Display at Country Music   
Hall of Fame, Nashville   

Here you see a framed picture of Patsy singing on stage,  
a few CDs, and a 45 rpm single containing "Walkin' after  
midnight". The text reads: "Patsy Cline singing about  
'Sweet dreams' and 'Walkin' after midnight'. Patsy Cline  
quickly endeared herself to Opry fans. She became a member  
in 1960 and was one of the most popular entertainers among  
the cast as well as with the audience. While her untimely  
death stilled her career, her voice will never be silenced".  

This picture shows Patsy's cigarette lighter. The text reads:  
"Patsy Cline's untimely death cut short a promising career as  
a country and pop vocalist. This cigarette lighter plays the  
familiar song 'Dixie'". Above the lighter (outside the picture)  
is Randy Hughes' clock. It stopped at the time of impact, and  
shows 6:20 pm... Patsy's watch, which can be seen at the  
Willie Nelson Museum, shows 6:35 pm...  

Photos courtesy of Catherine Simpson.

Patsy's plaque at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  
The text reads: "Born Virginia Patterson Hensley in  
Virginia, Patsy will live in country music annals as  
one of its outstanding vocalists. Tragically, her  
career was cut short in its prime when she was killed  
in a plane crash. Her heritage of recordings is testimony  
to her artistic capacity... Biggest hit, "I fall to pieces",  
has become a standard. Catapulted to fame by an Arthur  
Godfrey talent scouts appearance in 1957. Joined Grand  
Ole Opry 1960... Realization of a lifelong ambition."  

Patsy's star on the Walkway of Fame.  

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Day.