The Patsy Cline Calendar - January

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  • On January 5, 1956, Patsy recorded "I love you, honey", "Come on in", "I cried all the way to the altar" and "I don't wanta".
  • In Winchester, TV sets all over town were tuned into the "Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout Show" broadcasted on January 21, 1957, at 8:30 pm. Patsy Cline was first-place winner on the show. The following day, Gerald Cline filed for divorce.

  • On January 13, 1958, Decca released the single "Stop the world" / "Walkin' dream" (30542).

  • When Patsy arrived at the Quonset Hut on January 8, 1959, almost a year had passed since she had worked with Bradley. On that day she recorded "I'm movin' along", "I'm blue again" and "Love, love, love me honey do", and on the following day she recorded "Yes, I understand" and "Gotta lot of rhythm in my soul".

  • On January 9, 1960, Patsy joins the Grand Ole Opry.

  • Patsy's final 4 Star session took place on January 27, 1960, and she recorded "Lovesick blues", "How can I face tomorrow", "There he goes" and "Crazy dreams".

  • On January 22, 1961, Patsy gives birth to a little baby boy, Randy.

  • Decca released the single "I fall to pieces" / "Lovin' in vain" (31205) on January 30, 1961.

  • The single "She's got you" / "Strange" (31354) was released by Decca on January 10, 1962.

  • The EP "Crazy", "Foolin' around", "Who can I count on" and "South of the border" (ED-2707) was released on January 29, 1962.

  • Patsy kicked off her association with "The Johnny Cash Show" beginning in the latter part of January 1962 with a two-week tour of the Midwest and Canada booked by Midwest promoter Hap Peebles, who had booked Patsy many times in the heartland of America.

  • On January 7, 1963, the single "Leavin' on your mind" / "Tra le la le la triangle" (Decca 31455) was released.