The Patsy Cline Calendar - October

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  • By fall of 1956, Patsy had four singles out, and all of them were clunkers. For Bradley, it was a dilemma. Patsy was not commercial for her time. She had "sort of a pop sound", but Kitty Wells was still what everybody thought of when they thought country.

  • In October 1957, Patsy returned to New York to do the Godfrey show again. Godfrey congratulated her on the marriage, and asked if she was happy, and she replied, "just as happy as if I had good sense".

  • Roy Deyton played lead guitar in Patsy's show at Gaithersburg, Maryland Agricultural Center, in the fall of 1959. He also played lead guitar for Patsy when she sang with "Bill Peer and his Melody Boys" in 1955.

  • On October 16, 1961, Decca released the single "Crazy" / "Who can I count on?" (Decca 31317).

  • The single "Heartaches" / "Why can't he be you" (Decca 31429) was released on October 8, 1962.

  • Decca released the single "When you need a laugh" / "I'll sail my ship alone" (Decca 31552) on October 28, 1963.

  • On October 15, 1973, MCA released the single "Walkin' after midnight" / "South of the border" (MCA 60061).

  • In October 1981, MCA released a single with a fake duet between Patsy and Jim Reeves. The song was "Have you ever been lonely". The flip side contains a solo recording of "Welcome to my world" with Jim Reeves. The record number is MCA 12346.

  • The single "Sweet dreams" / "Blue moon of Kentucky" (MCA 52684), was released in October 1985.