The Patsy Cline Calendar - December

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  • Almost halfway into the school year, Ginny was enrolled in the fourth grade at Handley Elementary School in Winchester, in December 1942. In November 1947 she enrolled in the eighth grade at Sydney Gore High School in Gore, where the family lived until the following years, and she started ninth grade in Gore. But after six weeks she withdrew, and in December 1948, the record shows she enrolled in Handley High School in Winchester.

  • Patsy was set to perform on "Town & Country Jamboree" one Saturday night in December 1956, when Dale Turner came running backstage, barely able to suppress her excitement: "It better be a good show tonight because Arthur Godfrey is watching!" The good news was delivered via a telephone call to Patsy's Kent Street address, which notified her of her acceptance and her appearance date: Monday, January 21, at 8:30 pm.

  • Patsy returned to Nashville on December 13, 1957, to record her fourth session of the year - twice as many as in previous year. She recorded "Stop the world", "Walkin' dream", "Cry not for me" and "If I could see the world".

  • On December 15, 1958, Decca released the single "Dear God" / "He will do for you" (30794).

  • On December 17, 1961, she went into the studio after dinner on a Saturday evening to cut just one song, "She's got you". She was backed by the Jordanaires and most of the familiar faces on the A Team.

  • Decca released the single "That's my desire" / "Foolin' around" (25707) on December 12, 1966.

  • The single "True love" / "Love, love, love me honey do" (Decca 25724) was released on December 4, 1967.