The Patsy Cline Calendar - June

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  • June 1954, Billboard uses and misspells Patsy's name as "Patsy Kline".

  • On June 1, 1955, Patsy did her first session, recording "Hidin' out", "Turn the cards slowly", "A church, a courtroom, and then goodbye" and "Honky tonk merry go round". The last two made her first single, and the first two made her second, both on the Coral label (61464 and 61523).

  • Patsy came to Nashville on June 16, 1956, to appear as a special guest on the prestigious PA segment of the "Grand Ole Opry". She was introduced by "Little" Jimmy Dickens whom Patsy, at five foot eight inches in her slanty heeled cowgirl boots, towered over. She sang "A church..." and "I've loved and lost again", the forthcoming release.

  • The house at which Patsy is married to Charlie on Sep 15, 1957, is deeded to Hilda Patterson, Patsy's mother, in a conveyance dated June 21, 1957.

  • Decca released the single "Come on in" / "Let the teardrops fall" on June 2, 1958.

  • On June 4, 1960, Patsy performs on "Ozark Jubilee". Songs included are "Lovesick blues", "How can I face tomorrow", "I'm hog tied over you" with Cowboy Copas, "Rubeun, Rubeun" with Eddy Arnold, Copas and June Vali.

  • On June 7, 1960, she performs on "Country Style USA". She sings "When your house is not a home".

  • Patsy appeared at the Opry on June 12, 1960, wearing a clinging western blouse and gold lamé trousers, and caused an absolute uproar... She was told to stick to dresses... Later that month she felt unwell, went to the doctor, and learned about little Randy's impending arrival...

  • On June 9, 1961, Patsy performed at the Winchester Drive-In Theatre, standing on a Coca-Cola concession stand. She sang before a bumper-to-bumper crowd. But some boos were uttered, some horns were blown, and in a bit of unconscionable rudeness, shots of the following week's attractions were put on while Patsy was still singing...

  • June 13, 1961, Patsy, her children, her mother, and her brother and sister, journey to Nashville because Hilda, John and sis wanted to see the "Grand Ole Opry". And the following day...

  • June 14, 1961, it was raining in Nashville. Patsy's brother John drove Patsy to a nearby shopping center to buy buttons, ribbons and thread to mend one of her custumes. It was just after 4:30 pm when they headed home in a storm on a two-lane road. As they rounded a hill, the driver of an oncoming car pulled out to pass another vehicle... On impact, Patsy was catapulted through the windshield and over the hood of the car... She was admitted to Madison Hospital in critical condition. Her scalp nearly peeled off. A deep gash dissected her face beginning at the hairline on the right side, through the right eyebrow, a quarter inch from the eye, across the bridge of her nose, through the left eyebrow and curved up to her hairline on the left side. Her hip was dislocated, her wrist was broken, and she had lost a lot of blood... In the days and weeks following the accident, Patsy was attended nearly every day by Reverend Jay Alford, pastor of the First Assembly Church of God in her parish in Madison.

    (It was during this stay in the hospital that Patsy heard Loretta Lynn sing "I fall to pieces" on the radio from the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, dedicating it to Patsy. Patsy sent Charlie down to tell Loretta that she wanted to meet her, and that was the beginning of a friendship that unfortunately only was allowed to last just under two years... But ever since, Loretta has shown that she loves Patsy very much, and she honors Patsy's memory in a big way, still singing Patsy's songs in her concerts... Thanks, Loretta!)

  • The Johnny Cash Show was booked at the Hollywood Bowl on June 15, 1962, and was billed as the kickoff event in a "Shower of Star" tour that, after L.A., played dates in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. Patsy, Don Gibson, Leroy van Dyke, The Tennessee Three, Gordon Terry, Johnny Western and June Carter were booked for the tour, and the Bowl concert was augmented by a number of special guest stars, including The Carter Family, Faron Young, George Riddle, Walter Brennan, Stewart Hamblen and Gene Autry, for a total of 42 people onstage that night. Hilda sat in the audience to witness Patsy's triumph. Charlie was there, too, as was Randy Hughes. Patsy got $750 for the date.

  • On June 10, 1963, Decca released the EP containing "Dear God" / "He will do for you" / "Just a closer walk with Thee" and "Life's railway to heaven" (ED-2759).

  • On June 25, 1973, MCA released the single "I fall to pieces" / "He called me baby" (MCA 60062).