At the Riverside Park Ballroom
in Phoenix, Arizona, 1960.
Photo by Johnny Franklin.

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I love this site, and I love Patsy Cline! Did anyone see the A&E Biography special on Patsy last week? Are there other videos out on Patsy Cline? How do I get them? Will look for answers here. Excellent job, webmaster!
Don <>
Ketchikan, AK USA - Monday, May 12, 1997 at 02:14:36 (MET DST)
I had to come back and see the site again. I hope it is ok, I have a link on my page at to this one and tell all I talk to in the chat rooms I go to. I will see you guys again at all the functions here Labor Day Weekend... Or should I say "Patsy Cline Weekend"... It is a lot going on folks, try to come on out to Winchester and share memories and your love of Patsy with all of us...
Linda Cunningham <>
Winchester, Va USA - Sunday, May 11, 1997 at 05:05:48 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline is the best of the best!
Mark Verch <>
Freedom, Ca USA - Saturday, May 10, 1997 at 23:31:15 (MET DST)
Patsy is just wonderful, just Patsy.
Taunya Jones <>
Greeneville, TN USA - Saturday, May 10, 1997 at 01:46:05 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline is a magical voice that will live with us for ever. I'm looking for her children so I can write to them.
Jesse Abrams
Richmond, In - Friday, May 09, 1997 at 21:07:57 (MET DST)
I have been a fan of miss Cline's for several decades now and I have just recently found out about her fan club. A little late I know. I would really like to know how I could become a member. Please send me the address on that info if you could. Thank you very much. Always a fan STUART CLARK.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT USA - Friday, May 09, 1997 at 09:21:38 (MET DST)
Comment: The fan club address is on the main page. /Per
One of my favorite memories of Patsy took place sometime in 1962 (I think). I just finished writing a song called "I'm Sad and Blue For You Too". We were at Tootsie's late one night. We all had a few and were feeling pretty happy. A bunch of us were singing and I sang my song to Patsy... Patsy tried realy hard to act like she was listening intensely, but as the song ended, she bust up laughing a loud belly laugh! She made us all laugh. She then said, "Hoss, I love that song! It's it's so god%&$m FUNNY... Yes, that is one FUNNY song. We all laughed some more. Patsy felt bad because she thought she may have embarrased me, but she didn't. She tried so hard to keep in her laughter (Years later I know that this was a TERRIBLE song!) Patsy, years before her time, said (trying to pick up my spirits) "Hoss, why dont you try selling that ol' song to Minnie (Pearl) or (Rod) Brasfield (Two country comics)... Cline knows that they'll wanna sing it, I guarantee it! I asked her to sing just a few lines... she laughed and said, "Oh, OK let me give it a try". She sang the ENTIRE song, and then as she got to the last line, she just bust up laughing again and said, "Hoss, I kid you not, Brasfield and Minnie'll LOVE it!" I'd love to hear from others who have memories of Patsy. Please e-mail me or write via the guestbook. Love, Pat
Pat Willette <>
Kingman, AZ USA - Friday, May 09, 1997 at 04:53:01 (MET DST)
I have been a Patsy Cline since I was a little boy. My parents had a 33 Patsy Cline record from Sears--that was the label, Sears. I guess it was a budget record. Anyhow, I played the grooves off it. Now I have a large collection of records, (some original). I have THE FIRST release! It's an EP from 4 Star Records. "Hidin' Out", "Turn the Cards Slowly", etc. I have a very rare 78, "Fingerprints", "Stranger in My Arms". I have cassette tapes and A LOT of CDs. She is without a doubt my all time favorite singer. Her haunting vocals penetrate and touch the core of my soul like no other singer can. If any other fans want to correspond with me (especially young single female fans) write to:

Greg Lincoln
1136 N. Fountain
Cape Girardeau MO 63701

G. Lincoln
Cape Girardeau, MO USA - Friday, May 09, 1997 at 04:06:21 (MET DST)

I love Patsy Cline. She brings tears to my eyes with that incredible voice of hers.
Kristin Vickers <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Friday, May 09, 1997 at 03:31:12 (MET DST)
Patsy is the greatest, and my favorite song of hers is "True Love".
Barb VanderWeele <>
- Thursday, May 08, 1997 at 05:16:37 (MET DST)
Alot to cover here tonite. 1) I love the new changes and pictures! 2) Want to go to Camden? June 27-28, 97 they will have their second annual Music Fest. Members of Patsy's fan club will be attendance. Contact Amy Barrett at the Camden Chamber of Comm. for details 901-584-8395 and she has a souviner booklet from last year loaded w/ pictures and stories. It's just a couple bucks. 3) Catch A&E Thurs 5-8-97 for Remembering Patsy. 4) SOW The songs that excite and bring joy; "I Fall to Pieces", " Walkin' Afte Midnite", "That's How a Heartache Begins", "Bill Bailey...", "Loose Talk", and "Yes, I Understand". Remember it is the voice first, but that music and the overdubbing help make 'em classic and amzaing! 4) Talked w/ the Winchester Chamber of Commerece Monday and they started planning Labor Day. 5) Talking a vacation to Winchester this year? Check out the Kurtz Center and the visitor center on Pleasant Valley for help on the Patsy sites. I have just sent some pictures of fan club events to the visitor center. 6) Anybody in New York City visiting this site? How about some programs from "Always Patsy" show for us regulars at this site? Contact us. Catch ya'll later. Always Jimmy 5-7-97
Jim Walker <>
- Thursday, May 08, 1997 at 04:29:46 (MET DST)
I just got interested in Patsy Cline and I would like to know lots more about her! She seems so cool and I wish I could sing like that! Anyone with any interesting info could email me and I would reply! Thanks!
Jenni <>
Carthage, TX USA - Thursday, May 08, 1997 at 02:54:04 (MET DST)
You have got to ADVERTISE this site more!!! I am the nation's number one Patsy Cline Fan... My license plates actually say PATSY on them!!! Been that way for 10 years. I am 62 years old and have been a Patsy Fan since I first heard her on the radio in 1957 singing "Walkin' After Midnight"... I lived in Nashville from 1958-1966, and as a songwriter (who never quite made it) I actually met Patsy several times, and had a few really interesting conversations with her! I would certainly not say that we were close friends, but she did know me by name when we bumped into each other at Tootsie's or other places... and I remember once talking to her for hours with a bunch of us hanging out and just having a grand old time. Patsy was sweet, FUNNY, and could at times be "one of the guys"... but more than anything else, I always remember her telling me how much she loved her babies... She had so much love in her heart for Julie and Randy, and as my wife was about to give birth, Patsy loved to talk about her kids. She was one hell of a great gal. I cried my eyes out the day I found out that we lost her. Because even though my conversations with her could not have numbered more than 10 or 12, I felt as if she was a pal that I had known my entire life. THANK YOU, for putting this great site together... How can you get the word out more... Anyway of getting a better URL? God Bless! Love, Pat
Pat Willette <>
Kingman, AZ USA - Wednesday, May 07, 1997 at 22:27:54 (MET DST)
Comment: Thanks for your kind words! About advertising: The site has been submitted to the major search engines, and it's being indexed automatically when the search engines crawls the web. I can't afford to pay what it costs to submit the site via the commercial submitting services, and I can't afford to advertise. About the URL: I had a better URL before, but that server had a lot of problems, and finally they just shut down my site, so now I have decided to have the site here in my own server, where I have total control over both the hardware and the software. And the URL doesn't matter much, really. It's more important that the site works as it should... /Per
I am one of the biggest fans of Patsy Cline. Thank you for the wonderful page. It keeps her spirit alive. Good job!
Linda Bailey <>
Sylvan Lake, AB Canada - Wednesday, May 07, 1997 at 09:53:17 (MET DST)
Hey Per, great web page. Hi, Jimmy in Lexington (One of Patsy's best fans). Thanks for all you do for Patsy. This is one of best web pages I have seen. Keep it comin'. Love Patsy. John Griffin, St.Peters, MO.
John Griffin <>
St. Peters, MO USA - Tuesday, May 06, 1997 at 00:49:49 (MET DST)
Hey Hosses! First, Per, this site gets better every day! Wish I could help with the Calendar page, but I don't seem to have any info for either April or May. I do have some for June and July, that I'll share with you later. I had an idea for a new page! How about a trading page, where people can trade Patsy stuff. They could also send in pictures of their collections and pictures of Patsy that they have! We could also send in phone numbers and addresses of places to get Patsy memorabilia and collectables (maybe even some other neat Patsy sites on the web, don't worry Per, yours is the BEST!) How about it? I'm sure some great fan club members (like me!) and fans out there have some neat stuff to share and some great pictures! Now, about the songs of the week: These songs make me just wanna sing, smile, and run through fields of daisies (just kidding!): Heartaches, San Antonio Rose, Anytime, Back in baby's arms, and Blue moon of Kentucky. Great songs! Can't wait to watch the Pasty bio that comes on Thursday on A&E. Even though I have it, I'm going to tape it! Keep up the great work Per, and scan some more of your album covers. Alot of them have some neat pics on them! Bye for now! Always, Amber
Amber Miller <AMMHoss>
Sterling, VA USA - Sunday, May 04, 1997 at 20:18:51 (MET DST)
Comment: Thanks for your kind words about the site, Amber! Regarding the album covers: I have already scanned all album pictures that I have, and that I think are worth having at the site... And about the trading page: It's a good idea, but I don't think that I'm allowed to use this web server in any sort of "commercial" way, since it is owned by a public school and not by a company, so money cannot be involved. But if you want to exchange things, without money, I think you can organize that through this guestbook. /Per
I discovered Patsy a few years ago and fell in love with her voice!!!
Amy Hyland <>
Morristown, NJ USA - Sunday, May 04, 1997 at 18:53:45 (MET DST)
I wish you had some songs to download
Dan Rogers <>
Rosebud, Tx USA - Sunday, May 04, 1997 at 07:58:59 (MET DST)
Comment: I'm afraid that's completely illegal, so I wouldn't dream of it... /Per
Just a quick comment on the Elvis/Patsy recordings.... RCA just announced it will release a four CD box set of previously unreleased Elvis recordings, some which where found in a forgotten locked file cabinet in Vernon Presley's office. If there was any truth of the Patsy/Elvis duet recordings, they could certainly be included in this collection. The article which I read just this morning did not say anything about a duet with Patsy, but did mention some recording which may be considered odd for Elvis. But then again, RCA could have gotten into a legal tussle with MCA or Charlie over the use of the tapes. Just a wild guess on that one. BTW, THANKS! Lisa, for the A & E tip. What a wonderful way for me to celebrate my birthday! And if you think this is a cheap hint, I plead guilty! Another BTW, dig that bass/drum line in "Shoes"! Sue
Sue Wilden <>
Columbus, In USA - Sunday, May 04, 1997 at 07:22:50 (MET DST)
She is a GREAT singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leigh Sullivan <>
Paris, IL U.S.A. - Sunday, May 04, 1997 at 02:24:30 (MET DST)
She is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Archer Davis <>
Paris, IL U.S.A. - Sunday, May 04, 1997 at 02:22:03 (MET DST)
I'd like to say that I enjoy your page. I myself am a true a loyal fan of Ms. Patsy Cline.
Thomas L. Winters <>
Supply, NC USA - Saturday, May 03, 1997 at 22:34:27 (MET DST)
Attention fans! This Thursday, May 8th, 8pm on A&E, "Remembering Patsy Cline" will be shown on "Biography!" A must-see!
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Saturday, May 03, 1997 at 22:05:36 (MET DST)
I just love your home page about the best singer in the world. She will be greatly missed. I will always remember her... yours truly, Irish
Irish <>
- Saturday, May 03, 1997 at 07:17:23 (MET DST)
Hi y'all! I'd like to comment right here 'n now that this website looks *fantastic* Per! With all the new pages & pictures! Song of the Week is a bit different this time. I want y'all to tell me which Patsy songs make you *instantly* happy, just when you hear the opening notes? Which songs get your heart racing faster, your blood moving? Fired up? Make you wanna drive faster down the freeway? Try to name no more than 6 or so. They will be different for everyone, but I'm interested to see which songs are mentioned most frequently. Mine would probably have to be "Shoes", "Loose Talk", "Lovesick Blues", "Let the Teardrops Fall", and "Honky-Tonk MGR". PS: Patsy 'n Elvis? I sit quietly & wait with a skeptical, intrigued smile on my face!
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, May 02, 1997 at 22:44:29 (MET DST)
Hello: Great Page..... I am a loyal fan of Patsy Cline. Thanks, JAMES ALBERSON
James Alberson <>
N.Little Rock, AR USA - Friday, May 02, 1997 at 20:26:16 (MET DST)
Cliff at In Your Ear Music has some recollection of a mixup or mistake by MCA on their "Greatest Hits" album, involving different versions of one of Patsy's biggest hits, possibly "Walkin' after midnight". He says that this song appears in a different version on the gold disc digital remaster, than the version that was on the original release of that album. He says that he read about this in "Ice" CD newsletter a couple of years ago, and that they made a customer complaint about it, and MCA answered something about "backing vocals being added after the original recording was made, bla bla bla"... Does anybody have any info or knowledge about this? - Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Friday, May 02, 1997 at 19:20:46 (MET DST)

Pasty Cline has been a huge influence on me for as long as I can remember. I love the passion with which she sang... and that voice of gold. I've been a singer for as long as I can remember, and always strive to sing her songs to perfection. She is truly a legend. It's so nice to see that there are so many others that share my love for her.
Gillian Carl <>
Toledo, IL USA - Friday, May 02, 1997 at 05:02:40 (MET DST)
Hi! I'm hoping to visit the USA this summer to stay with my friend in Richmond Va, and want to visit Winchester to pay my respects. I would love to hear from any fans of Patsy who either know Winchester or live there and can give me directions from Richmond or Staunton. Any info on Patsy-related places in Winchester would be gratefully received. I'm getting right excited!!!!!! HI!!!! to Julie Fudge and all Patsy's family. Thank you so much for taking the time to 'speak' with your mum's fans and for setting straight some of the, let's say, untruths that have been unfairly told about her. Thanks again!!!!!!!
Cath <>
Newcastle, England - Thursday, May 01, 1997 at 21:30:35 (MET DST)
I saw a movie last night, called "Nell", starring Jodie Foster, and they play a little piece of "Crazy" in it. It's nice that they use Patsy's music like that, even if it's just a little piece of a song, because that shows that Patsy means a lot to many people... Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Thursday, May 01, 1997 at 18:41:35 (MET DST)

I understand that there are actual records made in 1962 of Patsy singing duets with Elvis Presley. They were never released as Patsy did not want to seem too "pop" and Elvis did not want to seem too "country"... However, they secretly admired one anothers work and recorded about 6 songs together. I understand that the agreement was that the duets could not be released until 20 years or more after the death of the surviving duet partner. These rumours have been swirling around the UK for years. If this is true, does that mean that we'll be hearing Elvis/Patsy REAL duets soon...? I believe that August of this year marks 20 years after Elvis' death? Who knows the real release date? Who owns the rights... (EP Enterprises, Patsy's estate???) and is it true that the songs include, "Forever, My Darling" "Goodnight, Sweetheart" and "Blue Moon"? Will someone in the know please advise on this page as I first access this page today and I am using a pal's e-mail service.
Everton Samuels <>
Thames, GB England - Thursday, May 01, 1997 at 03:54:46 (MET DST)
I have been a big fan of Mrs. Patsy for a long time. I am 13 years old and I am starting a singing career thanks to her inspiration. Right now I am working on a book report about Patsy Cline and I am very intrested in her life, and her singing career, and everything. Please if you could send me some information on her life I will greatly appreciate it and it will get me an A on my research paper. Thanks
Brittany Martel <>
Nashville, TN USA - Wednesday, April 30, 1997 at 19:14:11 (MET DST)
I have just been looking at the songs Patsy Cline recorded. Most of them I already have on CD but some of them, I haven't even heard of!!! I'm hoping to collect one version of every song Patsy recorded and I wondered if any one knew of a single CD in the UK that has all of the following songs on it. As I haven't heard of some of the songs, I guess they are pretty rare, but then again, I've always liked a challenge.

A poor man's roses
When you need a laugh
You took him off my hands
Moving along

A few of the songs I have on tape but I would really like to get them on CD. If anyone has any information on the songs, "Shoes" and "You took him off my hands", I would be very grateful as I've never heard of these songs. Forever a fan of Patsy Cline, Steven Windebank
Steven Windebank <>
Preston, United Kingdom - Tuesday, April 29, 1997 at 18:47:24 (MET DST)

Patsy Cline, the one and only will live forever!!! We are playing some of Patsy's songs in my band The Tequilas, always a hit. Please!! More country lyrics on the net. Adios!! Love Sluggo.
SWEDEN - Tuesday, April 29, 1997 at 10:36:04 (MET DST)
This is a wonderful site to a truly wonderful lady. In the early 60's George Klein of WHBQ in Memphis used to always sign off his show with "Goodnight my Love" by "the late greast Patsy Cline". I have searched in vain for this recording and would be eternally grateful if someone could tell me how to get hold of it. Thanks!
Jim Hale <>
Houston, Tx USA - Tuesday, April 29, 1997 at 01:39:10 (MET DST)
I absolutly love Patsy Cline. Although I'm only 18 years old, and so was not born when she was around, I still have a tremendous respect for the ever reigning queen of country music. I hope to also become a famous country singer, but I know I'll never be close to the calibur that Patsy was. I owe to her my love and respect of country music. I regret that I was not born soon enough to experience the thrill of actually hearing Patsy live, but at least her music is recorded so it will last for many more years to come. I know that Patsy, although she may not understand all this e-mail stuff, would love to know that she is being remembered like this, I think Patsy somewhere up in heaven knows and that is very special!
MaryBrooke Lowe
Macon, Ga - Monday, April 28, 1997 at 23:44:51 (MET DST)
I was a great fan of Miss Cline's and own all her records. I remember when her plane crashed like it was yesterday.
Spencer Cason
Belcamp, MD USA - Monday, April 28, 1997 at 21:42:58 (MET DST)
Well, I wasn't around when she was popular but I love Patsy and I give her a lot of credit for the strength she had.
Dana Bartow <>
Dickinson, ND USA - Monday, April 28, 1997 at 21:25:26 (MET DST)
Pasty is just the greatest country singer ever.
Crystal Hutchinson
Malvern, IA USA - Monday, April 28, 1997 at 20:35:44 (MET DST)
Hi! I might be old and I might be gray,
But have I got news for y'all today.
I met Patsy and knew her well,
Became good friends and it was swell.
We went to all her shows in Ontario, Canada.
Finally she brought GTC (Good Time Charlie), to meet our men.
Such a party we all had then.
Sadly our friendship was short in years, but long in memories.
'61-'97, three decades of Family friendship still going strong, it can't go wrong.

Hope to see y'all in September in Winchester, VA. We'll be having more great times this year at the Patsy Cline Reunion. Whoopie!! Love Annie
Annie Armstrong <>
Hanover, ON Canada - Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 22:53:02 (MET DST)

Hi There! You are commended on such a great page of info. on The Great Patsy Cline! I have all her songs, along with Loretta Lynn's. I also have both their video's "Sweet Dreams" and "Coal Miner's Daughter". I love them both! There are lots of fine country music artists out there, however, few stand out now and always, due to the exceptional gift of talent, voice and emotion given in song, such as Patsy, Loretta, Keith and Conway. They had, and always will have what it takes to live on in our hearts forever! It's great to have a place here, to come and remember such terrific artists. I'm a fan for life of these wonderful singers. My neighbors will agree, when I'm out working in the yard, cranking up, "Walkin' After Midnight", "Blue Kentucky Girl", "Hello Darlin" or "Don't Close Your Eyes"! Country Music, I love em' all and just look at all the new singers bringing back all the great "oldie" songs, even they know where the heart of country music originates from!!!! Linda Jude
Linda Jude <>
Columbus, OH USA - Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 22:29:57 (MET DST)
RE: Country Music Magazine has a short review of the RCA Essentials. A residence of Camden TN sent in pictures from the crash site and memorials to Patsy and 3 others. No major artictles. Sorry AMMhoss. Always Jimmy
Jim Walker
- Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 21:32:39 (MET DST)
I have just read the May 1st issue of Country Weekly magazine (I'm a subscriber) and the only Patsy thing I've noticed so far has been the offer from Heartland Music to buy one of Patsy's albums "The Legendary Patsy Cline" it contains 22 of Patsy's original recordings, and also this issue has the top ten songs from 20 years ago and I did notice that Loretta Lynn was number 3 on the charts singing her version of "She's Got You". I like Loretta and I just wish I got the chance to know Patsy the way Loretta did and I bet Loretta misses Patsy alot!

I watched Sweet Dreams again last night for the 400 billionth time and everytime I always notice something peculiar about the movie, oh, by the way I did listen to "Bill Bailey" and "Blue Christmas" and I was amazed at how those two songs sounded after the fact that I knew Patsy wasn't the one singing those, before when I didn't know no better, I thought for sure it was the Cline, but I find out different from reading this guestbook and then I watched the movie and it really stuck out like a sore thumb! All the other times before I watched it and I never could tell the difference and now that I know the real way it went it sounds so wierd and different! It's just amazing and wierd how I felt when I heard those songs on the movie last night when I was watching it, it was like Patsy was sitting right there next to me saying "Now hoss you know I didn't sing that!" that's how it sorta jumped out at me!

But anyway I could go on all night about that, I noticed that right before the plane crash she was on the phone with her mother and I noticed the coat she was wearing and I about fell out, I remembered on the video "Remembering Patsy Cline" (I have it also) that in one of her letters she wrote she said that she had a black coat with a faux collar you know that looked like real fur but wasn't or I think thats what she meant anyway, she said that she was doing a show somewhere and someone stole it out of the cloakroom backstage while she was on stage doing a song, she discovered it was missing and went nuts, she said she hoped whoever stole it that it choked them to death and that if she ever saw the person who took it wearing it she would take blood, ass and all! I tell you I laughed so hard after I heard that I about near fell off the bed, and you know I have a real good feeling she meant every word of it, but it just amazed me that they put that particular coat on her in the movie right before she was to die, and I realized this was the coat she was talking about in her letter in the video "Remembering PC" and I thought to myself wonder if they knew the coat was stolen or if they just didnt care and decided that not enough people would know the difference, but I tell you what I sure know the difference!

Oh, well that's showbusiness I guess, I would just really like to know how much of "Sweet Dreams" is actually true, I mean everytime I watch that picture afterwards I get so mad at Charlie for the way he treated her, but I also now realize that it was made different for TV, so I really wished I knew how much of it is truth and how much is fiction? Oh well, I guess I've gabbed enough, thats not really hard to do when the subject is Patsy Cline!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USA - Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 08:43:45 (MET DST)

"Crazy" is one of the best torch songs ever\ wish she had sung more of Willie's stuff!
Amarillys <invalid>
Faribo, MN USA - Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 05:18:43 (MET DST)
Hi everyone (again!)! About the new issue of Country Music magazine, does it have a BIG article about Patsy in it? I want to make sure before I run out it and buy it only for a review or something! That magazine is hard to find around here, so let me know what's in that magazine about Patsy. Thanks!
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 03:12:41 (MET DST)
S.O.W. The song "That's How Heartache Begins" the arrangements, music, back-up and of course Patsy's singing are classic! This is a top 10 fav. of mine. This also started my Patsy Cline collecting habit. The first orginal piece I bought was the e.p or mini-lp of this record. It also happens to my favorite Lp cover! Had to play this one as I was typing. Concerning "The Discoveries" cd Ernest Tubb Rec. Shop was carrying this at one time, call 'em 1-800-229-4288 or maybe Tower Records can get it at 1-800-ASK-TOWER. Don't forget to send your letter in for Patsy's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mario is new to the internet so excuse his cap letters. I didn't realize that all caps was shouting til our host told me it was. Thanks Per. Magazine note: the new issue of Country Music Magazine (May/June) has some Patsy notes. Might check it out. I am not to crazy over the review they gave "The Essentiial" package. We're all intitled to our opinions, though. Also keep an out for the new TNN program "Yesteryear and Today". I think we'll see a lot of Patsy. It is a great history of country music program. It airs on Tuesdays. Til next time - Always Jimmy Walker
Jim Walker <>
- Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 02:54:47 (MET DST)
I love this site!
Barbara Locke <>
Syracuse, NY USA - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 11:47:41 (MET DST)
I love Patsy! I love this website! G'Day from down under! Billy
Billy Hilstep <>
Perth, Australia - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 07:11:48 (MET DST)
Regarding the song "Back In Baby's Arms" in the movie Natural Born Killers... yes, that did really show "the good" vs. the evil... It was also interesting to hear Bob Dylan in that same movie singing a song that Patsy also did, "You Belong To Me". Almost haunting!
Frank C. <>
- Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 05:26:44 (MET DST)
Hi everyone... I have a question for ya'll. Does anyone out there in Patsy land have the "Discovery" CD? If so, please e-mail me at If it has different stuff than "The birth of a star", I would like to know. Thanks!
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 01:36:15 (MET DST)
Lisa, to answer your question about the song "Blue": I talked to Charlie Dick not to long ago and I asked him the same question. He told me that Bill Mack was a good friend of his but Patsy never heard the song. He also said LeAnn was not the first person to record it, he found that the same song was released two different times by a couple of male artists. Hope I answered your question. Always... Kristy Barnes :)
Kristy Barnes <>
Bernie, MO - Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 01:00:17 (MET DST)
Lisa, I think that the Mint Casino where Patsy played in Vegas is still there. A friend of mine went there about a year or so ago and said that it is still there. My two cents on "Back in Baby's Arms" and "That's How a Heartache begins": I love them both... I feel that they demonstrate that Patsy was just as good at singing fast up-tempo songs as she was the slow ballads. She was a true performer. As it was said in "Remembering Patsy", she could do anything! She could sing anything... country, pop, jazz, rock and roll. Patsy Cline is proof that it takes more than a sweet voice to be a singer, and a successful artist... she had the style, the charisma and the sound... she had it... OH YEAH!
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA - Friday, April 25, 1997 at 20:53:53 (MET DST)
Well, Frank, darlin, I was all set to draw another song out of the hat for "Song of the Week", but heck, since you brought up "That's How a Heartache Begins", let's just cheat & go with that! I love this song, it is *so 60s* sounding, which is always a plus with me! Late 50s, early 60s always bring a smile to my face. Upon listening to this song, it sounds to me, because of the way she sings "begins", as if Patsy's coming down with a little head cold. It was recorded the same day as last week's song, "Back in Baby's Arms" -- did anyone see the movie "Natural Born Killers"? This song is heard in it, and provides such a counterpoint, doesn't it!? Two questions for anyone out there who can answer: was Patsy aware of the existence of Bill Mack's song "Blue"? Had she rehearsed it? Also, is the place where Patsy sang in Vegas still there? I may visit Vegas & would like to know.
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, April 25, 1997 at 18:50:01 (MET DST)
Does anybody know where I can get the rights to re-record Patsy Cline's beautiful song: "Crazy" from??? Please help me! E-Mail at: FSEITZ@BELLSOUTH.NET Thanks! :)
Miami, Fl USA - Friday, April 25, 1997 at 17:48:20 (MET DST)
Does anyone know where I can buy an ORIGINAL copy of the Decca LP RECORD of Patsy's, "That's How A Heartache Begins"? I know that this is rare and out of print and I've had no luck with record collectors. Here's WHY I want this record... I can proudly say that I have EVERY Patsy Cline Recording, Every LP and Every CD... the ONLY one I don't have is "That's How A Heartache Begins"... Now I know that all songs on that rare album are available on other records and CDs, but I want that album as Patsy recorded it! Does anyone out there have any advice for me? Also, the SONG "That's How A Heartache Begins" is one of Patsy's finest!!! Thanks, Folks!
Frank C. <>
Medina, OH 44256 - Friday, April 25, 1997 at 05:29:31 (MET DST)
This is the second time I have signed the guestbook and I must say that I really enjoy reading all the "tidbits" that people have to say. If anyone is interested, I have noticed that there are two different versions of the "Birth of a Star" album that was released in North America last year. The other version is called "Discovery" and was released in 1994 in the United Kingdom. I was fortunate to stumble accross this CD last fall when I was visiting the UK on holidays and was glad I did. Several of the recordings from the Godfrey show that are on the Discovery CD are different versions from the ones on the "Birth of a Star" CD and there is also some different talking done by Patsy which shows her great sense of humour. Last time I signed the guestbook, Jimmy Walker was kind enough to e-mail me regarding complete video from Patsy's television appearances. Since then, my e-mail has changed and I have mis-placed the info that he sent. Jimmy, if you read this, I would really appreciate it if you would send me that info again. Oh, am just amazed that there are so many dedicated fans out there. I have been a great fan for many years and would love to hear form others. Thanks Per for such a great tribute and I look forward to signing in again time and time again.
Kerry Owens <>
Vancouver, BC Canada - Friday, April 25, 1997 at 05:24:58 (MET DST)
I really enjoyed your page. Very informative, really enjoyed...
Renee M. McCaman <>
Struthers, OH USA - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 18:01:07 (MET DST)
Very nice tribute to Patsy. The web page answered some questions about her death that I had always been curious about. I have visited the grave site but this really added to it. Thanks!!!!
Jim Wesch <>
Centerville, IA USA - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 05:18:07 (MET DST)
I just loved your Patsy Cline Home page! I honestly have never been a fan of hers, although my husband is, but I love her now... I did see "Sweet Dreams" and thought it was a really good movie. I would like to know what happened to Charlie Dick and their children. I'd like to know more about their lives after Patsy was killed.
Deb Belen <>
Lansing, MI USA - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 02:25:54 (MET DST)
I would like to say that I really enjoy this page. I myself am a great fan of Patsy Cline.
Thomas Winters <>
Supply, NC USA - Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 21:21:10 (MET DST)
Mario <>
Clovis, Ca USA - Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 06:06:15 (MET DST)
Comment: Why are you screaming? :-) /Per
Hi everyone! Per, I just want to tell you how absolutely fabulous your Patsy acheivments page is! You have made this site outstanding! Look at me using them big words! Go Per! Keep up the good work! Bye everyone!
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 03:46:10 (MET DST)
I like her.
Cindy Byrd <>
Lillington, NC USA - Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 03:00:07 (MET DST)
I have enjoyed very much reading this wonderful tribute to Patsy. I am a struggling country singer, and Patsy is a huge idol of mine. Even though I saw the movie "Sweet Dreams" I still don't know a lot about her life. Your story has given me some exciting information about her. Thanks.
Robyn M. Young <>
Vowinckel, PA USA - Tuesday, April 22, 1997 at 21:03:06 (MET DST)
It is great to see so many Patsy Cline fans. Someday I hope to visit Nashville. It would be so great to meet Charlie Dick and Julie Fudge.
Leslie Hemp <>
Neillsville, WI USA - Tuesday, April 22, 1997 at 20:21:56 (MET DST)
Hi Per, I am Louise Seger's cousin on my fathers side. I have always loved Patsy as long as I can remember. Hope to here from you!! Jeff
jeff chambless <520 n 6th st (home address)>
Middletown, In 47356 - Tuesday, April 22, 1997 at 19:02:46 (MET DST)
Just watched a movie about Patsy Cline (Sweet Dreams) tonight. I really liked her story, and wanted to hear more about her life. Then I happened to stumble across this page, and never quite imagined so many people would still be interested enough to have a fan club for a person that has been gone for such a long while. About what, 30 years? Any way, great info on this great Lady. My mother inlaw would sure like to chat with you folks. The calendar is a beautiful idea also. Job very well done Per!
Mary DeCora <unmcvm(MDeCora)>
Omaha, Ne USA - Tuesday, April 22, 1997 at 11:09:43 (MET DST)
Comment: 34 years, actually... Well, it's not just any person we're dealing with here... It's Patsy Cline... Thanks for liking the site! /Per
This is the best thing I have seen about Patsy. I belong to the fan club here in Winchester and goto all the gala events celebrating Patsy Cline on Labor Day weekend. NOW Winchester loves her as they should have then but that is the way it goes... I have been singing Patsy's songs since I was a youngster, I am 54 now. I don't sing very much any more, but if I do, it is Patsy's songs. Usually "Crazy" of course and "Sweet Dreams". I love "Walking After Midnight" and "A Poor Mans' Roses" and ALL of them... Thank you for this wonderful page...
Linda & Garland Cunningham <>
WInchester, VA USA - Tuesday, April 22, 1997 at 07:31:10 (MET DST)
Love listening to/ singing along with Patsy.
Thelma Black Crow Amiotte <>
Parmelee, SD USA - Monday, April 21, 1997 at 22:41:11 (MET DST)
To Per, I've signed the guestbook before, but I just wanted to thank you for the information you have about Patsy Cline. I have just completed a project which required me to take some information off of the Internet and the information about Patsy Cline earned me an A. So I just want to say, thank you very much. I couldn't have done it without you. If any one wants to send me an E-Mail, then feel free. My E-Mail address is
From Steven Windebank, Age 19, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, ENGLAND. Forever a fan of Patsy Cline
Steven Windebank <>
Preston, - Monday, April 21, 1997 at 20:04:29 (MET DST)
Comment: Congratulations on your fine marks! Keep listening to Patsy! /Per
I received an Email from a member of the Patsy Cline Fan Club saying I should post this page developed for the book "Patsy Cline - Singing Girl from the Shenandoah Valley" published by the Virginia Book Company. The page contains information about the book and how to order the book and is at I don't like to post sell pages in guest books but the member said that there were others trying to locate this book. I will also put a link to this site. Thanks!!
Mark A. Seder <>
Berryville, VA - Monday, April 21, 1997 at 13:48:55 (MET DST)
Performed in PATSY! A WORLD PREMIERE TRIBUTE TO PATSY CLINE in Branson, MO in 1995, and I am directing A CLOSER WALK WITH PATSY CLINE in Memphis, TN August 8 - September 21 at Playhouse on the Square. I'd love for any and all fans of Patsy to attend. For ticket info call 901-726-4656.
Michael Detroit < or>
Memphis, TN USA - Monday, April 21, 1997 at 08:51:36 (MET DST)
I am trying to find a copy of "Sweet Dreams", anyone who knows how I can get a copy of this out of print movie please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Danny Garcia <>
Orlando, Fl - Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 15:48:16 (MET DST)
How at any time listened this fantastic voice and how is knowing to understand all Patsy's tunes, who is knowing to recognize the loss in 1963 for the country mucic. What a pity that Patsy died so early. I'm sure if she could live today all Patsy's fans have got a big jukebox only with her tunes. Patsy, although you past away in our hearts you will always be... like your tune: "Always and forever" That's why you've got my special honor and remembrance to you in my homepage (in German language). Your great fan from Germany called Eva Blaschke
Eva Blaschke <>
Germany, Wismar - Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 11:16:25 (MET DST)
Patsy was certainly one of a kind, but I think of all the actresses that ever played her, Beverly D'Angelo was the best "Patsy Cline" in the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter"... "Back in Baby's Arms" is a fairly good Patsy song, but (and I hate to say this!) I think this is the ONLY Patsy song that I enjoy someone elses version over Patsy's... That is, the Beverly D'Angelo/Sissy Spacek duet in Coal Miner's Daughter was fantastic... NOW, I don't believe that Patsy and Loretta REALLY ever toured together, did they? Does anyone know? Also, I know that they their songs were "electronically" put together years later, but does anyone know if Patsy and Jim Reeves ever sang together on stage anywhere... They both played Carnegie Hall together, did they ever REALLY sing together on stage. EXCELLENT NEW CALENDAR PAGE, PER!!! Keep up the great work... this site gets better all the time! Frank
Frank C. <>
Medina, OH USA - Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 07:55:18 (MET DST)
One of my favorites........................
brenda williams <bwilliams@juno com>
- Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 04:49:39 (MET DST)
I just finished watching "Sweet Dreams" and felt I had to go look up Patsy on the Net. Great work on your home page. I enjoyed it. Thanks
Bob Aronsohn <>
Anaheim, CA USA - Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 00:53:29 (MET DST)
Patsy was the greatest musician ever, and should be worshipped thus.
Catie Rubenstein <>
- Saturday, April 19, 1997 at 20:42:18 (MET DST)
I have loved Patsy Cline for years, my favorite was "Crazy" and all the rest that she sang. Thanks for your page.
Barbara Harding <>
Thorofare, NJ USA - Saturday, April 19, 1997 at 18:32:12 (MET DST)
Gone but not forgotten! In loving memory!
Paul Fulwiler
Elizabethton, TN USA - Saturday, April 19, 1997 at 06:11:40 (MET DST)
Hey Everyboy, SOW: I love "Back in Baby's Arms". I could listen to it over and over. Love the ending were she goes up (I'm back were I belong....). Lisa I bet Loretta and Patsy sang around the house, cars, etc. I have not been able to find a picture of them together. The Dottie West bio-pic. does have Patsy featured in it. Tere Myers of "Always PC" from Nashville show portrays Patsy. Tere was Louise Seeger in the play and is great as Patsy in this movie. Airs Sat 4-19-97 on the Family Channel. Hey Virgil McFarland. Always Jim Walker
Jim Walker <>
Lex, KY - Saturday, April 19, 1997 at 01:51:16 (MET DST)
What wonderful memories of Patsy. I love her version of Faded Love. She is probably my very favorite artist - Female, or Male, Country or Classical from any time period. I listen to a country station that plays her music a lot! What a wonderful homepage this is. I'm going to have my husband download powwow soon! Thank you!
Deb Jackson <>
So. Thomaston, ME USA - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 22:18:59 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline was great. Is there any info you can give me about her, through the Internet.
Miriah Kachner
Dallas, Tx USA - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 21:28:31 (MET DST)
Comment: Are you kidding? This site is loaded with info about Patsy... That's sort of the general idea with this place... :-) Begin by reading the main page and continue from there! /Per
I recorded a fresh copy of "Sweet Dreams" off HBO yesterday so that I can more closely study the fright wig on Jessica Lange, shake my head 'n ask "Why?". There is a TV movie about Dottie West this weekend, I'll be interested to see if Patsy is included. I always enjoy hearing people's perceptions of Patsy's songs. Our opinions will vary, because your own life's experiences will determine how you hear a song. So let us not criticize one another about our favorite Patsy songs; your favorite may be one of my least favorite and vice-versa. She sang many different kinds of songs, but she sang ALL of them for us! Random Song of the Week: "Back in Baby's Arms". I like this one, and I like the way it was sung in "Coal Miner's Daughter" by Sissy & Beverly, the harmony was beautiful. Did Patsy & Loretta ever really sing it like that?
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 17:09:02 (MET DST)
Very beautifully done... I'll link it to my page...
Rachael <>
La Conchita, CA USA!!! - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 07:16:18 (MET DST)
West Coast Representative, Always Patsy Cline fan club
Virgil McFarland
San Francisco, CA - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 05:34:08 (MET DST)
Growing up in rural Wisconsin, (Watertown), during the sixties, I remember my dad just raving about Patsy's music. I guess that memory must have stuck with me, as I have been an avid Patsy Cline fan ever since. Peace, Patsy. God's blessings.
Mike Grover
Sacramento, CA USA - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 04:17:20 (MET DST)
I just wanted to say that I was raised on Patsy's music in a little town in the North Cascade Mountains. I am new to this Internet stuff and I was so excited to find Patsy on the Internet!! She will always be a legend and I'm glad that millions of people can read about her now. Great Page!!
Jenny Janda <>
Bellevue, WA USA - Thursday, April 17, 1997 at 18:36:38 (MET DST)
God Bless Patsy Cline!

I visited her grave in Winchester, VA and wondered why people leave pennies on the headstone? I did too, but don't know the significance. Does anyone know?
Jeffrey Wacaser <TxPenguin@AOL.Com>
Houston, TX USA - Thursday, April 17, 1997 at 17:22:18 (MET DST)
Comment: The answer is on the page about the grave, that you find on the Places page, and also on one of the pages in the guestbook, where I am commenting one of Julie Fudge's entries. /Per

Great material. It brought back a lot of good memories to read your pages. I loved her music then and still do. I will buy the CD collection now.
Freddie Patterson <>
Houston, Tx USA - Thursday, April 17, 1997 at 14:52:32 (MET DST)
It was great to read thru such a loving tribute to Patsy. I can tell that you spent a lot of time in researching your material and presenting it in such a logical manner. Thanks.
Phillip Walker <>
Atlanta, GA 30342 - Thursday, April 17, 1997 at 02:53:21 (MET DST)
Thanks, Donna, for the information about how to order the book! I will order it right away. The "Birth of A Star" CD is really good. I found it in a music catalogue (can't remember the name) which had lots of rare finds. The CD contains all live performances from the Arthur Godfrey show. It has two songs that Patsy never recorded, plus Patsy telling some of the awards she had received. It also has her mother introducing her on her first appearance on the Arthur Godfrey show. (Remember that scene from "Sweet Dreams"?) Anyway, it is a real treasure! See ya'll later!
Ashley Riddle
Mars Hill, NC - Wednesday, April 16, 1997 at 22:38:58 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline is one of the best country singers I've ever heard. Her voice remains unmatched.
Henning Umland <>
Hamburg, Germany - Wednesday, April 16, 1997 at 20:42:02 (MET DST)
Hey once again! Ashley Riddle, I found one place in particular that you can order the Patsy Cline book titled "Singing Girl from Shenandoah Valley". I plan on ordering it also just as soon as I get finished giving you the info. I got this info from an issue of Country Music magazine. In the back they have alot of things you can order direct from the Nashville warehouse and guess who was among the list, yes the Cline of course! The book sells for $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling, it also includes a free bonus cassette tape! You need to send in your order to this address: Nashville Warehouse, P.O. Box 292553, Nashville, TN 37229. The item # is B6T/R14 "Patsy Cline: Singing Girl from the Shenandoah Valley". But you need to hurry because according to the magazine this offer expires on May 31, 1997! Allow 6 to 8 wks for delivery, send your name, address, item #, quantity, description, item price and whether you will be paying by check, money order or credit card. They don't have a phone number listed so if in doubt look in any Country Music magazine for an order form they are usually in the back with the rest of the catalog items. They also have where you can order the new collection of Patsy's songs on the Birth of a Star, the article says this collection is from her appearances on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts. This tape or CD sells for $11.98 tape or $15.98 CD, they refer to this collection as a buried treasure and I think that says it all! It says to send check or money order to the same address I listed before for the book, only this time you need to add the dept #010297 to the address the album is item #RE 2108. I know I will be placing my order for these two items to add to my collection, and Ashley, I hope I provided you with the info you needed! See you hosses later!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USA - Wednesday, April 16, 1997 at 06:53:14 (MET DST)
Love you, Patsy Cline
Beverly Ellen Knight
Middlebury, VT - Tuesday, April 15, 1997 at 17:19:52 (MET DST)
Hi everyone! I haven't signed in a while, so here I am..... I had a question. Does anyone know anything about the status of the Patsy Cline museum in Winchester VA? Is it open yet? What Patsy items are in there? The last I heard of it, they were collecting money to build it. I also have some comments about "Today, tomorrow and forever." I love that song!! For some reason, it's a really fun song to sing! It sounds kinda pop like, but ol' Patsy sang it great anyway! Well, I'm outta here. I would love to have some big Patsy fans e-mail me. Anyone out there collect Patsy memorabilia? I would love to hear about it! Bye for now, Patsy fans - Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA 20164 - Tuesday, April 15, 1997 at 03:34:48 (MET DST)
This is one of the best web pages I've ever seen!
Michael D. Mimnaugh <Lt1 Mim>
Allen Park, Mi USA - Monday, April 14, 1997 at 23:18:21 (MET DST)
My dad was in Nashville this past weekend. He went to see the new Patsy Cline show "Just a Closer Walk". He said it was really good. We saw the other show, "Always, Patsy Cline" last year. Actually I saw it twice--once at the Ryman and once at the Flat Rock Playhouse near Hendersonville, NC. While in Nashville, my dad looked everywhere for the book "Singing Girl from Shenandoah Valley" and he couldn't find it. Does anyone know where to get it? I'd really like to have a copy.
Ashley B. Riddle
Mars Hill, NC - Monday, April 14, 1997 at 22:10:20 (MET DST)
Comment: Maybe you can order it directly from the publishing company. The address is: Virginia Book Company, P.O. Box 431, Berryville, Va 22611. /Per
I just wanted to know if anybody watches the soap "As the World Turns"? This is not off the subject, so bear with me. On a couple of episodes they have shown Lily and Holden going back to the good ole days when they first fell in love and were showing clips of the happy couple, guess what the song playing was? It was a Cline song of course, but the song was "You made me love you" and I thought it was awesome that a major soap was playing a Patsy Cline song during their soap, out of all the artists out there these days I was really thrilled to see they picked Patsy. I thought it was just timeless, they done this on several episodes each time the clips were different but the song stayed the same, and I thought it was just great! I sat there and watched in awe as they two were there in love and Patsy is serenading them so to speak, it really felt like I was in a dream thats how swept away I was, I just wonder if Lily and Holden felt as swept away as I was, I mean they were the two on the set and dancing to her music I thought it was magical and dreamy she just sort of froze everthing in time with her music and made it very real, I had goosebumps after it went off and a tear in my eye, I really think alot more of that show now than I do any other for picking our very talented lady to show their love scenes and I tell you that was the perfect song to set the mood. You just have to really experience it for yourself, I don't know if they will still be doing it but I tell you this ole gal ain't the same!
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USA - Monday, April 14, 1997 at 21:09:30 (MET DST)
Well I wanted to say Congratulations to Kristy for a job well done... and to wish her the best of luck in Maryland. I tell you, I love Patsy Cline and her music very much, and I have enjoyed interacting with folks through this guestbook! But I can't believe some of the things that have been posted here lately! Please, out of respect for Patsy, her family and estate, and for Per whose hard work goes into making this web site spectacular, let's keep our focus on how great the Cline is! Peace!
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA - Monday, April 14, 1997 at 06:05:03 (MET DST)
Comment: Thanks, Brian! I suppose there will always be some jerks out there, trying to spoil things for others... Just ignore them. Don't comment their entries. I will delete them. /Per
Hey everyone, Patsy Cline is going to Nationals!!! I just got back from the State History Day contest in Columbia, MO. I won second place! I also won $50 for the best board project about a woman. I compete June 15-19 at a college in Maryland about 12 miles from Washington D.C. Again I want to thank everyone who has helped. Always... Kristy Barnes :)
Kristy Barnes <>
Bernie, MO - Sunday, April 13, 1997 at 20:24:50 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline is a great legand. I will always love her as a singer
Donna Warner <kickin2374>
Richburg, Ny USA - Sunday, April 13, 1997 at 18:29:04 (MET DST)
Patsy Rules!
Christopher Cross <>
San Bernadino, CA USA - Sunday, April 13, 1997 at 07:51:53 (MET DST)
I have been a Patsy Cline fan for awhile now. I wish that I could have been alive during her time, but I was born too late (8 years too late). I am hoping to visit Camden this summer and to also visit Patsy's grave. I went to Kareokea the other night and sang "Walking After Midnight". I thought that I sounded awful, but I had a friend tell me that I sang that song good, because it's a hard song to sing. Well there will never ever be another Patsy Cline.
Kathy Harrison <>
Sioux City, IA USA - Saturday, April 12, 1997 at 07:39:47 (MET DST)
Folks... I am shocked to hear that Mae Axton died Thurs. She was the writer of "Heartbreak Hotel" and Patsy's version of "Pick Me Up On the Way Down". I just meet Mae last Thurs. and never in my wildest dreams would I believe she is gone. She was so kind to pose for pictures w/ fans even as she was leaving that night. I was one of them. How lucky I am to have seen the orginal lyrics to "Pick me..." on the back of that menu. Let's keep Mae's, "Momma Mae" to her friends, memory in our minds like we do Patsy's. Always Jimmy
Jim Walker <>
- Saturday, April 12, 1997 at 05:37:29 (MET DST)
Well said, Per. Hey y'all, I got "The Real PC" video, as well as the "Singing Girl" book, and I adored them both because they had new tidbits about Patsy. Did y'all see on TNN this week the tribute to country greats? Owen Bradley said that "Make the World Go Away" was going to be for Patsy. I never knew that, am sure it would've been a hit for her. It's fun to watch "Sweet Dreams" when you're a fan & you know the chronology, and you see how out of whack the producers made the chronology in order to satisfy their dramatic interests! Such as Patsy doing the Godfrey show while married to Charlie. And hearing the 1961 version of "Walkin..." for the Godfrey show. And the songs they picked for her to sing at those dances in 1957! I'm waiting for a Patsy movie that tells everything truthfully & in the order in which it happened -- and with no fright wig on the actress! Song of the Week... "Today, Tomorrow & Forever". Hmm. This is an interesting one, it sounds like 2 songs in one, and I like the middle part better. Any opinions?
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, April 11, 1997 at 16:32:38 (MET DST)
I don't like it when I find entries in this guestbook that can be offending to people, and I don't like to read entries that are bound to make members of Patsy's family sad or upset, and as far as "Sweet dreams" is concerned, we know perfectly well that not everything in that movie is true. We know that the writers have added things that didn't really happen, and that's the way it is. Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Friday, April 11, 1997 at 11:15:28 (MET DST)

CONGRATULATIONS TO LISA FLOOD AND OUR WEB HOST, PER!!!!!!!! Per was the first one to E-Mail me with the correct answer to the Trivia Question about Patsy's last recorded song, it indeed was, "I'll Sail My Ship Alone"... correct me if I'm wrong, Julie Fudge or Charlie Dick, but if one believes the "biographies" written about Patsy, it was during that session and maybe before that last song that Charlie came into the studio a bit "under the weather" and Patsy got upset and told him to get out... and then she belted out "I'll Sail My Ship Alone"... I'd love Charlie or Julie to comment at some time about exactly how much (if any) truth there was in the Ellis Nassour or Margaret Jones bios on Patsy, as well as the movie "Sweet Dreams"... I've been a fan for 20 years and I still am not sure what stories about Patsy are fact, fiction or folklore... ANYWAY, ONTO the TOUGH question... LISA FLOOD, congratulations!!!! WOW, you amazed me with that one... (see Lisa's posting in this guestbook). I thought I was the only crazy person who caught that... and for a while I even thought maybe I had a bad tape! Wonder what happened there? This guestbook continues to get better all the time! Frank C.
Frank C. <>
Medina, OH USA - Thursday, April 10, 1997 at 05:34:05 (MET DST)
I had the good fortune to meet Patsy back in the 50's. I was a drummer for a band that played locally in Portsmouth, VA. and I had a good friend named Gene Vincent who played just down the road from us.
Ricque Klages <>
Highland Spring, VA USA - Thursday, April 10, 1997 at 03:36:01 (MET DST)
It's getting harder & harder to sign in just once a week. No fair, Frank, I don't have "Last Sessions," I always thought it was "I'll Sail My Ship Alone." But I do know the answer to your 2nd question--"Blue Moon of KY" when Charlie is teasing Patsy while she's trying to sing & she messes up "stars shinin' bright," it sounds like she sings "stars shinin' pale" but I can't tell what it is. I always wondered how they did that. Do I get a teensy free prize for that? And Jimmy, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, it felt like I was there with y'all! What treasures you got to see!
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Thursday, April 10, 1997 at 00:18:01 (MET DST)
Oh "doggies, I am telling you" Nashville was a blast. 6 members of the fan club meet in Nashville for the premiere of "Just a Closer Walk" April 3. First off we had to do our second favorite thing to do, EAT. We had dinner at Shoney's and Joe Loftis came by to share some lead sheets (sheet music for recording sessions) that Patsy used. He found these in an attic in Madison TN and has done alot of research on them. He even had the orginal menu that Mae Axton wrote the song "Pick me up on..." on! Then we headed over to the theatre for the show. First off we saw Charlie Dick and then Julie Fudge. We all got a chance to meet or remeet them. So great to have them there. Terri Williams from Memphis TN was the star of the show. A talented lady. I presented Terri flowers from the fan club after she performed "Always". My knees were knocking!

After the show Terri recognized her honored guests and us. Grand Ole Opry members: Jan Howard, Jeannie Seely, Mac Wisemen, Jean Shepard & our friend George Hamilton IV were all there. Mae Axton was there. She also wrote "Heartbreak Hotel". Had my picture made w/ her! Julie Jones and I had part of our Patsy collection on hand for folks to see. They loved it. Many thanks to Wayne, Lee & Larry (turns out he is Kitty Wells' grandson) at the theatre. If your in Nashville check the show out and tell them I told you about it.

Well Friday we had to meet for breakfast and then headed downtown to sight see. The Ernest Tubb Record shop had Patsy's music playing for us and even had an improtu sign welcoming us. Stopped by Tootsie's to sign the door and headed out the back alley to the Ryman, just like Patsy did. We stopped by Hatch Show Print and the guys there loved meeting Mildred Keith. She had to sign some pictures. She always has some w/ her.

I just wished the Banner or Tennessean had covered the event. The Jackson Sun from Jackson TN did. A shame that the local paper can't cover their own city!!! I even told them about the show & fan club before hand!

The Texas Trobadour Theatre 615-885-0028. Record shop mail order is 1-800-229-4288

Oh almost forgot. I had the chance to see Mandy Barnett while in town. She is great. She did "Crazy" and several other cover tunes.

Special note to some great artist who helped my fellow Kentuckians. 4-6-97 Oak Ridge Boys, Billy R Cyrus, John M Montgomery, KY Headheaters, my friends Exile, & my second favorite artist Lorrie Morgan donated there time to put on a show to help raise money for the flood victims of Kentucky. I saw about 2 hrs of the show and you all were great. The show was in Lousiville KY.

This cats #$%@ is dragging from all the shows. Excuse any typos. Always Jimmy 4-9-97
Jim Walker <>
- Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 20:49:48 (MET DST)

Here's a GREAT trivia question... Let's see who knows the correct answer! What was THE LAST song that Patsy ever recorded (in a studio) Hint: It was on the CD "The Last Sessions"... Also, one more and this is REEEEAAAALLLL Tough!!!... In the movie, "Sweet Dreams" there is an editing error of some type... It is while Patsy is singing a song... You will hear the error in the movie, but NOT on the soundtrack... It's very minor and very subtle, but definitely there... What, where, and what???? I have a free prize for anyone who gets BOTH right! Good Luck! Frank C.
Frank C. <>
Medina, OH 44256 - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 05:04:27 (MET DST)
I am 31 years old and ever since I was 16 I was a metalhead. Would only listen to heavy metal music. You could not get me to listen to anything else, least of all country. Lo and behold, one day, about 2-3 years ago, sitting in front of the TV with my mother (a MAJOR PC fan) "Sweet Dreams" came on and I was enchanted! I had never heard such a beautiful voice! I quickly became a "closet" PC fan (had to keep up my metalhead rep). I am proud to say that I have finally come out of that "closet" and went out and purchased my first Patsy tape, 12 Hits. She really is a gifted singer and definately one of the greats (this is coming from a metalhead folks!!) Her music has even brought my mother and I closer together, we finally have something in common!! I hope that everyone can eventually experience Patsy's music for themselves because I am quite sure if they heard her they would love her. I mean if she can convert a die hard metalhead she can soften up anyone!!!!
Debbie Poole <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 22:01:15 (MET DST)
I agree with Skeeter, too! A lot of country music today ain't! Shania Twain, Hank Junior, Tanya Tucker and Barbara Mandrell are just a few people who should not be labeled country acts. In fact, they should not be labeled singers! For those who are in Central Indiana, WFMS 95.5 in Indianapolis has a Country Goldies show Saturday nights. I found it by accident a few Saturdays ago and I thought it was great! Didn't play any Patsy, though, but I intened to let them know about it! By the way, if there was a vote for Patsy's weakest material, my vote would be for "You belong to me", "I love you honey" and "South of the Border". I can almost hear Patsy's eyes roll over the lyrics and can imagine her telling Owen "who wrote this $#@&**?"
Sue Wilden <>
Columbus, In USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 18:42:00 (MET DST)
Comment: I like Tanya Tucker... :-) /Per
I agree with Skeeter Davis (It is an honor to be able to interact with her like this... thanks Per!) concerning a Classic Country Radio Program. We do need one! In the DC area on Sundays, WAMU or 88.5 FM has a show from 2-5 called the Eddie Stubbs Show... and it's out of Nashville. It plays a lot of the older country greats like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Connie Smith... it is awesome. Mr. Stubbs doesn't play nearly as much Patsy as I'd like him to though. I, like Skeeter, wish there was a regular Radio Program commmited only to the playing of the classic country stars! I'm only 24 years old but for some reason the newer country doesn't appeal to me as much as the country before my time! Thanks Skeeter for making a very good point!
Brian Norris <>
- Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 18:33:19 (MET DST)
This is the greatest web page I ever saw. Thanks & keep up the good work.
Vineet sharma <>
N.Canton, OH USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 17:54:58 (MET DST)
G'day from downunder, Patsy Cline forever. You must be crazy after midnight these days, you will fall to peices. She's got you south of the border in baby's arms.
Noelene S <>
Sydney, Australia - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 14:14:09 (MET DST)
News flash, saw a commercial on TNN for a Show Tuesday 4-8-97. They showed a kinescope of Patsy. The song was "A Church, A Courtroom..." A rare Kinecsope. Check it out. There maybe a repeat. I'll get a note about Nashville shortly. It was blast. Always Jimmy ps Per delete this 4-10-97
Jimmy Walker <>
- Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 03:56:05 (MET DST)
Stopped in to say your page is really lookin' great! Hey, I finally corrected your url. Sorry it took so long.
Matt & Bev (Remember When) <>
Viginia Beach, Va USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 02:07:30 (MET DST)
Great memories page, Per!! Congrats! - Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 17:46:49 (MET DST)
I like Patsy Cline... she sings with style... It's great you have her story on internet!
Pamela Nyman <>
Finland - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 16:35:41 (MET DST)
I'm sorry that the site was unavailable for about 24 hours during Apr 6-7... Our Internet connection at work was down, and it was beyond my control. I have a couple of questions: Does anybody know the whereabouts of Patsy's sister Sylvia Mae, and her brother Sam? And does anybody know how I can obtain a copy of the song "A bottle of wine and Patsy Cline", sung by Marsha Thornton? It is played at the beginning of the "Remembering Patsy" video. I would like to have that on CD or vinyl. Cliff at In Your Ear Music said that it's not commercially available anymore... Your host:
Per Jonsson <>
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 14:30:43 (MET DST)

Oh Lord, it's Ms. Davis again! What an honor! All I can say is, "Amen, sister!" What happened to the real country music I grew up with? I can add nothing to what you've said. Also, Per, I cried my eyes out to see the new Memories of Patsy page you've added! What a wonderful tribute to our sweetheart!
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 12:40:53 (MET DST)
Patsy would be mighty mad if she could see today's "country music"... My personal belief is that what the radio plays today is NOT country music, but some new brand of music that is a cross between rock, rap, rockabilly, blues, and a little bit of country... but make no mistake, it is NOT country music... Not the way we knew country music to be in the 60's... Sure, all music changes with time... and yes, Patsy and others (yours truly included!) recorded songs that others said were closer to pop... but they still had the country feeling... In those days, the furthest away from country we got was songs like, "Crazy", "Sweet Dreams"... Jim Reeves, "He'll Have to Go"... and my one hit wonder "End Of the World"... TODAY, those songs would not even make it into the top country 100... It's sad... I'm thankful that a few folks squeak in such as Alan Jackson, little LeAnn Rimes, etc... But Lord have mercy, today's Program Directors are even making Randy Travis a has been!!! Surely, if someone in this world had some smarts, they would put together a Country Radio Network that ONLY played CLASSIC COUNTRY (After all, they have Classic Rock, so why not?) with greats like George Jones, Merle, Patsy, Hank, Charley Pride, Loretta and Tammy and then some of the new kids who sing TRUE classic country... I'd love to get others thoughts on this. Please E-Mail me at Let's get it going! God Bless You, Per for the best site goin' on the Internet! Love ya'll! Skeeter Davis (Yup, still around and still singing REAL country music!)
Skeeter Davis <>
Nashville, TN USA - Sunday, April 06, 1997 at 07:52:37 (MET DST)
I have been a fan of Patsy's since I was a teenager. Still like to listen to her songs.
Barb Venard <>
Murdo, S.D, - Sunday, April 06, 1997 at 03:26:45 (MET DST)
Patsy is the greatest female singer of all time! There will never be another like her even though there are many good imitations. Charlie Dick is a good friend of mine and the only comment I have is that he may be crazy like myself but he is isn't a mean person like the "Sweet Dreams" movie made him out to be! My favorite Patsy song is "Sweet dreams". Sure wished I could've met her! DJ Ervin, local Nashville singer.
BuzzinDJ <>
Madison, TN USA - Sunday, April 06, 1997 at 02:51:39 (MET DST)
Patsy was the best ever and I wish that she would have got a chance to record "Blue", it is a great song. You should be proud of LeAnn Rimes, she made the song a hit and I bet you would have done the same. I wish Patsy Cline was still alive so she could still make good music. Her songs will be in my heart for ever. God bless you Patsy. Love, Daina Stahel. P.S. I wish that air plane never crashed with you in it.
Daina Stahel <stahel@ezonline>
PA, Mechanicsburg - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 20:08:42 (MET DST)
A once in a lifetime country singer of the highest talent. Especially when she sings "I fall to pieces". Thank you, Patsy!
Edward Kaye
Hamilton, New Zealand - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 10:31:49 (MET DST)
I also agree that I liked the song "Strange" better after seeing Patsy perform it live in the video. But then again, I like everything better after seeing and/or hearing her perform it live. I have several live performances of Patsy's that have never been commercially released. One of my favorites that I have on cassette is a duet of Patsy and Cowboy Copas singing "I'm Hog-tied Over You" - just a fun, old fashioned country song. It's so ironic to hear her having such a good time singing it with the man she ultimately dies with. Patsy never ceases to amaze me. She's the best!!!!
Mark Ogletree <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 08:03:49 (MET DST)
Hey Hosses!! I'm here (once again) to enchant you with my thought and opinions, Ha Ha :o) A note about the new pic beside the info on Ellis Nassours book, that pic IS from "Honky Tonk Angel" by Ellis. Check that book out, it has some neat rare pics of Patsy in it. There is one of Patsy decked out in Hawaiin Gear! Too cool! Let's see, "Strange": The part that makes me shiver (or smile?) is when ol' Patsy hoss sings "Strange...Your still in all my dreams, oh what a funny thing, I still care for you, oh...., how strange". That Part is full of emotion, and I sure can feel it!

A note: Has anyone read about the new LIVE tape that is going to be released in June or July (I can't remember)???

Bye for now hosses - Amber
Amber Miller <>
Sterling, VA USA - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 03:46:14 (MET DST)
Comment: That live recording you mention maybe is the one that Jimmy Walker has informed us about. I have his info on the news page. The record shall be called "Live at The Cimarron Ballroom". /Per

Hello! I was doing a search on Rheumatic Fever and found Patsy Cline in there among list of searchs. So out of curiousity and being a huge fan I went in to find out she to had rheumatic fever as a child and found this spot as well. I'm still learning how to use the internet so I won't try to load POW WOW until my computer-literate husband is home to help me. I am so glad to have found this and hope to get on to chat some day soon. I did not realise there was a CD with almost all of Patsy's songs on it. Please tell me where I may acquire it. I was turned on to Patsy as a young girl at the age of 10. My mother is a big fan and played alot of Patsy's records. I wished I had those records now as I only have a couple of cassettes. My daugthers are now 13 and 14 yrs old and they also enjoy Patsy's singing. I remember as a young girl wanting to sing just like her and still do.
Marsha Welsh <>
Victoria,BC, Canada - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 22:28:15 (MET DST)
Lisa... "Strange" is a song that grew on me as well. Once you see her sing it in the video "Remembering PC" you can't help but like it! It is so captivating the way Patsy smiles during her performances... she had a killer smile... she especially flashed that smile at the end of the song. Mel Tillis was supposedly very happy that Patsy liked "Strange" and wanted to record it... and I don't blame him! And I think "Sweet Dreams" is an o.k. movie but I like the Patsy Cline in "Coal Miner's Daughter" much better. A note to Per: Great job on the new look... this is still the best web page I've seen yet. Also, where is the last picture you show under "Patsy's Life" (next to your comments about Ellis Nassour's Biography of PC) from? I've never seen it before...and it's awesome. Such a celebrity shot! Great to see that Skeeter Davis signed in... let's hope more like her in Nashville sign in sometime. Ciao for now.
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 20:34:25 (MET DST)
Comment: That picture was taken somewhere around Patsy's 30th birthday, and is from Ellis Nassour's biography. /Per
Howdy to the regulars! It's Friday, so I'm here! I try to sign in just once a wk coz I hate to waste space. Donna M, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery will do "Always PC" in Aug, look up for info. Ellen T, the Aug 61 version is used in the commercial. We'd all have differing opinions on what CD you should buy 1st, my opinion would be The PC Story or her 12 Greatest Hits. Random thoughts: Did you know you can play Shoes along with Ray Price's Heartaches by the Number? My biggest problem with the movie: the fright wig Jessica Lange wears! Patsy's hair *never* looked like that! Also, I think that most women in country music today all sound like they suck helium before they sing, they lack the richness of Patsy's voice. Who would Patsy like to listen to today? Random Song of the Week... "Strange". Now this is a song that grew on me, I didn't like it at first. I think I fell in love with it after watching her sing it on "Remembering PC" video. In video she sings "I thought that I was just your puppet", instead of "I guess that I was just your puppet". Any opinions out there?
Lisa Flood <>
Homesick Texan, - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 17:43:50 (MET DST)
Per, I need your help!! I downloaded the PowWow program so I could chat and when I go to connect it says not found. Have you shut the chat down? Would like to know, thanks. Donna
Donna Maggerise <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USA - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 04:50:27 (MET DST)
Comment: No, the chat is online and it works, so you must have done something wrong. Did you get connected to the PowWow server alright? And did you enter the correct ID, ""? /Per
Hello once again, I was just wondering where is Lisa and Amber?? Or am I getting too anxious?? I check this site about twice a day and haven't seen either of them write in, is it time for "song of the week"? If you're out there, and we know you are, let us hear from you once again. Are there any hosses out there??? Let's keep this guestbook busy, I like talking to people and especially about the Cline. So let's hear from you all!!!!!!!
Donna Maggerise <>
Northport, AL USA - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 03:05:46 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline Rocks! And that's all there is to say!
Danielle Shaw <>
Easton, MA USA - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 02:53:38 (MET DST)
Patsy was the greatest. May her songs and memory live forever.
Nancy Crosby <>
Wilton, Me USA - Thursday, April 03, 1997 at 22:22:24 (MET DST)
I have been a fan since the 60's, and am glad she made such beautiful music, with memories - she is still missed. She put up with a lot of pain in her life but survived the abuse and it must have made a differance. She was a wonderful woman...... She reminds me of my mother......
Ted Harty <>
Albert Lea, Mn USA - Thursday, April 03, 1997 at 06:01:34 (MET DST)
I'm glad that somebody is still giving Patsy Cline some recognition. This is a nice spot to visit while "surfing the net!!"
Lisa Barrett <>
Brownstown, IN - Thursday, April 03, 1997 at 04:49:24 (MET DST)
Just finished watching "Sweet dreams". There will never be another PATSY CLINE!!!!!
Arlene Bagen <abagen@rci.rutgers.eduEdison>
Edison,n.j. - Thursday, April 03, 1997 at 02:54:07 (MET DST)
I really enjoyed your tribute to Patsy. Your site is well organized. My most favorite song has to be "Sweet dreams". That song, if I hear it on radio, cassette tape or vinyl; that song just melts thru you. Thank you, Patsy...
Ronnie Herr Jr
Baltimore, Md USA - Thursday, April 03, 1997 at 00:26:22 (MET DST)
What a coincidence... I just finished watching "Sweet Dreams" on HBO, and decided to log on and check my e-mail, when I noticed Patsy Cline was featured on the IBM home page... Your site is great.
Ed Ehlis <>
Pueblo, CO - Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 23:45:45 (MET DST)
Can't get enough of Patsy Cline!
David Ferguson <>
Paget, Bermuda - Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 22:52:55 (MET DST)
What a terrific site, really worthwhile and well layed out. I can't really figure out how I became a Patsy fan, it has to be exposure to her songs in the late 50's and early 60's, with the Sweet Dreams film bringing her musical contribution into focus. I will visit more, and know that I will learn even more. Thanks again for your efforts and superb results.
Jim Brehm <>
Ridgefield, CT USA - Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 22:36:23 (MET DST)
I have to disagree with Frank. I don't think "Why can't he be you" is better than "She's Got You". "She's Got You" has always been one of my favorites... On one of my trips to Winchester to visit Patsy's grave a radio station was playing it when I got back into the car. Gave me the chills I have to admit! "Why can't he be you" is incredibly beautiful though and I must admit it was underrated... As were many of her songs. I personally think "Crazy Arms" is very much underrated. When Patsy records a song that someone else has already recorded... it's funny... she blows it clear out of the water! To me there is no comparison.
Brian Norris <>
- Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 22:17:18 (MET DST)
I think "That's My Desire" is a great song... Not one of my absolute favorites but with Patsy's voice it becomes romantically beautiful in my opinion. My least favorite songs were some of the songs of the Four-Star years... It is obvious in some of the songs that Patsy didn't like the material. They were far from sounding bad, but in my opinion they just lacked that Cline punch that the Decca years produced. The lush strings and the Jordainaires really add a pleasant sound to Patsy's incredible vocal ability.
Brian Norris <>
Alexandria, VA - Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 22:09:31 (MET DST)
Patsy Cline is my all-time favorite. I have every song she ever recorded. About 10 years ago I met Charlie Dick through a friend who knew him in Goodlettsville, TN. Charlie took us all around and showed us their house, where her car accident took place, told many stories about Patsy, and gave me a couple of pictures of her. It was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me! Then last summer at Fan Fair I ran into Charlie again. I got the address for the fan club and sent off for information about it yesterday. Hope to join soon. This is a really neat website! I'm glad there's so much interest in Patsy Cline, even 34 years after she's gone.
Ashley B. Riddle
Mars Hill, NC, - Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 20:59:45 (MET DST)
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