but I thought this would an interesting footnote. By the way, I like the trivia. It gives us something to talk about. We can all learn something. I can't remember if I mentioned that I was in Nashville last week for the 2nd season premiere of "A Closer Walk". Lisa Layne is portraying Patsy in this and is fabolous. If you're in Nasvhille, check this show out at Music Valley. Hey, you might see a few members of the Opry there. I did! Always, Jimmy 4-12-98
Jim Walker <>
Lex, KY - Saturday, April 11, 1998 at 20:09:20 (MET DST)
***TRIVIA OF THE WEEK*** There were 6 EP's released during Patsy's lifetime. To find this answer, you would have had look inside of the booklet included with the 4 CD Boxed Set "The Patsy Cline Collection". Check back Monday for the next trivia question!
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - Saturday, April 11, 1998 at 04:40:51 (MET DST)
Per, congradulations on the award for this site, thats great to hear. Your continued interest, and frequent updates, helps to keep this site so powerful. It's so nice to see so many people keep the spirit of Patsy Cline alive. If it wasn't for sites like this one, I don't think our connections with others thoughts, and ideas would be so large. I'm sure many other fans appreicate what you have done to keep Patsy's memory alive. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! One thing I have to say I miss here is, "The Song of The Week". Lets see, this week, (According to Lisa) would be "Stop, Look, and Listen". How about a A+ for this song. Agree ? I'm sure most everyone does. I must also congradulate Lisa Flood for such a great site. Everyday seems to be interesting at her site. Keep up the good work!! Remember everyone!! My letter to MCA will be mailed in several weeks. Lets here some feedback here at this guestbook. Whats everyone think of releasing Patsy Cline on VHS singing live??? Sincerley..
Shane C. Collins <PC>
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Friday, April 10, 1998 at 00:29:19 (MET DST)
Comment: Thanks very much for your kind words, Shane! /Per
Tammy Wynette is going to be in good company! It is a shame all the REAL country artists are leaving us in a rush. I bet Pasty will hook up with Tammy and have their own "Honky Tonk Angels" session soon! Keep you eyes open for Tammy, Patsy! She earned her way there, just as you did!
Sue Wilden <>
Indianapolis, In USA - Wednesday, April 08, 1998 at 04:07:49 (MET DST)
There are 2 EPs on 4 Star Records -- They are #136 "Hidin Out" with Hank Lockin, Miller Brothers, and Eddie Marvin -- Also #137 with Pete Pike, Jack Bradshaw, and Miller Brothers -- Keep up the good work on your Patsy Cline pages, Per, and THANKS again for including my personal photos of Patsy on your web site--
Johnny Franklin <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Wednesday, April 08, 1998 at 02:29:16 (MET DST)
Trivia of the Week: There were six EP's released during Patsy's lifetime: 1 on Coral, 5 on Decca. In addition, there was at least one EP released by Four Star to radio stations only.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Wednesday, April 08, 1998 at 00:01:38 (MET DST)
TO: The Patsy Cline guestbook fan club.... Hello. How are you? I have always really enjoyed Ms. Cline's music for many years. I lived in Franklin Tenn. for a time.. actually I lived there when Marty Robbins passed on...he was at St. Thomas Hospital then.... and I visited the original Grand Ole Opry in downtown Nashville...Pasty Cline was a sweetheart. Her song "Blue"....oh lonesome for you....yeah...I learned that it was written by a man...I think by now I've got the words down pretty good.....but Patsy could really do something so special with her songs....she was a very special lady. One thing I learned while visiting the Grand Ole Opry was that ...that place was so special...and all the singers and entertainers who performed there regularly were like one Big Family....but it was truely special...honest. Ralston Purina sponsored them... and it was there that I learned what "WSM" stood for while I stood on that stage and listened to an elderly armed guard tell insurance company..."we shield millions"...well I think they brought alot of happiness to millions of folks all over the country too. Best wishes to you all.....and thanks for doing such a great job on Patsy's Web Page here. Jerry R. Hawkins
JERRY R. HAWKINS (a.s.c.a.p.) <>
Tulsa, OK United States - Tuesday, April 07, 1998 at 06:52:45 (MET DST)
Hi everyone...Todays "TRIVIA OF THE WEEK"... ***How many Patsy Cline EP's were released during Patsy's lifetime?*** Ahhhhhh, sorry if this trivia is a little lame, I'm getting stuck trying to figure out some good trivia! I also want to say how sorry I am for Tammy Wynette's family... I just heard on the radio that she has passed away... My heart goes out to her children and family....
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Tuesday, April 07, 1998 at 05:22:11 (MET DST)
Hey all. Just returned from Nashville from the premiere of "Just A Closer Walk with Patsy" at the Texas Troubadour Theatre. Lisa Layne is portarying Patsy this year for most shows, and folks, she has made this HER show, much like Mandy has made "Always" her show. There have been a few changes from last year. So if you see it again this year it will be somewhat different. Danny Picketts returns in his roll of "Little Big Man". Johnny Russell and Sheb Wooley made the premiere. Charlie Dick was there also. Lightin' Chance came out also. Hopefully I got the URL correct and you can click on name for more information. Always, Jimmy 4-6-98
Jim Walker <>
Lex, Ky - Monday, April 06, 1998 at 16:55:59 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline is a very lovely person and I just love hearing her sing. Even kinda look like her, but I was born in West Virginia. Love music and she sings great.
Lumberton, US United States - Monday, April 06, 1998 at 01:14:02 (MET DST)
Hi guys, it's been a while since I visited but thought I would drop in tonight and read the forum. I've been a Patsy fan forever, born in 1963, the year she died. My grandmother was a huge fan and played her records all the time. She says I cried every time she put on a Patsy record such as "Leavin On Your Mind" because Patsy voice was so emotional! I believe it because she can still make me cry from time to time just listening to her records! I read several posts about the Jubilee USA video from Tower Productions. This is a good video and I bought mine back in about...hmm.....1987 I think. I don't remember where I saw the ad but I ordered it for my grandmother and I to enjoy together. I love Patsy's solo performances of course, but her duet with Cowboy Copas on "I'm Hog-Tied Over You" is priceless! I got such a kick out of hearing them sing that one! Copas also does a jam up good job on "Alabam" too and even my 14 year old son said, "Mom, he was GOOD!" Sometimes the good ones are too easily forgotten, which is sad.... Anyway, I want to encourage any Patsy fans to get the Jubilee video because it's well worth the money. It's fun to see Patsy "live". There'll never be another one like her! Take care everyone! I'll be back to visit again.. Chantel
Chantel <>
Jasper, Alabama, - Saturday, April 04, 1998 at 08:05:07 (MET DST)
The answer to last week's "TRIVIA OF THE WEEK" is: February 9, 1961. Congrats Bill, you know your Patsy trivia! The next Patsy trivia will be posted on Monday, April 6.
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - Saturday, April 04, 1998 at 02:44:00 (MET DST)
Patsy, there are many Patsy Cline CD's available. Because her recorded legacy is so small, many of these CD's contain the same songs. In my opinion, these are the essential CD's for anyone's Patsy Cline collection:

1. The Patsy Cline Collection (Box Set, MCA).
2. Crazy Dreams: The Four Star Years (Sundown).
3. LIVE At The Opry (MCA).
4. LIVE, Volume 2 (MCA).
5. The Birth of A Star (Razor & Tie).
6. Live At The Cimarron Ballroom (MCA Nashville).

These six CD's/CD sets contain all 102 studio recordings and every live performance/radio transcription that has been released. A Portugese record label called On The Air has released two volumes of "Country Radio Shows" that include several of the performances featured on the CD's above, as well as some unheard tracks. There are also 4 CD's that contain songs that have been overdubbed (the original music has been replaced with updated instrumentation). These are:

1. Always (MCA).
2. Greatest Hits of Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline (RCA).
3. Remembering: Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves (MCA).
4. "Sweet Dreams" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (MCA).

The two Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves CD's each contain a studio engineered duet (Patsy & Jim never recorded together while they were alive). Many fans dislike these two tracks ("Have You Ever Been Lonely" and "I Fall To Pieces), but I like them. Most any record store should carry these CD's, or be able to order them for you. They can also be purchased through online services like CD Now, Music Boulevard and Collector's Choice Music. Hope you're able to find these.
Bill Cox <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Saturday, April 04, 1998 at 00:38:33 (MET DST)

Hello Everyone! You guys keep talking about all of these cd's I have never heard of! You keep sayin' they are a must, so I will have to find copies of them all. For those of you who go to Well, you have all got to check out the video clip of, "Crazy". Even thought I have seen the video many times, it is still fun to see. Just click on the CMT site then the specials page. Then find the story about Patsy's video. Then click on the pic of her standing by her car! It is a big file, but it really is worth it! And for all of you who have seen it, isn't it something. Talk to you all later. And take care everyone!
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford, MN, - Friday, April 03, 1998 at 03:54:53 (MET DST)
Hello Patsy fans!! Great to be here. Well, I received my copy of "Country Radio Shows", Vol 2. And was I pleased!! All the songs done of Patsy are great. Her sound is not that of country, but more like a jazz, blues rift, it's absolutly devine. If you haven't pick up a copy, do so. I highly recommend this one!! Also my letter to MCA is finished. I have three copies. I will wait till the end of this month to release it. So if somebody would like to add further B.S. do so soon. Thanks guys!!!!
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Wednesday, April 01, 1998 at 23:04:53 (MET DST)
Way to go, Bill!!
NY - Wednesday, April 01, 1998 at 02:55:32 (MET DST)
Ditto, SueBee! SueBee and I are gonna have really swingin funerals with this wicked version of "Just a Closer Walk!" Should I play it *before* or *after* "Movin Along," hm? Patsy tells it, baby! SueBee, while I'm thinkin about it, thanks for the sorbet!
Lisa F. <>
Homesick Texan, - Wednesday, April 01, 1998 at 01:14:03 (MET DST)
Trivia of the Week: Patsy's performance on Country Style USA was filmed February 9, 1961 at the Bradley Studios in Nashville. Patsy had given birth to Randy just three weeks before, and "I Fall To Pieces" had been released the previous week.
Bill Cox
Knoxville, TN USA - Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 00:12:43 (MET DST)
Howdy Everybody! Well, I am in Patsy heaven. Yesterday I received both the "Live Broadcasts" and the re-issued "Vol. 2 Live" CD (1989). I highly recommend them as a must for every Patsy fan. On "Live Vol. 2" you won't want to Miss Patsy Cline's live performance of "A Closer Walk With Thee". It is so moving and inspirational -- absolutely divine, as are all the other gems on this CD.
SueBee <>
NY, - Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 22:52:30 (MET DST)
Hey y'all! We open A CLOSER WALK WITH PATSY CLINE at the Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre in beautiful Eau Claire, Wisconsin this Thursday, April 2nd, for a 5 week run. I'll let you know how the audience and critics received it after we open. We had a great rehearsal today and I just can't describe to you how exhilarating it is to stand on that stage, speaking in her voice, and singing all 21 of those songs. I feel her all around me and within me. Playing Patsy Cline is a role of a lifetime; a true honor.
Monica Heuser <>
KY - Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 07:55:59 (MET DST)
Hello Patsy fans! How about some "TRIVIA OF THE WEEK?" If you think you know the answer, post it here. The answer will be revealed every Friday. ***What was the date (month, day, year) of Patsy Cline's performance of "Walking after Midnight" on "Country Style U.S.A." --- The set was a fabric store and Patsy pretended to roll up bolts of material and stack them on the countertop*** HINT: This performance is on the video "The Real Patsy Cline" and mentioned in Ellis Nassour's 1989 biography "Patsy Cline"
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 06:47:22 (MET DST)
Hey all, was watching Today Country's on TNN tonight (Mon) and they did a story on Patsy's letter written to Treva Miller. These were featured in Country Weekly March 10. If you missed - hopefully they will rerun it again on Sat's This Week in Country Music. Brief Kinescopes were used as well as the letters being read. Always, Jimmy 3-30-98
Jim Walker <>
- Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 06:33:53 (MET DST)
Hi Per and All: Correction to my previous post. Of course the Piper Comanche has only one engine. Nevertheless it was at full throttle when it crashed trgically with Patsy, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas and his son-in-law Randy Hughes who was Patsy's manager and the pilot. Sorry about that. Regards, Hugh Graham.
Hugh Graham <>
Unionville, On Canada - Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 04:06:06 (MET DST)
Hi Per: Sure wish I had some of your 7" Patsy vinyl for my 1958 Seeburg 200 (last of the monaurals). You Patsy site just keeps getting better. I am amazed at the changes to the crash site with the memo stone and all. When I was there in 1987, off mulebarn road at Sandy Point Church, I nearly got lost, the woods were that thick. The crater that I believe was the actual crash hole was filed up with tree stump pieces which the investigators had cut down to analyz the propeller cuts. From this they deduced that both engines of the Piper Comanche 250 were at full throttle. Regards, Hugh Graham.
Hugh Graham <>
Unionville, On Canada - Monday, March 30, 1998 at 03:39:29 (MET DST)
Hey. Been so busy lately... The weather is great here also. So we all have to head outdoors! Keeneland starts this weekend, you'll find me at the finishing line if your looking for me. Keeneland is a horse race, we have the spring meet starting up. April 2 is the premeire of "A Closer Walk With Patsy" in Nashville TN. I heard there are some great changes! Let ya'll know next week. Thanks Amber. Country Weekly emial address is "" anytime someone needs to write to them. Always, Jimmy 3-29-97
Jim Walker <>
Ky - Monday, March 30, 1998 at 02:09:15 (MET DST)
One more thing, I'm still in the process of writing a letter to MCA Records concering Patsy Cline TV performances. If anyone would like to add to this letter that I will be sending near the end of April. You still have time to do so. My address is already posted here. I would love to here feedback concering this. Thanks to all those that have already!! I'm hoping that it might stir enough interest in a release. The letter will be around 2 to 3 pages long. THANKS!! GUYS!!!
Shane C. Collins
- Sunday, March 29, 1998 at 23:25:27 (MET DST)
Amber, I have the video ordered, but haven't recieved it yet. If you say it's neat, that's enough for me to believe it is. Not much activity here. Must be the weather. I live in the Northeast part of the United States, and the weather here as been great. Temps have been in the 70's and 80's all week. Amber, your question about the video from American Bandstand has always puzzled me to. I'm sure it has surived over the yrs. They play alot of old videos on TV from time to time. So I don't see why Patsy's video would have been destroyed. It would be neat to see, right ???? I would think that if someone would write to The Dick Clark Productions, someone would have a answer. I do hope my video comes in fast. It's been about 2 weeks now, and still waiting. But then again I wrote out a check, so it does take time. Well can't think of anything else. See Ya. Sincerley..
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA usa. - Sunday, March 29, 1998 at 23:12:30 (MET DST)
Hi Patsy fans - Does anyone know the whereabouts of Patsy's performance on American Bandstand on February 22, 1962 - where she performed "She's Got You?" Three cheers for Jimmy Walker!!! He wrote a letter thanking "Country Weekly" magazine for the wonderful issue with the article about Patsy's letters (March 10th). His letter is now printed in the April 7th issue! Check it out! One more thing... I'd like to hear some feedback on the video from Tower Productions (The Ozark Jubilee with Patsy & Copas). Is it neat?? :)
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - Sunday, March 29, 1998 at 06:30:28 (MET DST)
This is in regards to the item on the news page about the Design country and western series. Design was a subsidiary of Picwick Records and throughout the 60s they issued several albums of Four Star artists. The series that was mentioned issued the original take, but whoever got their hands on the master, added other instruments like a fiddle, guitar and extra drums so they could release it in "fake" stereo. Essentially these are the same versions, just added intruments. I have the DLP 605 and it contains one cut by Patsy, "Three Cigarettes". I hope this cleared up any questions. Wade
Wade Settle <>
Murray, KY - Thursday, March 26, 1998 at 17:09:57 (MET)
Comment: Thank you very much for your info, Wade! /Per
Hello everyone! I think it is wonderful that folks from distant continents are starting to love Patsy. I think that is a major acheivement for a singer that only had 8 years of recording done and only toured in the U.S. alone. I agree with Guy Cesario that Patsy would be bigger than the number one country music vocalist of all-time, Garth Brooks. If only she could still be with us. But, we know that she is walking with our Lord. And watching down on us ever day. And I am thankful that the Lord gave us such an inspirational person. I know we will see Patsy again one day when the Lord calls out our name. And we can be with the person that lights up our lives everyday,that is Patsy Cline
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford,MN, - Wednesday, March 25, 1998 at 23:27:54 (MET)
Hi all. I was just wondering how many Patsy Cline Fans there are here down under in Australia and how it would be a dream if Logan could come over and do a show for us. There's an Aussie movie that was released here last year called "Doin' Time with Patsy Cline" and I haven't seen it and I don't think it has anything to do with Patsy's life but I believe they play her music throughout the movie so I'm gonna try & track down a copy to watch & I'll let you all know what it's like but I honestly believe there are a lot of Aussie Patsy Fans & I'm proud to have recruited a few myself just by lending my Cd's to friends. I hope everyone is doin' "just fine" & I'd love to hear from any other Aussies out there that read this Fan Forum. And so once again I'm just "Movin' Along"
Lyn Edwards <>
- Tuesday, March 24, 1998 at 13:10:24 (MET)
Hello Fans? I like your forum and I like also Patsy's music but I'm jealous. You have so much in your country and we have only a little, but I'm happy what I can read from you all. Greetings from Belgium and have a nice time with song of Patsy. Always, Rene
René Scheerens <>
Borgerhout, Belgium - Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 23:39:03 (MET)
Hello Patsy friends! Well, I am in Minneapolis now where I am rehearsing for my show, A CLOSER WALK WITH PATSY CLINE, and everything is going smoothly! I arrived with all 21 songs learned so my musical director and producer are quite pleased with me. All of my costumes are beautiful and fit wonderfully and I go have my wig fitted tomorrow morning. There is talk that our tour could be headed to the east coast: Conneticut, Pennsylvania, Atlantic City, etc. I'll keep y'all posted. In preparation for my role, I am reading a fabulous book entitled "Honky Tonk Angel" by Ellis Nassour. A real eye-opener and a tremendous resource for me. And Mr. Nassour is the nicest man and a new friend of mine. I hear that Charlie Dick may be unable to make it to my opening :( as he has another engagement in Nashville. I was really hoping to meet him. Thank you, Shane, for your encouraging and thoughtful words! And thank you Logan for your kind emails! And everyone else who I've had the pleasure of meeting on here in cyber space, thank you for your kindness! I wish you could all come up here and enjoy the show!
Monica Heuser <>
KY - Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 08:39:42 (MET)
Speaking of Loretta Lynn, she was on "Austin City Limits" tonight and sang two of Patsy's songs. The first was "Walking After Midnight" and the second being "I Fall To Pieces". She also mentioned that she dedicated that song to her when Patsy was in the hospital from the car wreck. I think it's great of Loretta to keep her late best friend's memory alive the way she does. Thanks, LOUIS
Louis Lynn <>
Canada - Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 05:02:26 (MET)
Well, hello everyone. I have just found this fantastic site. It amazes me to know how many active Cline fans there are. I have listened to Patsy for over 15 years. Ever since my friends in high school bought me "Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits" for my cars new tapeplayer. They found the treasure in the $2.99 bargain bin at the record store. This was long before Patsy made her "comeback" in our hearts and our culture. How fantastic that Julie keeps up with the love and devotion that obviously pours out from this site! There is no other singer, past or present, who can hold so many people spellbound as Patsy has and will continue to do. Although I am a devoted fan, I am a pretty quiet one. But one thing I did do, a number of years ago: when I heard of Dolly Partons plan to produce an album "HonkeyTonk Angels"... I beleive was the name of it. I went to great lenghts to corespond directly to her to suggest that not only should she have Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette but that Patsy surely would have been a part of the album had she been alive. I suggested that they do a quartet of "Why Can't He Be You". I did not here from anyone in the organization, but as you know they did include Patsy's rendition of "Lovesick Blues", with the other three ladies. I have always been quietly proud of this suggestion. Well, any way, thanks for the area to chat. Look forward to looking in on the forum now and then, I no longer feel like "a hen out of the coupe!!!"
Glenn Rinsky <ASKL72A>
Cincinnati, Oh USA - Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 03:45:20 (MET)
Well, everyone, here is the address to Tower Productions:

Tower Productions
PO Box 4084
Des Moines, Iowa 50333.

I hope everyone can pick up a copy of this one. What you all should do is write them asking for a list of programs for Jubilee USA, with Patsy Cline and others. When they mail back to you, you will get a order form, and a listing of shows. I believe the VHS with her was VR-72. Good luck, and hope you all enjoy it. See everyone sometime next week. Sincerely
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Friday, March 20, 1998 at 21:00:25 (MET)

I love Patsy Cline music.
Ron Simpson <>
Canal Fulton, Oh USA - Friday, March 20, 1998 at 15:35:08 (MET)
Sean, I will post the address Friday afternoon, after 3 PM Eastern time. Was checking the Sessions site here, and realized that Patsy did not record in March. Strange, how bout it!! See Ya
Shane C. Collins
- Friday, March 20, 1998 at 00:13:20 (MET)
NASHVILLE, - Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 07:14:11 (MET)
Monica, I checked out your site just 2 seconds ago. It's great!!! You certaintly seem to be a motivated person. The shows you have done in the past sounded very interesting. Way to go!!! Best of luck to you with Patsy Cline. And welcome to the Fan Forum. Hope to have you, and many other fans as regulars!!
Shane C. Collins
- Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 00:30:22 (MET)
Dick, the video that you asked about is from 1991 featuring "Crazy", by Patsy Cline. Basically MCA used the 1961 studio tracks of "Crazy", and a 1961 TV performance from the "Pet Milk" show from the Grand Ole Opry. They slowed down the TV performance to match the speed of the studio track, added some pictures, and made a video. They released the video briefly on CMT TV. Later must have decided to replay the video. They did however add some things, such as opening with the end of a song from Grandpa Jones, and followed by Patsy Cline talking in the lead to her song "Crazy". It's a nice video to say the least. And espically with her speaking. Many Patsy fans have never seen her speak a word, or even sing from the tube. As a posted earlier, Tower productions has a nice video, of Patsy Cline singing four songs. Two of them are duets. And yes, I forgot the address. Will post it later for those interested. I would like to say to anyone that has never seen Patsy Cline on TV, get this performance. Any kind of a collection of video on her is rare. See YA..
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 00:12:40 (MET)
Hi All - It's been awhile but I need help here. On this AM it was announced that CMT will be airing the only existing music video of Patsy. They don't name the video- are they talking about "Remembering Patsy", or is this some video I never heard of. Maybe others have this same question. Thanks - Dick Malchow
Dick Malchow <>
Waupun, WI USA - Wednesday, March 18, 1998 at 16:51:21 (MET)
Thanks again to Patsy Walen for the support. I hope you are right. I think most Patsy Cline fans will supports my letter. It is after all an important topic, considering that there are no VHS's that offer her in full length. Although "Tower productions" of Iowa offers a video of her singing from "Jubilee USA" from 1960. It features "How Can I Face Tommorrow", "Lovesick Blues", and 2 Duets with Cowboy Copas. This info is courtesy of Jimmy Walker. It runs 60 minutes, and the price tag is 19.95 plus shipping. I will have it ordered as of this Friday. If you need the address, I will post it here later. Or Jimmy Walker, if he beats me to it. Thanks again to Jimmy Walker for the address for MCA Records, it will be a big help. Also Jimmy, your letter might be running late this time. I wrote your letter March 5, and had the film processed March 7. But after picking it up, I realized that I bought slide film instead. Boy was I P-off. So I again had to have it processed. You should have it by April HA! HA! See YA All Later.. Sincerely
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA - Wednesday, March 18, 1998 at 00:16:26 (MET)
I love you fan forum, and I love also Patsy and all her songs. Sorry for my poor English. We have not so much from her in Belgium but I hope to know from her via Fan Forum. Alway to all the fans. René
René Scheerens <>
Borgerhout, Belgium - Sunday, March 15, 1998 at 00:28:50 (MET)
Good going Shane! Good-Luck! And I am sure all of us Patsy Cline fans will appreciate it. I must tell you all I have wrote over 102 songs in Patsy's memory. Per already knows this, but I want you all to know! Wish me luck on recording them myself or publishing one or the other. Because it's all for Patsy Cline. Always, Patsy Walen
Patsy Walen <>
Ponsford, MN - Friday, March 13, 1998 at 21:11:10 (MET)
You can write MCA at 60 Music Sq E, Nash. TN 37203 or fax---615-880-7410. Always, Jimmy 3-11-98
Jim Walker
- Friday, March 13, 1998 at 01:10:25 (MET)
Excellent site to honor the best woman of country music! I will always be a fan of Patsy Cline! She sang songs of how life really was. Thanks, a fan.
Gary P. Eckhart <>
New London, WI - Thursday, March 12, 1998 at 16:57:10 (MET)
Real quick question to Jimmy: One thing I forgot to do was get MCA's mailing address. Do you have it??? Or Bill, if you might have it??? Thanks guys.. Well that's all for now, I real pressed for time.. See Ya..
Shane C. Collins
Williamsport, PA USA.. - Wednesday, March 11, 1998 at 22:48:19 (MET)
Shane, you might to want to send that letter to the attn of Bruce Hinton (pres.) or Katie Gillion (v-pres. of production). Send it to the top. I sent my letter in years ago. Hopefully with everyone making a fuss, they will do something! Just love the reworked video of "Crazy". How nice to remember Grandpa. If I did it correctly, click on my name and this will take you to Midwest Today Magazine page. From here click on the radio version. If you have realplayer you can hear an interview about their upcoming article on Patsy. Charlie Dick is in this interview. By the way, Ernest Tubb Rec. shop is at Sorry for the confusion. Always
Jim Walker
Wednesday, March 11, 1998 at 19:35:01 (MET)
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