At the Riverside Park Ballroom
in Phoenix, Arizona, 1960.
Photo by Johnny Franklin.

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I just had the pleasure of attending "Always, Patsy Cline" in Charlotte, NC on Saturday evening. The show far exceeded my expectations and is a must see for anyone who enjoys Patsy if/when it comes to your area. I really want my father to have a chance to see it, but I can't seem to find out where it's playing next. Can anyone help out there?
Dawn Matheson
Columbia, SC US - 1996
Glad to sign the Patsy Cline guestbook!!! Keep up the good work!!! Nelson
Nelson Stanley <>
Fogelsville, PA USA - 1996
Awesome page! Very thorough and a wonderful tribute. Patsy may be copied but never duplicated. She was one of a kind. Christy
Christy Clark <>
Trenton, TX USA - 1996
I enjoyed your web page... I am a big fan..
Rita Hernandez <>
Carrollton, Tx USA - 1996
Your page is great! Very informative, very well done! Congrats!
Louisa Moore <>
Rockville, MD USA - 1996
Patsy is the greatest
rochelle <>
Boise, ID USA - 1996
The first time I heard Patsy Cline singing was in 1989, and had to wait till 1992 to buy the first CD. By this time I already knew many things about her, and although impressed by her voice, by her songs, I couldn't have her records. It's very hard to find a Patsy Cline record in the city I live. and I had to wait 3 years... I think she is the most important country music singer of all times, and she is not dead. She still lives in the minds and hearts of those who love her.
pedro carlos de souza neto <>
vitória, es brazil - 1996
I have a comment/question. Being from Frederick County, Va. and having seen the photos you have I have to say you've done a great job. My question is this, I was always told that Patsy was born in Gore, Va; up the road from Winchester. My father in-law and his brother new Patsy's mother many years ago. She was quite a seamstress and they both bought many western shirts from her. Tommy Johnson had a bluegrass band and she dressed the whole band. Lawrence rode the rodeo around the area and also belonged to the local horse club. Keep up the good work..
Joan Johnson <>
star tannery, va - 1996
Patsy was a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. In my opinion the best female vocalist ever!
Kylie <>
Ca - 1996
I was only three years of age when Patsy left us. As I grow older, I love her music more and more. I have four girls ranging in age from 8 to 16, and they all like her voice. I think my wife also like her. Question: Where or how can I get the Box set of Patsy on CD? Thanks for help in advance.
Ted Dorsett <>
Little Rock, AR USA - 1996
Great page!!! I was researching Patsy because I am doing a paper on women in music. Some audio files would be a nice addition.
Marjorie Phares <>
Carbondale, IL USA - 1996
I have one of Patsy's great CDs
Lonny Lee Collum <>
Lebanon, OR USA - 1996
Great homepage!
Hilda Baker <HildaBaker@AOL.COM>
College Park, MD USA - 1996
Most are on CD and the Box Set is on CD.
Where can I find a set of Patsy's collection of songs on CD? I know there are a few that can't be found, but most can. Can you help?
Ted Dorsett <>
Little Rock, AR USA - 1996
I have been listening to Patsy since I was a child, my Daddy got me into it. Who ever thought that at 21 I would be singing Pasty at karoke. PATSY WILL LIVE ON IN OUR HEARTS AND VOICES.
Kimberly Roy <>
MASS, - 1996
Oh my Gosh!!! I can't believe that Julie Fudge really answered these questions!! It's real interesting for me to know more about her life. I was just wondering if you remember your Mom that much? You where so young when she died. I love Patsy's music very, very much!!! I have three daughters and have played Patsy's music so much that now my girls love her as much as I do. They ask me a lot of questions about her, and when they see her picture they know who she is. They are 7, 5, and 3. Julie, I think is is so awesome that you wrote in. If there is any more information you could share I would find it totally facinating!!! I consider myself Patsy Cline's #1 fan. I would love to know all I can know about her!!! Jennifer Landry
Jennifer Landry <>
Port Neches, Tx USA - 1996
Hello to Per and everyone. I was just looking around and saw so many questions I just had to drop in. My name is Julie Fudge. I am Patsy's daughter. I have enjoyed reading the entries in the guestbook, and hope I can answer some of your questions. My dad, Charlie is living and lives here around Nashville. When Moma died she left my dad, and myself, and my brother Randy. He also lives here around Nashville. My grandmother is living and still lives in Winchester, Virginia. My mother was 30 years when she died. I was 4 1/2 years old and my brother was 2 years old. My dad did remarry, and has one more son, Chip. He is 10 years younger than me. Later my dad divorced and has remained single since then. I am still close to my step-mother and her family. My brother Randy is not married and has no children. I was married and had two daughters, Virginia and Michelle. I was divorced and ten years ago, I married my husband Richard. We raised the two girls, and also had two boys, Christopher and Andrew. (In December, 1994 the Lord called Virginia home at the age of 14.) I enjoy hearing from people, and I try to write back and answer questions. I stay pretty busy with the children, but I enjoy talking with people when I can. If you would like to write me, I can be reached at

Julie Fudge
P O Box 462
Joelton, TN 37080

or you can write to the fan club address...

Always Patsy Cline
P O Box 2236
Winchester, VA 22604

I'll try to drop by the guestbook again. Enjoyed it...Julie
Julie Fudge

Just stumbled across this place... Wish I knew of a way to HEAR the music...
Arlington, TX, US - 1996
Hey everybody. Here is my two cents on the new book "Sing Girl ...Sh. Valley" Wow!! Great !! Fabulous pictures. Contact the Virginia Book Co., in Berryville, VA or email (see news page). The play "Just a closer walk..." will be in Nashville, TN next year. Fan club members will be at the premiere April 3, 1997. Members let me know if your interested and contact Dwayne at The Texas Trobadour Theatre for reserved seats. We need a strong showing. A note on my email address that is ccl(#), I think some folks think that it is two ll, when it is one l and then the number one. The best way to contact me is still at my address 455 Stonehaven, Lexington, KY 40505. Angela Cole contact me I will try to email you. Until next time, Always Jimmy Walker, a Patsy Cline fan!!!!
Jimmy Walker <>
Lexington, KY 40505 - 1996
I had forgotten how great Patsy was until I happened to watch a movie about her life story. The songs in the movie were really fantastic.
Brian Leuthold <BLEUTHOLD@AOL.COM>
Waterford, PA USA - 1996
GREAT site!! It's somewhat of an embarrassment, being born and still living in Patsy's home town, that her tribute is so well done and located in Sweden. If I can be of any help to folks traveling thru or to Winchester, just e-mail me and will try to help. Patsy was and still is the greatest country and pop singer of all time. Her songs still send chills through me.
Ron Carper <>
Winchester, VA - 1996
Fantastic site, keep up the good work. I started to listen to Patsy Cline about a year ago and would just like to say she has got to be the female singer I have ever heard.
Joe MacIntyre <>
Kitchener, ON Canada - 1996
Very interesting information!
David & Gwile Freeman
Harrisonburg, LA USA - 1996
I love to sing classic Patsy Cline but no one could ever even hope to do her justice!
Scotsburn, NS Canada - 1996
Patsy Cline was and still is one of my favorite country singers she will never die until as long as there is countrymusic.
r brim <>
mtn.grove, mo usa - 1996
A voice such as Patsy's will live for all time... She won't be forgotten! You have helped in this also, by having such a beautiful tribute to her... Appropriately so, I might add! Keep up the great work... More people will enjoy and know Patsy through your page in tribute to her... Thanks from another loving fan!
jodi schully <>
gainesville, tx - 1996
Wonderful page, first rate! Good to see that there's still a lot of interest in one of the greatest singers of all time! Keep up the good work.
Perry Moree <>
Vlaardingen, The Netherlands - 1996
Great page and info... Mel, are you related to Patsy? Is there any info about her family and what happened to them? Thanks, Ron & Janet, Patsy Fans
Ron and Janet Bozman <>
Salisbury, MD USA - 1996
I just love Patsy's music. She is one heck a good singer.
joyce nichols <>
phoenix, az USA - 1996
Patsy lives forever in the hearts of all of us who love her and her music.
Marli <>
Amherst, Oh USA - 1996
Great page! I became a fan the first time that I heard "Crazy", and still stop whatever I am doing when I hear that song. Does anyone happen to know of a Patsy Cline lyrics site?
Justin Barrientos <>
Winona, MN - 1996
Excellent page!!!! I enjoyed reading about Patsy and I'm not even a country music fan.
Maria <>
Tucson, AZ USA - 1996
Love Patsy!
Shelley Richard <>
South Hadley, MA USA - 1996
Patsy Cline Forever!!!!!!! Great woman, beatiful songs, wonderful voice, I like very much your music. Thanks to all people responsible for this home page.
Claudino Figueiredo de Barros <>
Camacari, BA Brasil - 1996
We love you, Patsy, and God Bless you forever.
Danielle & Alain DesRochers <>
Marieville(Que), QC Canada - 1996
Just stopped by to once again enjoy your great page. We've added some new things to our site. Please stop by for a visit
Matt & Bev <>
Virginia Beach, Va USA - 1996
Vielen Dank an "Space 2063", welche in einer Folge Patsy gespielt haben!
Petra H.
Germany - 1996
Great page, love country music and your pics and story of Patsy Cline. A job well done, thanks.
Don <>
Waterloo, on Canada - 1996
ATTENTION FELLOW PATSY LOVERS!!!!! -- I would greatly appreciate some comment, opinions, memories, anything you would like to share. I am putting together a report on my favorite lady and more than just my opinion will be more effective and convincing. If I include what you say I will be more than happy to send you a copy of the finished product. I want to hear from my favorite group -- The Fans, Friends, Family(?), of Patsy Cline.
Angela Coe <>
Littleton , CO - 1996
I am interested in news, facts, opinions, anything about Patsy Cline that anyone is interested in sharing. I am a big fan and have been for years.
Angela Coe <>
Littleton, CO USA - 1996
I find Patsy such an inspiration... I am hoping to do my rendition of "Crazy" and do her justice... I am a vocal major at Plymouth State College in NH.
Melissa Ann Martin <>
Plymouth, NH - 1996
Hello, I just started listening to Patsy Cline about a year ago and I've really enjoyed browsing through your site. I was drawn to Patsy's music through her influence on a lot of current bands that I enjoy (i.e., Mazzy Star, Tarnation, and the whole rockabilly, and lounge revival, and retro country movements in general). I love Patsy's music, and she is now my all time favorite vocalist.
Vic Diablo <>
Alameda, CA USA - 1996
Check out the fantastic musical Always...Patsy Cline. A true story about the friendship of Patsy and Louise Seger.
Joe Vaughn <JoeV1952@AOL.COM>
Easley, SC - 1996
I am an avid fan of Patsy Cline. I would like much more information. I would like to be part of a fan club that honors her memory. Much appreciation and thanks for efforts in preserving Patsy's memory.
Mary Ellen Rose <>
Punxsutawney, PA 15767 - 1996
I Think Patsy Cline is one the best singers. My mom is a singer and she sings "Crazy" really good. My niece who is 8 years old loves her. She knows and sings all of Patsy's songs....
Kristine Bowman <Digital Designs@World attnett>
Levittown, PA 19056 - 1996
I am an urban contemporary, rap, jazz, and any soulful kind of melody guy. But I just love to sit an listen to Patsy Cline's music... She has the MOST beautiful voice that I have ever heard. She was truely one of God's gifts to humankind.
Marcellus Dunbar <>
Bradenton, FL USA - 1996
I LOVE your page! Patsy Cline is my fovorite singer.
Katie <>
Bloomsburg, PA USA - 1996
I grew up with country music playing in my home. Three or four years ago, my Mom and I wanted to go on a pilgrimage to Nashville, TN. I remember standing on stage in the Ryman Auditorium, thinking that I had been standing in the spot where Patsy had sung so many times. I often quote a line in "Sweet Dreams": "Don't dare Patsy if you don't want it done." That's the kind of tough Lady she was.
Jen Matos <>
Northampton, MA USA - 1996
On my 50th birthday I had to go to Nashville on business and pleasure. I went into the Ryman just to look around and see it. I came up on a display of one of Patsy's outfits she used to wear there and it had a button to push for a sample of her songs. I press the button, and I laid my hand on the top of the display and listen and felt as something moved thru my heart, soul and body. I can't explian what happen to me that day. I just know I never get tired of her singing to me and that I want to know everything there is to know about her and I want to own every recording she has done. I'm going to Winchester on the 9th of Nov and to the crash site if time allows on same trip. If anyone has an suggestion about the trip ...please e-mail me. If Patsy said.... "Always"
Diana Long <>
Fayetteville, NC - 1996
My friend Brian "introduced" me to Patsy Cline about two years ago. Coming from a northern city, near Boston, I had a certain stereotypical view of country music and country singers. But Brian and Patsy changed that... The first song he taught me was "She's got you..." First he emailed me that words and only later did I hear the song being sung by Patsy herself. To make a long story short, I have become a Patsy fan, and I too listen to her music quite often. This is a GREAT page!!!
Ted LeBlond <>
Arlington, VA - 1996
Patsy was the greatest singer known to mankind.
Pauline Tirre <>
Las cruces, NM USA - 1996
Ye Gods! What a great web site. All praises have already been heaped, so what can I add? I've gone through 3 copies of the CD box set since I've played them so much. I got it as soon as it came out, in October 1991, and am due to buy another copy! I also picked up the Discovery! CD - the one of her singing on Arthur Godfrey's shows - and it's great stuff. I'm a stereo snob but for Patsy I'll listen to mono. Also, has anybody read the bio "Walkin' After Midnight" by Mark something-or-other? It's great. Lots of good pictures. Mandy Barnett did a great job with Patsy's songs in Always...Patsy Cline...She signed the program of that show for me. And yes, I agree that she blows LeAnn out of the water. Per, thanks so much for making this site. It's a winner.
Adam Hartfield <>
Springfield, MA USA - 1996
Patsy's music will play on forever in my home and heart. She is the greatest country music singer of all time. Sure would be interesting to know what type of concert Patsy would have had had she lived on. Thanks for all the work you have done on this page. It has been very interesting and answered many of the questions that I had about the life of Patsy Cline.
Mark Byers <>
St. Petersburg, FL USA - 1996
I love Patsy Cline's song "Crazy". It is my boyfriend's and my song. It is so awesome and so is she.
Steffani Butler <>
Ephraim , UT USA - 1996
Thank you for your wonderful page on Patsy Cline. I was raised listening to her music. I have enjoyed her songs all my life. She had a lot to give. I hope that a lot people that haven't heard her music will come across your homepage info and give her music a try. You answered a lot of my unanswered questions about her. Thanks! Cherie.
Cherie Hurt <>
grand Junction, co USA - 1996
Even though I am only 32 years of age, I really love the songs of Patsy Cline. I think she was the greatest singer I have ever heard, or will ever hear. I am sorry that I never had the chance to meet Patsy, and to tell her how much the music that she sang has meant to me. I am greatfull for the music that she was able to record during a very short life. I will always love Patsy Cline.
Patrick Brooks <>
Toronto, ON Canada - 1996
Great Page! I enjoyed reading all of the information you have gathered and collected in one place. I will always be a true fan of Patsy Cline as she has influenced my life to a great extent. Thanks again for the excellent homepage and tribute to the wonderful Patsy Cline. JDB.
John David Brown <>
Dallas, TX USA - 1996
"Crazy" is one of the best ballads ever and Patsy Cline made it that big.
Per Berglund <>
Sweden - 1996
I'm a really big fan of Patsy Cline. I'm 16 years old and I have seen the play "Patsy!" at least 3 times. I'm going to see it again on Wednesday, October 23, 1996. I know Debi Sandra Walker that plays Patsy as the understudy. I'm really sad that they're leaving to go some where else. I would recommend you go see it, because it is outstanding and Debi is excellent. Well I have to go now, but please write back. From Kevin Levesque.
Kevin Levesque <>
mississauga, on Canada - 1996
I am a singer who enjoys doing covers of her songs in my repetoire(??). I perform at many local venues here in Perth. I have been a great fan of hers for many years. My son was kind enough to let me use his PC to access this page... Thank you for giving me so much joy and insight to a truely remarkable performer. :)
Ricki Stuart <>
Perth, WA Australia - 1996
Patsy Cline's voice is truly a gift from heaven. I'm 20 years old and have been listening to country music since I was 13. I love traditional country music, and Patsy was and will always be the best! That's why I support new female country singers like Terri Clark, who is great, and also respects country music and keeps what Patsy, Kitty Wells, and Patsy Montana started. Real women singing real country music. They are all great!!
Kelly <>
PA U.S.A. - 1996
I was just 13 when the plane crash took the life of Patsy. I started listening to country music in the mid 50's and remember her songs real well. It is a shame that she had to be taken from us so early in her life.
Bill Seamster <>
Van Buren, AR USA - 1996
I grew up in Winchester, but I was not allowed to listen to Patsy's music. My parents did not approve of her singing at the local honkytonks. As an adult, I have a deep appreciation of her music. I have to say that my favorite is "Faded Love". You did a wonderful job!
Mary Anne T. Haffner
Waynesboro, PA USA - 1996
I hope to soon visit Winchester, Va and see the displays, Patsy cline was my age, I really enjoyed her songs and have several on tape. She was the best of her era. Keep up the good work with your web page. Oggie
lovdokken, ogden lee <>
Springfield, Or USA - 1996
Of all the female vocalists I have listened to in the past 40 years Patsy Cline, in my opinion, is the best!!
Dwight K. Eide
Timmins, On Canada - 1996
When I heard "Sweet Dreams" the first time I had to stop the car, it was like her voice went directly through me. Good Work on the Site!!!
Alex. <>
Vienna, Austria, Europe - 1996
Hello again... Does anyone have information about the play in Florida? I read on this page there was a play there. Is it the "Always...Patsy Cline" that was in Nashville ans is now in Branson? Maybe the Sharon Haynes one? Or maybe the "Patsy!" show that was in Branson and is now in Toronto? I have seen "Always..." and "Patsy!" and "A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline" and the Sharon Haynes show. I would be very interested in seeing more. I may go to Florida and would like to know if there is one there. Has anyone been to Nashville to see the Opry museum with Patsy's "house" exhibit? And the exhibit at the Willie Nelson Museum? They are both nice and have some nice things in them.
Nashville, TN USA - 1996
Patsy Cline was killed a year after I was born but my parents played her music quite a bit and quite a few of her songs bacame my favorites as I grew up. I am now 34 years of age and still listen to Patsy on the stereo. If your out there somewhere I really want you to know you were a super lady and I really would have liked to have met you.
Barb c\o Archie Garlough <>
Williamsburg, On Canada - 1996
No one can sing like Patsy. She makes the songs come to life, it's as if she's living out, at that moment, exactly what she's singing about. She is undoubtedly the greatest and there will never be anyone who will come close to being like her. PATSY, WE LOVE YOU!
Lisa A. <>
Charleston, SC - 1996
Patsy Cline could really put feeling into her songs. Thanks for the great Web Page.
Larry Lauber <>
Benicia, CA - 1996
I wish I could meet her mother.
Bill Stainback <bstainb007>
Mocksville, NC USA - 1996
I loved Patsy Cline in 1959. It only got better over the years.
Jim Noble <>
Amarillo, TX USA - 1996
Hey! I just wanted to say I really enjoyed you're page. It's great. I hope Patsy knows she still has many fans.
steph <>
I still get misty eyed everytime I play her music. The new group of singers could only wish they could sing like her!
Ken Burt <>
East Liverpool, Oh - 1996
Great info on Patsy! I just started getting into Patsy Cline music about 6 months ago. I love her music! I just wish the radio stations around here played more country "oldies". I also love Reba, especially when she sings "Sweet Dreams" on her live album. Keep up the great work on the net.
Sherry Taylor <>
Amherst, NY USA - 1996
Hey Hosses! It's me again!! I am still looking for information on Patsy Cline!! Please, if you have anything that you want to share with me, please e-mail me or write me - My address is on one of my many guestbook entries! HA! If anybody has ever met Patsy in person and has pictures or stories, please write me. Or I will write you, cause I love to write :-) If any body else wants to be a pen-pal to me that will be great too! Is there anybody around the Virginia area though, that will like to be my pen-pal? That would be neat! Also, to Jimmy Walker, thank you for all the useful information that you sent me and to Jennifer Landry, I hope that you liked my letter! Please write me back. Well so long everyone, smile!!! :-)
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - 1996
Patsy fans I found a page on Patsy from her hometown. It can be reached at There maybe some info there you'll like. Randy Wall, are all four of your picture sleeves on Decca? I only know about and have three. I have one or two from England. Let me know. At 455 Stonehaven Dr, Lexington, Ky 40505. My e-mail address is below. I have seen the Sharon Haynes show without the Jordanaires. She has a neat show. Always Jimmy Walker, Patsy Cline fan and collector.
Jimmy Walker
Lexington, Ky U.S.A. - 1996
I have been hooked on Patsy Cline for the last year, and I am so glad to see a page devoted to her. I watch Sweet Dreams every chance I get! I just can't get enough of her fantastic voice.
Katherine May <>
Akron, OH USA - 1996
I have loved Patsy Cline for the last 11 years (I am now 21). I think you have done a great job on this web page. Keep it up.
Sarah Denton <>
Chicago, IL USA - 1996
I think your page speaks for itself. GREAT! /HITDUDE
Don Hart <>
Montgomery, al usa - 1996
I have every 7 inch record of Patsy Cline. From 45's, 7 inch EPs and 7 inch 33 juke-box records. (She has 8 of them). I also have 4 picture sleeves. My main interest is 45's and 7 inch recordings.
Randy Wall
Minneapolis, MN USA - 1996
For M.B. from MI. via this guestbook, the 3rd song of Patsy's you mention liking is TRA LE LA LE LA TRIANGLE. I'm pretty sure that is the one you are thinking about.
Juanita Bainter <>
Macomb, Il USA - 1996
I wanted to vote- don't have E-Mail Adress. My absolute favorites are "Back in Baby's Arms" and "Foolin' Round". I also heard a ong that I liked once. I'm not sure about the name, I think it is "Triangle". Can anyone help me?
M.B. <none>
MI - 1996
Enjoyed the page. To Jill Goodman/Sanibel, FL...Tell us more about that play. Have seen other plays and would like to know more about how to see that one. Does anyone know of other plays? Heard there was gonna be one in Alabama(?). I am interested in seeing them.
Nashville, TN USA - 1996
What else can you say than that she was and still is the greatest singer of all time. I recently went and seen the "Always...Patsy Cline" show in Denver, Colorado. Oh Lord what she does to me. I was the youngest person in the theatre. Everyone just looked at me as I belted out the songs just as I always had, probably wondering what a kid my age is doing singing the words to every song. I loved it. One of the greatest experiences in my life. Wouldn't trade that for anything in my life. She is just the greatest!!!
Sarah McCarthy <>
Bradley, WV U.S.A - 1996
Patsy Cline is one of the greatest female singers, pop and country, bar none. She was the Grand Marshall of our small community Centennial in 1958. She has roots in this community as well as the other places in Virginia that are more popular. I vote for Sweet Dreams. One day my son in his late teens came in the house and asked me who Patsy Cline was. I asked him why and he said he had just heard a song on the radio and it gave him chills. He went out and bought her album and from then on he was a Patsy Cline fan. You have a great page. Plan to be back.
What a great page. Have been enjoying her music for years now. Have one tape in the car and am trying to wear it out. I don't ever take it out, just keeps going. Thanks for all the great information on Pasty.
Elaine Umland <>
Susanville, CA 96130 - 1996
We love Patsy, there will never be another singer like Patsy Cline.
Doris M Miller <>
Cocoa, FL USA - 1996
Your Patsy Cline site is really great!!! Thanks so much for all the effort. She is the best!!!!
Steven Potter <>
Collinsville, Il USA - 1996
Patsy Cline was totally awesome, and she still is!! I have loved her ever since I've loved country music. What else can I say, except she is AWESOME!!!!!!
Barb Eloge <cntry@sprynet>
Lincoln, NE US - 1996
I have always loved Patsy Cline's music ever since I was a young kid. Her beautiful singing voice is one of a kind.
Dennis Poland <>
Claremont , IL USA - 1996
Ever since I can remember I've been a big fan of Patsy Cline. She has the voice that you can just sit and listen for hours unend. My most favorite song of Patsy's has got to be Sweet Dreams (of you). The others I favor are Walkin after Midnight, Crazy, Blue Moon of Kentcuky. And so many more. It sad to think of someone with such a powerful voice that lives on in all of us could be dead. When you listen to her music it's like she's right there in the room with you, that you can almost reach out and touch the emotions in the songs. I just wish she was alive today so that people can go and see her live in concert especially todays generation!
Melissa Avery
New Glasgow, NS Canada - 1996
Love everything you have on Patsy Cline. She has been my favorite artist for years. No one can come close to her.
M. Davis <>
Flagstaff,, Az U.S.A. - 1996
I like the new web page on Patsy. I'm a big fan of her's. John Richey, III
John Richey, III <ERICHEY528>
Toledo, OH 436122 - 1996
Patsy Cline sing, truly a gift from God...
Kathy Wells <>
Perris, CA USA - 1996
I like your web pages, keep up the good work.
Kathy Wells <>
It's great to have found a Pasty Cline page. I think I am the only 15-year-old alive to like Patsy Cline, but it's great to know that so many other people love her too.
Kathryn Keen <>
Stockton, CA USA - 1996
This is in response to Amber Miller! Hey, I have a daughter named Amber!!! I really think Patsy was, is and will always be the greatest!!! I listen to her music all the time! I have actually become somewhat obsessed! My husband thinks I am some kind of a nut! He says I am the only person my age (27) to like her music. Is he Crazy or what? Anyhow, I would love to be your penpal!

Jennifer Landry
2238 1st Street
Port Neches, Tx 77651

Please write me anytime!!!
Jennifer Landry <>
Port Neches, TX USA - 1996

Hey everyone!! This page is great, aint it? I am a REALLY HUGE Patsy Cline fan, as if you didn't know! I know that someone said that they had Patsy Cline's autograph and someone else said that they have a picture of Patsy Cline and them together. Well, I just want to say that if anyone has any Patsy Cline information or memorabilia that they wouldn't mind sharing, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write me!!!

Amber Miller
607 South Birch St.
Sterling VA, 20164

I really am looking forward to any letters that I might get! In fact, I wouldn't mind having a Pen-Pal who likes Patsy Cline as much as I do!!!!
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - 1996

Patsy Cline is the BEST!! Please write me if anybody has any Patsy Cline information to share! PLEASE!!

Amber Miller
607 South Birch St.
Sterling VA, 20164

Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - 1996

My favorite Patsy Cline song is "I Fall To Pieces". There has never been another voice like hers. Everyone that I know from 2 to 92 like her music.
Brenda Elizabeth George (The Big Booper) <BGLatsAOL.Com>
Danville, Il USA - 1996
Brandie Bayless and I think patsy rules!
andy helbig <andyboy555>
Narragansett , RI USA - 1996
Great Patsy page. I took my daughter to see Sweet Dreams when it came out and it is the first video I ever bought. My daughter was just very young at that time and is now a college freshman but, she came home that day and got all my Patsy albums and sat and listened to every one of them and cried. I'll never forget it because she did that for 3 or 4 days in a row. There was a 50ish age man in the row in front of us and he cried so hard. I am a home maker and think no one will ever come close to touching Patsy's voice INCLUDING a certain redheaded country singer who tries real hard to but can't quite get it done and never will!! I'd love to go to her gravesite someday but would do nothing while there but cry!! I get my copy of Sweet Dreams out every little bit and watch it and just say "Oh Patsy". She truely is missed. Would love to hear from other Patsy fans and find it very interesting that people from foreign countries share our (Americans) love for her. The whole world really is family and friends isn't it. Thanks again for the great web site on Patsy. I'll have to return when I have more time.
Juanita Bainter <>
Macomb, Il USA - 1996
I didn't realize so many people were Patsy Cline fans until I began singing in karaoke. I sang a couple of Loretta Lynn songs, but when I began singing Patsy's, I had more requests for her songs than any I sing. Even more, after singing her songs, I became a fan of hers. Note: Did she ever sing a song entitled "Don't Touch, If You Don't Love Me, Sweetheart" or something like that? I was listening to a Lorrie Morgan tape and she was singing that paticular song. A friend of mine said he thought it was a Patsy Cline song. Please reply.
Patrice Blyue <>
Memphis, TN USA - 1996
Fantastic singer. Will always love her music.
Lois Dunbar
Halifax, ns canada - 1996
I think that Patsy had a great voice, too bad she's dead.
Varberg, Sweden - 1996
I've never heard a voice like Patsy's nor anyone that could combine the quality of voice with the quality of sincere emotion. You may have noticed that I have the same last name as her first husband. I'd also like to know more about him and his family.
S. Douglas Cline <>
Draper, UT USA - 1996
I really loved all the info about Patsy! I have been a big fan for about two years after seeing the movie Sweet Dreams. I have collected quite a few cassettes and cd's. Unfortunatly, she was killed six years before I was born. So, I never got a chance to hear her voice live. I have a couple of questions maybe someone could answer. First, you say her mother is still living? That shocked me! Does she still live in Virginia? Second, Charlie Dick is still alive, right? Did he ever remarry? Are their two children alive and did they make Patsy a grandmother? I would really appreciate any info anyone may be able to give!!! Thanks a whole bunch.
Jennifer Landry <>
Port Neches, TX USA - 1996
Yesterday I forgot to vote "crazy dreams". I changed my mind about 10 times.
gary <>
williamstown, vi australia - 1996
I have always thought that if Patsy were alive today, I would be her biggest fan. Her music reminds me of my mom who has been gone for 20 years. Great memories. Sweet dreams!
Deborah A.Hepple <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - 1996
Would like to use parts of your article as an article in our playbill for ALWAYS...PATSY CLINE being performed this October. Please let me know ASAP and supply me with the proper credits necessary if you do allow me to use an edited version. Thank You.
Cae Gibson <>
Flat Rock, NC 28731 - 1996
Most impressed with the tasteful tribute to my favourite female country artist of all time.
Gary <>
Williamstown, Vi Australia - 1996
I really enjoyed reading the page on Patsy and have been looking for info on joining her fan club. In my opinion, female singers today cannot compare to her. She's number 1! I would love to hear from people who knew her and also would love updates on what her family is up to these days. I would also love to hear more about the museum and tributes in Patsy's honor. Would love to talk to fellow fans about the most wonderful singer who ever lived.
Gina McCool <>
Hattiesburg, MS USA - 1996
Patsy fans, here is the fan club address: Always Patsy Cline, P.O. Box 2236, Winchester, VA 22604. For information on a fund raiser for a Patsy Cline museum contact The Chamber of Comm at 1-800-662-1360, 1360 Pleasant Valley Rd, Winch., VA 22604. Julie Armel or Judy Sue can help. Also let know that you heard from me, please. The fan club can tell you about our meeting over Labor Day. We are hoping to get together in Nashville in 1997 over Fan Fair Week. Details are being worked out now. This past Labor Day was "swinging"! Camden, TN, now has a memorial and music fest to honor the four that died there. Contact Amy Barrett at the chamber. She is on the guest page. If I can be of help to anyone, writing would be quicker. Contacy me at 455 Stonehaven Dr, Lexington, KY 40505. I am part of Patsy's fan club and am very active in all that I have mentioned. Brian Norris, contact the Ernest Record Shop in Nashville for posters. If anyone has pictures of Patsy in concert I would love copies!!!!! Also please contact Kristi Barnes, she is doing a paper on Patsy. Again, this is a great page and I have told several fans about it. Thanks, Jimmy Walker or J.K. Walker.
Jimmy Walker <>
Lexington, KY 40505 - 1996
Patsy was definetly a legend in her own time. It's amazing how the songs she recorded 30 years ago sound like they were recorded just yesterday. Her life and music will continue to touch the hearts of people for generations to come.
Corey Parer <USAF CRP>
Destin, FL USA - 1996
I've always heard it said, "everything must come to an end." Not so when it comes to the superb voice of Patsy Cline. Her charm, elegance and glory is truly timeless.
Donna J. Raney <>
Atlanta, GA USA - 1996
I am a writer for a small newspaper. We are reviewing a show Portrait of Patsy, by Joni Morris. I needed a few fill in facts on Pasty... the real one. Thanks, you did the job for me.
Jill Goodman
Sanibel FL , - 1996
Beautiful voice. I never heard of her till I happened to see "Sweet Dreams" by accident. Since that first time, I've recorded it and watched it about a dozen times. Jessica Lange and Ed Harris are probably what made the movie so good. I did end up getting her CD's and even though I love "Crazy", I found "Leavin' On Your Mind" even better. I was small when she died, but there has never been another voice like hers.
Erie, PA USA - 1996
It's great to see that so many people love Patsy as much as I do...
Tina Garza <>
Geismar, LA USA - 1996
Many have tried, but no one shall ever equal the voice of Patsy Cline. I was fortunate to have met her on 9/15/62 in Dallas at the Big "D" Jamboree. She was, of course, the headliner and I was a 16 year old contestant in the amateur portion of the show. Patsy wore a blonde wig and allowed me to sit in on her rehearsal. She later came out to listen to my portion on the show and critiqued my singing. I have a picture of the two of us us made that night that I shall always treasure. She was the greatest!
Sandra Salling <>
Arlington, TX USA - 1996
It's amazing how everyone flocks to the glitzy glamour of today's hot stars seeking great songs and talent that inspires and thrills them. Just look for Patsy Cline and you'll find a treasure of sentimentality and an overload of skill and delivery. No one can ever match the charming style and borderless feeling, and of course, that Patsy Cline sound that goes into her music. Patsy's music will ALWAYS be around.
Greg <>
Clearwater, FL USA - 1996
I realy enjoyed reading all the interesting info on Patsy, you have done a terrific job! Keep it up. Thank you again!
Susan Wheeler <>
Coldwater, Ms USA - 1996
You've done an outstanding job with this page. I, too, adore Ms. Patsy Cline. I want to suggest to any fellow readers to check out a singer by the name of Mandy Barnett. She blows that child star LeAnn Rimes out of the water. By the way no one has mentioned the "Celebrating Patsy Cline" weekend that took place in Winchester over Labor Day weekend. And where are those fan club members?? How do we join??
Kim <>
Thanks for giving us the chance to know Patsy. She died when I was about 2 years old. I've seen Sweet Dreams and The Coalminer's Daughter, and would take the time to see them again. I love "Crazy".
Connie <>
Philippines - 1996
It's me again!!! I'm still working on my school project about Patsy Cline. I think Per's page is the greatest!! It has been a big help. If Jack Bowman should happen to see this, please email me!!! I have some questions I would like to ask you. I would like to thank everyone for their help!!!! Kristy :)
Kristy Barnes <>
Bernie, MO USA - 1996
I was a roller skating friend of Patsy Cline when we were kids. Worked with Charlie Dick at the Winchester Evening Star
Jack Bowman <Annetta Bowman Salisbury, Md USA - 1996
The name Patsy speaks for itself and has caught the attention of a great variety of fans. I thought the page was informative and a great source of fun.
Sarah <>
Auburn, Me USA - 1996
Happy Birthday Patsy! September 8, 1996.
Brian Norris <>
washington, DC - 1996
Great site, I hope to return many times, great singer and her her music will live forever.
nhawk and Ldove <>
Newark, Oh USA - 1996
I would like to say it's just great, she was the greatest singer I have never met. Please I would like to have more and more information about her.
sophie robin <>
quebec, canada - 1996
Though Patsy's beautiful voice has been stilled, her music will live on forever, for future generations to enjoy. Thank you Patsy, for everything you have given us to remember you by. You will not be forgotten.
Thomas Bean <>
Had just been listening to Patsy's "Walkin' after Midnight" so when I started "Surfin' after Midnight" it seemed only fitting to check out this page. Great stuff. I'll be back for more. Good Night and God Bless.
Kay Dodd <>
Woodstock, GA USA - 1996
What a wonderful page for a wonderful and irreplacable singer. Patsy's untouchable vocal abilities, along with her effortless charisma, made her a real treasure. Keep up the terrific work.
steve vivian <>
IN USA - 1996
Thanks for the wonderful facts and of course all the memories. I'm still Crazy.......
Steve Chollar <>
Los Angeles, CA - 1996
How can I join the Patsy Cline Fan Club?
Sandy Buelow <BILL7757@AOL.COM.>
I just feel that Ms. Cline was the best during her time on this planet, and I wish there were more like her.
Lori A. Bossard
Washington, DC - 1996
For such a long time I have waited for a tribute to Patsy to arrive on the Internet. In fact, I have even created one of my own. This compilation however, exceeds all of my dreams and expectations. Thank you.
Ryan Badowski <>
Altoona, PA USA - 1996
Patsy's voice will never go out of style!
Ruth Nawn <>
Boston, MA USA - 1996
Patsy's music has so much warmth to it that it gives me the chills everytime I listen to her songs.
What can you say? She's the greatest thing that ever could have happened to country music, or should I say MUSIC, period.
Bev <>
Reading, PA USA - 1996
Patsy Cline is an all time great favorite of mine. No matter how hard they try, no one can duplicate her talent and style. I like this dedication page.
Katrina <>
Jacksonville, FL - 1996
I love Patsy!! She is by far the greatest singer I've ever heard. Her voice is so amazing, I'll be a fan until I die!!!
Julia Anne Candis <>
laurel, md usa - 1996
Patsy Cline is my favorite singer. I am a brazilian medical doctor, and I play her songs during my works. I would like to receive some mensages. Sory my bad english. Michel Uhebe Filho.
Michel Uhebe Filho <>
Vicosa-MG, Brazil - 1996
Great page. I am 15 and started listening to Patsy Cline a couple years ago. She was an amazing singer.
Erin <>
Tampa, FL USA - 1996
Hi, I think your page is great! I have just finished touring in a show with George Hamilton IV who was a real friend of Patsy's in 'Patsy Cline - A Musical Tribute'. The show has toured Britain on and off for the last three years to packed houses. It proves her music is as popular today as ever. From a British Country Music Fan.
Claire Storey <>
UK - 1996
I'm a music-journalist. Today I have made an interview with one of Denmarks greatest female singers Lis Sorensen. She told me, that her next project will be a record containing a selcetion of Patsy Cline's songs. The record will come out within two years. Well... you can't know everything, and my knowledge of Patsy Cline was rather small. So I went on the net. Found these pages, and wauwh! Now I know, what I - for this moment - want to know about Patsy Cline. It's a splendid page. Thank you.
Uffe Christensen <>
Denmark - 1996
This is really great! When I was little, my parents had a CD of hers and used to play it every once in a while. I really loved it! Now I'm 14, and a few months ago I "rediscovered" the CD, and made it my own. I think she rocks! I hope you'll visit my homepage - I have a link to your page on it!
Marsha <>
Sarasota, FL U.S.A. - 1996
We've got the Pictures
We've got the records
We want you
Malcolm Mallia <>
San Gwann, MALTA - 1996
I too am looking for a copy of "Sweet Dreams" on VHS or Laser Disc. Please contact me if anyone can be of help.( CCruise4U @ ) I am also a big fan and wish I could have met her. Great page! Thanks.
Wayne R. <CCruise4U>
Chatt., Tn. - 1996
Does anyone know if there is a poster of Patsy Cline available anywhere? Thanks for any info!
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA - 1996
Patsy, along with Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, are my favorite classic country artists now and forever. I treasure my collection and will add whenever possible. Nice job on the writing.
Eli D. Zdunich <>
Fernley, NV 89408 - 1996
Patsy was just something else, every now and then someone comes along who has just got something special; in their voice, their method of presentation and the life and feeling that they genate to songs. Patsy had all of that.
Will Attwood <>
Portland, Vi Australia - 1996
Great job. Thanks.
Steve Eldredge <>
Hi! I love Patsy Cline. My mother and I saw her in concert in 1962 at the Omaha Civic Auditorium in Omaha Nebraska. She was probably with the Hap Peeples touring. I barely remember seeing her in concert. I loved her music always as a kid and through the years. I want to buy a brick for the Museum I just haven't done it yet. My daughter is 16 and knows most of all the words to her songs. I wish I would've gotten her autograph. It was during the days of Johnny Cash and the classic country stars touring at the time. She was one of a kind!!!!!! There will never be another Patsy Cline I think. I love the new song Blue written for Patsy but she passed away before she could record it. I wish I could've seen Always Patsy Cline. And I want to be part of the Fan Club. I was in Nashville, TN May of 1995 and stood right where Patsy stood on stage. It didn't hit me till I got home where I had stood and then I started to cry at her memory. I hope this hasn't been too long Heh heh. Thanks Always Patsy Cline, Sharon Kay Lees
Sharon Kay Lees <>
West Bountiful, UT USA - 1996
I got turned on to Patsy Cline's music about 16 years ago when I saw her portrayed by Beverly D'Angelo in "Coalminer's Daughter". I was 8 years old at the time, and even then I was astounded by her voice and music. Ever since then I have been mesmirsed by music. Because of Patsy, I chose music as a career. She, as Barbara Mandrell put it, "Had a voice like an angel's trumpet". There will never be another entertainer like her, and too many try to be. Your site is a great tribute to Patsy, and is very well done. To those who have seen "Sweet Dreams": It was a nice story, but don't believe everything you see and or hear... Keep up the good work, and thanks for the site.
Kristi <>
Dallas, TX U.S.A - 1996
Since I was 12 years old, I've been a huge fan of Patsy Cline. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen to her music. I've been to her hometown and visited several of the places which held significance in her life. Next I would like to visit the crash site which you have shown pictures of here. This page is an excellent effort to give something back to Patsy for what she has given us: The best voice ever to be heard by the human ear.
Brian Norris <>
washington, DC - 1996
I think Patsy was a great singer even if I didn't know her. (I'm only 21!!!!!)
Marie Blais <>
Mawiwaki, Canada - 1996
Am looking for VHS of "Sweet Dreams". Pls email if you know a source.
Wayne Whelan <>
Mt Pleasant SC, - 1996
I have been a big Patsy Cline fan for several years now. It all started with the purchase of my first record album (33rpm) "Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits" (The one with the green cover with her in the yellow dress). I was hooked. I have seen "Sweet Dreams" the movie, and truly enjoyed it. I am also a singer and sing mostly her songs. I have talked a few times with Charlie Dick (Her husband for those who don't know). I hope you recieved my E-Mail about my project. I love the page/board you have created as a tribute to Patsy. I know she would be very pleased.
San Diego, CA USA - 1996
Per, Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Patsy will always be one of my favorites. Charlie was incorrect when he said that Kitty Wells had a better voice, no one can equal Patsy. I have several of her original recordings and cherish them. Lyrics to her songs would be appreciated. Thanks
Dennis Slayton <>
Brainerd, MN, - 1996
Just got done watching "Sweet Dreams" and came to find out more information. Thanks for the facts and insight. I really enjoyed the different pictures of Patsy at different ages. I was just 11 years old when she was killed and can remember the sadness that hit our home and was felt spilling out of the old radio that always played in the kitchen. "Walking after Midnight" always takes me back to the sounds and smells of that kitchen and moment.
David Ludwig <>
Loveland, CO, - 1996
Nice site! How about lyrics? I could use them. Thanks!
Janet Allen <>
Upper Marlboro, MD USA - 1996
I have one of her CD:s and listen to it often.I also saw her life's movie. She was the greatest.
John T.Rose <>
Walnut Creek, CA USA - 1996
Enjoyed the entire site. Thank you for the memories. "Never No More" says it all.
Joshua, Tx - 1996
Most comprehensive and impressive. Thank you for a great resource. We love Patsy!
John and Sue VanLandingham <>
Pleasant Hill, Ca USA - 1996
Thanks for such a fine "page" in tribute to Patsy. I just vaguely remember the news of her death, a very sad day for Country Music. I enjoyed reading through the list of her releases.
John Qua <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - 1996
Please forgive any gaffs. I'm new to the Web. The page is absolutely beautiful. I love Patsy. However, when I tried to send it to print (so I could read it on the subway), all I got was pictures but no text. Can you help me with this?
Marty Frasca <>
Brooklyn, NY - 1996
Patsy's voice and singing is in a class of its own. Noone can equal what she did for country/western music. Thanks for the terrific tribute!
Tony <>
Indianapolis, IN - 1996
I LOVE your tribute to Patsy!! I am 14 and doing a school project on her. I attended the memorial at the crash site in Camden over the 4th of July weekend. I met and talked with several people who helped with finding the plane. I also got a chance to speak with Julie Fudge, Patsy's daughter. I have started collecting Patsy Cline memorbilia, and records.(If you have any memoribilia or records to sell please email me). If ANYONE has any INFORMATION or PICTURES they could contribute to my project, it would be a BIG help!! I am trying to win a scholarship with this project. I think Patsy Cline is the greatest singer that ever lived. I am glad to see so many people agree!!! Keep up the good work!!!! :)
Kristy Barnes <>
Bernie, MO U.S. - 1996
I loved your page dedicated to Patsy Cline. She was a beautiful singer. I enjoy her music and listen to it often. God Bless.
Kelly J. Ehmke <>
Edwardsville, IL USA - 1996
"It wasn't God who made honky-tonk angels..." I've never seen a page dedicated to Patsy until this one - great work! I'll be back! :)
Endora <>
Novi, Mi USA - 1996
We loved Patsy
Jerry Kayser
North Bend, OH 45052 USA - 1996
I enjoyed all your effort in putting together such an interesting site. I look forward to seeing it in the future. We all loved Patsy.
Johnny Lain <>
Warren, MI USA - 1996
Hi! I loved your page on Patsy Cline. It is very impressive. I was pleasantly surprised today to find out that the crash site is on the Internet. I am the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce here in Camden, and we recently put on a music festival, which was a Tribute to Patsy, Hawkshaw, Cowboy Copas and Randy Hughes. Our State Representative James Peach was a co-sponsor with the Chamber, and we worked together to do the festival and the crash site dedication. Mr. Peach's campaign manager, Mike Alder, also helped tremendously, as well as the fan club. I would like to thank all the fans who came to visit Camden during the festival, and we'd love to have visitors anytime. If you need any information on the crash site, please call me at (901) 584-8395. We have some terrific Patsy Cline memorabilia, T-shirts and program books with pictures and articles for sale. These would be great items for the collector. Thanks again!
Amy Barrett <>
Camden, TN - 1996
Patsy Cline will ALWAYS be my favorite country singer. I am now inquiring on an "Always..Patsy Cline" performance to be held at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant MI. on October 4th.
Betty Gadberry <>
Jackson, MI USA - 1996
I have four of Patsy's albums; The Patsy Cline Story, Walkin' after midnight, Today, Tomorrow and Forever, and Don't ever Leave me again. They are all superb albums, there isn't a song I don't like. I am only 16 and am completely dismayed that people my age don't even care about someone as great as Patsy Cline. Thank You for making this page.
Kyle Honek <>
Moorhead, MN US - 1996
I really enjoyed the pictures of the grave and crash site. I plan to go visit the sites some time in the near future. I hope you have more pictures soon.
I really like to hear Patsy sing. Your page is very interesting!!
Brooke <>
Texas - 1996
Outstanding web page! The only Patsy Cline page I have ever seen! Patsy Cline had the greatest voice I have ever heard in my entire life! I discovered her about a year ago and her recordings are practically all I listen to anymore.
Thanks a lot.
Doug A.
Boston, MA USA - 1996
Just happened to be listening to the now out of print box set and decided to see if there was anything out there in cyberland about Patsy. Wow, what a surprize, your page is fantastic. I didn't become a fan until recently and now my daughter in college is a major fan and can't get enough. What a pity that the box set had to be deleted. Maybe something even more fantastic awaits in the wings. Keep up the good work for this musical genius!!!!
Paul Siegmund <>
Banner Elk, NC U.S.A. - 1996
Just saw the "Patsy" tribute starring Gail Bliss. Can highly recommend it to any Patsy fans. Really enjoyed your Website. It is one of the best I've visited in a long time. Great job!
Victor Brooks <>
Toronto, On Canada - 1996
Never no More.... The most beatiful song ever created.
Bunny Easterling <>
Cincinnati, OH USA - 1996
We miss you, Patsy! THANKS for the walking dream, and hidin' out! See ya!
steph & jan <dunham 513>
cincinnati, oh us - 1996
Wow!!!! Your page on Patsy Cline is great. It is the best thing I have seen on the Internet. I don't have a computer but I have access through the public library. I am part of Patsy's fan club. I was at the events that happened in Camden TN July 4, 1996. I was surprised to see your coverage. I will let Amy Barrett from the Chamber of Commerce know that you are here. She put most of the memorial at Camden together. Rep. James Peach also helped.
J K Walker
Lexington, KY USA - 1996
Kudos for a great piece of work, Per. Your tribute to Patsy Cline is not only a pleasure to read, but informative as well. Congrats.
Nightbird <>
Tallahassee, FL USA - 1996
I remember once falling in love as I dance to Patsy Cline playing on the jukebox in a little club in Wichita Falls, TX. That night, I became a huge fan of Patsy Cline and the music she sang. I will never forget that night.
Eric Miles <>
Vernon, TX USA - 1996
I have been a fan of Patsy's for many years now. Since I am only 23, I never got the chance to experience her grace in person. I feel that your page has helped me get to know her better, and for that I thank you.
Shawn Heck <>
Frederick, MD USA - 1996
Great page! I have been a fan of Patsy Cline's since I was little and this page brings back a lot of memories. When ever I was sad or something when I was little I would watch the movie (Sweet Dreams) and I would feel better. Reading the last part of your page just brought a tear to my eye! You did a great job!
Holly <>
Garland, Tx USA - 1996
Patsy Cline is a good singer and shes pretty.
Keeley corley <Keeley>
Orange park, FL USA - 1996
Great page! She's been my inspiration to try to make my way to the country music world!
Corey Anderson <>
Wilmington, NC USA - 1996
Great page Per, Just a couple of tid bits for interested fans. More books available..."I Fall To Pieces" by Mark Bego ('96) and "Patsy" by Margaret Jones (95). I'm fortunate enough to own her autograph. She is still the BEST singer EVER....
David Le Maire <>
Ann Arbor, Mi - 1996
Great page always loved Patsy Cline!!
Canada - 1996
Your page about Patsy was very well written. Patsy was one of the best singers. Well actually she still his. I clean my house while listening to her music. She gets me motivated.
missy <>
Pittsburgh, pa usa - 1996
Hi Per,
Both my wife and I really enjoyed your page on "Patsy Cline". We are both real big fans of her. Here in the USA they have a live show going around called "Always Patsy Cline". It only have two women in the show, Patsy and Louise Seger. Louise tells how she met Patsy in Houston, Texas. And the other lady sings "Patsy", she sounds just like her and looks like her in 1957. My wife and I really enjoyed the show, if we get a chance to see it again we WILL, it is REALLY GOOD. You don't have Patsy's Fan Club listed, if you don't know it, here it is:

Always Patsy Cline
c/o Mel Dick
P.O. Box 2236
Winchester, Va. 22604

Thanks and keep up the good work,
John Miley <>
Kill Devil Hill, NC USA - 1996

This is a great site. Thank you. Last year as I was driving from Prince Rupert, British Columbia to Anaconda, Montana, I spent most of my time listening to Patsy Cline's 20 Greatest Hits. She was a wonderful entertainer.
Rocky Jones <>
Ketchikan, AK USA - 1996
Fantastic!!! You've done a terrific job.
Ron <r&>
Hawthorne, CA - 1996
Loved your page, and I am adding your page to my favorite links!
Kathy Teems <>
Brasstown, NC USA - 1996
I was entranced by her voice, they were playing "Never No More" on a TV show. It didn't take long to go a' seeking a CD. My children and I have listened many time and can't wait to hear more. Your pages are great, to the point and quite revernt. Thanks for the site!
J. Champion <>
Virginia Beach, VA USA - 1996
Really enjoyed your Patsy Cline page. May be in Winchester soon and would like to visit her grave, but don't know which cemetery. Also, would like any info of other Patsy Cline points of interest in Winchester. Thanks.
J. Gioffre <>
USA - 1996
Congrats Per on a class piece of work. A fantastic tribute to the greatest female voice ever to grace the airwaves.
john doherty <>
dublin, Ireland - 1996
I am from Camden, Tennessee, which is where Patsy died. I visited the site of the crash recently for the first time in my life. A monument was placed there earlier this month. My uncle claims to have been a member of the second party to arrive at the crash scene. He was with a state trooper. He was secretary of the local Civil Air Patrol at the time. Patsy had a superior voice!!! (July 96)
Kent Florence <>
Martin, TN 38237 - 1996
I will always remember Patsy. She was by far the greatest female singer!!
Barry Levely <>
Elmira, ontario, Canada - 1996
Excellent site. I pretty much hate country music but I sure do love Patsy Cline's sound. She was a major talent and had a unique voice. I have most of her albums for sale, as well as 45's, EP's and 33-1/3 compact EP's. Anyone who is looking for the original vinyl, can send me a priced want list and I would be glad to see what I have. Please visit my other music site: "Rhythm, Rock and Doo Wop" at http://www.Hub.ofthe.Net/houseofmusic/first.htm - this has pics, bios, lyrcis, discographies, trivia contest and lots more all dealing with the great music from the '50s and '60s.
Paula <doowoplvr@Hub.ofthe.Net>
Lubbock, TX USA - 1996
I love country music, I love a lot Patsy Cline. She is a great singer I watch her movie and that's was really interesting.
Rachel LeBlanc <>
Edmundston, NB Canada - 1996
Maybe these people can help find some of the songs you are missing.
The Wanderer:
Paula's house of music:
Matt <mlbl@erols/com>
Va. Beach, Va USA - 1996
tipton, in - 1996
I love Patsy Cline. You have a great page.
Ruth Gallion <>
Doniphan , Mo us - 1996
WOW, great page. Patsy would have loved it!!!!! Good job.
Steve Guarascio <>
Bayville, NJ U.S. - 1996
An Excellent page. I have a page called Remember When and it is about the 50's and 60's. I have a music page and would love to add your Patsy Cline page to it. Please visit and see what you think
Matt <>
Virginia Beach, Va USA - 1996
Holy Cow! What a GREAT site! I just made a Patsy pilgrimage and Winchester sure does not do her justice! Patsy is the greatest!
Sue Wilden <>
Columbus, In USA - 1996
Just bought my first Patsy Cline recording last week. I heard "Crazy" once and was hooked. I have never in my life liked country music - my taste runs to classical and hard rock! - but Patsy was something else entirely, wasn't she? What a voice, and what an artist! Thank you for your informative page about her - Virginia was the home of many legends, but there can only be one Patsy Cline...
Wes Clark <>
Springfield, VA - 1996
Per, I just checked out your new addition on Patsy Cline. Wonderful work! You really know her inside and out! Wish I could help with part of your missing collection. I surely will keep my eyes open.
Brenda <>
Wisconsin Rapid, WI USA - 1996
Great page!! I am really impressed.
Susan Centofanti <>
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 1996
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