The Patsy Cline Calendar - May

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  • On May 24, 1934, Charlie Dick was born.

  • In May 1949, a new program called "Wally Fowler's All Night Gospel Sing" debuted on WSM. It played the first Friday of every month. Ginny (as Patsy was often called back then) loved gospel music, and she was a big fan of Wally Fowler, and she heard about his upcoming appearances in Winchester during the summer of 1949. Ginny knew that Fowler sometimes invited singers to join him on the stage, and she made up her mind to get a spot. (Did she get a spot?).

  • In May 1956 Patsy rode in the Apple Blossom Parade, but Patsy's name was omitted from the official program book... She rode in a red and white Oldsmobile convertible, draped with a banner saying, "Town & Country TV Star Patsy Cline". Patsy's sister Sylvia Mae rode in the car with her.

  • In May 1957 Patsy rode in the Grand Feature Parade of the Apple Blossom Festival again. She smiled and waved at the thousands of spectators that had lined up along the parade route. In the Winchester area it was every little girl's dream to be able to ride on top of the back seat of a convertible in beautiful clothes, in the Apple Blossom Parade... I guess little Ginny had the same dream, and it came true...

  • On May 23, 1957, Patsy recorded "That wonderful someone", "In care of the blues", "Hungry for love", "I can't forget", "I don't wanta" and "Ain't no wheels on this ship".

  • Decca released the single "Today, tomorrow and forever" / "Try again" (Decca 30339) on May 27, 1957.

  • In early May 1960 Patsy packed her bags for another round of dates, in Abilene, Texas, and Springfield, Missouri, followed by 42 days straight in California.

  • On May 22, 1961, "I fall to pieces" hit the pop charts, and began a slow but steady climb. Patsy was home in Winchester at the end of May, 1961, to attend her sister's high school graduation. Sylvia Mae was the first member of the family to graduate from high school. At that time Patsy learned that there were thoughts about declaring a "Patsy Cline Day" in Winchester.

  • On May 7, 1962, the single "When I get through with you" / "Imagine that" (Decca 31377) was released, and two weeks later it made its chart debute.

  • On May 20, 1963, Decca released the EP "Leavin' on your mind", "Tra le la le la triangle", "Half as much" and "Lonely street" (Decca ED-2757).

  • MCA released the single "Crazy" / "Your cheatin' heart" (MCA 60063) on May 14, 1973.

  • On May 2, 1977, Loretta Lynn's version of "She's got you", from her "I remember Patsy" tribute album, reached #1 on the country charts.

  • In May 1982 MCA released a single containing "I fall to pieces" as a fake duet with Jim Reeves, backed with "So wrong" (MCA 52052). It went to #54 on the country charts.