The Patsy Cline Calendar - September

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  • Patsy is born Virginia Patterson Hensley on Sep 8, 1932, in Winchester, VA.

  • On Sep 8, 1953, Hilda gave Patsy a 21st birthday party in Winchester.

  • Disregarding Wally Fowler's warning, Patsy affixed her large, schoolgirlish signature to a standard AFM contract, for two years and 16 sides, on Sep 30, 1954. She had just turned 22 a few weeks earlier.

  • In September 1955, Gay made his biggest push yet into live TV, and his plans included Patsy. The program was called "Town & Country Jamboree". It was a Saturday night extravaganza, broadcast from 10 pm to 1 am from Turner's Arena, a wrestling arena. The fifteen-foot-high wrestling ring served as a stage. The new show was hosted by Jimmy Dean, accompanied by the Texas Wildcats. There were three girl singers : Patsy, Dale Turner and Mary Klick who sang harmony and doubled on guitar.

  • On Sep 15, 1957, Patsy marries Charlie Dick at Patsy's mother's house at 720 Kent Street in Winchester, VA.

  • In September 1957, in the issue of "Folk and Country Songs", the article "Country's toast from coast to coast" lists "Pert Patsy Cline" as one of the top ten country singers.

  • On Sep 9, 1958, Decca released the single "If I could see the world" / "Just out of reach" (Decca 30746).

  • Patsy, still on crutches due to the car accident, sang at the Grand Ole Opry on Sep 16, 1961, and the crowd went wild.

  • On September 5, 1962, Patsy returned to the Quonset Hut to bare her soul. Following the September 1962 sessions (Sep 5 and 10), Patsy was booked for five straight weeks at Dan's Bar in Rapid City, South Dakota, and at the Frontier Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Patsy worked two shows a night. There was a partition between the front bar and table area where the stage was.

  • Decca released the EP "So wrong" / "You're stronger than me" / "Heartaches" / "Your cheatin' heart" (ED-2729), on Sep 24, 1962.

  • On Sep 14, 1964, the single "He called me baby" / "Bill Bailey, won't you please come home" (Decca 31671) was released.